March 31st, 2011,
Issue 220




Country Presentation Polonia - Opportunità di investimento per le imprese italiane in Rome

On April 6th, 2010 president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), Sławomir Majman will take part in the Country Presentation Polonia – Opportunità di investimento per le imprese italiane in Rome.

During the seminar, organised by the Italian federation Confindustria Sicilia, PAIiIZ president will present investment opportunities in Poland, public aid, legal regulations concerning foreign investment and structural funds. Resident Majman will also present opportunities provided by Polish special economic zones.

More information:
Confindustria Sicilia,
tel: 06 5903409


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Brokerage Event RESTA 2011

Invitation to take part in a trade mission to the Event in Vilnius (Lithuania) on April 14th, 2011.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) invites Polish entrepreneurs to take part in an international trade mission to the Brokerage Event RESTA 2011 which will take place in Vilnius on April 14th, 2011 during the 18th International Specialised Construction and Renovation Exhibition RESTA.

The mission is organised by the Enterprise Europe Network operating within the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation and the Lublin Development Foundation and is co-organised by the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Craft, the Warmia-Mazury Regional Development Agency, the Górny Śląsk Regional Development Agency and the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Vilnius.

The Brokerage Event RESTA 2011 is geared towards entrepreneurs who are active in the following sectors and deal with:

  • Construction materials,
  • Interior finishing materials,
  • Windows, doors and gates,
  • Heating and ventilation equipment,
  • Water supply and drainage systems,
  • Electrical installations in buildings,
  • Safety systems in buildings,
  • Machinery, equipment and building tools,
  • Carpentry,
  • Construction and renovation services, projects, consultations,
  • Household arrangement of green areas,
  • Environment-friendly and energy efficient constructions.

Organisers provide:

  • Assistance in reserving accommodation,
  • Free of charge entrance into the Exhibition on April 14th (normally the entrance costs EUR3),
  • Presentation of a company’s profile in the event’s catalogue,
  • Access to profiles and contact data of other participants of the event,
  • Organization and co-ordination of business meetings.

After previous registration participation in the event is free of charge. Please register here: http://resta2011.meetingrid.com/?lang=en.

In the form available on the website http://resta2011.meetingrid.com/?page_id=7&lang=en please specify your company’s profile and the type of co-operation you would like to establish.

Data provided by the registered companies will be made available in an on-line catalogue on the event’s website.

For more information please contact: Anna Awdiejewa from the PARP Enterprise Europe Network at +48 22 432 71 95, e-mail: anna_awdiejewa@parp.gov.pl.

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New service  of the PAIiIZ European Funds Information Point

Starting from April 2011 the EU Information Point will help clients with filling in applications for payment.

Information Point employees will assist in allocating the requests for payment in respect of:

  • information on the settlement process (stages, current procedures, required documents, deadlines);
  • information on requirements to describe the financial and accounting documents (including invoices, receipts, and other equivalent documents with respect to specific requirements of the program and activities and application forms, examples of correctly described documents);
  • information on requirements of the formal request for payment (stages of preparation etc.),
  • organisation of trainings in application preparation;
  • preliminary advice to beneficiaries in completing the application for payment (in particular, an explanation and instructions for completing the preparation of the proposal);
  • information about the stage at which is a request for verification, and information on the principles of control of projects, including the types, the existing control procedures and deadlines, as far as picking and storage of documents and archiving. (PAIiIZ)

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Multisectoral trade mission of Polish companies to Rio de Janeiro

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) organises a multisectoral trade mission to Rio de Janeiro from June 13th to June 19th, 2011.

The mission offers opportunities to establish economic contacts and enter in co-operation with Brazilian partners.

Participants will take part in a Polish - Brazilian economic Forum which will be followed by a match-making session. Moreover, entrepreneurs will have the chance to visit Brazil Offshore 2011 which will be taking place from June 14th to June 17th in Macaé and during which the Polish Embassy's Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Sao Paulo will have an information stand.

Costs of participation in the Macaé-based fairs will not be covered by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency but by participants.

Entrepreneurs willing to take part in the mission may obtain subsidy to cover the mission-related costs from the Operational Programme - Innovative Economy 2007-2013, subaction 6.5.1 “Promotion of Polish economy on international markets”.

Application forms are available here: www.mg.gov.pl/node/10299

The mission has been organised within the system project “Promotion of Polish economy on international markets”(subaction 6.5.1 Operational Programme - Innovative Economy). (PAIiIZ)

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New workplaces in Września

Nearly 130 people will find jobs at the Flex Films Europa facility in the Września subzone.

The facility will be constructed on a 6ha plot. The factory will produce films which will be used in food package production.

The investing Flex Films Europa is a company which forms part of Uflex Ltd. Group. Września will be the second, after London, place in Europe where the Group’s company will start production. The Group has facilities also in Egypt and Mexico and has been hiring 5000 people. It is worth emphasising that the company’s products have been exported to over 100 countries around the world.

The polyester film produced in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone INVEST-PARK will be exported to countries around Europe and later also to clients outside the continent. The project is estimated to cost PLN 190 million. (Wałbrzych SEZ)

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Wedding rings from Opole

PZ Stelmach will invest PLN 7 mln in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone and will construct a modern wedding rings producing factory.

This will be the third Polish company in the Opole subzone. The company was set up in 1979 in Opole by Leon Stelmach, a graduate of an artistic school in Zakopane who at the beginning established a Jewellery Workshop. The company has always been producing jewellery but since 1989 it has specialised in the production of wedding rings. At the beginning, production in the company was based mainly on mechanic- manual technologies. Today PZ Stelmach uses the most modern CNC-technology-based machine tools. Thanks to modern solutions and long tradition the company may now realise even the most complex projects. This project is worth PLN7 million and is expected to generate 20 new jobs. (Wałbrzych SEZ)

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  • Exchange rates (as of 31.03.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Report: Public-private partnership in the sport infrastructure in Poland

Public-private partnership in sport infrastructure projects has been gaining popularity in Poland.

During the 2 years since the introduction of the current private-public partnership regulations, there were 37 procedures opened to select a private partner for a project. The projects usually covered financing, construction and management of constructed facilities.

In fact, the overall number of projects was 29 but some of them had to have more than one selection procedure opened. The biggest number of such projects was located in the Mazowsze region - 4 and 3 in each of the following regions of Warmia and Mazury, Lower Silesia, Opole, Lublin and Silesia.

The public side was in the majority of procedures represented by local government units, both in big cities (Katowice, Kraków, Poznań) and in small towns.

Among the most popular facilities there were swimming pools (including aqua parks etc.) - 43% of all the projects. Another most numerous group of this kind of projects were sports and recreation complexes - 7 projects which were followed by sports and show rooms, stadiums and tourist/yacht ports. In six out of seven sports and recreation complexes, swimming pools formed part of the facilities what supports the fact that swimming pools are the most popular facilities in PPP projects.

Jointly the PPP projects were estimated to cost nearly PLN 1.9 billion net. PPP has been used both in small investment projects and in bigger infrastructure initiatives and it turns out that neither localisation nor the size of a given commune seem to be crucial for this projects. In five of the projects there were plans to co-finance them from European Union funds.

Out of the 37 projects in which procedures to select a private partner were opened, only 23 attracted such partners and two agreements were signed - for the realisation of “The Gostynin Thermes” and “Mineral swimming pools complex in Solec - Zdrój”. (Kancelaria Doradztwa Gospodarczego Cieślak & Kordasiewicz)

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World’s largest container vessels to call at DCT Gdańsk

DCT Gdańsk, Poland’s biggest container terminal will start handling the largest container vessels in the world from May 2011.

Vessels of 15,500 TEU capacity will be calling at DCT Gdansk terminal within Maersk Line AE10 service connecting the Far East and the Baltic Sea.

In January 2010, DCT Gdańsk already revolutionized the Baltic shipping market when it started to serve the first regular deep-sea calls into the Baltic Sea.

Boris Wenzel, DCT Gdansk’s CEO emphasized: “DCT Gdansk is making history for the second time in 16 months, now by welcoming the largest vessels in the world to Gdańsk. It is not only a reflection of the high reliability of service that DCT provides to Maersk Line, but also of the growing importance that Gdańsk has taken as the gateway to Central and Eastern Europe. The monopoly of traditional Northern European hub ports over the Baltic Sea has definitely come to an end“.

The rapid development of Maersk Line facilitated by DCT Gdańsk as well as the container market growth in Poland and the Baltic region have turned Gdansk into the first major hub port in the Baltic sea.

The first one of the largest container vessels to visit Polish ports, mv Maersk Elba is scheduled to be in Gdańsk on May 11 - 14, 2011. Following calls will be served by: mv Maersk Eubank, mv Eleonora Maersk, mv Edith Maersk, mv Maersk Edmonton, mv Ebba Maersk, mv Elly Maersk, mv Emma Maersk, mv Eugene Maersk, mv Maersk Erving, mv Maersk Effingham, mv Evelyn Maersk, mv Maersk Eubank, mv Estelle Maersk.

DCT’s annual capacity will be upgraded to 1,000,000 TEU after it receives additional handling equipment in the third quarter of the current year.

The nearest expansion plans of DCT foresee additional infrastructure phases, which could quadruple the terminal’s annual handling capacity to 4,000,000 TEU.

Development of the 100 ha of Pomeranian Logistics Centre adjacent to DCT terminal will start this year and provide a large range of terminal services. (DCT)

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