November 17th, 2011,
Issue 253




The food sector from Eastern Poland in Korea

The entrepreneurs from five voivodships of Eastern Poland presented their offer in Seoul during the economic mission organized by PAIiIZ between November 6th - 11th, 2011.

The mission included the participation in Korea Food Expo 2011 and the bilateral meetings with Korean companies.

Local confectionery products of Allnet Cukiernia Zaniewicz at Eastern Poland stand

Korea Food Expo is one of the biggest food industry events in South Korea. The fairs are the occasion for the presentation of food & beverage products, machinery and kitchen utensils used in food preparing, processing and packaging. The fairs’ programme included also the seminaries and conferences devoted to the food sector, one-on-one matching sessions and the kitchen show. The companies form Eastern Poland presented their products at the stand of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of Poland in Seoul.

Meeting organized by KOIMA

The Polish companies could also present their offer to the Korean entrepreneurs during the meeting organized by KOIMA - Korean Importers Association. After the session the participants of the mission met the Polish Ambassador in Seoul.

Entrepreneurs representing the region of Eastern Poland could take part in the fairs thanks to the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme - Development of Eastern Poland within the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland, Measure i.4., Component Promotion, I Priority Operational Programme - Development of Eastern Poland. (PAIiIZ)

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Broadband network in Eastern Poland

Poland's first broadband network project received the green light from the European Commission. This is the largest ICT investment in Europe funded by the European Union. Its value is more than 1.4 billion PLN.

Eastern Poland Broadband Network consists of five projects and the first such comprehensive ICT project which will cover the whole range of Eastern Poland macroregion - Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Swietokrzyskie and Warmia & Mazury.

These projects are implemented under the Priority II. Development of Information Society Infrastructure Eastern Poland Programme. The project intends to develop fiber optic infrastructure, allowing the development of telecommunications services, including next-generation services - NGA (www.polskawschodnia.gov.pl)

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Call for proposals within Measure 8.1 IE OP

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development announced a call for proposals within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme for Measure 8.1 “Support for business activity in the field of electronic commerce”.

Application forms must be submitted between the 14th of November 2011 and the 16th of December 2011 until 16:30. Submission of application forms in electronic form will be held via PARP system which is available at: https://poig81.parp.gov.pl.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20111114/call_for_proposal_electronic_commerce. (PARP)

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PAIiIZ supports investments worth EUR 6,87 billion

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has currently been running 156 development projects jointly worth EUR 6877 million, which may generate 46 279 new jobs.

Americans top the ranking with 39 projects. The projects from the USA are jointly worth EUR 1.17 billion and are expected to generate 10,135 new jobs. From among the projects currently negotiated by PAIiIZ 17 come from the UK (worth EUR 376 million and potential 6,252 jobs), 15 from Germany (EUR 490 million and 4,522 jobs). Germany is followed by Asian investors: 11 projects are from South Korea and Japan, 10 from China.

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The most popular sector is still the automotive sector (32 projects, EUR 2,3 billion and 15,252 jobs), the BPO (28 projects, EUR 36 million and 7,672 jobs), the machine sector (11 projects, EUR 658 million and 2,946 jobs) the electronic industry (9 projects), ICT (7), chemical and aviation (6 projects).

This year the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency held talks and successfully finished negotiations with 49 investors who decided to invest in Poland with a total of EUR 1071 million. Projects implemented by the companies will create 9,366 jobs. (PAIiIZ)

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Four investors in Łódź SEZ

Indesit, ABB, Serioplast and Eko-Kartex - these four companies have received the business activity permissions in Łódź Special Economic Zone. They will invest jointly over PLN 200 mln and create 379 new jobs.

Indesit will build two new plants - producing kitchen hoods and plastic components. The company plans to create 250 jobs and invest over PLN 100 million. Indesit already hires 3500 people and has invested about PLN 1 billion what makes him the biggest foreign employer in the region and one of the biggest in Poland.

The new investment of ABB, worth PLN 52,5 million will create 35 new jobs. ABB will develop its electric engines factory in Aleksandrów Łódzki. The investor will manufacture modern engines of higher power efficiency class. Within 4 last years ABB has built two factories in Aleksandrów Łódzki, invested jointly PLN 150 million and created 222 new jobs.

Serioplast Poland, in the Kutno sub-zone, will construct a facility manufacturing plastic packaging for pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, detergent and food industry. It will be the 17. plant of Serioplast Group. The company will invest over PLN 36 million and hire at least 66 people.

In the Radomsko sub-zone Eko-Kartex will build the production hall and buy the production lines manufacturing the cardboard packaging. The investment is worth PLN 4 million, the company will hire at least 10 people.

In 2011 the Łódź SEZ has issued already 16 business activity permissions which will make it possible to implement projects worth PLN 687 million and will create 825 new jobs. (ŁSSE)

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  • Exchange rates (as of 17.11.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Investment conference in Piła

Piła and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency have the pleasure to invite you to the conference “Piła - Development and Investment” which will take place on November 24th, 2011.

The conference aims to showcase the economic potential of the city on the background of the region, including the potential of the Piła subzone in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone which was created last September.

For more information contact: the Development and European Funds Section of the Piła City Council at +48 67 201 42 18, +48 67 210 42 21 or via e-mail: bfe@um.pila.pl. (Piła / PAIiIZ)

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Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ invites to the third international conference "European Research Infrastructures for Innovation and Development ERIFID 2011".

The conference, which gives the opportunity to listen to the most experienced experts in the building and R&D structures from all over the Word, will take place on the 1st and 2nd of December 2011 in Pracze Campus, ul. Stabłowicka 147, Wroclaw, Poland.

The speakers and participants at the conference are representatives of the European, national and local authorities as well as representatives of research centres and business from Poland, Finland, Korea, Israel and the United States.

The event enjoys the patronage of PAIiIZ. More information and the registration form available at: www.eitplus.pl/erifid. (ERIFID)

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Investment and Trade in Portuguese-speaking countries

The conference will be held on the 24th of November 2011 at 9:00 am at PAIiIZ, ul. Bagatela 12 in Warsaw.

The conference is organized by the Embassy of Federal Republic of Brazil, the Embassy of Republic of Angola, Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency Apex-Brasil, Polish - Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ).

The conference aims to describe the economic situation and investment climate in Brazil and Angola. The key speakers of the event will be His Excellency Ambassador of Federal Republic of Brazil, Mr Carlos Alberto Simas Magalhaes, His Excellency Ambassador of Republic of Angola, Mr Domingos Culolo, Vice-President of PAIiIZ, Mr Marek Łyżwa, Mr Piotr Kulka, Manager for Eastern Europe of Apex-Brasil, Mr Tiago Costa, Secretary-General of the PPCC.

The Conference will be held in English.
RSVP: Małgorzata Kuranowska, e-mail: gosia@ppcc.pl, tel: +48 22 322 76 67. (PPCC/PAIiIZ)

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Self-government of sustainable development

The Polish Promotion Emblem and the Warsaw University of Technology are organizing a conference “Self-government of sustainable development” which will be held on November 22nd 2011 at 1 pm, during the Gmina Fairs in Poznań.

During the conference the Administration and Social Sciences Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology will present the Rank of Regions Sustainable Development. The publication describes and analyses the most developed citied and communities in Poland.

The conference will take place at the Poznań International Fair, pavilion 15, room B. Participation is free of charge. If you want to participate please send an e-mail with the contact information to: fundacja@terazpolska.pl.

The conference is under the patronage of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, POT, PARP, PROTE & SGB-Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa, Forum Samorządowe, TVP Poznań and PAP Samorządowy. (www.terazpolska.pl)

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The conference on Internationalisation of SMEs

A conference on Internationalisation of SMEs will be held in Warsaw on November 22nd at 10 am at the Warsaw Marriott hotel.

The conference is organized by ACCA Poland and will include presentation of a report on benefits and challenges of foreign activities of companies, prepared by PwC. During the event PAIiIZ will present its activities aimed at supporting foreign operations of companies.

The conference is free of charge. More information available in the programme: www.accaglobal.com/pdfs/international/centraleurope/sme_conference_poland_v1.pdf. (ACCA)

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Polish companies invest abroad

In the last few years the scale of Polish investments abroad has significantly increased. Poland has become a leader among the new EU members in terms of the value of capital invested outside our country.

According to the National Bank of Poland data, by the end of 2009 Polish companies invested abroad 27 742 million US dollars, 27 times more than 9 years ago and over four times more than in 2005. The main direction of expansion of Polish companies were the European countries were 93% of Polish investments were located. Switzerland, Luxembourg and Netherlands were the main destinations. Czech Republic, Great Britain and Lithuania were among those countries which interested Polish investors.

Most of the surveyed entrepreneurs intend to continue and at the same time develop their companies and branches abroad (61%). The main directions of the future international expansion are mainly the EU-12 and the rest of the Central Eastern Europe countries, especially Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.

- PAIiIZ begins a pilot programme intended to support the development of Polish companies abroad - said the President of PAIiIZ, Sławomir Majman during the conference. - We will start with the three closes markets: Russia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. In the future we plan to expand our programme to East Asia, including China, which have accepted more Polish investments than Poland Chinese - he added.

The report “Investment activity of Polish entrepreneurs abroad in the form of direct investments” is a result of an research conducted by the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń on more than 100 Polish entrepreneurs which started up their business outside our country. The report will be soon available at the PAIiIZ’s website.

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Investment attractiveness of Polish regions 2011

On November 15th, 2011 during the conference at PAIiIZ the new report on the attractiveness of 16 Polish voivodships was presented.

PAIiIZ and Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) have been analysing investment activity of Polish regions for several years now and have been cooperating with regional partners to improve the regions’ attractiveness for foreign investors.

Copyright: M. Tomczak, Skyphoto, Laurent Dambies - Fotolia.com

The report by Enterprise Institute of SGH describes each of 16 Polish regions, their economic situation, strengths and weakness and the position on the investment map of Poland.

The synthetic report and the analysis of all voivodships will be available soon at PAIiIZ website. (PAIiIZ)

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Invest in Mazowieckie!

The new report on the Mazowieckie voivideship.

The report on the investment attractiveness of the Mazowieckie voivodeship
prepared by the Mazovia Development Agency is available on our website:

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