July 16th, 2009,
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Last week results to be very fruitful for the Special Economic Zones in Mielec, Łódź and Kamienna Góra which managed to acquire new investments. Some of the SEZ expanded their area what will help enrich their investment offer. In the frame of regional co-operation PAIiIZ concluded an understanding with Koszalin authorities concerning the city’s economic promotion. We also inform about a positive report published by Fitch and about a new investment realized by the healthcare company in Poznań. At the end you will find information on this year edition of the Imagine Cup contest where three Polish teams ranked among winners.

Pleasant reading!

PAIiIZ’s editorial team

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Understanding on Koszalin’s economic promotion

On July 13th, 2009 an understanding on economic promotion of Koszalin (in the North of Poland) was concluded by delegates from the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) and the city’s authorities.

The Understanding was signed by Mr Sławomir Majman, PAIiIZ President and Mr Andrzej Jakubowski, Deputy President of Koszalin. The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the local authorities declared to closely co-operate, exchange information and promote Koszalin in order to effectively attract new foreign investments to the city.

Meeting of the PAIiIZ delegation with Koszalin authorities (Source: Koszalin City Council)

Members of the PAIiIZ delegation had the chance to have a closer look at local urban investments, visit Koszalin-based part of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone and potential investment lots already developed and prepared to host new projects.

The meeting offered a possibility to talk about methods and prospects of the city’s economic promotion. During the talks Mr Sławomir Majman emphasised that Poland performs successfully against the backdrop of the current global slowdown and manages to maintain one of the highest GDP growth and has one of the most stable finance systems in Europe. Thus the country offers favorable investment conditions: economic safety, highly-qualified cadres and an attractive incentive system. PAIiIZ President stressed that Poland needs to take advantage of the chance in that the country should focus on attracting investors. Thanks to co-operation with PAIiIZ also local governments gain new ways to promote their good points.

Mr Sławomir Majman enumerated the main factors determining the city’s investment attractiveness i.e. its geographical location by the sea, natural resources, availability of academic staff and local specialists who graduate from the Koszalin University of Technology, as well as the well-developed investment area and a rich cultural and tourist offer. (PAIiIZ)

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Roche opens an IT Service Centre in Poznań

On June 23rd, 2009 a healthcare company Roche Polska opened an IT Service Centre in Poznań. By the end of 2010 the Poznań-based facility plans to hire over 100 specialists.

The company informed that the decision to open a second facility in Poland results from the stable political and economic situation in the country and has much to do with the availability of highly-qualified IT specialist. All the factors do create an investment friendly atmosphere.

Due to the fact that there is an ever growing demand on IT services inside the Roche Group, the Poznań-based centre, similarly to the one situated in Warsaw, will specialize in creating and maintaining IT systems geared towards clinical research and trials. The centre will also create modern Internet portals and programmes enhancing the group’s internal operations.

- The decision to choose Poznań was influenced by the good co-operation with the city's authorities, the availability of highly-qualified IT specialists, good infrastructure and direct transport connection to Warsaw. After a detailed analysis it turned out that it is Poznań that best suits our expectations - said Monika Białoń, director of the Roche IT Services Centre in Poland.

Also the city’s authorities do not hide their satisfaction with the new investment, especially when you keep in mind that the project concerns the sector of highly-advanced technologies. - The investment is a great success for Poznań. Such a project fits perfectly in our investor acquisition strategy. Our role is to provide support to such activities and develop undertakings in the field of research that concern innovative technologies, as such initiatives do generate a high added value - said Ryszard Grobleny, President of the city of Poznań.

The company will start recruitment from among local programmers, IT specialists and English speaking testers.

The overall aim is to construct an IT support net with centres in Warsaw, Poznań and Istanbul which will provide services to Roche's units i.e. at least 75,000 beneficiaries of the services in over 100 countries all over the world.

The Roche Group headquartered in Basel (Switzerland) is an international company providing innovative solutions in the field of healthcare. Among the company’s key departments there are pharmacy and diagnostics. Roche has been producing a wide range of pharmaceuticals used, among others, in oncology, virology and medicines used to treat inflammatory and metabolic disorders as well as to help with problems with central nervous system. The company has been a world leader in the field of in-vitro and oncology diagnostics and a pioneer in the field of complex diabetic healthcare. 2008 saw over 80,000 people worldwide work for the Group. Last year the company allocated over 9 mln CHF to R&D investments. The company’s sales value reached the level of 45.6 bn CHF. (Roche Polska, Poznań City Caouncil)

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  • 9,000 new companies

    The first half of 2009 saw 9071 new entities registered in the National Court Register - results from a report prepared by the Central Economic Information Institute. This is a 12% fall when compared to last year and a 7% drop against the number of entities registered in 2008. Still, when the global economic situation is taken into account, the number remains satisfactory. 14% of the new entities involve foreign capital. (Parkiet)

  • Exchange rates (as of 16.07.2009):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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New investors in the bigger Kamienna Góra SEZ

New companies will be set up in the Kammienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Medium Business. Thanks to the regulation of the Council of Ministers which comes into force on July 20th, 2009, the zone will have new investment areas.

The zone’s area will be enlarged by round 30 ha thus will jointly measure 369 ha. There already are plans for investments in the two new sub zones in Gryfów Śląski and Dobroszyce. In Gryfów Luvena will develop facilities formerly owned by Fabryka Nawozów Fosforowych and will also construct completely new production floors. The company will allocate round 30 mln PLN to this end and plans to introduce new solutions to its artificial fertilizers production process.Thanks to the investment 30 new workplaces will be created. Dobroszyce will also host a new investment project run by a new entity created in the frame of the Kronospan Polska Group. This project is estimated to cost near 72 mln PLN and expected to offer employment to 200 people. The facility will mainly produce elements for furniture construction and in the long run also furniture accessories.- Also the Lubań SEZ will be enlarged: in Lubań by almost 4,5 ha and in Ostrów by 5,5 ha. At the same time lots which generally did not manage to attract investor' attention will be excluded - said Iwona Krawczyk, President of the Kamienna Góra zone.

Irrespective of the changes introduced by the governmental regulations, a new Toyota investment started in Wykroty. Also in Kamienna Góra a new factory, to start production in the paper industry, has been under construction.

At the moment the Kamienna Góra SEZ has its sub zones located in several towns: Jawor, Jelenia Góra, Kamienna Góra, Kowary, Lubań, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Piechowice and in a number of communes i.e. Janowice Wielkie, Kamienna Góra (Krzeszów), Lubawka, Nowogrodziec, Odolanów, Prusice and Żmigród. Over 40 companies have been operating or currently starting investment projects in the zone. Investment outlays incurred in the SEZ reach 1.4 bn PLN and the joint number of 4,000 people have been working for the zone-based companies. (Kamienna Góra SEZ)

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New sub zone in the Mielec SEZ

The new sub zone of the Mielec Special Economic Zone is located in Zamość.

Due to the latest regulations issued by the Council of Ministers the Euro-Park Mielec was expanded by 34.7 situated in Zmość. The SEZ’s Management hopes to acquire new investments worth 170 mln PLN what is expected to result in new workplaces. The newly established Zamość sub zone will now be developed thanks to, among other, European funds.

Shortly after the regulation comes into force, the SEZ will publish a bidding for business activity in the sub zone.

Despite the crisis the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec does not feel any lack of interest on the part investors. Last year the Zone issued 22 business activity permits and this year granted already 7. (Euro-Park Mielec, Tygodnik Zamojski)

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Płock Industry and Technology Park to get EU financial support

The Płock Industry and Technology Park (PPPT) is getting ready to realize new investment projects worth over 290 mln PLN. Pre-agreements on financial support which is to be granted to two PPT projects in the frame of Regional Operational Programme of the Mazowsze Region were signed by Mr Stefan Kotlewski, Deputy Marshall and the PPPT Management.

The projects are bound to develop technology and foster research activities in the Park. The pre-agreements give green light to the projects.

Documents concerning the preparation of individual projects which are to be realized in the Płock Park in the frame of the Mazowsze Regional Operational Program in the years 2007-2013 were signed by Mr Stefan Kotlewski, Deputy Marshal of the Mazowsze Region, Mr Robert Makówka, President of the PPPT Management and Mr Adam Trojanowski, Deputy President of the Park’s Management.

- Today's ceremony makes me really glad. Projects realized in the Płock Industry and Technology Park deserve a special attention because they are not only unique in their character but are also of great importance for the whole region. I do hope the pre-agreements will start a very positive trend in the sub region - emphasized the Deputy Marshal Stefan Kotlewski.

The pre-agreements were signed by Mr Stefan Kotlewski, Deputy Marshal of the Mazowsze Region, Mr Robert Makówka, President of the PPPT Management and Mr Adam Trojanowski, Deputy President of the Park’s Management
(Source: PPPT)

The agreement signing ceremony was attended also by representatives of the Park’s shareholders: Mr Marek Serafin, Member of PKN “ORLEN” Management, Mr Mirosław Milewski, President of Płock and Mr Wiesław Raboszuk, Mazowsze EU Programmes Implementation Unit.

Mazowsze Marshal Office decided to include two PPPT’s projects in the list of key projects to be realized in the frame of the Mazowsze Regional Operational Program. The decision was based mainly on the projects' regional character what may influence the region's development and enhance local attractiveness. The projects are estimated to cost over 290 mln PLN. EU support is bound to reach 95 mln PLN i.e. 40% of qualified costs. The undertakings are expected to stimulate the region of Płock and Mazowsze as a whole and to develop its competitiveness. Now when the documents had been signed, PPPT will proceed with adequate preparations.

The initiative should result in innovative solutions implementation in the field of organization and technology in that the Płock-based Park will have a net of institutions offering a wide range of services and products which will help reduce business activity-related costs in future outsourcing initiatives. The project will focus on the integration of accountancy and bookkeeping, archives and storage, logistics and economic-technology consultancy as well as on the creation of an R&D infrastructure.

The project is to be realized in close co-operation with Szkoła Nauk Technicznych i Społecznych in Płock. (PPPT)

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Łódź SEZ to host new investments

Cortizo, Adamed Pharma, Wagran and Cedrob - are among the new investors who were granted business activity permissions in the Łódź Special Economic Zone. The companies are bound to invest 123.5 mln PLN and will generate 125 new workplaces.

The Spanish Cortizo, a European leader in aluminum products, is a new investor. The company will construct a factory producing mainly aluminum elements for window woodwork and façade construction in the Radomsko sub zone. The Spaniards will invest at least 23.7 mln PLN what will result in 25 new jobs. This is the first Cortizo project realized in Poland.

The second project will be realized by Adamed Pharma. The company wants to expand its Pharmaceutical Factory situated in the Ksawerów sub zone. The facility is planned to be expanded by a new storage and office space and will have a new quality control laboratory. Adamed Pharma already hiring 125, declared to create 10 new workplaces. Investment outlays are planned to reach 35.5 mln PLN.

Wagran, another company which was granted the permission, will invest in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The company will hire at least 40 people and invest 9.5 mln PLN.

Wagran was established in 2007. In Tomaszów Mazowiecki the company will construct a factory producing resistant granite sinks which will then be distributed in co-operation with the Deante chain.

The Raciąż sub zone will host an investment financed by Cedrob. The company will build a factory producing fodder for domestic animals. The new facility will offer employment to 50 persons. The company allocated at least 55 mln PLN to the project. The investment assumes construction of a production plant, a ready products warehouse and office blocks. Cedrob is the 11th investor who was granted a business activity permission in the Zone this year.

Investors attracted to the Zone this year declared to invest 300 mln PLN and hire round 800 people as well as to maintain the 900 workplaces they already have been providing.

The Łódź Special Economic Zone was established in 1997, At the moment the SEZ covers over 1162 ha located in three different Polish regions i.e. in the regions of Łódź, Welkopolska and Mazowsze. The Zone consists of 41 sub zones. To date 146 have been issued by the SZE Management. What resulted in a joint outlay expenses of 8 bn PLN invested in the SEZ The number of declared jobs reached 20,000. (Łódź SEZ)

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Fitch Ratings: positive forecasts for Poland

Fitch Ratings confirms its GDP growth forecasts for Poland in 2009 should hover at the 0 level. Fitch estimates 2013 to be the most feasible data of Poland’s entry in the euro zone.

Fitch stresses that Poland's economic growth pace is connected to a large extent to the economic situation of the country’s partners operating in the euro zone, especially to the current condition of Germany. Experts estimate that despite the global situation Poland’s economic activity is bound to perform better in comparison to other European countries which have been recording slowdown in their GDP dynamics.

Fitch’s communiqué indicates also that Poland is expected to tackle the weakening external financial conditions in a successful way. All this confirms the fact that the Polish economy depends on foreign trade to a lesser degree than other countries and that the Polish banking system continues to be strong. The strict monetary and foreign currency policy additionally enhances the country’s economic stability and midterm growth forecasts.

The rating agency predicts the weakening of economic environment may have a negative influence on the Polish budget thus making the government and local government deficit in 2009 rise to 4.6% of the GDP in comparison to the 3.9% recorded in 2008.According to Fitch, 2013 is the most probable and feasible date when Poland should be ready to adopt the euro. (ISB)

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Imagine Cup 2009 - three Polish teams among winners

This year among the finalists of the Imagine Cup contest there were three Polish teams. Results were published on July 7th in Cairo.

A team from Poznań called kAMUflage gained the first position and a special prize founded by the Egypt’s first lady H. E. Suzanne Mubarak. Poles classified second in two other categories i.e. in the MashUp category the team called Monastery of Innovations and in the category Interoperability - FteamS. This years contest gathered finalists selected from over 300,000 students form over 100 countries. In Cairo finals 444 students from 149 teams representing 124 countries competed for the prizes. Poland was represented by six teams. kAMUflage awarded with the special prize founded by the Egypt’s first lady H. E. Suzanne Mubarak won thanks to the construction of a special Braile alphabet teaching system TraMuBraTion (Translate Music to Braile Notation). In the final stage Poles defeated teams from France and Egypt.

The final ceremony was attended by Mr Waldemar Pawlak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Jacek Murawski, General Director of Microsoft Polska who officially took over organizers’ role and a symbolical flag. During his visit to Poland in April Steve Ballmer said that next year’s edition of the Imagine Cup contest will be held in Poland.(Microsoft)

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