December 9th, 2011,
Issue 256




The results of “Poland’s Promotion Now”

The V edition of “Poland’s Promotion Now” contest for the best master thesis on promotion of Poland has been completed. The laureates have received the prizes during the ceremony which was held on December 6th in Warsaw.

In this-year’s edition the jury evaluated 50 master thesis. The first price went to Marta Jankowska from the Faculty of Economics of Poznan University of Economics for the thesis: “Creating the city’s image basing on the elements of its identity. Case study including Poznan”. The second place was taken by Anna Zioło from Tourist Industry Management Faculty of Jagiellonian University for the work entitled “The historic castles in Podkarpackie as hotel facilities”. Third place went to Malwina Kołodziej from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science for thesis “Chalet in urban areas in the eve of EURO 2012”.

Some thesis were also awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Before the conference the Fundacja Polskiego Godła Promocyjnego has organized the conference “Poland’s promotion - the challenges for the science and practice”.

The contest for the best master thesis was co-organized by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency which also funded the main prize of PLN 10 thousand. (Teraz Polska)

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Polish film nominated for Oscars 2012

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has included two Polish films among the nominees in the Animated Shorts Category for the 2012 Oscars.

The first film is "Paths of Hate" by Damian Nenow's co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The film is filled with spectacular and visually-attractive scenes. In its constructions, innovative and technically-advanced stylization of the images based on 3D graphics it ressembles an action comic book put in motion. The trailer is available at www.pathsofhate.com.

Shot from “Paths of Hate” (www.pathsofhate.com)

The second nominated film is “Magic Piano” directed by Martin Clapp, Geoff Lindsey and Dorota Kobiela. "Magic Piano" is a 30-minute puppet animation shot in the stereo 3D technology. The film was made as part of the full length “Flying machine” project produced by Breakthru Films, presently showing in Polish cinemas.

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Processor “Warszawa”

The first Polish processor

Gryftechnologia has created the first Polish processor. The company has been working from April to December.

The processor, called “Warszawa”, has a modern construction. The system gives the possibility to create the software for processor directly into Java which will help Polish specialists in technological race.

“Warszawa” is the alternative construction of more advanced solutions tailored to the needs of the Polish and European clients. The processor can be used in manufacturing, agriculture and households. The big advantage is its price - about PLN 100. (www.gryftechnologia.com)

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Eastern Poland has met in Kielce

The first edition of “Eastern Poland Business Forum” is held from 8th to 9th December in Kielce.

The aim of the Forum is to create a positive economic climate in Eastern Poland by presenting the specifics and advantages of the macroregion.

The participants of this-year’s edition discuss the important issues such as intellectual potential of the region, innovative potential of the universities and transfer of know how from the high developed countries. The speakers present also the region’s investment and business opportunities in Eastern Poland as well as the ways of supporting the local entrepreneurship and exports.

The ambition of the Forum is also to start a discussion on the possibilities of the region’s cooperation with the non-European countries, as well as to initiate a debate on the future of the region's key industries.

The event includes the conference and workshops addressed to entrepreneurs and regional institutions. The workshops include the negotiations with foreign business partners, trends in industrial design, promotion of cities and regions.

Among the speakers there are among others the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship Mr Adam Jarubas, the Marshall of Lubelskie Voivodeship Krzysztof Hetman, the President of Białystok Mr Tadeusz Truskolaski, former Ambassador of Poland in Moscow Mr Stanisław Ciosek, PwC Economist prof. Witold Orłowski. The organizer - the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency was represented by the Vice-president of PAIiIZ Ms Bożena Czaja.

The forum was organized by PAIiIZ in frame of the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland. (PAIiIZ)

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Polish universities among the best in Europe

Kozminski University in Warsaw and Warsaw School of Economics are in the ranking of the best European business universities.

According to the European Business school rankings 2011 published by Financial Times, Kozminski is the best economic university in Poland followed by Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

The ranking includes 75 European academic centres. The Polish schools are on the 60th and 67th positions, which means that they are the best in the CEE.

Financial Times publishes similar report four times in a year evaluating among others the number of foreign students, English courses, percent of female lecturers and average salaries of the graduates three years after they have finished their studies. (FT)

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Pre-war Warsaw in 3D

The trailer of the film “Warsaw 1935” is already available.

The Warsaw animation and postproduction studio “Newborn” is preparing a short film entitled “Warsaw 1935” co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The originator of the idea is Tomasz Gomora, who already 3 years ago was planning to reconstruct the historic, original Warsaw and to recreate the unique atmosphere of the city.

The film in 3D will be broadcasted in chosen cinemas and museums. The first show is planned for 2012. Trailer available here: vimeo.com/33183694.

Shot from “Warsaw 1935” (warszawa1935.pl)

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The business activity permissions n° 100 in Krakow SEZ

International outsourcing company Capita has entered Poland and will be operating in the Krakow Special Economic Zones. This is the 100th permission in this SEZ.

Capita (Polska) ltd is a part of the Capita Group which, for over 25 years, implements its projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Capita Group offers backup for HR, education, health, transport, life insurance, as well as financial, administration and IT services.

Capita will invest PLN 4.5 mln and will create 450 new jobs, eg. for the graduates from IT, business and administration.

Polish division will serve the existing contractors of Capita as well as the new clients of the company. (KPT)

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New investor in Starachowice SSE

On December 6th, 2011 the new permission was granted in Starachowice Special Economic Zone.

The new investor, Ceramika Nowa Gala II Ltd, will start the manufacturing of modern ceramic products for the construction sector in the Końskie subzone.

The 12 companies which have started their business activity in the Starachowice SEZ this year will invest over PLN 440 million and create 388 new jobs. (SSE Starachowice)

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New company in Legnica Eonomic Zone

On November 30th, 2011 a new company - Wezi-tec has entered to the Legnica Special Economic Zone.

Wezi-tec is a manufacturer of kinematic modules e.g. deposit boxes, infotainment modules, roof consoles, door module structures and functional trunk modules. The Legnica’s plant will send its products to Audi and Volkswagen. Wezi-tech is also the supplier and development partner for the heating technology industry and the parts for Airbus planes interiors.

The company will construct a new production and storage hall, create the 20 new jobs and invest at least EUR 4 million. (LESS)

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A2 Nowy Tomyśl - Świecko Motorway Ready

The new 106 km stretch of the A2 motorway from Nowy Tomyśl to Świecko has been opened on December 1st.

The general contractor is the A2Strada company (Kulczyk Holding with Strabag AG). The 105,9 km-long section costs EUR 1.3 billon what gives EUR 12,2 million for 1 km.

In the construction of the new A2 section the modern concrete technology was used to ensure the highest currently attainable pavement fatigue life. It can be used 40 years without additional reinforcement.

Until the 21st of May 2012 the new 106 km section will remain untolled. (MTBiGWS)

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Bumar investes in Tarnobrzeg SEZ

The Bumar Amunicja joint-stock Company and Swiss company Nitrochemie will construct the gunpowder factory for Polish Armed Forces in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone.

The factory, located in the Tarnobrzeska SEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN, will start its production in 2014.

The project will secure the supply of gunpowder for the Polish Armed Forces. The cooperation with Nitrochemie, which belongs to Rheinmetall Group, will guarantee access to the technology of modern types of gunpowder that meet NATO standards. (www.bumar.com)

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  • Exchange rates (as of 09.12.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Why Poland?

PAIiIZ and PwC invite to the conference “Why Poland? Investment opportunities”, which will be held on December 13th 2011, at 10 am at the PAIiIZ Information Centre, Bagatela 12 in Warsaw.

The aim of the conference is to present the investment potential of Poland. During the debate the representatives of the governmental institutions, economists end experts will discuss the factors which have an influence on the investment attractiveness growth as well as the threats.

The conference will be also an occasion to present the second edition of publication “Why Poland?” prepared by PAIiIZ and PwC describing the investment potential of Poland and strategic sectors for Polish economy.

The participation is free of charge. The conference will be held in Polish and translated into English. RSVP: monika.horodecka@paiz.gov.pl. (PAIiIZ)

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Employers’ Plans for the 1st half of 2012

On December 5th 2011 at PAIiIZ seat, Randstad has announced its report on the Employers’ Plans for the 1st half of 2012.

The poll points to the consistent deterioration of the mood among Polish employers who perceive the 1st half of 2012 through the prism of stagnation. However, richer by new experience gained during the crisis, they approach the market in a more flexible way. As a result, despite the pessimistic mood, the plans in the scope of employment are not suffering a drastic deterioration and remain at the level approximate to that of the previous quarter.

Despite this, the previously stable group of respondents declaring the unchanged employment level at the current level has decreased in numbers (57% in November 2011 vs. 61% in May and July 2011).

From among different sectors, the largest percentage declaring the increase in employment comes from the financial intermediation, construction and services sector.

One of the observed ways of preparations for an uncertain economic situation is the continuing demand for temporary workers. According to the data of the Polish HR Forum, a substantial leap in the numbers of labourers employed on temporary employment principles can be recorded.

The poll also examined employers’ attitudes to the idea of introducting of a tax on private health care. Presently, more than one fifth of the companies taking part in the poll (22%) offer their employees access to such services. Mostly there are companies employing 250 or more employees (35%) and companies with exclusively foreign capital (53%).

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20111205/PLANY_PRACODAWCOW.

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