January 30th, 2014,
 Issue 367


President of Switzerland visits Poland
On the occasion of the official visit of the Swiss president Didier Burkhalter to Poland, a Polish-Swiss Economic Forum has been arranged at the National Stadium.

While opening the Forum, PAIiIZ president S³awomir Majman mentioned the fact that the first factory opened in Poland in 2014 was the Swiss alloy-wheel manufacturer, Ronal, which has set up in the Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone. “The project, supported by PAIiIZ, is a great example of Polish-Swiss cooperation”, said Mr Majman.

Polish president, Bronis³aw Komorowski, said that Switzerland - a country of wealthy citizens - can be an inspiration for such ambitious states as Poland. “The unemployment rate among the youth in Switzerland is estimated at only 3%. The country should be an exemplar for Poland”, said Mr Komorowski.

From the left: deputy prime minister of economy Janusz Piechociński, Swiss Confederation president Didier Burkhalter and president of Poland Bronis³aw Komorowski

Mr Burkhalter said that the economy is a key element of our bilateral relations. He added that the Swiss praise Poland for outstanding economic performance in recent years, and for its well-educated employees.

After the official speeches, panel discussions provided an opportunity to allow knowledge and experience sharing on vocational training, technology transfer from science to enterprises and Polish-Swiss research collaboration. (PAIiIZ)

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140127/president_of_switzerland_visits_poland

The potential for Indian companies
The Polish Chamber of Commerce held an Economic Forum on 27 January as a part of the  60th anniversary celebrations of Polish-Indian relationships.

During the meeting, representatives of Polish and Indian governments discussed issues related to mutual economic and diplomatic cooperation. It was also an opportunity for bilateral talks between business leaders from both countries.

Under-secretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Katarzyna Kacperczyk, opened the discussion, underlining the great potential of the two countries. However, she argued, this capacity is still not fully utilised. She pointed out that India is seen in Poland as an important economic partner, especially in terms of the R&D sector. 

Secretary of state in the Ministry of Economics, Jerzy Pietrewicz talked about the growing interest of Poland among renowned Indian companies, mainly from the private sector. “Indian firms locate business service centres in Poland. In addition, companies representing IT, new technologies and packaging industries have already started doing business here”, he said.  He also added that also Polish companies are increasingly interested in cooperation with the Indian market. “We have much to offer to Indian partners in such areas as defence, pharma or energy sectors. We also count on the cooperation in the aerospace sector,” said the deputy minister.

Aleksander Libera, advisor to the board for Polish investments abroad from PAIiIZ, listed the sectors in which Poland is able to invite Indian investments. Among them there are: BPO, IT, R&D and chemical industries. Mr Libera stressed the strategic role of Indian business counterpart. To prove it, he reminded the audience of the number of completed investment projects from India between 2011-2013. According to PAIiIZ, the total value of the projects reached €72.3m and the total number of expected new jobs is 1,245. (PAIiIZ)

With five FDI projects in the pipeline with a value of €77.9m, which in the future can create 546 new jobs, India is at the 9th place among countries currently supported by the Agency (PAIiIZ/MFA/ME)


Four new investments in Legnica SEZ
Four companies: Viessmann Technika Grzewcza, Uzin, C+P Meble and S&L, received permits to conduct business in Legnica SEZ. Between them, the companies will invest nearly PLN 13m.

Viessmann Technika Grzewcza is planning to launch production of cables for condensing wall-mounted boilers. The company will increase its workforce by 10 new employees. German company Uzin will invest PLN 1m to develop the product range and increase the volume of sales.

The new investment of C+P Meble has been estimated at PLN 8m. The company plans to expand the production hall and increase employment to 123 workers. The Legnica plant produces sheet steel furniture to be delivered to the Tropical Island aqua park in Germany as well as to foreign factories.

S&L will spend PLN 4m and employ five new people to offer supply services, including road freight transport, selected land support services, storage, as well as financial audit and accounting services (LSSE)

PSE Investment
Polskie Sieci Energetyczne  SA has signed an agreement with Chinese Pinggao Group for the construction of a 220kV interconnection line in Szczecin area.

Pinggao has agreed to build overhead 220kV lines between 2014-2017. The latest investment will improve the safety and transmission capacity of electricity supply for the Szczecin agglomeration. (PSE)

New investors in £ód¼ SEZ
Twelve companies have received a permit to do business in the £ód¼ SEZ.  Together, they plan to invest over PLN 184m and create 241 new jobs.

Permits has been received by  Elfa Pharm, BSH Sprzźt Gospodarstwa Domowego, Wirthwein Polska, Quick-Mix, Poprawa Producent Opakowań Tekturowych, Thermica, Sponcel, Weidenhammer Polska, VPK Packaging, Star Fitness, Huta Szk³a Anewal, Hapam Poland. For some companies this is the next permit in £ód¼ SEZ.

Ludwik Grohman's factory (source: £SSE)

In a newly purchased plant in Chociw, Elfa Pharm will produce cosmetics and sanitary- hygienic. Cost of the investment is PLN 8 m. The company will employ at least 30 new employees. Thermica will spend of PLN 2.1m to build a plant to produce styrofoam boards and chemistry for real estate market. The company will hire at least 15 new employees. Sponcel will run a plant producing cellulose sponge for household products making.

In Kutno subzone, Weidenhammer Polska will build a plant producing pasteboard packaging. The company will spend at least PLN 25m and employ more than 31 new employees. Cardboard packaging is also the specialty of VPK Packaging. The company will invest PLN 58.8m and employ 30 new members of staff.

Grohman’s factory - headquarters of £SSE (source: £SSE)

Star Fitness, specialising in fitness facilities' production, will invest at least PLN 8m in this are of production and hire over 20 employees. Huta Szk³a Anewal will produce jars, candles and decorative glassware. Hapam Poland, a manufacturer of high voltage disconnections, intends to expand its factory as well as purchase new technological lines and equipment. For that purpose, the investor will pay at least PLN 5m and employ 6 new people. (£SEZ)

Polish investment in Radom
Aplisens has opened a production plant in Radom. The PLN 30m investment means another 100 jobs will be created.

Aplisens specialises in the production and supply of measurement and control equipment. At the Radom site, part of the Tarnobrzeg SEZ, the investor has built a production hall with a social facilities and an office building. The new investment will double Aplisens' production capacity. The company already has production facilities in Warsaw, Kraków, Ostrów Wielkopolski and also in Belarus. (City of Radom)

Targban takes over Del Monte Poland's banana ripening facility
Targban has agreed to acquire the banana ripening facility from Del Monte Poland - a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., a global manufacturer and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The facility will let Targban increase the operational capabilities of one of its flagship products - bananas. The acquisition will also help the company to strengthen the position of a leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world (South America, Africa, US, New Zeland) in Central Europe. (www.targban.pl)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Support instruments for Polish business
PAIiIZ is holding a conference on the financial instruments available to Polish companies on 3 February at 11am.

The meeting is divided into two discussion panels where speakers will present support instruments for Polish companies and share their knowledge about the possibility of their use in practice.

The conference will finish with a Q&A session. The event is organised by PAIiIZ and Employers of Poland. Participation is free. Polish-English translation is available.

Registration is available on: www.paiz.gov.pl/instrumenty_wsparcia until 15:00 on 31 January.

Media accreditation is available on request (e-mail: beata.jez@paiz.gov.pl until 12:00 on 31 January.) (PAIiIZ)

Investment Climate in Poland
The results of the Investment Climate in Poland survey as well the outcomes of the report on services provided by PAIiIZ will be presented at the conference on 5 February at 11:00 in PAIiIZ.

During the event, representatives of bilateral chambers and foreign investors will look at the position of Poland as an attractive destination for capital investment. They will also discuss the investment incentives offered in Poland in attracting foreign investors.

Media accreditation available by e-mail: beata.jez@paiz.gov.pl until 12:00 on 4 February. (PAIiIZ)

Economic Weimar Triangle

The main trends changing global economy, how European industry can meet global challenges, innovation as a chance to a bring about a 'civilisational leap' for Europe - these are the issues that will be discussed during the conference entitled "Industrial Policy of the EU -  the economic Weimar Triangle". The event will be hold in Kraków between 6-7 February.

The meeting will be attended by senior representatives of the Weimar Triangle governments (Poland, Germany and France), the EU Parliament and the European Commission as well as people responsible for developing strategies in leading European companies.

Registration is available on: www.weimarconference.eu by 4 February.

Media accreditation is available by e-mail: beata.jez@paiz.gov.pl until 31 January.

More information: www.weimarconference.eu/wspolpraca_pl.html (PTWP)

Crido Taxand and PAIiIZ conference on UE Financial Framework 2014-2020

On 10 February at 11am, PAIiIZ and Crido Taxand invite interested parties to the PAIiIZ Information Centre for a conference on the opportunities, challenges and changes that the EU Financial Framework 2014-2020 can deliver to companies. Representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development will take part.

The aim of the conference is to present how businesses can benefit from funds under the Financial Framework 2014-2020.

The conference will be held in Polish. Polish-English translation will be available. Participation is free.

Registration is available on: www.paiz.gov.pl/perspektywa_finansowa until 12:00 on 7 February.

Media accreditation is available by e-mail: beata.jez@paiz.gov.pl until 12:00 on 7 February. (PAIiIZ)


Kraków, Warsaw and Wroc³aw  are among the world’s best places for outsourcing

Three Polish cities find themselves ranked among the best places for outsourcing services by research and advisory firm Tholons. Moreover, Polish leader - Kraków - has been climbed to 9th place, overtaking Dublin.

In Tholon's top ten there are six Indian cities, two from the Philippines and two from Europe - Kraków and Dublin. The capital of Ma³opolska thus opens the list of the top European destinations for outsourcing services.

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The ranking also included Warsaw and Wroc³aw. In comparison to the last year, the Polish capital, moved up for four positions taking 32th place and overtaking St. Petersburg, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro and Bucharest. Wroc³aw saw the biggest jump in the ranking - up 10 positions to 65th place.

Every year, PAIiIZ observes a rising number of outsourcing projects coming to Poland; last year 29 projects - representing more than half of all foreign direct investments completed with PAIiIZ's support - were BPO centres. These projects are likely to result in the creation of over 7,400 new jobs. (PAIiIZ)

Poland - the best place to do business and most innovative state
According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg, Poland is the best place to do business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Moreover, it is one of the most innovative countries in the world.

In the Bloomberg’s ranking for the top places to do business, Poland has scored 70.8 points and has overtaken its CEE neighbours - the Czech Republic (68.7 points) and Hungary (66.7 points). The ranking consisted of six categories: consumer base, the cost of starting a business, the cost of materials, labour and transportation.

Poland has made huge economic progress over the past 20 years, say the report's authors. The improvement of infrastructure, which influenced the position of Poland in the eyes of its local neighbours and among Central Asian partners, puts Poland in second place in the ranking, just behind Turkey. Belarus with 48.1 points and Armenia with 48 points close the ranking. The survey was conducted in 21 European and Central Asia countries. 

Poland has also improved in the Global Innovation Index 2014 ranking. The country moved up for six places reaching 24th position among 215 countries. In addition, Poland has overtaken Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, China and Israel reaching 13th place in terms of high-tech density.

According to Bloomberg, South Korea, Sweden, United States and Japan are the global leaders in innovation. (www.bloomberg.com)

Annual Global CEO Survey - Polish perspective
As part of its Annual Global CEO Survey, PwC has surveyed more than 1,000 CEOs from 68 companies around the world. Respondents were asked about their forecasts as to their companies' situation, including plans and potential changes in strategy, as well as the most important trends in the economy.

Technological progress is said to be the most crucial factor determining companies’ strategies in the long-term planning. Among the three most important determinants, advanced technology has been chosen by more than 80% respondents around the world. In Poland, more than half of the respondents (55 %) think this will be a dominant factor. 

Nearly one in three of Polish managers seek development opportunities for their companies, primarily looking to increase of share of the local European market as well as in innovation. Germany (16% responses) leads on the list of the priority foreign markets for Polish companies. The second place (12%) is occupied by other eurozone countries. Behind them there are countries of the CEE region (10%).The high importance of the Gulf countries is also worth noting.  This may be a clear evidence of the growing global ambitions of Polish companies.

In addition, for foreign respondents Poland is seen as a very attractive market, which will significantly increase its importance in the coming years. (PwC)


Invest in Pomerania
The Pomerianian Development Agency has announces a competition for small and medium-sized ICT firms from the region. The winners will take part in a trade mission to Sweden on 1- 4 April 2014.

The mission is part of the "Invest in Pomerania II - Promotion of investment attractiveness of the region of Pomerania in the Nordic countries and Germany” project.

The mission’s programme includes participation in the Solutions EXPO 2014 IT fair in Gothenburg, B2B meetings with local companies from the ICT sector, study visits to local companies, specialised science and technology parks as well as R&D centres. The application closes on 14 February.

PAIiIZ is the official patron of the project.

More information:
http://www.sse.slupsk.pl/index.php/pl/o-strefie/projekty-ue/skandynawia-ii/566-nabor-na-misje-gospodarcza-przedsiebiorcow-z-sektora-ict-do-szwecji-w-terminie-1-4-kwietnia-2014-r (PARR)

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