March 27th, 2014,
 Issue 375


The idea of Polish presentation at EXPO 2015
Polish government adopted the "Concept Programme of Polish participation at EXPO 2015 in Milan”. Polish Pavilion, Polish exhibition, Polish National Day and various events will be designed to present Poland as one of the most important members of the EU. PAIiIZ participates in the organisation of the Polish exhibition. President of the Agency, Sławomir Majman will be the general commissioner of the Polish Pavilion in EXPO 2015 in Milan.

 “Feeding the planet, energy for life” is the official motto of EXPO 2015. This year’s EXPO is dedicated to the agri-food sector that is considered as Polish export specialty. Therefore, the Polish offer presented during the event will focus on the latest Polish solutions in organic farming, food processing, biotechnology and environmental protection.

The main aim of Poland’s participation in EXPO 2015 is building a solid position of “Poland” as a brand as well as for Polish economy. The Polish government plans to present Poland as a modern country with successful economy and an attractive business partner. The vision of Poland will also base on similarities to Italy especially in terms of economy and lifestyle. Thus, Poland will be shown as an open, friendly and western country, developing modern design and fashion and respecting tradition as well as the place where - as in Italy - agriculture has become the driving force of exports. EXPO exhibitions are the largest and most prestigious promotional event in the world.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140326/idea_of_polish_presentation_at_expo2015 (PAIiIZ/KPRM)

Establishment of International Mediation Centre
Chambers of commerce and industry which consociate foreign companies and Polish partners established a joined initiative - International Mediation Center (MCM).

The mission of MCM is to promote the highest standards of non-judicial resolutions for litigations in business. MCM is a non-judicial platform of resolving issues and it is available to all parties especially for members of chambers.

Declaration of the establishment of the International Mediation Center was signed by: Belgian Business Chamber, British Polish Chamber of Commerce, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Polish Spanish Chamber of Industry. The project is also supported by the Ministry of Economy. (Infinity)


Operating in SEZs will be easier
The Cabinet of Poland adopted a draft regulation amending the law in Special Economic Zones. The project introduces facilitates for companies operating in SEZs.

One of the most important and the most anticipated by entrepreneurs amendment is the introduction of unitary regulations of providing changes in business permits. Reduction of employment rate by 20% of the baseline of a permit will be now possible for all kind of investments, regardless of the date of the permit issue. Ministry of Economy has also prepared two options for entrepreneurs regarding permit termination. One of them is addressed to entrepreneurs who did not benefit from income tax relief in the Zone. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who, due to the establishment of new rules, will not be able to apply for a permit termination and who predict that they will not meet its standards, will have an opportunity to request a permit withdrawal. Thus, companies that have benefited from the income tax exemption will avoid higher interest on tax arrears. Under new regulatory, tasks of companies managing SEZ will be also extended by the Ministry of Economy. Cooperation with universities and creation of a background for clusters’ formation will be joined to the statutory catalog of ZES’ management. (Ministry of Economy)

Polish IT systems in Africa
Assecco Poland signed nearly $10m-worth agreement with the Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA) to jointly execute a project aiming to lay foundations for a modern energy market in Ethiopia.

Construction of a modern energy market is of strategic importance to the Ethiopian economy.  Asseco will deliver and launch a comprehensive IT system able to manage the power consumption readings, based on its proprietary AUMS software. In addition, Asseco will provide advisory services associated with the development of ERP software, and it will also share the necessary knowledge and IT technologies in order to enable INSA build a modern energy market.

Due to the cooperation with Ethiopian government, Asseco Poland has a chance to play a significant role in the development of information technology not only in Ethiopia but also across Africa, and furthermore demonstrate to this continent that Poland is a country of innovative technologies which can be successfully implemented in the rapidly developing African economies. (Assecco)

Automotive factory in Euro - Park Mielec gets bigger
Industrial Development Agency (ARP) has issued a permit to Kirchoff in Euro-Park Mielec SEZ.

The investment in the expansion of automotive body components’ factory will cost PLN 24.5 m. The company plans to create at least 12 new jobs.

It is the third time when Kirchoff receives an investment permit in Euro-Park Mielec SEZ. The new investment project will include expansion of the existing hall, implementation of new equipment that allows launching production of a new range of car body components for such brands as GM, Ford, VW, Daimler, BMW or Audi.

Kirchhoff Poland belongs to an international concern Kirchhoff Automotive. The company has been operating in Euro-Park Mielec SEZ since 15 years. (ARP)

New jobs in Lublin
BSS services provider, Convergys Corporation opens a new branch in Lublin. The company plans to hire 250 workers there.

Opening of Convergys Corporation in Lublin is associated with signing a contract with one of European telecommunication companies to provide a customer support. The cooperation includes identification services and implementation of innovations regarding client services. For Convergys Corporation the new office in Lublin is the second after Szczecin location in Poland.

Convergys is US business service provider supporting many global brands in the modern service sector. (Medical University of Lublin)


  • Exchange rates (as of 27.03.2014):









Source: www.nbp.pl


13th China International Consumer Goods Fair
PAIiIZ invites Polish entrepreneurs to participate in the 13th China International Consumer Goods Fair on 8-11 June in Ningbo.

Central and Eastern European Countries' Products Expo 2014 is the most important highlight of the fair.

During the event, exporters from the CEE region will display their products and will take part in a conference on trade and investment cooperation and cultural exchange. The event will be attended by ministers of Poland and China.

The organisers will cover the cost of trade stands and costs of transportation in China.

Companies interested in participating in the fair, should fill the online form at:

http://www.gochina.gov.pl/CICGF_2014_Ningbo by 31 March. (PAIiIZ)

The OECD Guidelines
On 3 April at the headquarters of the Employers of Poland a training on the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises will be held.

The training is dedicated primarily to people who deal with solving conflicts related to business activity - lawyers, HR specialists, CSR and corporate PR professionals.

Application is available by 31 March by m.wlodarczyk@pracodawcyrp.pl (Employers RP)

Conference on investment sites
The First National Conference on Investment Sites in Poland, under the patronage of PAIiIZ, will be held on 8 April at the Business Centre Club in Warsaw.

The conference programme includes presentations and discussion panels. Participants will overview all aspects of acquisition and sale of real estate for investment. The purchase of properties from state institutions, investment attractiveness of brownfield sites, and spa and leisure facilities will be also discussed.

Registration of participants by konferencja@terenyinwestycyjne.info.

For more information visit: www.TerenyInwestycyjne.Info. (Treny Investycyjne)

Supporting SMEs in South Asian Markets
“Supporting SMEs in South Asian Markets: a Belgian know-how useful to Poland” is the main highlight of the conference that will be held in PAIiIZ on 24 April at 9 am.

Polish companies with the increasing attention focus on the possibilities and difficulties of the Chinese market. However, many of them are perhaps neglecting the possibilities of the markets of South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), which offer not only some of the most dynamic consumer markets in the world, but also provide a high level of security. The conference of SMEs in South Asian Markets will be attended by Belgian experts working in South East Asia with knowledge of the new interest of local companies for Polish products and services will provide advice on how to approach those markets.

The seminar will be held in English. To register, please contact bruksela-polska@wer.pl, 22 850 00 85 by 18 April 2014.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140424/supporting_smes_in_south_asian_markets (Brussels Invest & Export)

6 th EEC in Katowice
On 7-9 May Katowice will play a role of one of the most important economic venue in Poland. It will hold the 6 th European Economic Congress in Katowice (EEC). PAIiIZ is the official partner of the conference.

The European Economic Congress in Katowice is a three-day series of debates and meetings attended by European Commissioners, Prime Ministers and representatives of governments of European states, presidents of the largest enterprises, scientists and practitioners, as well as decision-makers, who exert a real influence on economic and social life.

The major subject areas of this year’s Congress in Katowice will include: Europe in view of challenges of global competition; new finances of the European Union - wise investments; the industrial and energy policy; migration and the HR & labour market in Europe; the USA, China and Africa - partners and competitors.

More information: www.eecpoland.eu (PTWP Group)

Zhejiang - Poland Matchmaking Forum
On 27 May Regent Hotel in Warsaw will host the Zhejiang (China) - Poland Matchmaking Forum. Zhejiang Provincial Governor and the Polish Ministry of Economy took patronage over the event.

The programme of the Forum includes session of individual business meetings of Polish and Chinese entrepreneurs from Zhejiang.

Companies interested in participating in the event should register until 14 April 14 by:

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), PAIiIZ and the Embassy of China are the organizers of the Forum.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140527/zhejiang_poland_matchmaking_forum (PAIiIZ)

3 rd International East Baltic Business Forum
Between 16-17 May, Daugavpils in Latvia will host the 3rd East Baltic Business Forum. Daugavpils City Council, Embassy in Riga, the Latvian Ministry of Environment and Regional Development and the LIAA Agency organise the event.

Participants of the Forum will be introduced with the diversity of business possibilities in Daugavpils and Latgale region. The meeting should also stimulate cooperation between enterprises, benefiting from advantageous geographical position of Daugavpils City close to the border of Lithuania, Belarus and Russia. The Forum consist of panel discussion, talks, presentations and B2B session of companies representing food processing, woodworking, metalworking, logistics and tourism sectors from Poland and Latvia.

Companies interested in participating in the Forum, please contact Olga Tolmacova, olga.tolmacova@daugavpils.lv, +371 20089634. The application is available by 7April.

More information: www.daugavpils.lv/en/47/read/6826 (LIAA)


Unemployment decreases while retail sales go up
According to Polish central statistic office (GUS), in February 2014, unemployment decreased by 0,5 % year on year. The unemployment reduction was also marked comparing to January 2014 and February 2013.

In February unemployment rate reached 2,25 million and was lower than in previous month by 4,800. In addition, the number of newly registered unemployed persons was smaller comparing to last month and to the same period last year.

Source: weim-Fotolia.com

Labour offices unregistered more people than in January 2014 and February 2013. Moreover, by the end of February 2014 labour offices held more jobs offers than in January 2014 and February 2013. The drop in unemployment is accompanied with an increase in retail sales by 7% compared to the same period last year.  (GUS)


Mars Challenge in Poland
First European competition of Mars rovers will be held in September in Poland.

From 5 to 7 September 2014, Poland hosts the European Rover Challenge that is an European version of US University Rover Challenge. The event attracts many students of technical universities from around the world and people who spend their free time putting together amazing robotic vehicles.

The best robot stands a chance of taking part in a real mission to Mars. For instance, Magma White, one of the awarded Polish robots which was constructed by students from Toruń, is currently taking part in equipment tests in the run-up to the ExoMars mission that will fly to the Red Planet in 2018.

Mars rover presented at the stand sponsored by Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme during the Airtec 2011 fairs

It is the first time when such event is organised outside the US. Thanks to the efforts of Mars Society Poland the European Mars rovers competition will be permanently locate in Poland.  The organization is a local representative of The Mars Society. Together they participate in the global preparations for a manned flight to Mars.

Polish students have achieved many successes in US University Rover Challenge. They have been climbing the winners’ podium since 2010; in 2013 Polish teams from the universities of technology in Białystok and Wrocław pulled off a spectacular coup, finishing first and second.The event will be held in Chęciny, in the Świętokrzyskie province. (www.poland.gov.pl)

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