April 7th, 2017,
 Issue 531


Trade Office in San Francisco officially open
The first office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in US has been officially opened on 30 March in San Francisco with the participation of deputy minister of economic development, Mr Tadeusz Kościński, consul general of Poland in New York, Mr Maciej Golubiewski and president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Mr Tomasz Pisula.

According to deputy minister Kościński, who made a speech at the Trade Office opening ceremony, there is a growing interest of American companies in investing in Polish research and development sector, BSS, IT/ICT services, automotive, aviation, energy industries as well as in new technologies. "I am convinced that the new office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in San Francisco will strengthen the business links between Poland and the United States," deputy minister said.

Meeting at the San Francisco Mayor's Office. From left: Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco, Tomasz Pisula, president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco, Tadeusz Kościński, deputy minister of economic development of Poland, Steve Kawa, San Francisco Mayor's Chief of Staff, Rafal Jarosz, head of Trade & Investment Section, Polish Embassy in Washington

The Agency’s US Trade Office, called the PolishHub, is located in Rocket Space - one of the most advanced and recognised business accelerators in the world (180 Sansome Street, San Francisco, 94104). PolishHub promotes and supports Polish high-tech companies interested in expanding into the Silicon Valley - the global startup and innovation hub and a home to such technology giants as Apple, Google and Facebook.

Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco

“The office is strictly oriented on real needs of Polish companies”, emphasized Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco. “PolishHub is a landing pad for Polish companies that consider doing business in US. On the other hand, it is also a departure hall for American companies interested in investing in Poland”, said president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Tomasz Pisula.

Team of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency: Wojciech Fedko, member of the Board, Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco, Tomasz Pisula, president of the Board

More information: www.paih.gov.pl/20170330/trade_office_in_san_francisco_officially_open

Strengthening the position of Polish construction sector
The Polish Investment and Trade Agency has established cooperation with the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters to enable Polish companies to operate as General Contractors at the world's largest construction sites.

The Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters asked the Polish Investment and Trade Agency for assistance in the development of solutions enabling construction companies to compete in the global market. Both parties will prepare an action-plan that will include an creation of integrated offer of companies gathered in the cluster, to present it globally. To strengthen the position of the cluster on international markets, the cluster will get the support of all institutions of the Polish Development Fund.

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One of the first elements of the cooperation is a seminar for the construction sector that will be held on 12 April in the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, in Warsaw. During the seminar, panellists will be provided with information about the network of institution offering the support for exporters and investors as well as about pro-export programmes waiting for them. The Polish construction sector’s competitive advantages bases on well-qualified engineering staff, know-how and long-term tradition and experience. (PAIH)


300 new jobs in iTutor Group
One of the biggest English e-learning platform, iTutorGroup has invested in Poland with the support for the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The company is planning to hire at least 300 people to its virtual language school.

“iTutorGroup’s project is unique, since language school the company is running is virtual. It means that one can work there from any place in Poland and teach people who live all around the world”, Krzysztof Senger, executive vice-president of the Agency explains. The company is looking for people with proficiency in English and talented in teaching. No certificates or degrees in languages and teaching are required. Moreover, even recruitment process is innovative. It is held on-line, by Work Service.

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The company decided to implement the project in Poland thanks to the high language skills of Poles. Poland has been listed in the top ten of EP EPI English Proficiency Index.

ITutor Group has been operating since 2004 in 40 countries. The mission of the company is to ensure equal access to learning languages for all students, regardless of where they are located. (PAIH)

Alto invests in Warmia and Mazury SEZ
A producer of food packaging labels, Alto decided to invest in the construction of a production plant in Nidzica under the Warmińsko-Mazurska Special Economic Zone. To implement the project, the company will spend over PLN 21m.

Alto’s project is innovative. Labels produced by the company will allow the user to monitor the quality and safety of food products during the distribution process - from manufacturer to the consumer. In addition, thanks to investments Alto will expand its current business activities - from commercial to productive and commercial. The company will also employ at least 20 new people. (WMSEZ)


International Week Warsaw in May in Warsaw
From 6-14th May 2017 Polish Students’ Association will hold the 24th International Week Warsaw. The event is organised under the patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Students of the Warsaw School of Economics together with 20 guests from the best business schools in Europe and Asia will have a chance to get to learn about Polish business and culture. Throughout the Company Visits and Case Studies, students will have a closer look on the characteristics of Polish business and the internal market.

The main goal of the International Week Warsaw is to show the assets of Poland. After each edition, vast majority of the participants come back to Poland for Erasmus programme or seek for job opportunities, there. (ZSP)

More information: http://iww.zspsgh.pl


PLN 84m for companies from Pomerania
A new platform to support Pomeranian companies, Pomorski Broker Eksportowy, will spend PLN 84m to help local companies in their way towards foreign markets. The project has been set up by Pomeranian local authorities and institutions.

Pomorski Broker Eksportowy

The Pomorski Broker Eksportowy is a partner initiative of the Pomerania Development Agency, the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce, Stowarzyszenie Wolna Przedsiębiorczość/Gdańsk Branch, Inkubator STARTER, INVESTGDA and the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

About 1,800 micro, small and medium enterprises from Pomerania interested in exporting or further development of their activities in foreign markets will benefit from the programme. The project is also dedicated to Pomeranian start-ups in ICT, logistics, maritime, biotechnological, medical and creative sectors - the Inkubator STARTER is responsible for their support.

The offer includes: consulting, co-financing the business missions or access to trade fairs. In May, companies will be able to receive grants up to PLN 40,000, per each entrepreneur, to use the money for any export activity. The project will be run until 2023.

For more information: http://brokereksportowy.pl


Azimo: Polish-British FinTech entered 190 global markets
A Polish-British money transfer service, Azimo has built one of the largest digital money transfer network in the world and now is servicing over 190 countries across the globe. The technological heart of the company is located in Kraków, the city where Marta Krupińska - one of the co-founders of the company has been born in. Now, the centre is looking for new talents.

AzimoAzimo is a FinTech company specialized in low cost cash transfers. The majority of company's clients are emigrants. They send earned money to families who usually have limited access to bank accounts. According to Azimo, only 2 billion people in the world have bank accounts. However, 3 million already use smartphones. Azimo has created solution enabling customers to send money from any internet-connected device. In April, the company has introduce new app allowing customers to send and receive cash internationally simply using a mobile phone number.

According to Krupińska, Azimo's success in fast foreign expansion would not have been possible without the company’s IT centre in Kraków. It started its activity in 2012, just a few months after setting up the business in London. Two factors influenced the choice of location: access to talented programming staff in Kraków and sentiment towards the city from which Krupińska came from.

Od lewej: Marek Wawro (founder, były CTO), Marta Krupinska (GM & Co-Founder), Michael Kent (CEO & Co-Founder)

"I think it's important to see Poland not only as a place for outsourcing but primarily for setting up and developing companies," Krupińska explains. The Azimo’s Kraków centre is responsible for customer service, compliance, and translation processes. There are 65 people working in the centrę, including 15 foreigners. As Marta Krupińska say, her company is expanding the team in Kraków and is currently looking for new talented programmers. (PAIH / Azimo)

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