February 5th, 2015,
 Issue 419
Why have your company invested in Poland?
What made you and your company choose Poland while investment decision making and looking for the best location and business environment for foreign development of your company?
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Write a short, few-sentence answer to the question why have your company invested in Poland. Tell us about factors that brought you to Poland.

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Investors' meeting in Euro-Park Wis這san SEZ
Summarization of the activity of Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone in 2014 and the presentation of plans for 2015 were the main highlights of the investors’ meeting that took place on 30 January in Euro - PARK Wis這san. Participants, including PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak - Koci雟ka, also discussed the law regulations regarding public aid and grants available for companies operating in the zone.

During the meeting the letter of intent establishing education cluster in Tarnobrzeg SEZ was signed, as the zone joined the programme of the development of vocational education that was introduced on 24 January in the Ministry of Economy. Under the agreement, Tarnobrzeg SEZ Wis這san will cooperate with local schools to adjust the education offer to the needs of local employment market. The zone will also support the creation of dual education system including apprenticeships in companies operating in the zone. Costs of trainings will be refunded by the zone, while scholars will get paid for their work.

TSSE Euro-Park Wis這san has already issued 285 business permits, including 39 in 2014 with a total value of PLN 1,8 billion. Among all companies operating under the zone, 46 are foreign investors. All together created 18,706 new jobs. Moreover, 7,477 are safeguarded. The total value of all investments provided in the zone reached PLN 7,72bilion in 2014. (PAIiIZ)

Scholarship programme for African students
On 3 September, PAIiIZ hosted a workshop on scholarship programme dedicated to African students. As PAIiIZ president argued at the meeting, not only students from Africa, but also Polish business sector can benefit from joining the programme.

Participants of the meeting agreed that the project of scholarships for African students should base on tripartite agreement of a particular Polish university, co-founder of a scholarship and a student from Africa. “We would like to combine the introduction of a scholarship offer for African students with providing support of Polish companies”, said Micha Korowajczyk from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

S豉womir Majman: "Not only students from Africa, but also Polish business can benefit from joining the programme"

Under the projects, business is expected to co-finance scholarships while government in Poland will pay for studies in Polish public universities.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150203/scholarship_programme_for_african_students. (PAIiIZ)

Delegation from Shandon visiting Poland
On 29 January, PAIiIZ president S豉womir Majman hosted the delegation from the province of Shandon and the city of Yantai to talk about the investment opportunities. The discussion also focused on how to increase business relation between Poland and China.

During the meeting Mr Majman encouraged guests to locate investments in Poland. On the other hand, the Chinese declared their interest regarding agri-food sector, electronics and domestic appliances sectors.

Shandon is the third most developed province of China. The economy of the region bases on heavy industry including mining as well as on production of vegetables.

Currently, PAIiIZ supports 6 Chinese investment project with a total value reaching €52m that in the future can generate over 800 new jobs.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150129/delegation_from_shandon_visiting_poland. (PAIiIZ)


Tarnobrzeg SEZ grows
At the beginning of February, the Council of Ministers adopted an Act extending the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. Due to that, new investors can operate in the zone.

TSEZ will be extended by 43.7 hectares to reach 1,720.9 hectares. Basing on the average results obtained in the zone in 2013, it is estimated that due to the extension of TSEZ about 1,636 new jobs can be created and nearly PLN 457m will be invested. (Ministry of Economy)

New education cluster
Wa豚rzych SEZ Invest-Park is preparing to establish an education cluster in February, that will gather over 60 parties in the region.

Invest Park announced that at the beginning of February, „INVEST in EDU” - an education cluster is to be established in the zone. The cluster will gather over 60 parties including vocational schools, local authorities and companies from Dolny 奸御k. (WSEZ - Invest-Park)

New PLN 9m-worth investment
The Managment Board of Kamiennog鏎ska SEZ issued a first in 2015 business permit. It went to Kosikowski & Kresky. The total value of the investment is PLN 9m.

Under the investment, the company will buy a real estate that it is now renting in Luba sub-zone. The investor plans to moderate the production and office facilities and buy a modern machine park. The location was chosen due to the access to highly skilled workforce experienced in production of advanced machinery, in Luba.

Kosikowski & Kresky specializes in the production of wet chemistry machines and slot machines. Over 90% of company’s production is exported. The investor is also providing R&D activity. The total number of employees in the company should reach 60.

Kamiennog鏎ska SEZ has already issued 115 investment business permits. (KSEZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Lower Silesia and The Wroc豉w Agglomeration as an Investment Location
On 16 February a Seminar entitled “Lower Silesia and he Wroc豉w Agglomeration as an Investment Location” will be held in Wroc豉w City Hall. The seminar will focus on investment potential of the region in the eyes of investors, defining priority sectors and its labour market.

Wroc豉w Agglomeration Development Agency, JP Weber and HRK, prepared analyses of seven dynamically developing sectors of Wroc豉w Agglomeration, which will be presented during the event. The analyses include: automotive industry, electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, IT, BPO and food industry. Also a survey among investors on region’s attractiveness in terms of investment activity was carried out.

More information: www.invest-in-wroclaw.pl/seminarium-dolny-slask-i-aglomeracja-wroclawska-jako-miejsce-inwestycji.

Investment promotion - welcome to the training
International investment promotion is a topic of the training, which will be held on 23 February at the Hotel Regent. The meeting is co-organized by PAIiIZ and fDi Intelligence.

The training, held between 9.30-17.00, will be conducted by experts from the Financial Times, specialized in foreign direct investments. The event is a great opportunity to learn about the best practices of investment agencies from all over the world.

The awards ceremony of “Polish Cities of the Future” will be a final highlight of a training. The ceremony will be held on the same day, at the Hotel Regent between 17.30 -20.00.

Access to the training is free of charge. The number of places is limited.

Registration is available on-line: fDi@ft.com. (PAIiIZ / fDi Magazine)

IT business mission to Finland
Between 20-24 April 2015, Pomeranian Regional Development Agency in S逝psk invites representatives of IT sector is to take part in a trade mission to Finland. Companies from Pomerania can submit applications for financial support for their participation. PAIiIZ took patronage over the mission.

The mission coincides with the biggest IT trade fair in Scandinavia - the ICTexpo 2015 in Helsinki. The programme of the mission includes: Polish-Finnish business seminar combined with networking meeting for the companies that will take place during ICTexpo, B2B talks with Finnish companies and study visits to science and technology parks and clusters. Before leaving on a mission, a workshops focusing on practical advice concerning cooperation with the Finns will be arranged for Polish companies.

The access to the mission is available by 20 September. There is a limited number co-financed places.

More info: http://sse.slupsk.pl/index.php/en/zone/eu-projects/invest-in-pomerania-2.


Games - top Poland’s bestseller

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Polish gaming industry is the second biggest in the Eastern Europe region. In Newzoon’s ranking of “the Top 100 countries by game revenues in 2014”, Poland was ranked 23rd in the world.

According to Newzoon data, annual revenue of the gaming sector in Poland was $279,6m in 2014. This places Poland as the second after Russia with revenues reaching $1,14bn. Poland’s biggest competitor in the region - Romania - earned $ 122,3 m last year on gaming industry. That is two times less than the sector in Poland. Also Ukraine, Czech Republic and Hungary are countries of the Eastern Europe where it is worth to invest in the gaming sector.

The list of the top five of the world leaders of the gaming industry consists of: the US ($ 20,4bn of total annual revenue); China ($ 17,8bn total annual revenue); Japan ($ 12,2bn total annual revenue) Germany ($3,5bn) and the UK ($3,4bn total annual revenue). (Newzoon)

It is worth to work in IT sector
Poland is becoming an European hub for ICT projects. The European Commission of Enterprise and Industry forecasts that soon the Western Europe will need 250,000 extra employees with IT skills. Also recently published data on salaries in the industry shows that it is worth to be a programmer in Poland.

According to estimates of website wynagrodzenia.pl, in 2014, more than half people employed in IT sector in Poland earned at least PLN 6,000 gross a month. This is far above the average salary in the country (in December 2014 it was estimated at the level of PLN 4,379). Moreover, the average monthly salary of programme developers reached even PLN 8200 gross, therefore it is one of the best paid group in the sector. (wynagrodzenia.pl)

The average monthly salary of IT specialist in each province of Poland


Development across borders
The campaign promoting Investor and Exporter Assistance Centres (COIE) entitled “Rozw鎩 bez granic” (“Development across borders”) prepared by the Ministry of Economy has just started.

The advertising campaign is provided in nationwide TV stations, press and Internet. It aims to inform the society about the role of Investor and Exporter Assistance Centres as well as encourage entrepreneurs to enter foreign markets. The campaign will run until mid-March.

More information: www.mg.gov.pl. (Ministry of Economy)

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