January 20th, 2017,
 Issue 519


Successful 2016 and promising 2017
“As a new agency we will handle the promotion of the Polish economy and the development of exports, also we will support international expansion of Polish companies and acquire foreign investment”, said president Tomasz Pisula during a press conference summarizing the Agency's activities in the past year and outlining plans for year 2017.

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency will not only change its name to Polish Agency for Investment and Trade, but also significantly expand the scope of its activities. “We are going to the markets of countries that are stabilizing”  - emphasized president Pisula. PAIiIZ, soon PAIH, is developing foreign networks, the target is to create approximately 70.

PAIiIZ, soon PAIH, is developing foreign networks, the target is to create approximately 70. “The first decision on liquidation of Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Shanghai was already issued, foreign trade office (ZBH) PAIiIZ is already operating”, president Pisula commented (photo PAIiIZ)

“The first decision on liquidation of Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Shanghai was already issued, foreign trade office (ZBH) PAIiIZ is already operating”, president commented.

Other ZBH in Singapore, San Francisco, Tehran, Nairobi, and Ho Chi Minh City are also running. “In the first half of 2017 we want to establish ZBH in Budapest, Frankfurt, Dubai and Mexico”, said president Pisula.

The meeting served also for presenting the results in terms of attracting and service of investment projects by PAIiIZ.  “Last year, we recorded the highest investment: up to 1.74 billion EUR. Thanks to these investments more than 16 thousand people will find employment, it is really great result”, said vice-president Krzysztof Senger. 

As he mentioned, the investment climate in Poland not only maintained on high level but even had improved. ”Poland is regarded as a stable country and a good partner for foreign investments”, said vice-president Senger.

More: http://www.paiz.gov.pl/20170119/successful2016_promising2017


Good Year for wa³brzyska SEZ
36 investment projects, including Toyota and Daimler - those are the results of work of the Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone in 2016. The new projects are worth jointly PLN 2,5 mln and will create at least 1200 new jobs.

"In 2016, we expected to give about 20 permits to operate in the zone. We finished the year with nearly 40 new projects", reveals Maciej Badora, president of the Wa³brzych SEZ. Among the new investors there is Daimler, that is to build the plant of four-cylinder diesel engine in Jawor. The value of the German giant's project exceeds EUR 300 million. The project was supported by PAIiIZ. The other world famous company that has chosen Wa³brzych SEZ is Toyota that will start producing hybrid transaxle and implement R&D in Wa³brzych. The second project of Toyota is the plant of petrol engines in Jelcz-Laskowice. In 2016, the zone attracted also the first Chinese investor. Hongbo Clean Energy will build a plant for the production of LED lighting systems. The investment exceeds EUR 78 million and will create about 100 new workplaces.

At the end of 2016, Wa³brzych SEZ has been extended with more than 630 ha. The current area of the zone is over 3.5 thousand ha in 53 locations.

The Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone has now over 200 investors which employ over 48,000 employees. Total expenditures already exceeded PLN 23.5 billion. (WSEZ / PAIiIZ)


Transport & Logistic IT Start-ups Latvia Business Forum
PAIiIZ together with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the Embassy of Latvia in Poland invite companies to take part in Transport & Logistic, IT, Start-ups Latvia Business Forum that will be held on the occasion of the visit of prime minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis to Poland, on 26 January 2017 in Marriott Hotel, Warsaw.

The Forum will be the opportunity to meet and provide business talk with Latvian companies and authorities as well as to learn more about new business opportunities for Polish companies in IT, transportation and logistics in Latvia.
The forum will be held in English.

More informations:

2016 Outsourcing Stars Gala
Fourth edition of Outsourcing Stars Gala will be organised on January 31st, 2017 in Lublin. As every year, the event will be organized for 300 guests representing modern business services industry as well as organizations, which directly cooperate with BSS industry in Poland and other countries.

During 2016 Outsourcing Stars Gala besides the BSS summary of the year, there will be organized the final of Outsourcing Stars contest and international networking for BSS industry representatives.

The event is organised under the patronage of  the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. (ProProgressio)

More details available at: http://www.outsourcingstars.pl/en/

Mechanical Engineering in Latvia - striving for excellence
On behalf of the Liepaja City Council and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) we would like to invite you to the Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries Days (February 1-3, 2017) which will include the Business Forum.

The Forum is launched to spur successful development in mechanical engineering. Parcicipants of the event will be informed there about the opportunities and competitive advantages to establish business in Latvia. The programme features outstanding presentations by renowned local and foreign speakers from industry and provides excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss new global trends. Also the buyers-suppliers matchmaking event will be arranged at the venue.

The laguage of the Forum will be English with the simultaneous translation into Latvian and Russian.

Attendance is free of charge. For Polish companies The organisers cover of Ryga-Liepaja-Ryga transit.

For more information visit:


Economic boom
After a year of slowdown, the dynamics of Polish exports in 2017 should significantly increase - experts from Bank Zachodni WBK predict.

According to analysts' forecasts of Bank Zachodni WBK, the increase in exports of Polish goods and services should reach 5%. For comparison, in 2016 the growth rate reached 1.5%, which was mainly due to poor performance of foreign sales in Germany - Polish main trading partner and an important purchaser of parts and components produced in our country. As the data of BZ WBK shows, while growth in exports to major trading partners in the euro zone heavily dropped, the sales to far East Asia and North America was still increasing.

“Diversification of export directions based on new, non-European markets - this is the strategy I would urge to more companies”, PAIiIZ president, Tomasz Pisula says. Where to find opportunities for diversification? Head of the Agency lists for example the countries of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, which is interested in the Polish pharmaceuticals or in building equipment. The target of Polish companies should also be China, which is more and more curious about offer of Polish eco-food, or African countries, where demand for technology, food and machinery from Poland is growing. “We are smoothing the way for the Polish business to Iran, which was until recently cut off from the West. There, the demand for any goods from our part of the world is gigantic. We also encourage domestic companies to be active in India - it is still an area of missed opportunities in the area of export and investment of Polish companies”, says the head of the Agency.

In 2017, thanks to boom in world trade, and also due to a change of emphasis in factors of growth in the euro zone economy, the situation is expected to improve. In the EU countries growth driven by consumption should go to growth supported by investment and exports. In addition, a significant weakening of domestic currency in recent months should strengthen exports due to improved price competitiveness of Polish goods. However, according to experts, exporters will have to pay attention to hedging currency risk. (BZWBK/ PAIiIZ)

Companies interested in supporting international expansion, please contact the PAIiIZ and other companies PFR: telephone: 800 800 120 or email: info@pfr.pl

How Poland attracts talents
Poland moved up from 44 to 38 position in the prestigious Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017 Launch. According to the authors, European countries are the leaders in this area.

Poland should be appreciated above all for a great base of professionals. The authors also highlight the development of science and mathematics in the Polish education system. A high percentage of women with higher education was highly rated. Kraków is in the top 25 cities, next to Brno and Tallinn - where talents are attracted and can develop.

In this year's report, the leaders are the European countries with Switzerland as the best country and Copenhagen as the best city. (Insead)

More on Global Talent Competitivness:


The Circulars Economic Awards 2017
The World Economic Forum in Davos is a place of the debate of politicians from all over the world. It was also the occasion to award the innovative solutions in the area of exhaustible 'natural resources. This year, Polish company Bioelektra Group was awarded.

Circulars prize was made in six distinct categories for opinion leader, innovative companies or regions and cities. There is also a “People’s Choice Entrepreneur” award winner as voted by the public via the website. This year, six candidates applied for the netizens' prize.

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Thanks to their votes, Bioelektra Group won. The company has developed its RotoSTERIL technology that enables the treatment of unsegregated municipal waste and recovers over 90% the fractions contained in waste. Bioelektra has one fully operational plant in Róæanki, Poland, with a 40,000 ton per year capacity for waste processing. Following the successful implementation of their technology in this plant, the company plans to expand into new plants in 2017. (Thecirculars / Bioelektryka)

More information: https://thecirculars.org/peoples-choice-entrepreneur-award

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