September 3rd, 2015,
 Issue 449


Mozambique paves the way for Polish business
As a part of the Go Africa programme, Polish entrepreneurs went on fact fining business mission to Mozambique arranged by PAIiIZ and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explore the country’s opportunities for Polish exporters and investors representing energy, new technologies, mining and agri-food industries.

On the first day of the mission, Poland - Mozambique business forum was held. Polish entrepreneurs also visited FACIM 2015, the biggest mulit-sector trade show in Mozambique to provide business negotiations with local companies representing energy and mining industries as well as infrastructure sector.

Delegation of Polish business was also received by representatives of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Mozambique. The also paid a visit in Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. (PAIiIZ)

China Council for International Investment Promotion in PAIiIZ
PAIiIZ started the autumn series of meetings with investment Agencies. After hosting the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), representatives of the China Council of International Investment Promotion Agency (CIIPA) paid a visit in PAIiIZ.

Poland’s competitive advantages and possible areas of cooperation with China, especially in the food sector were presented during the meeting with CIIPA. “You come to us in Polish-Chinese high season”, said S³awomir Majman, PAIiIZ president, welcoming the Chinese delegation and mentioning the beginning of Polish cooperation within the emerging Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. In his opinion, Polish participation in infrastructure projects supported by the bank is just one business area Poland would like to develop with Chinese partners.

“We are ready and willing to cooperate in the food sector. High-quality beef, poultry, dairy products, fruit and alcohol from Poland are products with the highest export potential to China”, Majman explained. “We are trying to convince Chinese producers to launch businesses in Poland”, he said, encouraging Chinese partners to use current positive economic situation of the export of Polish food products to China and invest in Poland. (PAIiIZ)


Azura Polska in £ód¼
Azura Poland is to build a plant in £ód¼. Recruitment will begin in the incoming weeks. The company will employ up to 300 people.

Azura Poland is owned by Nimrod Group that has been awarded a $45 m multi-year contract by Airbus and STELIA Aerospace for the serial production of A350 sheet metal parts. Launching a new industrial base has been in the preparation phase for quite some time now, and this new contract for A350 parts is now putting Azura Polska on the fast track, with the first deliveries from Poland scheduled in early 2016.

Azura Polska will also  secure other OEMs’ workpackages. Within the coming years, the company will create between 200 and 300 new direct jobs in £ód¼, distributed across industrialization, sheet metal detail parts production, component and structural assembly, surface treatment & painting, support and services.

The recruitment campaign for the first support and production jobs in the £ód¼ area will start in the upcoming weeks. New recruits will be sent to ESM for intensive training on the production and assembly of the A350 parts.

The investment Project was serviced  by PAIiIZ. (Nimrod Group)

New investor in Lubań
In the Lubań subzone of Kamienna Góra SEZ a new factory of Kermaan S.C. will be set up. The company will produce cooker hoods, kitchen equipment and furniture there.

Kermaan will operate on a “brownfield” plot covering 0.8 hectares that includes production hall and an office building. Those facilities will be modernized, equipped with new machines and adapted the investor’s needs. The project also involves setting IT and internal road infrastructure. Estimated expenditures of this investment cover PLN 3.250m. The company is also planning to increase employment gradually and develop R&D projects.

Kermaan is the 116th company, which was granted with business permit by Kamienna Góra SEZ. Already, nearly PLN 2.1bn was invested in the zone. Companies active within the zone created almost 7,000 new jobs. (Kamienna Góra SEZ)

Voestalpine in the Legnica SEZ is open
New factory of Voestalpine was opened in Komorniki. The company manufactures metal parts of shock absorbers and steering systems for the automotive sector.

The company’s new hall was established on a 3.5-hectare plot neighboring with Voestalpine already excising production facility. Voestalpine declared that by 2020 it will invest no less than € 6m in building and equipping the new facility. The investor will also employ an additional several dozens of people. (SEZ)


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10th Automotive Conference
The 10th edition of the Automotive Conference will be held on 3 December 2015, at the Ministry of Economy in Warsaw.

Every year, the conference attracts a growing number participants. Last year it was attended by around 350 guests, including presidents and board members of the largest companies and organizations operating in the sector.

The participants will be able to discuss the situation, trends and prospects of the Polish and European automotive market’s development, challenges that the automotive industry has to face with and the current legal regulations.

The conference will be accompanied by the announcement of the results of the "Competition for the best workshop", which will be carried out in Poland for the first time.

The venet is organised by the Automotive Parts Distributors and Producers Association SDCM and ejoys the patronage of PAIiIZ.

More information: www.moto-konferencja.pl (SDCM)

Japan Business Expo in Warsaw
The centre of industrial machinery and equipment in the heart of Japan, the city of Takasaki, will arrange the first Japan Business Expo in Warsaw. The event will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, on 8 October under patronage of PAIiIZ.

Takasaki-based companies plan to expand their operations into Central and Eastern Europe. Due to that, 13 companies from Takasaki will gather in Warsaw to exchange their knowledge and experiences with entrepreneurs from leading Polish companies.

Japan Business EXPO - Takasaki Day will be focused on such industries as automotive, electronic, industrial machine manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, but also brewing.

The event will be attended by Deputy Mayor of Takasaki and the representatives of different institutions and organizations. In the afternoon, there will be special sessions run by experts that will touch upon such topics as effective cooperation across borders, doing business in Japan and Japanese methods of management.

For registration visit: www.takasaki-expo.com

In D±browa Górnicza about automotive industry
On 16 September, at 1:30, the University of D±browa Górnicza (Cieplaka 1c street), invites for the second  conference entitled “D±browa Górnicza - Towards Investments in Automotive sector”.

The conference will be preceded by the rally organized on investment area of Tucznawa.  Krzysztof Holowczyc, the famous Polish rally driver and Paris - Dakar participant will be the special guest the event. The event will be also preceded by the ceremony of grand opening of NGK Ceramics Polska plant in Tucznawa.

Zbigniew Podraza - the mayor of D±browa Górnicza, Zdzis³awa Dacko-Pikiewicz - the rector of the University of D±browa Górnicza and Piotr Wojaczek - the president of the Katowice Special Economic Zone invite you to participate in the event as well as in the cocktail party after the conference.

More details about the event and registration can be found at: http://prospectsinpoland.com/dabrowa-intro.html.

Participation in the event is free. However, there is a limited number of seats. The conference is held under the patronage of PAIiIZ. (ProspectsinPoland)


Polish companies lead in CEE
This year, Polish companies have dominated in the COFACE TOP 500 CEE list of the companies with the biggest turnover in the region.

Among 12 countries of Central Eastern Europe surveyed by COFACE, Poland with 176 companies with the biggest turnover, including 39 of them in the first top 100, is the regional leader of the survey. The data also show that Polish largest companies generate the biggest income in the CEE. In this year’s TOP 500 CEE, the second place is held by Hungary with 73 companies with the biggest turnover while the Czech Republic with 65 companies has been located as the last in the region.

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According to COFACE, the list of the top biggest companies of Central Eastern Europe is dominated by oil and gas sector. In 2014, they had to face with real economic challenges, such as the decrease of oil prices and the Russian embargo. However, thanks to clear signs of improvement in the euro zone at the end of 2014 and due to searching alternative markets, those businesses managed to offset the impact the obstacles, COFACE experts explain.

The TOP 500 CEE members have generated total turnover reaching €572bn - this represents more than half of GDP of all CEE states. Not only did they increase the turnover but they also improved the employment rates (COFACE)


The European capital city of BPO at EXPO 2015
Welcome to the Promotion Week of Ma³opolska at EXPO 2015 in Milan. Every year, the region attracts nearly 10 million visitors from around the world and draws increasing attention of investors.

Located in the southern part of Poland, Ma³opolska is one of the leading regions in terms of economic potential and investment attractiveness.

The province’s capital city, Kraków, is currently the first in Europe and the ninth in the world most attractive centre of outsourcing, according to the prestigious ranking Tholon's.

The former Polish capital city gained its prestigious position due to a vigorously developing academic centre situated there. It is also worth mentioning that the Old Town in Kraków was the first Polish site on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ma³opolska region promotes itself at EXPO with music and cuisine rich in herbs and fresh Polish products. Daily culinary show in Polish pavilion brings Polish cuisine and regional products closer to the visitors. One can also take part in professional alternative medicine workshops. For handicrafts’ enthusiasts the organizers prepared jewellery workshops.

The Ma³opolska region Promotion Week lasts from 31 August to 6 September. (PAIiIZ)

Wroc³aw. Polish hub of R&D and BSS
According to the report "10 years of BSS in Poland" compiled by PAIiIZ and Hays, 72 business services centers (BSS) situated in Wroc³aw employ more than 24,000 people.  The assets of the city were discussed during the conference, entitled "Morning coffee with BSS", arrange at the end of August in Wroc³aw.

Wroc³aw is one of the leading cities in Poland in terms of employment generated in this sector. 33% of new jobs, generated by local BSS centers in Wroc³aw are created in the centers of research and development (R&D). Wroc³aw is chosen mainly by US, Polish and German companies. There are 18 centres with American capital, followed by 17 Polish and 11 German.

The potnencial of the BSS sector in Wroc³aw

Among the factors that impact on choosing locations for R&D centres there are: stable growth of the Polish economy, the safety of research, as well as low costs of their conducting and highly qualified employees with specific language and technical skills. Wroc³aw is one of 8 major academic centres in the country.

The city has 24 universities with 125,000 students studying there. Every year, more than 33,000 of them appear on the job market. More than 90% of students from Wroc³aw declare the fluency in English and almost 46% in German. Wroc³aw students also declare the ability use Russian, French, Spanish and Italian.

“The advantage of Wroc³aw is undoubtedly the presence of prestigious R&D centres of such companies like Nokia, Dolby Laboratories, Viessmann, UTC Aerospace Systems, 3M and Diehl Controls” listed Dariusz Ostrowski, the president of Wroc³aw Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW). “The fact that such well-known brands choose Wroc³aw clearly proves that this is a place with great potential, where the availability of a highly-skilled workforce is often a key point when investment decision making.

The "Morning coffee with BSS" was organized by PAIiIZ Hays and the Wroc³aw Agglomeration Development Agency. (PAIiIZ)

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