January 23rd, 2014,
 Issue 366


Successful year for Polish business in Africa
“The Go Africa project was created to help Polish entrepreneurs to leave the European cocoon,” said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman while opening the conference summarising the achievements of the Go Africa programme last year.

During the conference, under-secretary of state in the Ministry of Economy, Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik informed the audience about the preparation of missions to Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Angola, Mozambique and Algeria. Ms Antoniszyn-Klik also announced the opening of a new trade office in Dubai, which will provide services for Polish companies in Eastern Africa.

Speakers during the Go Africa 2013 summing conference

The role of direct contacts in cooperation with African partners was stressed by under-secretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Katarzyna Kacperczyk. She added that African graduates of Polish universities should be involved in the promotion of Polish business in Africa.

Polish businessmen presenting their experience in doing business in Africa

In 2013, under the Go Africa programme, PAIiIZ organised four fact-finding missions to Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Algieria and several other events promoting Poland as a reliable business partner for African business. Among the events there were business missions of Polish entrepreneurs to Nigeria (28 business participants), South Africa (22 business participants) and Zambia (20 business participants) accompanied by the visits of the Polish prime minister Donald Tusk.

More info: www.paiz.gov.pl/20130121/successful_year_for_polish_business_in_africa (PAIiIZ)

Outsourcing Stars Gala
In the stylish interiors of Ufficio Primo in Warsaw the Outsourcing Stars Gala has been held. During the event, the best and the fastest-developing providers of outsourcing services in Poland and the country's leading business service destinations in 2013 were rewarded.

During the event, awards were given to the best outsourcing companies operating in Poland The list of leading cities and regions of 2013 included Bygoszcz, Invest in Pomerania, Katowice and ŁódĽ - all received awards from PAIiIZ Foreign Investments Department, Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik. 

President Sławomir Majman during the Outsourcing Stars Gala (source: Pro Progressio Foundation)

Every year, the percentage of business services projects completed with the support of the Agency is rising. 29 projects (over 54,7%) out of 53 investments completed in 2013 represent BSS. These projects are likely to result in the creation of over 7,400 new jobs.

The Ministry of Economy and PAIiIZ were the honorary patrons of the Outsourcing Stars Gala.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140117/outsourcing_stars_gala (PAIiIZ)

Polish business at the most prestigious European fairs
Nearly 40 entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland participated in some of the most prestigious European trade fair events in January - Boot Dusseldorf, Interiors UK and the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. PAIiIZ trade missions have been organised under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

With the support of the Agency, between 18 and 26 January, 16 Polish leaders in the  yachting and water sports sector presented their products at the industry’s biggest  event, Boot Dusseldorf in Germany. The event that is located in 17 exhibition halls, attracts nearly 1,600 exhibitors from around the world. This is the third time that representatives of businesses from Eastern Poland have the opportunity to take part in the fair under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

At the same time in Birmingham, furniture Polish manufacturers are looking at the latest global trends in design and furniture during the Interiors UK exhibition. The fair attracts nearly 30,000 visitors every year and is considered as a strategic event for Polish companies, due to constantly growing demand for Polish furniture in the UK. In 2011, exports of furniture and upholstery products from Poland to the UK reached over ₤180m. Since then has been constantly growing. During Interiors Design 2014, 19 leading companies form Eastern Poland selected by PAIiIZ have the chance to present their offer and start new business relations.

Between 24 and 28 January, 12 representatives of the Polish lingerie sector from Eastern Poland will take part in the 50th annual Salon International de la Lingerie trade fair in Paris. Every year, the event is visited by nearly 20,000 visitors from all over the world.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140121/polish_business_at_the_most_prestigious_european_fairs (PAIiIZ)

Promoting the 'Poland' brand around the world
According to the research provided by Laboratorium Badań Społecznych and Mands Badania Rynku i Opinii for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, three-quarters of Poles would like to promote Poland using this year’s 25th anniversary of the country’s transformation. And every third respondent wishes to participate in the celebration.

In 2014, Poland celebrates three anniversaries - 25 years since Poland’s democratic transition, 15 years since joining NATO and ten years since EU accession. This is a perfect moment for summing up and promoting the achievements of Poland as a brand.

The survey conducted for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that experts define the image of Poland as a little indistinct and fuzzy. However, it has been improved significantly thanks to the above-mentioned moments of Poland's history, including the EURO 2012 football Championships.  The authors stress the importance of “word of mouth” marketing in Poland’s image creation that contributed to the growth of Poland’s popularity among foreigners.

Sean Gladwell - Fotolia.com

The study also showed the urgent need to start working on the vision and a coherent strategy  of creating the image of Poland. Finding a proper brand icon - a symbol or a person representing  Poland as a trade mark has been defined as a crucial element of the strategy. Designing an easily recognisable logo reflecting the vision of the country is also very important. This symbol should be used to brand all activities related to the promotion of Poland in the world. (PAIiIZ / MFA)


Two investments for New Year opening
Just three weeks into 2014, PAIiIZ has completed two new investment projects with a declared total value reaching more than €250m and the chance to create 290 new jobs.

The US, with 49 currently provided investment projects worth €951m and ability to create 7,289 new jobs, still leads in terms of the number of investment projects supported by PAIiIZ. The leader is followed by Germany (28 projects), China and Japan (11 projects each), United Kingdom and South Korea - each with 9 projects.

The majority projects come from the automotive sector (39 projects, worth more than €1.3 billion, creating up to 9,934 new jobs), followed by BPO (37 projects) R&D (15 projects) and aviation (10 projects). Currently, the Agency is supporting 166 investment projects with a total value of €3,324m, which in the future can create 31,897 new jobs.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140120/two_investments_for_new_year_opening (PAIiIZ)

Porsche and VW components made in ¦widnica
The Japanese company Nifico will double the number of staff and develop its plant in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone in ¦widnica. This is the fourth permit issued by WSEZ to this Japanese company.

The company will invest PLN 60m and create 180 new jobs. Nifico has implemented the "50+" HR programme which promotes employment of people aged over 50.

Nifico will build a new production hall and will to implement new production lines for car plastic components mainly for Porsche and Volkswagen. The investment will be completed by 2016 (WSEZ "Invest-Park")

Tarnobrzeska SEZ getting bigger
According to the governmental decision, Tarnobrzeg SEZ will be increased nearly by 45 hectares.

The new area of the TSEZ will include public land in Radom, Ożarów Mazowiecki and Wo¶niki, Stalowa Wola, Opatów Gorzyce and Nisko municipalities. Additionally, some private land in Radom was added to the zone for two investments implemented by Global Cosmed and Precision Machine Parts Poland.

Global Cosmed will invest there nearly PLN 20m and hire at least 30 new employees. The investor plans to implement innovative technology for mixing liquid products. The second new investor, Precision Machine Parts Poland, will implement innovative solutions of machining and sheet metal forming. The company will also invest PLN 20m and create 30 new jobs.

According to the Ministry of Economy, through the increase of the zone and delivery of new investments to this area, 1,680 new jobs will be created in the whole zone and an extra 340 in the plants located in the new plots. (Ministry of Economy)

Polish juices on the Turkish market
Two leading food producers - Maspex Wadowice Group from Poland and Turkish Tat Konserwe Sanayіі have formed a joint venture.

The aim of the cooperation is to introduce the Polish “Kubu¶” juice on the Turkish market. The product will be sold there under the brand name “Tedi”. The Turkish partner will be responsible for distribution and ultimately for the production of the juice for the local market. Maspex will manage the marketing and promotional activities, and will support the research, development and technology process.

Tedi juice (source: Maspex)

Turkey is considered as a promising partner, as the country still has the underdeveloped market in terms of juices, nectars and other beverages. It is characterised by a low intake of fruit juices per person (approximately 7 litres per year).

“Kubu¶” is one of the most famous Polish food and drink brands abroad. It is sold in over 25 countries. (www.maspex.com)

Bahlsen Poland will invest in Skawina
The German confectionery manufacturer plans to expand its plant in Skawina, in the Krakow Special Economic Zone. This is the second permit issued by the Katowice Special Economic Zone to Bahlsen.

The PLN 32m production line investment will result in the creation of 30 new jobs. (KTP)

PARP supports Polish companies
Polish Agency of Enterprise Development (PARP) has introduced a new project called “Polish Silicon Bridge”, funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme “Innovative Economy”. The first stage of its implementation finishes on 28 January.

The project aims to support Polish companies from the high-tech sectors in their expansion into the US market. Polish Silicon Bridge has been designed to provide information, consulting and training, as well as linking project beneficiaries with investors, advisors and other parties operating in the Silicon Valley - the one of the world's major centres of innovation.

More information: www.mostkrzemowy.parp.gov.pl (PARP)

Irish ABP Food’s second investment
One of Europe's leading red meat processors - ABP Food - has just bought a production hall in the Wielkopolska region. It is the company's second investment in Poland.

The company is already present in Pniewice in Wielkopolska, where it owns a plant and employs 100 staff. Owing to the acquisition of new facility, acquired from Italian food group Ferrarini, ABP will increase its production capacity in Poland to over 100,000 animals per year. The new plant is located 30 kilometres from the Pniewy site.


  • Exchange rates (as of 23.01.2014):









Source: www.nbp.pl


Polish-Swiss Economic Forum
The Polish-Swiss Economic Forum will be hold on 27 January in the Congress Centre of the National Stadium, in the presence of presidents of both countries.

The event will be held at the highest political level. President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski and president of the Swiss Confederation, Didier Burkhalter, will open the forum, and Poland's deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński will summarise it. The meeting has been divided into two panel discussions, during which speakers will share their experiences in vocational training, technology transfer to companies and Polish-Swiss R&D cooperation. 

The event is organised by the Ministry of the Economy, the Embassy of Switzerland in Poland and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For more information visit: www.mg.gov.pl/node/19754  (PAIiIZ / Ministry of Economy)

Support instruments for Polish business
On 3 February at 11am, PAIiIZ will hold a conference on the financial instruments available to Polish companies.

The meeting is divided into two discussion panels where speakers will present support instruments for Polish companies and share their knowledge about the possibility of their use in practice.

The conference will finish with a Q&A session. The event is organised by PAIiIZ and Employers of Poland. Participation is free, the number of places is limited. Polish-English translation is available.

Registration is available on: www.paiz.gov.pl/instrumenty_wsparcia by 31 January at 3pm.

Media accreditation is available on request by e-mail: beata.jez@paiz.gov.pl by 31 January at 12am. (PAIiIZ)


GDP to accelerate to 2.8% in 2014
The latest macroeconomic survey published by the NBP shows that economists expect GDP to grow by 2.8% in 2014 and 3.4% in 2015.

According to experts, the acceleration of economic growth will be the result of the expected economic recovery in the euro zone.

Source: weim-Fotolia.com

The increasing dynamic of GDP growth in the domestic economy will be accompanied by a decrease in unemployment and the growing wage rates. (NBP)

A competitive commercial real estate market in Warsaw
According to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, the commercial real estate market in Warsaw is the most competitive in the Central and Eastern Europe. Poland's capital is in 11th place among all European cities.

Warsaw took the 15th position (Moscow, Prague, and Budapest respectively are 4th, 12th and 18th position) among the European cities with the best prospects for real estate activities. In the category of new real estate investments, Polish capital has been placed on the 21th position, behind Moscow and Prague (respectively in 11th and 19th position) and before Budapest (28th place).

In terms of the investment prospects, Munich, the leader of a previous edition of the ranking kept the leading position. It was also second in terms of developers' activities.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe Report has been prepared annually by PwC and the Urban Land Institute since 2003. It analyses the European markets in terms of investment prospects and real estate development. (PwC)


Cooperation with Bytom
On 16 January PAIiIZ signed a cooperation agreement with the city of Bytom.

The main purpose of the agreement is the economic promotion of Bytom and local municipalities. The cooperation should increase the region's chances of attracting new foreign investment. Both parties will lead joint actions aiming at improving the process of acquiring new investors and providing services to them by Bytom. The project will consist of training city staff how to prepare investment offers, collecting and distribution of business data as well as creating and managing databases of the city's economy.

PAIiIZ has already signed agreements with 38 cities as well as with the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency. (PAIiIZ)


Polish Year in Turkey has started
In 2014, Poland and Turkey celebrate the Polish Year in Turkey. Two famous Turkish chefs - Savas Ertunç and Tarik Bayazit visited Warsaw and Kraków as part of the celebrations. They were looking for inspiration to create a menu that will be presented from 6 March to 12 June 2014 in Istanbul's Sakip Sabanci Museum.

The theme of the exhibition is "Poland-Turkey 1414-2014 - 600 Years of Political and Cultural Relations". The Turkish chefs began their adventure with Polish cuisine with a workshop entitled "Polish pantry". They were amazed by “Żubrówka” (bison grass), pine-shoot syrup and “suska sechlońska” - a smoked and dried plum of Małopolska.

This year, both countries celebrate the 600th anniversary of the establishment of Polish-Turkish diplomatic relations. (www.poland.gov.pl)

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