May 28th, 2015,
 Issue 435-436


Talks about agri-food sectors in Algeria and Nice
PAIiIZ delegation and representatives of entrepreneurs from the Eastern Poland are on the business mission to Algeria and Nice. In Oran and Algiers, Polish companies met entrepreneurs associated in the regional chambers of commerce. In Nice, a seminar on the opportunities of Polish - African cooperation regarding agri-food sector and B2B meetings was held. Mission is headed by PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska.

Conference and B2B talks between Polish and Algerian businessmen, which took place on 25 May, were the first highlight of the Eastern Poland business mission to Algeria. On 26 May, companies from this Macro-region participated in the trade fair in Algiers and a seminar session combined with direct business talks with Algerian entrepreneurs.

On 28 May, the most important highlight of the mission - the First Poland - Africa Agriculture Forum was arranged in Nice. “Polish export food offer has three competitive advantages: high quality, innovativeness and flexibility - they can easily adopt to particular market needs”, argued Anna Polak-Kocińska during the forum. She also stress the importance of Poland in European exports. Poland is one of the biggest producers and exporters of meat, berries and frozen fruit and vegetables in the EU, she added.

The mission of entrepreneurs from the Eastern Poland to Algeria and Nice

The Mission to Algeria and Nice is participated by such companies form the Eastern Poland Macro-region as: Bartex, Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plant “Lubawa”, Dairy Cooperative in Łapy, PW MAT Marzena Tkaczuk, Mazurskie Miody Bogdan Piasecki, Lactima, Nero, APIS Apiculture Cooperative, Unico Katarzyna Adam Jasińscy and Kormoran Brewery.

On 29 May, the participants of the Polish delegation will take part in B2B talks with African partners.

The mission has been arranged by PAIiIZ and co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Operation Programme Eastern Poland Regional Development Found, submeasure I.4. (PAIiIZ)

Automotive sector - the heart of Polish industry
Perspectives of the automotive industry in Poland in the next decade and attractiveness of the sector for foreign investors were the main highlights of the "Automotive sector - the heart of Polish industry" conference, which took place on 27 May in the Warsaw School of Economics. The meeting was attended by deputy prime minister Janusz Piechocinski, and PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

Minister Piechociński stressed the importance of the automotive sector for the Polish economy: "Poland is a major European producer of cars, trucks, buses and the European hub of car components for many global brands. In 2014, Polish factories produced 578.311 cars and light trucks, while the value of export of Polish automotive industry amounted to over €18 billion”, deputy prime minister said. The record Volkswagen investment in Września, wielkopolskie voivodeship was presented by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman. The value of this German project near Poznan reached €EUR 800m.

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More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150527_automotive_sector_heart_of_polish_industry(PAIiIZ)

New investment perspectives in Xiamen
Between 8 and 11 September 2015, in Xiamen the “China International Fair for Investment & Trade” (CIFIT) will be held. Economy, politics, and trade as well as Poland’s participation in the fair were discussed by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman and deputy director general of Xiamen Municipal Government Zhang Quan.

This year, Xiamen trade fair will be dedicated to direct foreign investments and international trade cooperation. The offer on international exporters and investors will be presented on the area covering 50,000 m2.Also “During the meeting, deputy director general Zhang Quan stressed, that since December 2014, in Xiamen the Pilot Free Trade Zone (the second after the one in Shanghai) has been operating. Due to the establishment of the zone, Xiamen would like to become a national distributor of all imported food throughout China. Xiamen has established an effective cooperation with local custom services offering many facilities in custom procedures.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150526_new_investment_perspectives_in_xiamen(PAIiIZ)


Five months in investments
PAIiIZ portfolio has been reinforced by 3 new investment projects. Currently, the Agency runs 169 investments worth €3,026.66bn in total. In the future they all can generate 30,660 new jobs.

Since the beginning of 2015, the Agency has successfully completed 17 investment projects (value €270.24m., 4,203 new jobs planned) that represent such sectors as: aviation, BPO, R&D, automotive, ICT, agri-food and pharmacy.

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In sectorial point of view, among ongoing projects the majority comes from automotive sector (33 projects; value of €682.15m, 6881 new jobs panned). In terms of the country of origin of FDI supported by PAIiIZ, as previously, the Americans predominate providing 47 projects (value of €317.65m; 6,489 new jobs planned).

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150522/five_months_in_investments. (PAIiIZ)

Polish Navimor opens a maritime academy in Namibe
On 21 May, PAIiIZ president invited minister of foreign affairs of Angola Georges Chikoti and other representatives of Angolan government visiting Poland to talk about the mutual cooperation and a maritime academy built by Polish Navimor in the city of Namibe that is just to be open this autumn.

The Namibe Fishery Academy is the best example of Polish - Angolan cooperation. “This is the biggest investment project regarding education in Angola and in the whole Africa”, Romual Kinda, Navimor’s president explained. The project has been initiated in 2003 during the visit of the former president of Angola José Eduardo Dos Santos in Poland. 1,500 students will be studying there. The Namibe Fishery Academy will be open in October 2015.

The visit of Angolan delegation in PAIiIZ

This year, the governmental mission to Angola accompanied by Polish companies is planned.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150521/polish_navimor_opens_a_maritime_academy_in_namibe. (PAIiIZ)

New jobs in Framo Mortat
German-based investor Framo Mortat will create 100 new jobs in Nowa Ruda under „Invest Park” Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

The new business permit allows the company to invest PLN 10m to establish a production plant of gears and transmission parts used in coffee machines, heat pumps, or telecommunication tower for such clients as 3M, Siemens and Franke.

During the decision making Farmo Mortat also considered Serbia as a investment destination, however the similar business culture and close location to the company headquarters led the investor to choose Poland. (WSEZ "Invest-Park")


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Speaking of German investments in Białogard
Białogard Invest Park invites all to a conference entitled: „Deutsche Investitionen in Nordpolen”. PAIIIZ took the patronage over the event.

During the conference, speakers will discuss the experience of companies with German capital operating in Poland as well as talk about new methods supporting German investments in the Northern Poland. One of the highlights of the conference is the award ceremony for companies from Germany in Poland. Winners will receive the awards from the ministry of economy Janusz Piechocińki.

„Deutsche Investitionen in Nordpolen” conference will be held on 1 June in Technology Incubator in Białogard. More information: www.investparkbialogard.pl. (BP)

R&D opportunities for UK business in Poland
On 9 June at 17:00, Polish Embassy in London will hold the meeting dedicated to providing British R&D projects in Poland.

This seminar, aimed at UK business, is intended to showcase the breadth and depth of Polish R&D capabilities and innovative technologies across many sectors. Poland's national centre for R&D (NCB+R) and PAIiIZ will be on hand to explain the various incentives on offer for UK businesses and investors choosing to set up R&D activities in Poland.

The access to the meeting is free.

The registration is available by: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?poland_innovation_showcase. (BPCC/ PAIiIZ)

IT Future Expo 2015
On 10 June, the National Stadium in Warsaw will host the second edition of IT Future Expo fair. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the fair.

Participants of the meeting will learn about the newest technologies, trends and IT innovations on the Polish market and get some knowledge and opinions on displayed products of above 100 companies. Along with the fair, the Gala-IT FUTURE AWARDS will be arranged. During the Gala winners of the IT LEADERS 2015 Contest will be awarded.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150610/it_future_expo.

Manufacturing Exellence Awars 2015
Between 17-18 June the third Warsaw Manufacturing Excellence & Manufacturing Strategy Summit will be held. PAIiIZ is the patron of the event.

This is one of the most important event of the manufactory sector in Poland. Under the Strategy Summit the ceremony of CEE Manufacturing Excellence Awards will be held.

More information: www.manufacturingawards.eu/pl/strona-glowna. (Europa Property)

Synegry Day
Between 18 and 19 June Serock will hosts Synergy Day.

The event dedicated to decision makers in IT SME sector. The meeting will be held under PAIiIZ patronage.

More information: www.synergia-it.pl. (BPC Group)

Forum Regionów Polska - Chiny
Between 28 and 29 June, hotel Andel’s in Łódź will host 3rd Forum Regionów Polska - Chiny. The city of Łódź is the official Host of the event while PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

Participants of the Forum will discuss issues related to: transportation, modern city management, business and tourism promotion and education. The establishment of the New Silk Road “One belt. One Road” will be also the highlight of the event.

More information: www.polskachiny.lodzkie.pl.


Poland - still the investment magnet in EEC
According to just published 13th “EY European Attractiveness Survey”, Poland is the real number one in Central Eastern Europe in terms of attracting investments. The country has the first position regarding investment attractiveness and the inflow of FDI. Moreover, Poland is the second in the CEE and the third in the whole Europe regarding new jobs created due to foreign investments.

38% of surveyed companies named Poland as the most attractive country to locate investments there. This is the increase by 7 percentage points comparing to the previous year. The Czech Republic (14% of votes) won the second place in the CEE in investment attractiveness while the Hungary was the third (10% of votes). Speaking of the whole Europe - the flag of the podium remains the same and belongs to Germany, write authors of the EY Survey. The “Big Three” also consists of Great Britain and France.

According to the survey, the inflow of foreign investments to Poland created 15,500 new jobs in the country. This is the increase by 12% y/y. This result made Poland the third after Great Britain and Russia in Europe. By improving its position by 23% this year, Poland also made a big step from the 10th to 7th position in terms of the number of new FDI in Europe. In sector point of view, the biggest number of foreign investments in Poland is generated by automotive industry (15%), rubber and plastic industry (14%)and IT software (11%). Especially the growing popularity of the last mentioned sector shows the high level of IT service in Poland that is appreciated by global players.

The report also shows that the Western Europe still remains the most attractive destination for FDI in the world. The second best in the North America and the third place belongs to China. Last year, the whole world experienced the decrease of FDI by 8%, Europe attracted 36% more FDI than in the previous year. The total value of the FDI that came to Europe in 2014 reached $ 305 bn. (EY/PAIiIZ)

Polish Special Economic Zones - Ministry of Economy report
In 2014, Polish special economic zones issued 2.056 business permits. The cumulated value of projects that were established due to that reached PLN 102bn. Polish companies were those that invested the most in zones last year - those are the outcomes of the newly publish report dedicated to Special Economic Zones in Poland prepared by the Polish Ministry of Economy.

Comparing to 2013, in 2014 the value of invested capital in SEZ in Poland went up by 9.5% while the new job creation grew by 10.8%. In terms of the country of the origin of investors that came to zones, Polish capital predominates. Among other leading countries there are: the US, Holland, Japan and Italy. The biggest share in the capital invested in SEZ in Poland came for the automotive sector (26%), plastic and rubber industry (10.2%) and manufacturers of non-metallic mineral products (8,7%).

Legnica, Katowice and Warmia - Mazury SEZ have the biggest sector specialization. Legnica and Katowice are hubs of automotive industry (over 50% of share in the total value of investments) while Warmia - Mazury SEZ specialize in rubber and plastic production ( 48,4% of share in the total value of all investments). (Ministry of Economy)

Innovation and patents in Poland
Poland improved its position in the European ranking of innovation. The number of patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) has significantly increased in 2014. So did the number of paten application from Poland to international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). However, the experts argue that the rate of transition of Polish economy towards innovations still needs to be improved.

Comparing to the rest of CEE, in 2014, Poland has the biggest number of patent application in the region (475). The second was the Czech Republic (167). Also the growth rate of applying for patens is the biggest in Poland - in the last decade the rate went up by 353% in Poland, in Czech Republic it increased by 117% and in Hungary only by 39%. According to professor Tadeusz Baczko from Polish Academy of Science, although the innovative distance between Poland and the rest of Europe is shrinking, the rate of change still remains to low. However, if Poland maintains the level of innovation development, soon may compete with regional leaders as Slovenia and Estonia.

Presentation the Crido Taxand report

The report regarding the patent policy in Poland prepared by Crido Taxand was presented on 28 May on the conference co-organised by Crido Taxand and PAIiIZ. (PAIiIZ)


Pomerania at EXPO 2015 in Milan
Between 1-7 June Pomerania will be a host of the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan. We invite you all to join the Pomeranian Province Week in Milan.

Sunreef Yachts (source: 2mgroup)

Polish yachts, products made of amber and world class design made in Pomerania - this is the offer of Pomorskie province for the incoming Pomeranian Province Week at Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015 Milan. Visitors of the Pavilion will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition dedicated to amber - the tradition and innovation of processing this unique source. Also the tourist attractions and business opportunities waiting for foreign visitors will be promoted during the event.

Amber jewelry by Kruczkowska (source: 2mgroup)

On 3 June, Pomeranian region invites all for “Tourist potential of the Pomerania region” conference, on 4 June a matchmaking forum will be arrange while on 5 June the Pomeranian Business Gala will be held in the Consulate General of Poland in Milan. (2mgroup)

Innovativeness of Polish economy
Between 21 and 22 May in Cedzyn, representatives of science and business discussed their future cooperation and its implication on development of innovativeness of Polish economy. The conference entitled “Inżynieria Przyszłości 2015” (“Enginery of the future 2015”) gathered Polish scientists, businessmen and members of local governments. Also PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska took part in the event as a participant of the round table talks.

The idea of integration of science and business as well as the implementation of innovative solutions made by Polish R&D centres were the highlights of the event.

Poland has been listed as 23rd in „Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014" ranking. This one-step progress regarding the 2013 let Poland join to the group of countries called “moderate innovators”. The future development of innovativeness of Poland depends mostly on the use of EU funds. The current 2014-2020 EU budget focuses on supporting R&D activity. Also the growing number of science centres in Poland established by both Polish and foreign investors can strengthen the innovativeness of Polish economy.

„Inżynieria Przyszłości 2015" conference was arranged by the National Research Institute in cooperation with Business Centre Club. (PAIiIZ)

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