July 14th, 2017, Issue 546


Draft act on PAIH in the Polish Parliament
On 8 July, Sejm (the Lower House of Polish Parliament) adopted a draft act on the promotion of Polish economy by the Polish Investment Trade and Agency (PAIH).

This is a final stage of the mutual works run by PAIH and Polish Development Found on changing the system supporting the foreign expansion of Polish business. According to the draft act, all activities regarding the promotion of the Polish economy, including pro-export and pro-investment projects will be managed by one institution that is Polish Investment and Trade Agency. (PAIH)

PAIH starts to cooperate with Vietnamese Industrial Park
Foreign Trade Office of PAIH in Ho Chi Minh City starts cooperation with Long Hau Industrial Park. The appreciated by foreign investors industrial area is one of the first partners of the PAIH in Vietnam.

Head of the PAIH office in Vietnam, Piotr Harasimowicz signing the MoU with CEO of the Long Hau Park, Mr Bui Le Anh Hieu

Signed on 11 July 2017, the agreement with Long Hau Industrial Park makes establishing relationships between Polish companies and their Vietnamese counterparts much easier. Head of the PAIH Bureau in Ho Chi Minh City, Piotr Harasimowicz, expects that this new cooperation should encourage Polish textile sector to do business in Vietnam.

Final agreements on the official cooperation between the new partners: PAIH and Long Hau Industrial Park

“Long Hau Industrial Park is very effective in acquisition of new investments, and knows how to match international business with Vietnamese companies. The authorities of Long Hau have an impressive list of partners interested in developing relations with Polish business. There is also an industrial base ready for our investors”, Harasimowicz explains. He also adds that the park is one of the few industrial areas in Vietnam where the Green Zone policy has been introduced. “At least 20% of the Park must be covered with plants” explains PAIH expert. (PAIH)

South Africa: gate to the African market
PAIH Executive Vice President, Wojciech Fedko headed the workshop dedicated to South Africa - Poland trade cooperation. The meeting was held on 12 July in PAIH, in the occasion of the visit of South African business delegation arranged under the Global Executive Development Programme (GEDP).

“South Africa is the biggest trade partner of Poland in the Africa”, Wojciech Fedko said in his introduction speech. “The trade between the two countries is constantly growing, mostly due to the Go Africa Programme that is run by PAIH”, he added.

The South Africa is among the most developed countries in the African continent. “We are also one of the most diverse and promising markets in the world”, explained Morris Mthombeni, expert of the Gordon Institute who coordinates the GEDP business mission.

"Thanks to the numerous natural resources, well-developed infrastructure and the rapidly growing sector of modern business services and research centres, South Africa offers excellent investment and trade climate for foreign partners, Mthombeni added.

Presentation of the business offer of the South Africa

“We look forward to working with South African investors. Poland is a fascinating place and Polish successes in the economy can be a model for others”, argued Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik, the head of FDI division in PAIH who encouraged African companies to do business in Poland.

The trade balance between the two countries has reached $ 865m. According to the data by the Ministry of Development, the largest export volume is generated by machinery accessories. Poland also sell grain, baby accessories and car parts to the South Africa. On the other hand, the South African exports vehicles, leather goods, granite and rods and wires to our country. (PAIH)


Mabuchi Motor with its first European factory in Bochnia
The world's largest manufacturer of small motors for automotive industry, Mabuchi Motor, has started to construct its first factory in Europe. This Japanese giant chose Bochnia for its investment. The project was run by PAIH and Kraków Technology Park (KPT).

During the groundbreaking ceremony in Bochnia, PAIH Executive Vice President, Krzysztof Senger talked about the determination of Mabuchi Motor’s Management Board to implement its first industrial investment in Poland. He also reminded that two years passed between the first contact of the investor with PAIH to the moment of setting up the factory. “We have had many meetings in Japan and Poland, and we have seen investment sites in five Polish provinces. Finally Krakow's Technology Park and Bochnia were selected”, Senger said. Worth €360m Mabuchi’s factory, will be ready in 2019. By 2023, the company is planning to employ 400 people, there.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Mabuchi Motor factory in Bochnia

“For years, we have been doing our best to create friendly environment for Japanese companies in Poland”. PAIH has been running a Japan desk, to fulfil their needs. With the support of our partners from the Embassy of Japan in Poland and JETRO as well as with the Polish central and local administration, we are able to face any challenge our investors are facing with”, Senger explained.

The concept of Mabuchi Motor’s first European production site, located in Bochnia (Source: Mabuchi Motor)

Japanese business appreciates this approach. Within the year, the portfolio of Japanese FDI projects operated by PAIH has increased by over €600m. Today, Japan is the first Asian investor in Poland. There are about 300 Japanese companies active in Poland, and the total amount invested by the Japanese business in the country has already exceeded €3.5 bn. This numbers may soon grow. About 80% of Japanese companies surveyed by JETRO considers doing business in Poland in the next two years.

The concept of Mabuchi Motor’s first European production site, located in Bochnia (Source: Mabuchi Motor)

"I would like the Japanese companies to remember that Poland is their strategic partner in Europe and the gate to the European Union," said PAIH Executive Vice President, Krzysztof Senger. (PAIH)

Good results of Słupsk SEZ in IQ
In the first half of 2017, Słupsk Special Economic Zone issued seven investment permits. In total, they are worth PLN 50 m and they can lead to the creation of 200 new jobs.

All investments that entered the zone in 2017 represent Polish capital. Six of them are new investments, while one is re-investment.

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Currently, the Słupsk zone area covers 900 hectares, that is divided into 18 sub-zones. They all are located in the Pomeranian and West Pomeranian provinces. Since its establishment, Słupsk SEZ has issued 145 business permits. Entrepreneurs in the zone already invested over PLN 1.7 billion and employed nearly 6,000 people, there. 75% of all companies active in SSSE belongs to Polish SMEs sector. (Słupsk SEZ)


Thailand - the gate to Asia
PAIH and Thailand Board of Investment have a pleasure to invite you to the Thailand Economic Forum that will be arranged on 26 July, at 14:00 in the PAIH headquarters (Bagatela 12).

The meeting will be focused on the presentation of investment potential of Thailand.

Participation in the seminar is free of charge. To join the meeting, please contact:

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