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The Podlasie voivodship is on the EU’s eastern border with Lithuania and Belarus. The north eastern part of Suwałki is particularly beautiful, with large areas of woodland and the forests of: Białowieża, Knyszyn and Augustów; the marshland valley of the Narew river and the picturesque river Bug’s valley, famous its Biebrz marshes – the most natural in central Europe - that have made the region a tourist haven. Due to the specifics of the natural landscape it’s a great place for rest and recreation, whether it’s cycling, hiking or canoeing.

The Podlasie voivodship is also an agricultural region, which is very important for the production of wheat and potatoes. The food industry has expanded rapidly here, particularly in the processing of milk, meat, poultry and cereals; together with light industry, timber, building and construction and in the mechanical sector.

The Podlasie voivodship is a natural tourist area, ideal for healthy holidays and also a leader in the processing of both meat and dairy products, building a modern economy on the basis of its traditions.

Investment opportunities

  • location on the borders of Lithuania and Belarus,
  • a good road network,
  • a well developed education system in schools and at the higher level,
  • a growing number of private businessmen and an increasing level of activity among entrepreneurs,
  • natural conditions that are favourable for the development of agriculture, food processing, timber and also of building and construction,
  • good conditions for the development of tourism and agro-tourism.

The mechanical industry

The voivodship has a long tradition connected to the mechanical industry (production of tractors, lawn mowers, tools and components for machines…). The opportunities to develop investments in this sector are increased by the existing network of potential business partners and sub-contractors in the sector, together with an established network of suppliers and service providers.

Of great significance for potential investors is the availability of well trained workers and the relatively low labour costs. There are investment incentives and tax breaks available, together with pro-active investment services that are available from the business support agencies, which are striving to raise investment attractiveness across the sector.

Food processing

Favourable natural conditions, a clean and unspoilt environment ideal for the production of organic foods, low labour costs are all positive factors for the food sector in the Podlasie voivodship. The existence of a network of modern food processing plants, the dynamic development of the dairy sector, the strong promotion of brands and their recognition among potential retailers are also things which guarantee farmers and livestock producers a stable market for their produce.

An important factor in raising the attractiveness of the food industry for investors are the incentives and professional services offering assistance, such as business consultancy, the availability of know-how and legal services.


The exceptional natural and scenic qualities of the region: the marshlands, vast wild and woodland areas, numerous water routes and lakes, together with the clean and natural environment are all advantages that attract not only tourists, but investors in tourism to the region.

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