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The Ma這polska Voivodship is above all the centre of the nation’s cultural heritage and unique natural environment; the level of interest generated by it is of a European scale. It is the eighth place listed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list and has almost 100 historical places and artifacts of the highest class. The life of the region is marked by the biographies of famous people who were born in the region and have moulded its history, amongst whom the most important has been John Paul II. The voivodship’s capital Krakow with its monuments and unforgettable atmosphere, is today filled with the rhythm of modern life. Within the boundaries of what had been the city’s medieval walls, there are 300 historical houses and 58 churches and palaces. The Old Town’s market square is the oldest market place from medieval Europe in Poland and its checkered urban pattern has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The historical centre of Krakow, with its many ancient buildings, including fragments of the city walls, the barbican, arsenal and Florian arch, together with the Royal Castle and Cathedral at Wawel, provide the foundation for the cultural heritage of the nation and are priceless tourist pearls. Today, Krakow’s districts of Stradom and Kazimierz, once towns in their own right, stand out for their charm and maintain an ambience of the period. An unusual attraction of the Ma這polska region, is the salt mine at Wieliczka, one of the oldest operating across the world, where salt has been dug since XIII century and includes many unusual historical and natural features. In Ma這polska, there are 10 national parks, including the Tatras National Park in Zakopane: “Poland’s winter capital”, a veritable winter sporting mecca and tourist centre.

In terms of the Ma這poska voivodship’s economic development, it’s one of the most diversified regions of Poland. Its strong national economic position is a result of the large percentage of manufactured goods and building materials sold. Although there is an increased value in the field of the New Technologies, the economy’s foundation is still the traditional sectors of: foundry work, chemicals, mining, metallurgy, tobacco and foods.

Ma這polska is a historical cradle, a region that’s open to tourists, where modernity is built upon traditions.

Investment opportunities

  • Great R&D potential in Krakow’s higher education institutes and scientific centres
  • There’s an active high technology sector
  • Large reserves of well trained personnel
  • Rich in natural resources
  • A well developed banking sector
  • A well developed network of business support institutions
  • An advanced data communications infrastructure


There is access to highly qualified personnel, the necessary education network – 34 higher education bodies in the region, office space readily available, a very good transport network and incentives for the investors; which are factors raising the attractiveness of the region in the area of investments in the fields of services for telecommunications, business, finance etc…


There is a great R&D potential in the higher education institutes and in the developing Life Science Technology Park: "Jagiello雟ki Park and Incubator Technology", in which there is a targeted 25 thousand m2 area that is to be made available to investors; has meant that the beneficiaries of the services will have access to the highest standards of laboratories and also the many services that are indispensable for the development of firms in the sectors of hi-tech, biotechnology and bio-medicine.

The existing R&D facilities together with further planned large investments in the field, the helpful demographic structure, the high level of technological development and the existence of a high technology industry all favour the further development of the High-Tech sector.

Another crucial factor for this sector is the support available from the local authorities in the sphere of preparing access to cheap sites, offering local tax exemptions and the availability of public transport.

The motor trade

The large supply of trained workers, large numbers of sub-contractors in both the aviation and motor industries located within Ma這polska and the surrounding voivodships (奸御k and Podkarpacki), the location of a modern mechanical park and the good transport infrastructure, has meant that in the eyes of the investors, Ma這polska has become an attractive place for development of the automotive industry.


There is a rich historical, cultural and natural heritage in Ma這polska, with favourable geographical and climatic conditions: the location is in a basin formed between the Brama Krakowska and the Jura Krakow-Cz瘰tochowa plateau; with 60% of its surface being taken up by the Western Carpathian mountains, with 6 national parks, scenic parks, nature reserves and many health centres located around natural spas, that are only some of the attractions both for tourists and investors in this field.

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