August 14th, 2014,
 Issue 395


PAIiIZ plans for the incoming Autumn
By the end of 2014, PAIiIZ will be involved in over 50 events promoting Poland, its investment attractiveness and encouraging Polish companies to global expansion. The Agency also goes abroad to look for new foreign investors - especially from the manufacturing sector. On 12 August, during the press breakfast, PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman presented the Agency's plans for the coming months.

“We are a kind of hunting society that never stops to hunt for investors” - said the president during the meeting with journalists. “We have just finished the investment mission to the US. As a result, PAIiIZ acquired 10 investment projects”, he added. This year, the Agency’s representatives will look for investors in Germany, Japan and South Korea. PAIiIZ also announced that it is going to expand the investment support for Polish companies developing their business in the country.

As far as supporting Polish exporters and investors in their global expansion, PAIiIZ will take businessmen from Eastern Poland macro-region to food fairs in Paris, Bucharest, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. Representatives of yacht sector will visit fairs in Hamburg while metal sector will go to Paris and Jönköping (Sweden). This Autumn, PAIiIZ has also planned to take companies form Eastern Poland to a fact fining missions to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Togo and Senegal. In addition two Polish - African forums will be arranged this year: Poland - Zambia business Forum in Warsaw, and POLANDAFRICA Congress that will be held in Łódź. The Agency has also planned to arrange series of trainings and a study tour to London for Polish exporters.

“We are focused not on giants but on relatively small and high - tech Polish companies that look for business opportunities outside Poland”, argued Aleksander Libera, Advisor to the PAIiIZ Board for Polish Investments Abroad.

Source: PAIiIZ

PAIiIZ is also developing Go China programme as the interest of Polish companies in China market is growing. In September, under this programme, Polish exporters will visit the China International Fair For Investment & Trade (CIFIT) in Xiamen. The Agency will also support Polish companies from medical tourism sector in the promotion of their offer in Scandinavia and the U.S.

In the Autumn - Winter season Agency will co-organize significant economic events in Poland: European Congress of Small and Medium Enterprises in Katowice, the aviation industry conference in Lubin and the Eastern Economic Congress in Białystok.

By the end of the year, the Agency plans to present 11 reports, including 4 surveys dedicated to particular sectors such as: automotive, food, pharmaceutical, BPO and wind energy and R&D.  PAIiIZ will also survey American investments in Poland, examine the employment plans of Polish companies as well as the investment climate and investment attractiveness of Polish regions. (PAIiIZ) 

Two next completed projects in PAIiIZ portfolio
The number of completed FDI projects by PAIiIZ this year has grown to 27. Their total value will reach €1,648m. Due to them 5,835 new jobs will be created.

Two American investments have been added to the list of completed projects by PAIiIZ. Those are: investment provided by UGS in Łódź (packaging sector) and a fulfilment centre provided by UPS there 340 new jobs will be created.

Currently, PAIiIZ supports 174 FDI projects worth €3214m that in the future can create 35,944 new jobs. As previously, the majority of investment projects come form the US (53 projects), Germany (30 projects), Great Britain (11 projects) and France (8 projects).

The list of the most popular sectors among foreign investors includes: BPO (42 projects, €34m; 12,169 planned new jobs), automotive (31 projects, €1,349 m; 7,867 planned new jobs), R&D (16projects), aviation (11 projects) and electronic (7 projects).

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140812/two_next_completed_projects_in_paiiiz_portfolio (PAIiIZ)

Diplomatic policy of Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development would like to increase the presence of Polish agri-food products in Vietnam and South Korea to avoid the results of Russian embargo on Polish exporters. The government has also established special interdepartmental group of experts in order to stabilize the situation on Polish fruits’ and vegetables’ market.

The Group was designed to stabilize the situation in the embargoed markets. The Group, leaded by the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, consist of the secretary of state in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and members appointed by: the Ministry of the Treasury, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, Chairman of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. The group considers various scenarios of export support including adopting special funds and making export credit insurance policy more flexible. Additionally, to intensify the promotion of Polish products, a competition for the logo for the promotion Polish agri-food sector has been announced.

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Polish exporters of food products have also a chance to increase the exports to South-East Asia. Meeting with business representatives of South Korea and Vietnam paid a visit to the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss this topic. Especially the Vietnam is considered as a strategic market for Polish agri- food exporters as the export of Polish pork increased by 86% last year. (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)


WindMobile invests in the United Arab Emirates
WindMobile plans to buy the company from the United Arab Emirates. The Polish-based IT company decided to enter the UAE market to offer its products to the Saudi telecommunication industry.

The Polish manufacturer of mobile applications has started the expansion to the mobile market of Saudi Arabia. Currently, WindMobile is at the final stage of taking over of one of the Saudi company. This acquisition will let the company to expand the business into other Gulf markets. In the first half of 2014, WindMobile reported a fourfold increase in income and also more than two-fold increase in net profit compared to the last year. Net profits has amounted to more than PLN 18.4 million bringing an increase of the value of sales by 368%. Now, the company also plans to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange. (windmobile.pl)

Wałbrzych SEZ Invest Park with new offer for SMEs
New industrial hall for small and medium enterprises is being built in Bolesławiec. Similar facilities will soon appear in Wałbrzych, Kłodzko and Nowa Ruda. All incubators will operate under the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

Each of the buildings will consist of modern open space offices and industrial area of 2,500 m2. All new facilities will be fully equipped with the latest environmental and energy-efficient solutions. Offices and production space can be available on favourable terms, and after half a year companies that rent the space will have a chance to buy it.

WSEZ in Bolesławiec coves nearly 72 hectares of land. Five companies are already operating there. In the last six months a decision to enter this part of the zone was made by VILSAIT that plans to build a warehouse there and Turningtec - the manufacturer of metal components for the automotive industry. (WSEZ)

MEDI-SEPT factory in SEZ EURO-PARK Mielec
Medi-Sept company is developing a new plant where 10 employees will find a job. The investment is located in Lublin subzone of EURO-PARK Mielec SEZ.

The investor plans to start a production of professional cleaning products and disinfectants. The project will be completed by 2017.

Medi-Sept is a Polish company, producing professional products and systems for maintaining hygiene, addressed to special clients as hospitals. The company's products are available on European markets and also in Asia. (Euro-Park Mielec)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Big 5 trade fair in Dubai
Under the promotion of Polish companies in United Arab Emirates programme, PAIiIZ invites companies to participate at the "Big 5" trade fairs in Dubai. The event will be held on 17-20 November 2014.

"Big 5" is the largest trade fair of construction and building industry in the region, that is visited by over 35,000 visitors each year.  Polish companies will have the opportunity to present their advertising materials at trade stands and in informational folder prepared by PAIiIZ (English and Arabic version).  The Agency will also help to arrange meetings with local business during the event.

Companies interested in participating in the project should fill in the form (in Polish only) available on: http://www.paiz.gov.pl/20141117/big_dubaj_zapraszamy_na_targi and send it to: katarzyna.rosinska@paiz.gov.pl until 18.08 2014.

4th China Expo Poland
Between 4 and 6 September, MT Polska in Warsaw invites all to 4th China Expo Poland 2014. This event is dedicated to Poland - China trade cooperation. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the exhibition.

The fourth China Expo Poland, arranged by Targi Polska and Pol-Chin Consulting, is a place where the offer of Chinese companies will be presented. The exhibition is also the best opportunity to establish Polish - Chinese business contacts.

This year’s China Expo Poland is dedicated to interior decoration and house appliances, lightning, electronics and textiles.

More information: www.chinaexpo.pl (MT Polska)

Business mission to Scandinavia
Pomeranian Regional Development Agency organizes business missions to Norway and Denmark. Companies representing Polish ICT and eco-friendly agri-food sectors from Pomerania can apply for financing the participation in those missions.

The mission to Norway will be held between 13 and 16 October. Oslo is said to be the major centre for ICT and new technologies in the country. Over 60% of Norwegian ICT companies is located on the city. The program of the mission includes meeting with Norwegian companies, B2B talks and study visits.

The second mission, to Denmark, will be arranged between 24-26 November. Participants will take part in Agromek 2014 - one of the biggest exhibitions of the agricultural sector in Europe.

Both economic missions to Scandinavia are organised by the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency in Słupsk under the project entitled "INVEST IN POMORSKIE II - Promotion of investment attractiveness of the region of Pomerania in the Nordic countries and Germany."

More information: www.sse.slupsk.pl (SSSE)

Between 29 October and 2 November, Bukarest will hold INDAGRA FOOD 2014 - agri-food exhibition.

The participation in the fair is open to companies (manufacturers and distributors operating in the international market) representing the Eastern Poland macro - region.

The application is available by 14 August 2014.

Participation in the fair is arranged by PAIiIZ under Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme. (PAIiIZ) 


Companies are ready to take a risk
Poland’s economy enters a time of recovery and optimism. Over 56% of Polish CFOs surveyed by Deloitte believe that GDP growth in 2014 will reach at least 2.6%. What's more, managers are becoming more brave while making risky decisions. 70% of them define the current level of economic uncertainty as normal. These are the most important conclusions of the sixth edition of "Deloitte CFO Survey H1 2014".

Nearly 90% of CFOs hope that in the near future financial prospects of their companies will be the same as recently and 51% believe that it will improve in comparison to last six months. 69% of CFOs say now is a good time to take risk. This number has increased two-fold since the last edition of the survey. Long-term economic stability encourages companies to increase the amount of funds allocated for development and investment. Credit market becomes an attractive source of financing for CFOs. One third of them consider credit as easily available.

Analysts hope the optimism will be maintained despite an increasing tensions in Polish-Russian relations. Polish investors see the East as the direction of potential expansion, argue authors of the report.

"Deloitte CFO Survey H1 2014" analyzes the opinion of chief financial officers and group finance directors of major companies in Poland. 40 CFOs participated in the survey.  (Deloitte)

Exports to Russia goes down while to Germany improves

Polish Central Statistic Office (GUS) has published data on Polish foreign trade in the first half of 2014. Exports from Poland increased by 5.4% compared to the first half of 2013, reaching €80 billion. Imports amounted to €80.2 and it was higher by 4.5% than a year ago. As a result, the trade deficit has been reduced to €0.2 billion from €0.8 comparing to the first six months of 2013.

Good results in foreign trade have been achieved among developed countries. Exports increased by 7.2% exceeding €66.9 billion, and imports went up by 2.5% to €52.2 billion. As a result, the surplus of trade with these countries increased by €3.2 billion to more than €14.7 billion. There is a noteworthy difference in a rate of growth of exports to the eurozone (by 8.5%) and other Member States (by 4.3%). The value of sales to Germany - the main market for Polish exporters - reached €20.7 billion and was by 8.8% higher than a year ago. Foreign trade with non-EU developed countries increased by 6.6%, to €5.7 billion. Also exports to Australia went up by 34.7% and Canada by 28,4%.


Sales of goods to emerging markets (except the Commonwealth of Independent States) increased by 7.1%, reaching €6.8 billion. Exports to Algeria was two times bigger than in the first half of 2013. Another foreign markets that exports increased are; United Arab Emirates (by 64%), Saudi Arabia (by 45.5%) and Serbia (by 21%).

The foreign sales of products  of electromechanical industry accelerated by 6.9% reaching €32 billion. Also exports of agri-food products raised by 6.3% bringing €10.3 billion income to the sector. (GUS)


Foreigners do like Poland
The Polish Tourist Organisation has published the results of research on the image of Poland by foreign tourists. According to them, Poland is an attractive country which is worth visiting.

Half of surveyed foreigners have visited Poland more than four times. Nearly 90% of visitors were satisfied with staying in Poland, and 82% said that they plan to pay a visit to Poland again in the next 5 years.

Poland is associated with life energy, culture, and tradition. 48% of respondents visited the country as tourists.

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Nearly 70% of them were interested in a city break tourism and visiting historical places. Medical tourism is also very popular as  Polish SPAs' offer attracts foreigners. 25% of respondents are interested in visiting such places. According to the survey 17% foreigners come to the country to practice water sports.

The study was conducted among 488 respondents form Europe and Asia. (POT)

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