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With its charm of beautiful beaches, woodlands and lakes, the Pomorskie voivodship is located to the north of Poland on the Baltic Sea. The region is characterised by the urban area of the „tri-city”: Gdańsk - with its 1,000 year history, Gdynią – a modern port and industrial city and Sopot – Poland’s most popular seaside resort, with the longest wooden pier in Europe. A precious treasure in this land is the amber and creations from Polish amber, made by Pomorze’s artists and artisans, which can be found all over the world.

The one-thousand-year-old Gdańsk, with historical monuments, many  belonging to the List of World Heritage Sites, theatres, exhibitions, museums and a concert hall constitutes the centre of northern Poland cultural life. Gdynia, the youngest of the three urban areas and is in first place among Polish cities for caring for its residents.

The Pomerania region is a picturesque and rugged postglacial land with over 400 lakes, a scenic Szwajcaria Kaszubska and inhabitants called the Kashubs who preserved their own language and architectural style, including the culturally ethnic area of Kociewo, with its characteristic dialect and folklore.

The Pomorskie voivodship has traditionally been Poland’s “window unto the world”, rich in tradition and rapidly developing modernity, imported together with the continual flow of Merchant ships.

Investment opportunities

  • direct access to the sea,
  • there’s a well developed industrial and maritime background,
  • a varied economic structure,
  • a well developed small and medium sized business sector,
  • the Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia urban area – is one of the main districts for growth in the business sector across the country,
  • there is a high technology industry, particularly in: the petro-chemical, freight handling and shipbuilding sectors,
  • a great agricultural potential in the Żuławy Valley,
  • good possibilities for exports from the shipbuilding sector,
  • an attractive voivodship residentially.


The high level of education among the voivodship’s residents, the ready availability of qualified personnel, numerous possibilities for specialist training and carrying out research work, the system of tax exemptions offered by the local government to investors in the high-tech sector, well prepared investment offers for the needs of the field of new technology and also a well developed infrastructure for its entrepreneurs, are unquestionable attributes of the region, placing it at the country’s forefront in terms of the attractiveness for High-Tech investors.

Existing firms in IT, electronics, telecommunications, offering automated machines, or modern bio-technology, will form a foundation of sub-contractors to develop their products and services.

Maritime economy

The well developed infrastructure for R&D and professional training, the excellent natural conditions and the traditions in the maritime industry within the voivodship, means that every investment connected to the maritime economy will find excellent conditions here for expansion. The largest ports in the Baltic region, favourable transport links with other regions both in Poland and abroad, a network of partners and a significant share of the nation’s maritime economy that has resulted in the steady and rapid development of the sector.

Support for the sector under the strategy for the voivodship’s development, that prioritizes its growth, together with the availability of a trained workforce, has led to this branch of industry being attractive to national and foreign investors.


The voivodship’s excellent location on the country’s maritime border, an expanding road infrastructure, favourable sea connections, ports, railways and airports and the availability of sites adjacent to express routes and planned motorways has meant that the Pomorskie voivodship has become an attractive region for logistics investments (container terminals, freight transfer centres, cargo delivery, logistics, warehouses and distribution).


Favourable natural conditions, with: a varied landscape, parks and nature reserves, lakes and forested areas. There is a great diversity of tourist attractions: access to water sports, high coastland cliff faces, historical buildings, towns and cities with a rich history and culture, seaside resorts and recreation centres, pedestrian routes, local and European cycling routes and also numerous horse riding trails and seaboard excursions. This varied array of offers to tourists, also provides investors with incentives in the tourism sector. There are qualified staff and a network of schools and academies that teach in related faculties, providing the necessary educational environment. The development of tourism is also designated as a priority in the regional development strategy, which ensures success for potential investors in the sphere of tourism.

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