June 2nd, 2011,
Issue 229




PAIiIZ among the best in the Region

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency is pleased to announce that it received the second place in Eastern Europe in the ranking of the best investment promotion agencies. The 2010 Global Best to Invest Rankings was prepared by the American magazine The Site Selection.

For the Global Best to Invest rankings, areas were evaluated according to projects announced, capital invested and jobs created in total and per capita. Areas were scored according to their performance in these categories, and the corresponding IPAs were recognized based on overall performance.

PAIiIZ placed second, after Slovakian SARIO and before Hungarian ITDH. Silesia, Lodz and Lower Silesia were chosen as the best regions to invest in Poland.

Site Selection publisher Conway Data Inc. has been tracking project data for more than five decades.

Projects resident in their database meet one or more of these criteria: a minimum investment of US$1 million, creation of 50 or more new jobs or new construction of at least 20,000 sq. ft. (1,860 sq. m.). (PAIiIZ / www.siteselection.com)

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Polish - Spanish Investment and Business Cooperation Forum

Forum will be held in Warsaw on June 14th and 15th of 2011.

On behalf of Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade ICEX, Commercial Counselor Office of Spanish Embassy in Warsaw in cooperation with Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) are pleased to invite you to the 3rd edition of Polish - Spanish Investment and Business Cooperation Forum.

Forty Spanish companies will participate in this year’s Forum. Twenty-eight of those companies have already prepared investment or business cooperation projects and are willing to meet the representatives of Polish companies in order to establish contacts in the following sectors of the economy:

  • Architecture and Consulting
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Waste management
  • Metal production
  • Legal advice
  • Health and Beauty
  • Construction machinery rental
  • Rail transport
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical installations
  • Refractory woodwork

All interested in participating are kindly asked to fill out the form available on the website: www.spainbusiness.com/icex/cda/controller/pageGen/0,3346,1549487_1597923_1598226_4487207_0_PL,00.html

More information:
Commercial Counselor Office of Spanish Embassy in Warsaw
16 Genewska St.
Tel. 22 617 94 08
Fax: 22 617 29 11
e-mail: forum.warsaw@comercio.mityc.es

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PAIiIZ to co-organize Polish-Uzbek Forum in Tashkent

Mini technologies, construction, pharmaceutics, electronics, textiles, household chemistry as well as environmental protection - those are the sectors with the greatest potential for the Polish-Uzbek cooperation development.

Mr. Jasur K. Tadijev - Director of UZINFOINVEST and Mr. Sławomir Majman - President of PAIiIZ opened a Forum that was held on May, 26th of 2011. Both Mr. Tadijev and Mr. Majman presented the investment possibilities and the prospects of economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and Poland. Mr. Akmał Kamałow - First Deputy Minister of Economic Cooperation, Investment and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who was present at the Forum, assured Polish entrepreneurs that none of the Polish companies that decide to invest in Uzbekistan will be left without Uzbek government’s support. According to Uzbek government, sectors such as mini technologies, construction, pharmaceutics (mainly biochemistry), environment protection, electronics, textiles production and household chemistry as well as food production (food processing and packaging production included) have the greatest potential of mutual cooperation.

Uzbek representatives discussed the investment potential of the food industry as well as banking and financial system of their country mentioning cooperation possibilities with Polish financial institutions. A presentation was given by Vice President of National Bank for Economic Cooperation NBU.

From the left: Mr. Sławomir Majman - President of PAIiIZ, Jasur K. Tadijev - Director of UZINFOINVEST, Mr. Akmał Kamałow - First Deputy Minister of Economic Cooperation, Investment and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Rafał Baniak - Under-Secretary of State in the Polish Ministry of Economy

Polish government representative at Forum, Mr. Rafał Baniak - Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy, stressed that in his opinion environment protection is a sector of the greatest potential of cooperation between Poland and Uzbekistan.

Ministry of the Environment representatives discussed the assumptions of the Polish “GreenEvo” program, so called Green Technologies Accelerator, while Poland’s only state-own bank BGK and Export Credit Insurance Corporation Joint Stock Company presented the opportunities of entrepreneurs’ financial support.

During the Forum’s second part, a matchmaking session for more than 40 Polish entrepreneurs and their potential Uzbek partners was held.

Polish - Uzbek Business Forum accompanied the 3rd Polish National Exhibition that was organized by the National Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Department of Trade and Investment Promotion of the Polish Embassy in Tashkent. The Forum was organized jointly by PAIiIZ, UZINFOINVEST and the Department of Trade and Investment Promotion of the Polish Embassy in Tashkent. (PAIiIZ)

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PAIiIZ and the Council for the Promotion of International Trade of Jiangsu Province signed a cooperation agreement

One of the main assumptions of the agreement is to develop bilateral cooperation in the high-tech and the services sectors.

The agreement between the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Council for the Promotion of International Trade - Jiangsu Province Department (CCPIT Jiangsu Sub - Council) was signed on May 20th, 2011 in Nankin. In the document, which was signed by Mr. Sławomir Majman - President of PAIiIZ and Ms Qiu Xiaoping - Deputy Director of CCPIT Jiangsu, the parties declare closer cooperation in the high-tech and services sectors, plan the organization of trade and investment missions and decide to exchange information concerning investment offer in both countries. It was decided that every year the sides will together decide on the direction of their cooperation and specify activities in greater detail.

The Jiangsu province is one of Poland’s major trade and investment partners in China. The signing of the agreement is a confirmation of the fact that both sides are interested in expansion of the bilateral investment cooperation. The Chinese side stressed that the next five-year plan stipulates that companies active in the province will show a greater involvement in investment activities abroad. It is worth noting that many companies from Jiangsu region are active in such fields as the ICT, electronics, automotive, chemistry, renewable energy equipment, biotechnology, pharmacy, engineering sectors and in household goods production. (PAIiIZ)

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Gedia Poland, the supplier of car body press parts invests in Nowa Sól

The total value of the project is EUR 20 mln and the company is to create 40 new jobs. The project consists of four different parts. The first one is the construction of the new production hall with the modern press. The next step is the construction of new assembly hall for car parts (ca 8 thousand sq m), following is the purchase of the modern press with the thrust of 1100 ton, the last is the construction of a hot pressing line.

The company invested 4 mln EUR in the first phase of the expansion of the Nowa Sól plant. In the assembly room (of ca 9,8 thousand sq m) the new process, performed until now in Kożuchów and Nowa Sól plants, will start as the brand new projects for automotive industry, based on new bonding technology - aluminum welding.

The new investment will improve the internal logistic and help the productivity. The sections of pressing, assembly and logistic will increase their autonomy. Particularly the standards will grow for the 300 workers hired in the Assembly Section.

Assembly hall of Gedia Poland

Gedia Poland is the largest employer in Nowa Sól. It employs 970 people. The company is placed at the 418th position in the ranking of the largest employers in Poland.

Facility of Gedia in Poland

In the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012 Gedia Poland is planning to invest in the further development of its plant. (Gedia Poland)

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Credit Suisse to employ more than 800 people in Wrocław

PAIiIZ has a pleasure to inform that the Wrocław’s Credit Suisse branch is to be the second largest CS office in the whole EMEA region. The planned employment growth results directly from the excellent quality of the Centre’s work and Bank’s confidence in the Polish employees.

Mr. Erich Niederhäuser - Chief Executive Officer of the Wrocław’s Centre - states that the planned employment growth reflects directly the quality of the Centre’s work since it was opened in 2007. The nature of tasks performed in Wrocław is evolving as they are becoming more complex and more knowledge - based, what indicates Bank’s confidence in the quality of work and skills of the Wrocław’s Centre employees.

In recognition of the highly-qualified employees availability at the Wrocław’s market, the Centre is about to create a team for Quantitative Strategies as well as the Legal Support and Compliance with Bank Regulations Department. - Based on a current team’s success new workplaces will be created and the range of team’s responsibilities will be extended - says Mrs. Agnes Reckie, Director for Operational Issues of Bank’s Legal Department. Centre’s staff role is growing in importance in Bank’s human resources development strategies - not only in connection with the effective service provision to the Bank, but also when it comes to Bank’s aspiration to create the best personnel base in the business.

Mr. Divyesh Vithlani, Head of Credit Suisse Centers of Excellence explains that the key factors of Bank’s human resources development strategies are: the development of Bank’s own employees, providing them with attractive workplaces and offering help in creating Credit Suisse carriers irrespective of one’s current place of work.

Wrocław’s Centre of Excellence currently employs 550 people and provides support to such Bank’s departments as: private banking, legal and compliance with regulations as well as those departments that support Bank’s functioning in Europe, North America and Asia. Credit Suisse is one of the biggest employers in the financial and banking sector in Lower Silesia region. Beside Wrocław, Bank’s Centers of Excellence are to be found in Singapore, Raleigh Durham (North Carolina) and India (Bombay and Pune). They provide support to all of the bank’s brunches.

Poland is a key market for Credit Suisse’s development strategies in Central Europe. Beside the Centre of Excellence in Wroclaw, when it comes to Polish market, Credit Suisse focuses on investment and private banking. In January of 2011 Bank launched a stock platform in Warsaw. (Credit Suisse)

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  • OECD: Poland’s GDP will inch up to 3,9% and to 3,8% in 2012

    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in the May report forecasts Polish economic growth at 3,9% this year and at 3,8% in 2012. According to OECD, Poland's general government deficit is to decrease to 3,7% of GDP in 2012.

    „Thanks to the robust private consumption, private investments and strong public investment projects related to EU-financed infrastructure projects and the 2012 football championships in the 2011-2012 years Polish economy will develop at the level of 4%” - the report announced.

    “The government deficit is to decrease from 7,9% last year to 5,8% this year and to 3,7% in 2012. If the government wants to reduce it to 2,9% of GDP it has to take some extra measures.” (PAP)

  • Exchange rates (as of 02.06.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Furniture from Eastern Poland at MOW 2011 Fair in Barntrup, Germany

From May 8th to May 12th of 2011, 18 furniture companies representing Eastern Poland macro-region were showing their products at the Furniture International Fair MOW 2011 that took place in Barntrup (near Hanover) in Germany.

Eastern Poland reception

Upholestery furniture

By participating in this event, furniture producers from Eastern Poland had an opportunity to gain new markets for Polish furniture products. Upholstered furniture were of particularly great interest-mainly due to the interesting colors of finishing materials as well as their plastic form, functionality, high quality and attractive price.

Garden furniture

Furniture for bridge or chess

Beside upholstered furniture, very elegant bathroom, bedroom, glass, garden, office, kitchen and Anglican-style furniture as well as wall units, originally illuminated shelved glass cases, tables, armchairs, wardrobes and chairs were to be seen at the Eastern Poland stand.

Bathroom furniture

Kitchen furniture

The trip was organized as a part of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Program, the Eastern Poland Development Operational Program as well as the I.4 Action-Promotion and Cooperation.

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Inward meeting planner mission from Germany, France and Great Britain to Masuria nad Warmia

Entrepreneurs operating hotels and conference facilities as well as companies specializing in event organization from the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship are invited to participate in a B2B meeting with MICE branch representatives from Germany, France and Great Britain.

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has announced a competition for participation in the inward meeting planner mission of 10 MICE branch representatives from Germany, France and Great Britain. Entrepreneurs from Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship that are active in the business tourism sector (MICE) may take part in the competition. Polish Tourism Organization is a partner of the event.

The mission will take place in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship from September 2nd to September 5th of 2011. Only entrepreneurs that have done their business in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship for 2 years minimum, who dispose of hotels, resorts, conference centers etc., poses event companies or organize congresses professionally, can participate in the event. Service-providing offers that are going to be presented may include foreign client specificity.

During the first content-related day of the event eye to eye meetings between service providers from the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and MICE branch representatives from abroad will be organized. Those eye to eye meetings, such as fast date or B2B, will give the MICE branch representatives from abroad an opportunity to present their offer in the field of business tourism. On the second day, foreign participants will participate in the incentive program prepared by the professional company . A presentation of region’s tourist attractions as well as a presentation of services offered by Polish MICE market in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship form part of the program.

Specific rules of participation and contest documents are available at:
Applications may be sent until June, 6th of 2011. Number of participants expected: 10.

Mission is organized by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency as a part of “Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland Program” project funded by the Eastern Poland Development Operational Program 2007-2013, I.4 Action Promotion and Cooperation, component Promotion, based on the agreement between the Polish Entrepreneurship Development Agency and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency on project nr POPW.01.01.01-00-001-09 funding. (PAIiIZ)

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