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The Świętokrzyski voivodship is one of the ecologically purest regions of Poland. It lies towards the south of Poland and has, as its neighbours the regions with the largest urban areas and concentrations of population, in: Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Lublin and Łódź. It’s made up of three areas of land: the Świętokrzyskie Hills, the Ponidzie and the Sandomierz Plateau. The regional capital is Kielce. The Świętokrzyskie Hills are amongst the oldest in Europe and one of Poland’s greatest attractions. The geological structure of the Świętokrzyski area is favourable for the production of cement and plaster, with the production of these materials being used all over Poland, as well as being extensively exported; the voivodship stands out for the presence of Poland’s largest building firms. Other sectors of industry are: metallurgy, mechanical and precision engineering, food and textiles. At Psary, there operates the only Polish Centre for Satellite Services in the country, providing a comprehensive service in the field of transmission of information via satellite. The region’s economic calling card is the Kielce Trade Fairs, the second largest fairs complex in Poland in terms of size, situated at the junction of three of the country’s busiest roads and European routes. Clean air, unspoilt environment and fertile soil, provide excellent conditions for the development of agriculture. The Świętokrzyski voivodship has traditionally produced food, i.e.: fruit and vegetables (potatoes and wheat) and also dairy produce. The mild climate and varied sources of mineral water favour the development of sanatoriums for rest and recuperation, with the region being the home of two well known “spa towns” in Busko-Zdrój and Solec-Zdrój. At the stud farm in Michałów, the finest and most healthy Polish horses are bred from pure Arab stock; these are highly regarded and sought after by the largest horse breeders across the world.

The Świętokrzyski land is very picturesque, a place for healthy relaxation, a region of organic food and a location for business meetings.

Investment opportunities

  • large reserves of human resources for the needs of industry and business,
  • a developed economic infrastructure, including financial institutions in Kielce and the other large towns of the district,
  • great opportunities for developing production in food and farming,
  • rich in mineral deposits used in the production of building materials,
  • rich sources of medicinal mineral waters,
  • a well developed structure of health resorts and sanatoria, hotels and guest houses.

Building and construction

Within the voivodship there’s a network of sub-contractors and suppliers of building substances, in particular the manufacturers that are gathered together in the Świętokrzyski building cluster that provides a favourable environment for the development of enterprise in the building and construction sector. The rich reserves of mineral deposits, availability of trained and experienced workers, appropriate policies and direction regarding technical and vocational training, professional assistance from the local authorities and opportunities for take over’s from, or joint venture with international building contractors; are factors which will ensure success for future investors.


The Świętokrzyski voivodship with its great tradition in the field of the metallurgy, is a very attractive region for investors.

The access to a young, well qualified workforce, relatively low labour costs, well prepared sites for industrial investments on Greenfield and Brownfield plots, a wide selection of partners and sub-contractors recorded in the Development Strategy for the Świętokrzyski Voivodship, as well as the Regional Strategy for Innovation in the Świętokrzyski Voivodship, indicates that the metallurgy has great prospects within the region.

Rest and recuperation health services

The Świętokrzyski voivodship is a region with special qualities regarding the natural environment and climate. The legally protected areas form 66% of the voivodship’s total surface area. The numerous national and nature parks, large wooded areas, attractive reservoirs, healthy state of the natural environment and extensive supplies of mineral water, are a testimony of the region’s exceptional qualities.

The close proximity of other large urban agglomerations and various well established sanatoria with broad ranges of medical facilities with well trained staff means that together with the aforementioned services, there are very attractive and reasonably priced offers for a specific clientele, together with the potential for tourism in the spectrum of alternative tourism.

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