May 12th, 2017,
 Issue 536-537


European Economic Congress about Africa, China and expansion of Polish companies
Between 10-12 May Katowice hosted the 9th European Economic Congress. PAIH is the partner of this three-day event that gathers several hundred panellists from all over the world.

On the first day of the congress, PAIH representatives took part in The 4th Africa - Central Europe Economic Co-operation Forum to discuss business opportunities of the continent as well as the role of the state in supporting the expansion of Polish companies in African markets.

“Still, there is a great need and a business niche for Polish companies in Africa”, argued Wojciech Fedko, PAIH Vice President responsible for foreign expansion in the Agency. As he argued, all African countries are rapidly developing their agriculture systems and need modern machinery to produce food there.

“The fast progress of infrastructure in Africa impacts on growing demand for services construction services in such countries as Kenia, Senegal, The Ivory Coast”, Fedko said. “Despite its business potential, Africa is a very challenging market with a completely different  business culture. Theretofore, one should be prepared for a long- term  business presence there”, he added.

Mr Fedko talked about the vast range of support for Polish companies in African market offered by Polish Trade and Investment Agency and all companies affiliated in the Polish Development Found (PFR). „Operating as a member of PFR, the Agency can offer a complex support system for Polish foreign investors and exporters”, he said.

The most crucial element of this system is the programme of Foreign Trade Offices (TO) of the Agency. Until now, 8 offices have been opened all over the world, including Africa where  the foreign branch of the Agency has been located in Nairobi. The role of the Trade Office Programme was discussed by Tomasz Pisula, PAIH president of the Board on the second day of the forum, during the panel discussion dedicated to economic diplomacy. Trade Offices are boosting their work. We are answering first requests of Polish companies and have supported the first signed business contracts. By the end of the year we will open 20 Trade Offices of the Agency”, Pisula announced.

He also appealed to companies and public administration to create a consistent visual identity of the Polish business. In his opinion, the Polish national flag would work well as the the logo of Polish products and services. Today, many high quality products sold by global companies on international markets consist of components made in Poland that are not branded as Polish ones. “We are a manufacturing base of the German economy. Many products sold as German goods that are so successful in China in fact come from Poland. It is important to change the his approach and promote Polish services and products under the Polish flag. I’m sure that in 10-20 years the Polish national logo will open many new business doors to the children and grandchildren of today's Polish entrepreneurs”, Tomasz Pisula said.

The 9th European Economic Congress is a three-day event and one hundred panel discussions on the most important topics shaping  the future of Europe. (PAIH)

Developing cooperation with Ethiopia
"We need to change the structure of exports so that Polish companies could be more present in African and Asian markets," said PAIH Executive Vice President Krzysztof Senger at the opening of the Polish-Ethiopian Economic Forum.

The forum was held on 8 May in Addis Ababa, as a part of the economic mission organised by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency on the occasion of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda official visit to Ethiopia.

During the forum, President Duda expressed his hope for the development of Polish business in Ethiopia. "I would like the Polish business take part in the development of Ethiopia. I hope the Polish brands will be well known there", the President said.

Ivory Coast - a country of new opportunities
Ivory Coast has the chance to become the new direction for Polish export and investments. The panellists of a seminar held on 9 May in PAIH discussed the investment opportunities in this African country.

“Polish companies already know Africa and are interested in cooperation with this region. Today we would like to encourage them to learn more about the potential of the Ivory Coast”, said PAIH President Tomasz Pisula, while opening the seminar.

From the left: Thomas Amari, Emannuel Essis from CEPICI, Tomasz Pisula of PAIH, Tuo Siriki representing the Embassy of Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Trade Commissioner Tuo Siriki pointed out that after the reforms, the country has started to develop dynamically.

Emannuel Essis, general director of CEPICI oraz Tomasz Pisula PAIH president

The Republic of the Ivory Coast is the largest economy in the West African Economic and Monetary Union and ranks fourth in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of export value.

Workshop on investment opportunities in the Ivory Coast

Its economy is based on agriculture. The country is a world-wide producer of cocoa and a leading exporter of cashew nuts. (PAIH)

Qatar and Poland with new business projects
“Investment and trade cooperation between Poland and Qatar is still below its potential, however recent years have shown vast business opportunities in this area”, said Executive Vice President of PAIH, Krzysztof Senger opening the Qatar- Poland Business Forum jointly with Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin and Sheikh Ahmed Bin Jassim Bin Mohamed Al-Thani, minister of Economy & Commerce of Qatar.

Qatar is defined as one of the most attractive partners of the international investment markets. Although, the country bases its economy on gas and oil exports, it eagerly looks for new investment opportunities in other sectors, overseas.

Presentation of business opportunities of Poland

Therefore, during the bilateral forum, Krzysztof Senger who is responsible for the inflow of investment projects in PAIH, encouraged Qatari delegation to provide FDI projects in the most advanced sectors of the Polish economy. "Qatari investors know that one of the world’s most prestigious locations for BSS sector is in Poland", Senger said referring to the European Customer Service Centre, which has been recently established by the Qatar Airways in Wrocław, the capital city of Dolny Śląsk province.

More information: www.paih.gov.pl/20170505/Qatar_and_Poland_with_new_business_projects


Guardian Glass reinvests 99 m euro in Częstochowa
American glass producer Guardian Glass decided to invest again in Częstochowa, and build new production line of its float glass plant, there. Due to the project Czestochowa will become Guardian’s hub for Europe. The business permit was issued by Katowice Special Zone. The implementation of the Guardian’s project is supported by Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

It will be the second production line of Guardian Glass in Częstochowa. The line will be connected with the Guardian’s float glass plant operating under the Katowice Special Economic Zone since 2002.  Both lines will handle the production of glass for a growing number of the company’s customers. The value of the investment is 99 m euro. Under the project, 90 new jobs will be created while 350 will be maintained.

“Guardian Glass is one of the biggest FDI from the US that Polish Investment and Trade Agency has supported in 2017. We expect good results this year in case of American investments,  since the Agency is running 61 projects from the US. In total they are worth over 1 billion euro. Those are the biggest values among all countries we support, now”, comments Krzysztof Senger, Executive Vice-President of PAIH.

© Mathias Rosenthal - Fotolia.com

Gruardian’s project is among the 12 investments that received a business permit from Katowice SEZ, this year.  According to the zone, all new projects are worth about 0,5 bn euro and should bring 500 new jobs to the zone. By the end for June, the Katowice zone expects the inflow of 4 new investments worth 45 m euro in total. (PAIH/KSEZ)

DFM Europe invests PLN 2,4m in Kujawsko - Pomorskie
In May, Pomerania SEZ issued business permit to DFM Europe to operate in Grudziądz subzone.

Under the project, the company will equip its new production site in machines to produce fire-safety woodwork. The company declared to create 5 new jobs. (PSSE)


Polish - Singapore Business Forum
PAIH and Singapore Business Federation invite media and companies in Poland to the Polish - Singapore Business Forum that will be arranged on the occasion of the official visit of the President of Singapore in Poland, Mr Tony Tan.

The Forum will be attended by the Head of Singapore and business representative that accompany president Tan. The meeting will be held on 22 May at 3 pm in Warsaw Hilton Hotel (Grzybowska 63). After the forum, B2B session has been scheduled.
Registration to the forum is compulsory. Fill in the registration form on-line:

Media: http://www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?Polska-Singapur

Business: http://www.paih.gov.pl/Polska-Singapur

Mission to Mozambique
KIG and the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) invite you to join the mission to Mozambique,  which will take place on  2-7 July 2017.

The Mission to Maputo is a great occasion learn about new business opportunities in Mozambique and find potential trade partners in the market. The most important and promising sectors in the country are: mining, energy, machine, processing and IT industries; agriculture; fishing; tourism and infrastructure investments.

The trade mission will be strongly focused on B2B meetings and individual sessions with potential business partners, according to each company's profile, that will include meetings about local tax laws, certification and procedures.
All parties interested in joining the mission should find in the on-line form:

If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact directly: Weronika Gwiazda, Operations Manager of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce: weronika@ppcc.pl, +48 539 728 680.

FutureTech Congress
On 24-25 May 2017 Warsaw will host FutureTech Congress. The event is hold under patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

The congress will bring together key players of the rapidly expanding fintech/insurtech/Big Data sectors: representatives of a mature financial sector, start-ups.

More information: www.ftcongress.com


Smart combat suit desined in Łódź
Start-up called Heimdall Combat System together with scientist from Łódź have invented the smart combat suit for special troops, search and rescue specialists and firefighters. Polish Special Forces and the French Ministry of the Interior are among those interested in the project.

Heimdall Combat System will be highly reliable in combat situations as it will be equipped in a dozen of sensors including gyroscopes and acceleration sensors to monitor speed and location, gas and temperature sensors. It will also consist of a  combat computer to show all sensor readings on the helmet display. The same massage will be sent to the commanding officer in charge of the operation to constantly monitor  the user. The commanding officer will receive data from suit sensors, to dispatch support or assistance unit to the suit user if required.

Heimdall Combat Systems’s  suit concept has been designed in cooperation with scientists from the Medical University of Łódź, the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts, the Academic Design Centre, and a number of other start-ups connected to the Łódź Armaments District.

Already, the concept has been awarded a silver medal at the International Exhibition of Innovation "Concours Lépine" in Paris. The project has also received other distinctions: a silver medal at the Innovations Fair in Katowice and a Top Innovations award at Brussels Innova - the International Exhibition of Innovation, Research & New Technologies in Belgium. (poland.pl)

More information: https://poland.pl/science/achievements-science/combat-suit-future-designed-polish-start-/

Jagiellonian University as one of the most innovative academic institution in Europe
Reuters has published the list of the most innovative universities in Europe. One of them is the Jagiellonian University (UJ). The survey also shows that in many cases the heart of European innovation isn’t a major metropolis.

The Jagiellonian University has been listed by Reuters due to its achievements on research and development field including their work of the university's Centre for Technology Transfer that supports the 80 research teams. The Reuters also mentions that in 2013, that the university has designed a ToxComp, a computer system developed for the British pharmaceuticals company Simcyp, which simulates how a drug might affect human cells.

© Yuri Arcur - Fotolia.com

The Jagiellonian University is the only one Polish academic institution featured at Reuters list. This year’s most innovative university in Europe, for the second year running, is Belgium’s KU Leuven. (Reuters)

More information:


Polish start-up fights for award in Chivas Venture  contest
Innovators from Poland from Nexbio have an idea how to fight hunger in the world. Now - as the only Polish start-up they fight to win the international Chivas Venture competition and gain founds for their idea. There is a million dollars in the prize pool, but the internet users can decide who to give the $ 250,000 to.

30 start-ups from around the world have been qualified for the Chivas Venture semi-finals. One of them is Polish Nexbio start-up. This is the only Polish young company that entered this level of the contest. Nexbio has invented little mobile laboratories that enables any user, no matter if it is a small in-house garden or a big agricultural farm, to control the development of pathogens in their plants. As a result, the user can pick the necessary dose of pesticide. This means better plant protection, less chemicals and less food shortages in developing countries.

Nexbio and other semi-finalists of Chivas Venture contest are competing for the access to a mentoring programme and financial support of a total of $ 1 million. One quarter of this amount, have been put into the hands of Internet users. In open voting they will decide which project will get the money out of this pool. The voting was divided in five-week periods. Every week one all competitors are trying to win $ 50,000. We encourage you to vote for Polish scientists!

For more information: https://www.chivas.com/en/the-venture/finalists/people/pl-nexbio

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