May 26th, 2017,
 Issue 539


President of Singapore in Poland: Economic Forum and two Cooperation Agreements
President of Singapore, Tony Tan arrived to Poland accompanied by Singaporean entrepreneurs. This is the first official visit of the Singaporean head of state in Poland. "The visit is a result of the economic programme established by the Polish President and the Polish government," said President Andrzej Duda, during the Singapore - Poland Business Forum, which was arranged by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency on 22 May. On the same day, in the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, the Agency signed memorandums of agreement with the International Enterprise Singapore Board and with the Singapore Business Federation.

President Andrzej Duda: We want Polish companies that have already been successful in Europe to expand their plans to more distant locations in the world

"It is the great ambition of the President, the Polish government and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency to make Poland's economic horizons much wider", said President Andrzej Duda during the ceremony of signing agreements between the Agency and its Singapore counterparts, that preceded the Singapore-Poland Business Forum.

PAIH President Tomasz Pisula signing the MoU with Yew Sung Pei, Assistant Chief Executive of International Enterprise Singapore

Two cooperation agreements signed by PAIH President Tomasz Pisula in the presence of Presidents Andrzej Duda and Tony Tan, are of particular importance. They will strengthen the activities of the Agency's branch in Singapore in managing the business information on the Singapore market. The new cooperation will be also helpful in finding new business opportunities for Polish entrepreneurs in this one of the most innovative countries in the world. The exchange of information on business environment and facilitating business meeting between Polish and Singaporean companies should have the positive impact on the trade with Singapore that has been recently weaken.

From the left: Presidents Tony Tan and Andrzej Duda as well as CEO Singapore Business Federation Ho Meng Kit and PAIH Vice President Krzysztof Senger

More information: www.paih.gov.pl/20170522/president_of_singapore_in_poland

PAIH President Tomasz Pisula: It is no accident that the first Asian branch of the Agency was opened in Singapore. This is business beachhead of PAIH in Asia

The Finnish paper giant looking for partners in Poland
Finland is one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. The opportunities for doing business in this country that is famous for its innovativeness and one of the lowest level of bureaucracy in Europe were discussed in PAIH on 16 May, during a networking for Polish entrepreneurs.

High-tech and electronics are one of the most important branches of the Finnish economy. The country is also famous for its wood sector. One of the biggest representative of this industry, Andritz Pulp & Paper is looking for partners and subcontractors in Poland.

Presentation of Polish companies and B2B talks between Andritz Pulp & Paper and Polish partners

More information: www.paih.gov.pl/20170516/Finish_paper_giant_looking_for_partners_in_poland. (PAIH)


Vital gets second business permit
The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone issued a business permit to Vital, allowing the company to conduct business activity in the £ysomice Subzone. This is the second permit of this Polish company in the zone.

Vital is a Polish company producing bread and confectionery. In May 2014, it has implemented the first investment project in the £ysomice Subzone. Now, the company is expanding its business there by building cold storage facility and purchasing equipment for the production of frozen food. (PSSE)

The Fraunhofer Institute in Opole
The first in Poland, Fraunhofer Institute is to be created in the Opole University of Technology.

The Fraunhofer Institute will be established in cooperation with the Chemnitz University of Technology and will develop innovative projects mostly for the automotive sector. The Fraunhofer Institute conducts research, especially in the area of communication, health and the environment. (Radio Opole)


Szczecin: The logistics-friendly city!
City of Szczecin, Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency and Bluevine Consulting invite you to the conference entitled "Szczecin: The logistics-friendly city”, which will be held on 6 June 2017 in the Science and Technology Park of Szczecin.

The conference is dedicated to all parties interested in information regarding the new sites for logistics and production in Szczecin.

Participation in the event is free of charge, but prior registration is required at http://bluevine.pl/en/konferencja/szczecin-the-logistics-friendly-city

Estonia - the number one on the economic freedom list
PAIH took the patronage over the economic forum dedicated to the trade and investment opportunities in Estonia.

During the meeting, one will learn about the import and export potentials of Estonia, as well as its e-business and e-presidency programmes established in this country. Experts will also speak about the law and tax environment in Estonia.

More information: www.forumestonia.legalmoneyreport.com

6th China Homelife Show and China Machinex
Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn invites all to join 6th China Homelife Show and China Machinex what will be held between 6-8 June in Nadarzyn, close to Warsaw.

During this year's event, organizers will host 1,200 exhibitors from China. At least 60,000 products from various branches: clothing-textiles, furniture, furnishings, electronics, lighting and construction, will be presented at the show. The China Homelife Show will be accompanied by the China Machinex, where Chinese companies will present new  solutions in the machinery, energy and tools industries. For companies from Poland and China a match-making zone will be arranged with free helpdesk translators.

More information: www.chinahomelife.com.pl

1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit
PAIiH took the patronage over the 1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit that will be held on 28 June 2017, New York.

At this inaugural USA-Europe SSC Awards Gala, we expect nearly 150 guests with more than 40 being American firms interested in setting up or expanding their existing business services centres in central Europe. The Awards Gala will be preceded by a Summit of discussion panels covering the shared services and IT outsourcing sector in CEE.

The one-day Summit and Awards Gala is a very efficient way for US “mid-market” firms to explore the possibilities and meet a large number of existing American companies active in the CEE region.

For more information please contact:

Maria Ponomareva


EY: Poland is the fifth best European FDI destination
With 5,845 new projects in Europe in 2016 (up 15%), foreign direct investment hit a new record and created 259,673 jobs (up 19%): that’s twice as many as were being created in the wake of the financial crisis - reports EY in its “Attractiveness Survey. Europe”.

In 2016, EY experts explain, international investors launched more projects in Europe than ever before. The United Kingdom remained Europe’s champion. However, Germany, with 1,063 projects, up 12%, clearly strengthened its challenge to the UK’s longstanding European FDI leadership. The rapid growth of FDI into Germany puts it on course to overtake the UK, unless the UK regains its previous rate of growth. With ongoing uncertainty around the terms of any Brexit, that could be a tough challenge.

The report also shows that by joining the top five in the numer of FDI projects, Poland has been listed among the best investment destinations in Europe. Poland attracted 256 FDI (up 21%) that jointly will deliver 22,074 new jobs to the country. In both, new investment projects and new job creation, Poland again has proven to be the leader of Central Eastern Europe. When speaking of the region, CEE remained highly competitive and attractive. The region captured 23% of FDI projects and attracted more than half of new jobs that will be created due to FDI inflow in Europe last year.

Business services and software underpin Europe’s digital transformation. The software sector was the single biggest source of FDI in Europe in 2016, launching 780 projects, up 12%, and business services the next most active (702, +46% in 2016). Together they provide 25% of European FDI.

Regarding the origins of new FDI projects, European companies together are the biggest source of the continent’s cross-border flows (56%), with German, British and French companies in the vanguard. US companies remained Europe’s biggest foreign investors, while Chinese were the third. They launched 297 FDI projects in Europe in 2016 (up 25%).

The report is available on: www.ey.com/pl/pl/newsroom/news-releases/news-ey-20170523-rekordowa-liczba-inwestycji-zagranicznych-w-polsce-i-europie


New investment sites in Kielce
4 hectares of new investment areas were included into the Kielce Technological Park. The expansion of the park is due to the agreement signed by the Kielce City hall and PGE Be³chatów - the former owner of these areas.

The newly acquired area of the Kielce Technology Park will be covered by office buildings, production halls with accompanying infrastructure, and production facilities to develop high-tech projects. A places for recreation facilities has been planned, there. So is the additional road infrastructure that will be developed nearby. (KPT)


Lublin Medical Cluster awarded in Croatia
Located in Lublin, the first Polish medical hub - Lublin Medical Cluster has been listed as the finalist of this year’s The IMTJ Medical Travel Awards. The awards were given during the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2017. The cluster was awarded in the medical tourism and healthcare category.

IMTJ Medical Travel Awards are run by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) that provides insight into the medical travel and medical tourism sector. This time the event and the contest were held in Croatia.


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