September 12th, 2017, Issue 553


XXVII Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj
In Lesser Poland, 7th of September 2017 XXVII Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj has been concluded. Over 3000 guests from Europe, Asia and USA participated in the biggest conference of Central and Eastern Europe.

During six plenary sessions, 180 panel discussions, lectures, workshops and debates, the heads of governments and parliaments, ministers and parliamentarians, the chairmen of the biggest companies, experts, the representatives of the academic, culture and media circles were exchanging their opinions. Polish Investment & Trade Agency, was represented by PAIH Chairman, Tomasz Pisula and Communications & External Relations Director, Tomasz Korkosz.

There is an appetite of polish companies for foreign markets - said T. Pisula during the first day of Forum in panel discussion "Foreign expansion of polish firms. What should be done to help them winning new markets?" - We want to help polish entrepreneurs to settle in on non-European markets such as USA, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico or India - he added. Furniture, car and airplane components, medical equipment are these products we can be proud of all over the world - pointed out Pisula.

PAIH is opening Foreign Trade Offices, which will fulfill the main mission of supporting export and polish investments on selected foreign markets, as well as attracting investors to Poland. As a target, there will be created 69 trade offices abroad. These offices, backed by a comprehensive portfolio of PFR services, will enable entrepreneurs to reach markets that have the greatest potential for export and investment opportunities for a particular group of products.

During the second day of Economic Forum in Krynica we talked about experience and challenges of economic diplomatic corps. Chairman Tomasz Pisula emphasized the strategic meaning of Foreign Trade Offices. In winter half year Foreign Trade Offices handled over 1000 requests - said Pisula. The most of all requests - over 120, were handled by offices in Shanghai, Budapest and Singapore - he added. 
The next panel discussion concerned the cooperation with the Polish Automotive Group. The value of Polish export accounted for more than a half of Poland's GDP in 2016, and one of our leading export industries is automotive. The share of particular product groups, however, is clearly changing in generating a positive trade balance - the importance of vehicles is decreasing in favour of automotive parts and components. Polish companies are holding competitive advantages in trade of steering, cooling systems and chassis.

XXVII Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj

PAIH established cooperation with the Polish Automotive Group, associating national producers of automotive parts and components. In the signed agreement, both parties declared a number of actions in Poland and abroad to promote companies with Polish capital and representing the automotive segment. - Thanks to the developing net of Foreign Trade Offices, Agency provides Polish entrepreneurs and their offer the fast way of reaching the foreign companies - persuading Pisula.

On the last day, during the panel discussion, "The Development of American Investment in Poland: Did the Difficult Times come?" the participants talked about perspectives for US investment in our country. In March 2017 PAIH has opened its overseas office in San Francisco. The USA is an essential market for Polish companies, especially those specialized in the high- tech sector - said the Agency's Chairman. PAIH cooperates closely with agencies supporting foreign investment in the selected states such as Metro Atlanta Chamber, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, World Business Chicago. - Together with the substantive partners we also organize a series of informational projects that are introducing the Polish companies to the investment conditions on that market - added Chairman.

Polish Investment & Trade Agency is working now on 59 American projects, thanks to which (if they will be implemented), 20 thousands new workplaces will be created. 

"Pharmaceutical industry development strategy" is the title of a panel discussion organized  by the Employers' Union of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies INFARMA, in which the Communications & External Relations Director, Tomasz Korkosz, took part. During the debate, experts talked about the development of the pharmaceutical industry within the framework of the "Strategy for responsible development". Pharmaceutical industry is one of the key sectors for Poland's economic development - said Tomasz Korkosz. The state provides tools to encourage investment in the Polish industries, as well as mechanisms to promote Poland on international arena - Korkosz concluded. We listen to the voice of foreign entrepreneurs and work out compromises - he added. The Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies was the organizer of the Economic Forum in Krynica. (PAIH)


BD Art Glass invests in Lubelskie
On Leszkowice territory, 38 hectares in total of building plot has been sold to finalize the investition of building glassworks, B+R centre and plants producing innovative building materials and thermal insulation.

The investor of this project is BD Aart Glass. Her parent company is BD Art, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of glass, frames and rails. Since 1996 it is cooperating with IKEA.

Both of the companies are giving example of ecological industry, thanks to using in producing process ecological and certificated materials.

One of the biggest investments in Eastern Poland is valued around PLN 400 m and will give workplaces to over 400 people. Creating such a number of workplaces is significant for the region, which is struggling with high unemployment. BD Art Glass plans to begin building works in Spring 2017 and they will last approximately 36 months.

Japanese giant Bridgestone is expanding in Stargard
For the third time in eight years, Bridgestone will expand its tire factory in Stargard. Due to the investment a new production-storage hall will be build, which will increase the tire and tread production, as well as the employment.

- Expansion is going to help boost the production and technological capabilities of the European Bridgestone - says Piotr Kozłowski, President of Bridgestone. - Stargard has been chosen because of its geographical location and potential, as well as for human resources supported by excellent cooperation with local authorities - adds Kozłowski.

Bridgestone tires

The new hall will include innovative machinery and equipment. Construction work is due to end next year and the hall will be put into operation in March.


R&D Summit
On 12 September, in The Heart Warsaw in Warsaw, R&D Summit will be held. An event which brings together R&D leaders from Poland and from all over the world.
It is an occasion to learn the latest trends and get information about tools in the innovation area, as well as directions of technological development and ecosystems of innovation.

The conference is organized by techBrainers, whose aim is the integration of specialists of the B+R+I sector in Poland. During the event there will be: sessions with keynote speakers, discussion of R&D heads and roundtables.

Everyone concerned are pleased to register on:

More information about the event:

12 Congress of Industry and Automotive Market
Polish Investment and Trade Agency invites you to the 12th Congress of Industry and Automotive Market, which is under its honorary patronage. The event, that will offer merits-related knowledge and industry insights, will be held on 8-9 November at the Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw.

The expected number of participants is about 600 people: biggest players in the automotive parts market, as well as representatives of government and state institutions.

The new formula of the Congress will be centred around numerous panel discussions, which will be accompanied by experts’ debates, B2B meetings and networking sessions. Also the prize of the Polish edition of the Safe Workshops of the Year 2017 competition will be given.

The organizers of the event are industry institutions and organizations: PAIH, STM, SITK, Moveo, as well as technical universities - Warsaw University of Technology and Military Academy of Technology.

More information soon at:

7th annual CEE Investment and Green Buildings Award
On October 26, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw, the EuropaProperty Award in investment and ecology sector there will be held. The event is considered to be one of the most important in the Central and Easter European industry.

On this day, more than 400 CEE leaders will meet to award prizes to companies and individuals who have shown the best results, made the best investment deals, and reported growth and development over the past year.

For more information, please visit: or email: /

Enterprise Europe Network invites professional and individual passionates as well as  the common platform to the presentation of  the latest trends in DRONE TECHNOLOGIES and their use for multiple civilian and commercial purposes. DroneTech Brokerage Event will be held on October 5-6, 2017 in Arena Toruń.

The event will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities, institutions, research and scientific centres from Europe and other parts of the world interested in sharing knowledge, experience, new project ideas and finding collaboration partners.
The event is free of charge for all professional attendees.

Registration prior to the event is compulsory. Everyone concerned are pleased to register on till September 24,2017.

More information on:

The 20th International Workshop on Business Incubation in Shanghai
The 20th International Workshop on Business Incubation (IBI) will be held as a  training course, which  will last for 6 days, from 23rd Oct. to 28th Oct, 2017.
Go China

IBI was designed for business incubation managers, entrepreneurs, government officials and other business incubation stakeholders wishing to increase their understanding and know-how of international co-incubation business. It is sponsored by Shanghai International Business Incubator and also one of the major training programs of AABI (Asian Association of Business Incubation), which has been held successfully for 20 years and over 500 participants from 30 countries and regions are well trained.

This year, IBI will be organized by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Innovation Centre, which has incubated more than 400 start-ups in the last ten years with a success rate of more than 91%, mainly focuses on ICT, bio-medicine, new materials sectors.

We would like to invite you and the start-ups in your region to participate the training course in Shanghai, and there is no NO REGISTRATION FEE.

More information:

Contact person: Max Chen: E-mail - / tel: 86-21-62368800-220

Polish-Nigerian PONBIS Summit
PONTIF Ltd., Polish Chamber of Commerce Importers, Exporters And Cooperation with complicity Polish Agency for Trade and Investment invites to the event PONBIS Summit. This is a Polish-Nigerian summit that will take place 25th - 26th September 2017 at the Poznań International Fair.

A wide variety of industries and guests from the world of business and the representatives of the Governors and the Government of Federal Republic of Nigeria will help you build a strong relationship and explore the investment opportunities of this wonderful country. Organizers will invite the investment partner from Nigeria to interested entrepreneurs from Poland.

All of information’s about the meeting and the conditions of participation.

You can find on the forum's organizers website:

We warmly invite you to register.

The Central Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (CEEC) is glad to invite you to attend the VNITO Conference which is renowned to be the biggest ITO/BPO conference in Vietnam, which will be held on October 19 - 20, 2017.

The aim of the conference is to promote Vietnam as an ideal IT services destination, connecting Vietnam IT services companies with potential customers; building relationship and promoting collaboration, co-operation, joint-venture among the IT community; sharing experience and knowledge among members as well as developing human resources for the industry.

If you are a MNC, ICT company / organization or an IT start-up with an interest in the Vietnamese market you cannot miss on this high level conference.

CEEC would be glad to support you in the application process and make requested logistical arrangements for you as mentioned above. Should you be interested, kindly contact Monika Jurzak, Office Manager at CEEC via email

More information on:


IBM Report: Global Location Trends 2017. Poland is being on the make in FDI Ranking
According to the latest IBM Report (2017 Annual Report: Global Trend Locations) Poland jumped to the 11th place in the “Top-ranking destination countries by estimated jobs” from the 17th place last year. Our country has showed gains of more than 25% of Inward Investments, on the other hand our main trading partners, United Kingdom and Germany, have recorded a minimal decline.

The growth of FDI is driven most by companies from the US and Germany. Both countries have seen solid economic growth in the last couple of years, with companies within the countries seeking to expand capacity and activities around the world as a result. Moreover, China is ranked 4th in the FDI ranking, thus overtaking France or Great Britain. Foreign investment of Chinese companies increased significantly in 2016 and now they are at a record high. This is driven by investment in such sectors as textiles, transport equipment, chemicals and ICT. With the exception of a few countries like Russia, Germany, Poland or Hungary, Chinese investments in Europe appear to be rather modest. The Japanese continue to trend and from year to year, since 2012, they are reducing foreign investment.

The UK capital is still the leader of the “Top-ranking metropolitan by number of projects”, despite falling investments due to Brexit. The IBM Report also sheds light on EU-UK relations. Foreign trade in Europe has been disturbed by Brexit, which has created uncertainty about the future opportunities for goods, services, capital and labor. Companies are beginning to wonder about investments in Europe/UK, which is already reflected in lower Inward Investments to the UK and reluctance of British companies to invest abroad. Many entrepreneurs start thinking about the “world after Brexit” and are moving their investments to other EU countries.

Polish Start up 2017 Report
According to the Report, the polish start up market is ruled by 30-years old with university education, who already have their first experience in running business.

As the Report shows, 30 year olds are ruling the polish start up market (58%), also is growing the group of 40 year olds, who are trying to enter the business market. Less willing to act are the 20 year olds. Their share in the market decreased by 7% (from 33% in 2016 to 26% in 2017).

82% of surveyed startup’s founders has a degree, more than a half are experienced entrepreneurs: have already run their own company or family business. Most startups work in B2B mode, build technologies in area of big data, internet, analytics or natural science; regular income is gained from design and fashion, marketing technologies and developers tools. 19% of startups patents their solutions.

The main model of financing startups is bootstrapping: reinvesting own income (62%)and those which get external capital for development, are seeking for foreign investors. Nearly half is selling abroad and every eighth surveyed startup has at least one foreign co-founder. Unchanging, 30% of polish startups founders are women, which places Polish industry in a high position in European’s average. More than a half of polish startups are micro-enterprises, employing up to 10 people.

The Report has been prepared by Startup Poland in cooperation with dr. Agnieszka Skala from Warsaw University of Technology.

Full version of the Report is available on: (Startup Poland/PFR)

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