August 28th, 2014,
 Issue 397


WAIPA’s members at the Ministry of Economy
On 26 August, at the Ministry of Economy representatives of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) has met the deputy prime mnister - Janusz Piechociński and deputy president of PAIiIZ - Anna Polak-Kocińska.

Representatives of the investment agencies of Lesotho, South Africa, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Morocco have visited the Ministry of Economy under the "Study Tour with focus on business" programme.

”Poland shares its experiences, mainly with developing countries. We created a special places - such as special economic zones (SEZ) and prepared dedicated programmes - Go China and Go Africa. These are the directions which investments should follow. PAIiIZ selects destination markets together with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, those are not accidental decisions”, said deputy president Polak-Kocińska.

”In the past few years, Poland has become one of the most attractive countries for investment. We are European center of BPO investments”, said Piechociński (source: MG)

WAIPA is a non-governmental organization consisting of 244 national and regional investment and promotional agencies (including PAIiIZ) from 162 countries. The main point of WAIPA is to promote and develop cooperation between investment agencies from around the world.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140826/waipas_members_at_the_ministry_of_economy. (PAIiIZ)


Michelin’s ecological way of producing new tires
The latest TREC project created in collaboration with CEA, Proteus and SDTech assumes ecological use of wasted tires in the production of new ones.

The Tire Recycling (TREC) project, driven by Michelin, is designed to develop two solutions for used tires. First, TREC Regeneration, involves regenerating rubber compounds to make new tires, while the second, TREC Alcohol, will enable the production of a chemical intermediate needed to synthesize raw materials used in tire manufacturing. The alcohol derived from used tires will be included in the BioButterfly butadiene production project alongside biomass alcohol from such sources as sugar, wood and agricultural waste.

Duration of TREC project, with a budget over EUR 51m is planned for 8 years. The research will be co-funded by the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADAME) under the government program "Investing in the future".

In April this year, Michelin officially launched a new production plant in Olsztyn. The project was supported by PAIiIZ. (Michelin)

PAGED is entering global market
PAGED - one of the leading Polish producers of furniture is building a strong position on global market. High quality, modern production lines, good design and cooperation with best Polish designers - those are the basic elements of the newest marketing strategy of the company.

“We hope that PAGED will be the most recognizable Polish furniture company in the world. We also want furniture „made in Poland” to be associated not only with good quality and reasonable price, but also with new emotions evoked by world’s class design made in Polska”, says Daniel Mzyk, CEO of Paged SA

Paged started a cooperation with one of the most famous Polish designers, Tomek Rygalik, who is responsible for building the company’s brand by introducing new range of products as the latest Paged Collection. (Paged)

Yachts and underwear - Export hits from Eastern Poland
According to the latest survey among the entrepreneurs participating in the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, the region - mainly associated with the food industry - is becoming an important manufacturer of yachts and underwear. New contracts in the yachting industry are worth up to PLN 19m, while in the underwear industry - PLN 13m.

Thanks to the support of PAIiIZ, companies operating in yachting and underwear industry are able to participate in international trade fairs and business missions. Yachting sector in Poland is formed mainly by producers from Warmia and Mazury as well as Podlasie. Modern design, high quality and advanced technology make Polish companies appreciated all over the world. Polish producers effectively compete in the European market. Models of yachts and boats from Poland gained the recognition of customers at trade fairs, such as "Boot Düsseldorf" in Germany or the "Annual Investment Meeting" in Dubai. Since the beginning of the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland, 93 contracts have been signed.


The underwear industry develops in the Podlaskie region. Since 2010, the companies entered 116 contracts.

The Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme brought up to 753 new contracts made from January 2010 to May 2014 by the companies operating in Eastern Poland.

LPP - clothes tailor-made for success
This year's autumn, LPP company, managing a portfolio of five recognizable fashion brands: RESERVED, CROPP, SINSAY, HOUSE, will debut in Germany, Croatia, and the Middle East.

LPP plans to open RESERVED’s new stores in four German cities - Hanover, Bremen, Recklinghausen and Stuttgart. The company has already successfully started online sale in Germany since July 2014. Moreover, all of the LPP’s brands are going to debut on Croatian market by the end of autumn. New stores will be located in Zagreb.

At the same time, the clothing company will also open the first non-European RESERVED store in Qatar. (LPP)

Cosmetics "Made in Poland"

© Darren Baker - Fotolia
For several years Polish cosmetics industry is continuously flourishing. Polish brands such as Irena Eris, Dax Cosmetics and Inglot can be found all over the world. Hence, it has been chosen by the Ministry of Economy as one of 15 flagship branches of industry promoting Polish economy on international markets.

Polish cosmetics industry is one of the most powerful in Europe. The value of the market in 2013 reached €2.86 billion, what gave it the 6th place in the Old Continent. Cosmetics "Made in Polska" are exported to over 130 countries around the world. Income from exports in 2013 amounted to more than €2.13 billion. Polish producers do well in the domestic market. While global concerns take control in other European countries, still over 50% of the domestic market in the segment of products for skin care remain in the hands of Polish producers. The Polish cosmetic industry provides more than 19,000 jobs.

The attractiveness of Polish cosmetic industry is strengthened by the Ministry of Economy with a three-year promotion programme. Over 100 companies is involved in the programme which will enable the Polish national pavilion to appear at the most important world cosmetics fairs. Polish companies are also planned to go on numerous foreign trade missions, as well as to host foreign contractors and journalists in Poland. An international advertising campaign for the branch will also be conducted. So far over PLN 25m was allocated to support the industry.

(Polish Cosmetics Industry)

5 new FDI projects
5 new FDI projects were added to PAIiIZ portfolio. Currently, the Agency supports 172 projects worth €3,641 m, which in total can deliver over 26,000 new jobs.

The US, with 54 projects worth €962m in total, are the leader in the number of FDI projects supported by PAIiIZ. Together, American investors have declared the creation of 8,354 new jobs in Poland. The second place is held by German investors who run 25 projects. 11 FDI projects come from France and Great Britain. The next on the list there are: India (8 projects), China and South Korea (7 projects each), Sweden (6 projects), Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Italy (5 projects each).

In terms of sectors, BPO is the most popular among foreign investors - 40 projects. It is followed by automotive - 31 projects.

The Agency has already completed 31 FDI projects this year, with a total value of EUR 1,717m. Due to all of them, more than 6,000 people can find a job.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140822/5_new_fdi_projects. (PAIiIZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Poland-Zambia Economic Forum
On the occasion of the official visit of the Zambian delegation, on 15 September, at the Novotel Hotel in Warsaw the Poland-Zambia Economic Forum will be held.

The event will focus on issues related to conducting business and investment opportunities in both countries. After the Forum, the B2B session between Polish and Zambian companies will be arranged. Companies from Zambia represent following industries: construction, mining, IT and tourism.

Companies interested in participation in the event should register on-line until 11 September, 5 pm: www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-Zambia.

Media accreditation until 11 September, 12.00: www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-Zambia.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140915/poland_zambia_economic_forum. (PAIiIZ)

Aviation industry in Poland
On 22 September PAIiIZ is organising a conference focusing on aviation industry in Poland. The meeting will be held at the Hotel Europa in Lubin.

Lubin has a huge potential in the aviation industry. The main topic of the conference will be the development and current state of aviation in Poland.

Participants interesting in the conference are pleased to register on-line before 17 September, 3 pm www.paiz.gov.pl/przemysl_lotniczy.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140922/aviation_industry_in_poland. (PAIiIZ)

Opole on the map of business services sector
On 9 September in the Opole Exhibition Center, the conference dedicated to business service sector will be held. PAIiIZ took patronage over the event.

The city and the entire region is developing rapidly. The large part of Opole voivodship is situated in three special economic zones - Wałbrzych, Katowice and Starachowice SEZs. According to the Opole Business Support Center (COIE), 1600 new jobs was created in the region in the last two years.

More information and registration on-line: www.prospectsinpoland.com. (Prospects in Poland)

IMM Cologne 2015
Is your company registered in Eastern Poland and operates in the furniture industry? Do you consider exporting your products to the German market? If so, PAIiIZ invites you to participate in IMM Cologne 2015. The cost of trip is fully financed by the EU.

The business mission is open only to companies from five provinces of Eastern Poland (Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmia-Mazury), operating in the furniture industry for more than 18 months.

Submitting applications is opened until 10 September. Terms of conditions and other documents are available on:

If any questions, please contact Aleksandra Bigda: +48 22 334 98 97 or e-mail:

The trip is organized by PAIiIZ from 11-14 November 2014. (PAIiIZ)

Companies form Eastern Poland: towards UAE and Sweden
The call for applications from companies based in Eastern Poland to participate in food fairs SIAL ME in the United Arab Emirates and in subcontracting fairs ELMIA in Sweden is ongoing.

PAIiIZ has called for applications to co-fund the participation in the SIAL MIDDLE EAST 2014 in Abu Dhabi (UAE) for food industry. The fairs will be held on 24-26 November. Twenty enterprises can take part in the trip.

Entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland who are interested in participation in the event can submit their applications until September 3. For detailed information regarding recruitment, please go to: whyeasternpoland.eu, “nabory” (recruitment) tab and to:

Companies from the machinery and metal sector can benefit from participating in the fairs ELMIA SUBCONTRACTORS 2014, to be held on 11-14 November in Jönköping (Sweden). This trip may also be attended by 20 companies from the five Eastern Poland voivodeships: Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie. More information on:
www.paiz.gov.pl/20140813/Nabor_wnioskow_o_dofinansowanie_uczestnictwa_w_targach_Elmia_Subcontractors_2014. (PAIiIZ)

Poland-Korea Economic Forum
PAIiIZ took the patronage over the Polish-Korean Economic Forum. The meeting will be held between 29 and 30 September at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw.

Participants of the forum will discus investment opportunities of Poland and Korea, bilateral economic relations in the areas of trade, investments and public procurement. Korean companies participating in the Forum represent such sectors as: infrastructure, environmental protection, energy and ICT.

More information: http://kotrawarsaw.wix.com/forum (KOTRA)

Matchmaking event - industrial devices sector
Polish Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Cologne invites to participate in the matchmaking event. The meeting will be held on 22 October in Cologne.

The event is dedicated to Polish entrepreneurs producing industrial devices. Participants interesting in the event should register via e-mail: joanna.zieba@trade.gov.pl up to 12 September.

In case of any questions, please contact Joanna Zięba, tel. +49 /221/ 34 99 29. (WPHI Kolonia)


Optimistic forecasts for Poland
According to the report prepared by Bureau for Investments and Economic Cycles - institution specialising in macroeconomic analysis of the Polish economy - in 2014 Polish GDP will reach 3.2%. In 2016 - a level of 3.8%.

In 2014, after the second phase of economic crisis in the years 2010-2011, the global economy return to the path of growth. Despite the challenging and unstable times, analysts see better economic situation in developed EU countries. The highest growth forecast are for German economy, the weakest - for countries of Southern Europe: Greece and Cyprus. Economy of the United States focus on improvement of economic growth. Moreover, economies of Asia and Latin America have a tendency to slow down or stagnation.

Ukraine crisis and economic sanctions can negatively affect Polish trade. It can reduce Polish exports, on the other hand it can be an opportunity to change the direction of expansion beyond the European markets.

According to BIEC, in the following quarters until the end of 2016, Polish economy will grow from approx. 0.6%. (BIEC)


Warsaw students win
Polish students from the Warsaw School of Economics won the Global Winner - 2014 Google Online Marketing Challenge. The team of Mateusz Rydlewski, Przemek Dmochowski, Agnieszka Żdanuk, Marek Janisiewicz, and Paweł Zawadzki cooperated with Legia Warszawa, one of the oldest and most titled Polish soccer clubs.

Students created campaigns using Google AdWords tools to sell tickets and Fanstore items. One of the goals was to increase ticket sales for matches as well as clothing and accessories for the fans. The campaign lasted from 11 to 30 April 2014 and its cost reached USD 250. Thanks to the campaign it was able to generate revenues of more than PLN 30 000, which resulted in a return on investment of 3083%.

In 2012, SGH students won this competition for the fourth time in a row. In 2009-2011 teams from the School of Economics in Warsaw were the best in Europe. (SGH)

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