October 8th, 2015,
 Issue 454


Essen amazed by Polish design
In elegant interiors of Limbecker Platz, in Essen, the “Designed in Poland” exhibition was held. During this edition of the project, one could admire the collection of modern Polish design including: jewellery, fashion, lamps, furniture and ceramics created by thirty two Polish artists.

This year, “Designed in Poland” exhibition celebrates the jubilee of 10th birthday. Exactly 10 years ago, also in Germany, the first edition of the project presenting modern Polish art and design was arranged. Since then, PAIiIZ has already organized 28 “Designed in Poland” exhibitions. They all have been held in the biggest shopping centres all-over Europe. Every time, the show gathers an impressive number of visitors. So did in Essen, where over 10,000 guests a day had the opportunity to see the latest projects of Polish artists.

1st place: Michał Starost

A contest for the best project of the exhibition is one of elements of every “Designed in Poland” show. Visitor can vote for the object that they likes the best. This time the audience awarded the deep-red gown tailored by Michał Starost. The second price went to VZÓR - the producer of legendary mid-century plastic RM58 armchair while the third award also went to the Polish producer of furniture - IKER - for ascetic and geometric chair.

2nd place: RM58 by VZÓR

3rd place: IKER

The next “Designed in Poland” exhibition will be held in Milan between 12- 18 October as one of the closing events of Poland’s presentation at EXPO 2015. (PAIiIZ)


12 new investments in PAIiIZ portfolio
PAIiIZ begins the last quarter of 2015 with acquiring 12 new projects worth €196m in total. Due to that, 1,200 new jobs may soon be created in Poland. Since the beginning of 2015, 38 investment projects with a total value of €583.54m and a chance for creating over 7,400 new jobs have been successfully completed with PAIiIZ support.

Currently, the Agency supports 165 investments that together are worth €3562.7m. If all of them are completed, 31,280 new jobs will be created in Poland. Among ongoing projects, the majority comes from BPO sector (37 investments; total value of €33.47 m; 9,040 new jobs planned). The leader is followed by: automotive industry (33 investments; total value of €704.4 m; 7.296 new jobs planned); R&D (15 investments; €57.4m; 1,620 new jobs planned) and aviation industry with the impressive total value of projects reaching €559.5m (15 projects; 1,854 new jobs planned). The next positions are held by IT sector (11 projects) and food industry (10 projects).

As far as the country of origin of ongoing investments supported by PAIiIZ, projects from the US predominate (37 projects). In PAIiIZ portfolio there are also 8 with Polish capital that have the value of €386,32m in total and can lead to the creation of 2,011 new jobs in Poland soon.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151002/12_new_investments_in_paiiiz_portfolio

Autumn hunting for investors
At the end of September, PAIiIZ promoted Poland in Great Britain as an attractive location for BSS investments. Representatives of Foreign Investment Department completed the mission with acquiring two new investment projects to PAIiIZ portfolio.

The seminary dedicated to Share Service Centres arranged jointly by PAIiIZ and EY was one of the highlights of the mission to UK held between 20-21 September. Organizers invited Japanese companies to the meeting. Among them there were representatives of financial sector and industry sector that are looking for the best investment locations. Also B2B talks were held there with other investors interested in establishing SSC centres in Poland. The meeting was very successful as the Agency came back to Poland with two new investments that were added to the PAIiIZ portfolio of ongoing projects.

Recently, Poland has become a mature market for Business Service Sector (including SSC sector). There are 659 Polish and foreign companies operating in Poland in this industry that already hire 150,000 people.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151001/autumn_hunting_for_investors. (PAIiIZ)

Pomeranian SEZ gets bigger
On 6 October, the government allowed to increase the area of Pomerianian Special Economic Zone by 180.7 hectares. Due to new investment plots it is expected that over 1,430 new jobs will be created in the zone and the expenditure for investment in this area will reach PLN 833m. Now the Pomeranian Zone covers 2039.9 hectares.

Among companies that already decided to invest in the area there are: Akomex (producer of packaging), Pinguin Foods Polska (food sector), Ciech Soda Polska (chemical industry), Steico (wood sector), Boryszew Components Poland (automotive industry). Together, the five companies declared to create 298 new jobs and maintain the already existing 1,343 as well as to invest PLN 255.29m in total. (PSEZ)

Ciklums opens office in Trójmiasto
Ciklum, one of the biggest IT companies located in Ukraine, decided to open the office in Trójmiasto. By 2016, the investors plan to hire over 130 in Poland.

Ciklum is a global IT company with Scandinavian roots and more than 13 years of experience in IT outsourcing, with its offices in 15 locations: Ukraine, Belarus, Denmark, Sweden, Israel and USA. The company’s development centres hire more than 2,500 programmers and service customers in 31 countries. Now they expand their business with opening development centre in Trójmiasto. The company develops solutions for business and provides business consulting services. (Invest in Pomerania)

The new investor in Legnica Special Economic Zone
The group of investors in Polkowice Subzone of Legnicka SEZ increased by Atlas Copco Poland Ltd. The company will invest nearly PLN 5 m.

The investor is to open a modern service centre of mining equipment for clients from the Central Europe, including Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

The ceremony of issuing the business permit for Atlas Copco coincided with introduction of a Polkowice Community as a new member of Lower Silesia automotive cluster that is run by Legnica SEZ. In Polkowice is the area of investment activity of such companies as Volkswagen Motor Poland, SITECH whether Sanden Manufacturing Poland. (LSEZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


5th European Congress of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Between 12-14 October Katowice will host the 5th European Congress of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

The event will gather business sector and the key important decision makers in the country. During the three day of the Congress, challenges and possibilities of development of small and medium-size enterprises will be discussed by the most significant personalities in Poland, representatives of science, politics and economy, as well as numerous foreign delegations.

Access to the congress is free.

3rd Outsourcing Fair - Innovations for Your Business
Business Speed Dating, networking breakfast and conference entitled: "Become Superentrepreneurs” are the main highlights of the third “Outsourcing Fair - Innovations for Your Business” conference. The event will be held between 14-15 October at EXPO XXI.

During the event, companies from 150 subdivisions of BSS sector (HR, sales support, IT, marketing, courier services, transport and logistics, CFM, BPO, accounting, consulting, call centre or property management) will present the potential of this segment.

The event will be also accompanied by the first Golden Outsourcing Puzzles Gala. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Innovation of the Year as well as Product and Service of the Year.

Detailed information about the event is available on: www.targioutsourcingu.pl.

Business service centres
Between 15 - 16 October, Kraków will host the forum of HR professionals entitled: HR in Business service and IT centres. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The two-day conference will be dedicated to cooperation between the management boards and HR professionals in SSC/BPO/ITO sectors.

Since recent years, Business Service Sector (BSS) is one of the most dynamic area of Polish economies. BSS centres are located in 23 Polish cities with Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław as the top European locations according to Tholons.

More information: www.HRwcentrach.pl. (Test HR)

Export without borders
Klub Eksportera Rzeczpospolitej invites all to join the debate on “Export without borders” and how to maintain the growth rate in foreign exchange. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The meeting aims to create an expert group of exporters gathered in Klubu Eksportera Rzeczpospolitej to share experience on foreign expansion. During the meeting, the awards will be given for the leader of exports; the most dynamic premiere on foreign markets; the most innovative exporter. Also the special award will be given.

The debate will be held on 22 October at 15:00 in Villa Foksal (Foksal 3.5)

Participation in the event in free after registration.

More information: www.rp.pl/klubeksportera2015


Investor service centres in regions
"Supporting Polish and foreign investors is one of the most important issues of economic policy at the local level," write PAIiIZ’s expert Monika Zdrojek and Adrian Grycuk from the Bureau of Research at the Chancellery of the Sejm (BAS) analysing the activities of regional investor service centres (RCOIs).

The BAS survey shows what strategies are used by regional investor service centres in order to attract Polish and foreign investments. Due to high competition among all Polish regions in attracting new investors, the local authorities focus on maximizing economic and social benefits for investors that are already present in the region. This is accomplished through embedding investors in the region - for instance by strengthening links between investors and local entrepreneurs. Investors also highly appreciate the post-investment care, which is supporting the business development after the completion of the investment projects. According to the survey, the last tool is provided by about 80% of RCOIs.

© Andres Rodriguez-Fotolia.com

The publication examines other tools and institution created to provide support for investors on local level. The authors also show the differences between RCOIs and regional investor and exporters service centres (COIEs) established by the Ministry of Economy, and how they all cooperate with PAIiIZ. (BAS)

The publication is available in Polish on: http://orka.sejm.gov.pl/wydbas.nsf/0/6695AE85764993AAC1257E27003A7568/%24File/Strony%20odStudia_BAS_41-8.pdf. (PAIiIZ/BAS)

The first report on Polish startups
Startup Poland Foundation issued the report on Polish startups. It is the first analyses of this Polish industry. According to the survey, currently there are 2,500 startups active in Poland.

What is the business landscape of startups in Poland? According to “Polskie Startupy. Raport 2015” (Polish startsups. Report. 2015), the majority of them are created in the biggest Polish cities. 28% of them operate in Warsaw, 18% in Kraków and 13% in Poznań. Also Wrocław and Trójmiasto are popular hubs of startups in Poland. The report shows the strict specialization of those Polish companies. Most of them specialize in software development - usually in mobile apps that are sold in SaaS model. There is also a big group of e-commerce businesses and online services’ providers. 78% of Polish startups operate in B2B and B2B2C models while 21% of them sales services straight to customers.

The survey also shows that Polish startups are usually at the beginning of their business activity. 33% of projects are worth up to PLN 100,000; 28% estimate their value for less than PLN 8m, however there is a group of strong players that are worth over PLN 20m, each. Almost every third startup in Poland report annual revenue growth of over 50%, and every five get even over 100%. Among the fastest growing statups there are those that provide services for corporations, or at least medium-sized companies. Moreover, companies that export services grow faster and are bigger.

Interestingly, 60% Polish statups is financed from its own funds. More than 75% plan to develop the business basing on revenues, half expect to acquire investor, while 25% plan to benefit from EU funds (grants or seed fund). Only 20% of Polish statups have already cooperated with Polish and foreign venture capital funds or got the support from a business angels.

“Polskie Startupy. Raport 2015” was conducted between June and September 2015 by the Startup Poland Foundation basing on 423 responses of Polish starups. (Startup Poland)

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