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The Warmińsko-Mazury voivodship is a region located in the north-eastern corner of Poland. It’s the most ethnically diversified section of Poland. Apart from the Poles, there are also: Ukrainians (app. 80,000 people), Germans (20,000), Romany and Belarus peoples.

Warmińsko-Mazury is characterised by a natural landscape dominated by lakes, rivers and canals - which join together to form long distance water routes; there are also forests and woodlands that cover around 30% of its surface. These areas arouse great interest from tourists from around the world. Due to the nature of the region, the tourist industry has developed extensively in Warmia and Mazury. Enthusiasts of sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, fishing and diving can find wonderful places for their activities here.

Apart from tourism, the fields of organic farming, the production of healthy foodstuffs, the timber and furniture industries are developing steadily.

Warmińsko-Mazury is a region, in which particular weight is attached to the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage.

Investment opportunities

  • located by the external order of the EU with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, near the projected motorways of the A1 and the Via Baltica,
  • favourable conditions for the development of ecological spheres of industry,
  • a great potential for agricultural production and food,
  • the pure natural environment of the region of Warmia and Mazury provides a high potential for the development of tourism and agro-tourism.

Timber industry

Favourable conditions in terms of climate, the necessary supply of raw material and of neighbouring voivodships with large forested complexes, provide the possibility of cooperation with furniture manufacturers, a well developed technical infrastructure related to the timber industry (many timber yards, furniture plants ..) and a tradition of several decades, has meant that this sector has become a trade mark for the region.

A large pool of labour with specialists in wood-working and upholstery, a large number of sub-contractors in the furniture industry and wood related fields, has resulted in the steady development of the sector by an increasing number of new investors.

Alternative energy

The background of R&D, covering research for the industrial uses of renewable energy, appropriate locations and facilities for firms to develop in the sector and also favourable natural conditions for the cultivation of plants that provide energy (bio fuel), has led to the Warmińsko-Mazury voivodship transforming itself into a region that promotes investment in renewable and alternative energy.

Food processing

Regional farming traditions and favourable natural conditions for the development of agriculture and fishing, through the provision of the appropriate background in scientific research, has today enabled the provision of large networks of partners in the sphere of food production. Existing producers in the food sector, guarantees farmers and livestock producers a stable market for their produce.


The Warmińsko-Mazury region is the “Green lungs of Poland”. This ecologically pure and natural environment which contains health resorts has unique qualities: 2,000 lakes, scenic parks and nature reserves, large woodland complexes and historic buildings mean that most tourists want to return here as quickly as possible. This region still requires investment in the tourist sector, specifically improvements to the hotel and catering field. Favourable conditions for sports, many waterways, a broad range of centres for winter sports, a large number of stud farms and equestrian stables, together with its other qualities, ensures that investors will receive a return on their investments and a reasonable profit.

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