11th September 2008, Number 88




Dear Readers,

In this week’s Newsletter we report on the optimistic European Commission’s forecast for the Poland’s GDP growth in 2008. We also invite you to visit the exhibition “Designed in Poland”, which is to be opened in Madrid on September 15th. Moreover, we inform about two new investments: an Australian Amcor’s which opened its 3rd factory in Poland and about American’s Delphi developing its plant in Ostrów Wielkopolski. At the end good news for the aviation industry, which has now more space and opportunities to develop in the country.

Pleasant reading!

PAIiIZ’s editorial team

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Polish industrial design and functional art promoted in Spain

Between September 15 - 25th in Madrid modern industrial design and functional art designed by Polish artists are to be presented on an exhibition "Designed in Poland”. The exhibition will take place in the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Av. Doctor Arce 25, Madrid.

The exhibition intends to draw attention to the characteristic features of the Polish functional art and to encourage Spanish customers to reach for Polish goods. Among the exhibits are elements designed for interior decoration, jewellery, porcelain, artistic and functional glass creations, fixture, carpets, toys, bikes, everyday articles and many more. High quality and extraordinary patterns combining traditional and modern designs constitute the most characteristic feature of all the exhibits. Visitors will be presented with an informative catalogue containing photos and information about presented products.

The exhibition is to be opened on September 15th. During the opening of the exhibition a fashion show presenting Natasza Pavluschenko’s collection “The Glitter of Evening” will take place as well as a presentation of amber jewellery designed by Mariusz Gliwiński and made by AMBERMODA company.

The event was prepared by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and forms part of the economic programme realised in the frame of Polish participation in the Saragossa EXPO 2008.

We invite you to visit the exhibition and hope that the selected works of Polish artists will be a source of a unique and unforgettable experience for you. (PAIiIZ)

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The making of another Aviation Valley in Poland

On September 11th an official opening of the "Technological Park of Aircraft Industry" (PTPL) took place. The project, situated in the Silesia mine in Kaniów near Czechowice-Dziedzice, has been developed and implemented by "Bielski Park Techniki Lotniczej”, the project’s managing company.

The airport-production complex was erected within the period of two years and its final version occupies an area of around 32 ha. A runway for test flights of light aircrafts with the length of 700 m and the width of 22 m is the park’s major element. Just next to the runway a 10 000 m² shop floor and aircraft garages as well as a patrol station and a control tower were constructed. Each shop floor measures 2500 m², has lightning, ventilation and the Borga Halc system insulation.

The investment was realised with the financial aid granted by the European Union within the Sectoral Operational Programme - Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, 2004 - 2006 and the co-financing amounted to 88%. The remaining amount of 12% has been incurred by the partners and by the Offices of the District Authorities in the form of lands with the area of 16 ha. To date jointly financial contribution accounts for round 31 million PLN.

The project has been enjoying a considerable interest and inquiries of both Polish and European companies active in the aviation industry and interested in installing their service and production division in the park have constantly been pouring in. The management of the Bielski Park Techniki Lotniczej plans the landing strip to become an important transit and refuelling point not only for small and medium entities and individuals but also for big aircraft. The second phase of the investment assumes construction of a Silesian Aviation Cluster, a regional research and production centre operating in the aviation sector.

The new Polish Aviation Valley is a result of a successful development of a brownfield area situated on slagheaps of the nearby Silesia mine. The idea of the project originated in the Bielsko-Biała poviat but from the very beginning the initiative enjoyed both approval and support form the University of Bielsko-Biała and the self-government entities in Czechowice -Dziedzice and Bestwina. ( Kaniów Poviat / www.wnp.pl )

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4th  International Manufacturing Trade Fairs - PROTECH`08

This year’s edition of PROTECH, under the patronage of PAIiIZ, will take place between November 19th- 20th in Wrocław. (Lower Silesia).

This is not the first time the PROTECH trade fairs are to take place in Wrocław. The host city is the capital of Lower Silesia, a region highly-appreciated by foreign investors and occupying high positions in prestigious rankings assessing investment attractiveness. The region enjoys popularity thanks to perfect conditions it offers for the development of a variety of industries, engineering and technology.

 Due to the very same reasons PROTECH has been enjoying an unflagging interest on the part of companies. Last year’s edition attracted 2 thousand visitors form a variety of production plants located in the region of Lower Silesia. PROTECH’08 will not only provide an occasion for a meeting of specialists from engineering and technology connected sectors but will also enable participants to take part in thematic workshops devoted to engineering, maintaining product capacity in factories, planning methods of automatic engineering systems, IT implementation in production enterprises, engineering construction and design as well as in newest technologies.

The event will be organised under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy, Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Wrocław University of Technology. PROTECH’08 comes also under the patronage of PAIiIZ. For the detailed programme of PROTECH’08 visit www.targi-protech.pl (PROTECH/PAIiIZ)

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Amcor’s 3rd  plant opens in Poland

The Australian Amcor opened its 3rd plant in Poland. Among the major Amcor’s clients is PepsiCo, a well-known beverage and crisps’ producer.

The company needed only six months to erect the factory worth now 30 million EUR. The plant is located in the Łódź Special Economic Zone and has already offered employment to 100 people, another 50 workplaces are planned to be created. The majority of the new Amcor’s employees have already received training courses in England, Germany or Italy and a part of the workers have even taken part in a several-week’s training course devoted to the handling of a laminate device in Australia where the company’s headquarters are situated.

The factory is rigged with the most modern equipment i.e. a printing machine from Germany, a laminating device from Italy and a material cutter from England. Wrappings made in the Łódź factory are destined for Lays’ factory in Grodzisk Mazowiecki where crisps for the Central and Eastern European markets, among others, for Russia and the Ukraine, are manufactured. 

Jerzy Czubak, managing director of the Amcor group in a statement for “Gazeta Wyborcza” disclosed that just next to the newly opened factory in the Nowy Józefów district, the 4th Amcor’s investment stands a good chance to be realised. Two previous Amcor’s group projects were realised in the Łódź district of Teofilów and are currently offering employment to over 500 people. (Gazeta Wyborcza Łódź)

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New projects of the Delhi factory in Ostrów Wilekopolski

Delphi, the American company manufacturing thermal systems has been developing its factory in Ostrów Wielkopolski. The number of the plant’s personnel may reach 1200 next year.

Delphi's factory in Ostrów Wielkopolski (source: Delphi Poland)

As of January 2008 new production of air-conditioning evaporators was launched at the plant. Other important project is related to extension of the Delphi Ostrów plant production area. Additional production and logistics space of total 2,500 sqm will be constructed, linking the existing two production halls. The new projects in Delphi Thermal plant in Ostrów will result in an increase of 150- 200 staff and the overall amount of investment costs may reach several million USD.

The new project is a success of the current Delphi team but the co-operation and mutual efforts also on the part of the local government should by no means be underestimated.”, says the Ostrów plant manager and Delphi Poland country director, Mr Dariusz Adamek. “The automotive industry has been constantly changing; yet our new projects prove that a plant located in Poland is competitive enough to receive new projects. Corporations leverage their footprint decisions to obtain perfect balance between location with experience and competitive costs structure.

The Delphi Thermal Systems plant in Ostrów Wielkopolski has been operating within the Delphi group for already 12 years now. The plant in Ostrów was created in 1996 after the acquisition of Zaklady Sprzetu Mechanicznego, Poland's largest manufacturer of car radiators and heaters, and now employs over 1000 people. Engineers working with the concern have been granted over 25 patents within the last 3 years. The plant supplies several European car makers and also a well-known provider for the independent aftermarket.( Delphi Poland)

Delphi's factory in Ostrów Wielkopolski (source: Delphi Poland)

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  • The European Commission (EC) hikes the GDP projections for Poland to 5.4% in the current year.

    According to this year’s April EC’s GDP forecasts the pace of the Poland’s economy development was to reach 5.3%. In April analysts stated that “the economic growth in Poland will maintain its pace despite the deterioration of external economic conditions”. Prospects of the economic condition for the whole of the EU are worse as the EC reduced the GDP growth forecasts from 2% to 1.4%. (PAP)

  • Over 1200 people to be hired by the new Lenovo plant in Legnickie Pole.

    The plant situated in the Legnica Special Economic Zone will have an area of 30 000 m². The factory is planned to be opened by December this year. The overall cost of the facility is estimates at over 20 million USD. (PAP)

  • 125.4 million PLN to be allocated to the first phase of the construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw

    According to the working plan settled with UEFA, the modernisation of the Warsaw sport facilities in the frame of the EURO 2012 preparations is to start on October 7th. (Rzeczpospolita)

National Stadium visualization in Warsaw (source: the National Sport Centre)

  • Exchange rates (as of 11.09.2008):










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New seat of the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (GPNT)

From the left: Teresa Kamińska, President of the Gadńsk Science and Technology Park ; Jan Kozłowski, the Marshal of the Pomerania voivodship and Gdańsk’s President, Paweł Adamowski (source: GPNT)
Thanks to a free of charge transfer of a building located on 3 Trzy Lipy Str. by the Gdańsk City Hall, the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (GPNT) has now got a new seat. The facility is named after professor Hilary Koprowski, a worldwide known Polish scientist.

The Park will form part of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSSE) and the rules underlying the project’s main assumptions resemble the idea behind a similar facility already active in Gdynia as well as two other parks which currently have been constructed in Kwidzyń and Słupsk. In the park which is now taking up round 18 thousand square meters, a Baltic Centre for Biotechnology and Innovative Diagnostics is planned to be organized. The enterprise is to be realized by three biggest Pomerania-based universities i.e. Medical University of Gdańsk, the Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk and the self-government of the Gdańsk voivodship. The four-party initiative will make it possible to create a modern centre with an R&D section which will conduct research in the field of biotechnology and innovative diagnostics meeting modern world standards.

The park will also include supporting institutions where entrepreneurs will have the chance to consult experts of EU funds and lawyers as well as count on assistance on the part of the region’s self-government. The Marshal of the Pomerania Voivodship has already declared to finance 50 scholarships for PhD students in the field of science, an initiative aiming at encouraging young Polish scientist to enter into a long-standing co-operation with research institutes in Poland. (Polska - Dziennik Bałtycki, the Office of the Marshal of the Pomerania Voivodship)

New seat of the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (source: GPNT)

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Warsaw to enjoy more of free internet

The Warsaw City Hall plans that the majority of the Warsaw residents will be able to access the free wireless internet already in 2010. Creation of the required conditions may cost between 20-30 million PLN.

Invitation to a tender to select the best offer for equipment and services is to be issued in October and  in the beginning of next year residents of the Żoliborz district will be able to access internet free of charge. The next on the list is the Central district of the city. Those who are interested in logging into the city net, will have to buy a special card enabling them to connect to the internet which is plat to be based on WiMAX system, which results to be more modern than the popular WiFi.

The city net will enable users to brows the internet, use e-mail and messengers but the access to websites containing pornographic content and programs for illegal file exchange will be blocked. To date wireless internet access was only accessible in the Bemowo district and was used by several hounded residents.- the Polish Information Agency reports. (PAP)

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First Orka aircrafts in November

Autumn this year is to witness the beginning of EM-11C Orka aircraft production, planes which from the very beginning of the deigning stage till the final production phase are created in Poland. Zakładay Lotnicze Margański & Mysłowski, to be transferred to the Kaniów-based Technological Park of Aircraft Industry will manage the mass production of the aircraft.

EM-11C Orka plane (source: Margański & Mysłowski)

Two first units of the EM-11C Orka planned to be finished by the end of the year will probably be soltd to Polish clients at the beginning of 2009. The aircraft enjoys a considerable interest also among foreign customers. Next year several other units will be manufactured and mass production planned for the future assumes one unit, worth 360 thousand USD, to be produced within a week.

Orka is a spacious, four-seated aircraft with wings comfortably outfitted with flaps and a construction entirely made of carbon composite. The aircraft is propelled by two counter-rotating LYCOMING IO320 / LIO320 engines with 160HP at 2,700 rpm. The landing gear is hydraulically retracted into the fuselage space. “Orka is a functional aircraft, one may even make a living of it as it may be used to provide flying taxi or patrolling services as such activities usually require two engine machines. It is also perfectly suitable for training  or sanitary purposes.”, Edward Margański, vice president of the Zakłady Lotnicze Margański & Mysłowski told the PAIiIZ Newsletter.

Edward Margański established the company in 1986. It was the first, after the II WW, Polish private company operating in the aviation industry. Three years ago the company changed its name and legal status from Zakład Remontów i Produkcji Sprzętu Lotniczego into a Margański & Mysłowski Company. Among the company’s greatest achievements is the fact that Polish glider pilots won the European and world championships using gliders produced by the company.

Works on the Orka’s prototype began in 2002. It took 14 moths to finish the prototype after which in 2004 the decision on adjusting the aircraft to mass production was taken. According to the www.wnp.pl the plane was distinguished two times by the Ministry of Economy and received prizes in the best product for the Polish market contests i.e. Wzór Roku 2006 and Dobry Wzór 2006. “Among the things that do distinguish the plane from among other offers in the sector are its usability, easy retooling and the machine’s low landing requirements allowing the aircraft to land even in very difficult conditions. Orka is an example of an aircraft friendly to all users not only to professionals.” Mr Margański emphasized.

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