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The ¦l±sk voivodship is in terms of its surface area in 14th place in Poland, whilst in the context of its population it’s second. It lays in southern Poland, bordering to its south with Slovakia and the Czech Rep. It’s the country’s most highly industrialised area and one of the most heavily industrialised regions in Europe. Until recently it was inextricably linked with heavy industry and while this continues to dominate (60 mines, 18 iron and steel foundries), currently other sectors are rapidly developing, in particular the automotive industry. The region is also covered by the country’s densest network of express roads. Next to the regions of Mazowsze and Wielkopolska, the voivodship of ¦l±sk is perceived as a region that is highly attractive for foreign capital investments and with little risk. Over the last seven years foreign companies have invested app. 14 billion USD here. In terms of foreign trade, the region is in second place in the country and has recorded the nation’s highest positive trade surplus. Not withstanding its industrial character, the agricultural areas cover over half of the voivodship’s surface area, with around 40% of the population living in rural areas. It’s also one of the most attractive and most interesting regions in the realm of tourism. The mountain ranges of the ¦l±skie and Żywieckie Beskidy, together with the region of the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Jura are magical areas for activity related tourism, both in the winter and summer months. There are excellent conditions for skiing in Sczyrk and Wisła - where Adam Małysz, the world champion ski-jumper and winner of the World Cup resides. At Częstochowa one of the region’s major cities, in the Pauline Order’s monastery on Jasna Góra, there hangs the miraculous picture of the Black Madonna, which is visited each year by around five million pilgrims from across the world.

¦l±sk is a region of miners, beautiful traditions and the development of modern industry.

Investment opportunities

  • the most heavily industrialised and urbanised region in Poland,
  • an absorptive and great potential market – almost 5 million people,
  • well developed road and rail transport, together with a good communications infrastructure,
  • an international airport for Katowice in Pyrzowice, ensuring national and international communications,
  • varied investment offers: industry, services, the development and modernisation of the infrastructure, tourism and recreation and also agriculture,
  • the second region in the country in regard to the number of large investments located,
  • a strong and diversified R&D background (over 30 higher education institutes, many R&D centres, 200 thousand students),
  • active cross-border cooperation with the Czech Rep. and Slovakia.


There are many favourable arguments for BPO sector investments in the ¦l±sk region. These are e.g.: the availability of highly qualified personnel, the well developed transport infrastructure, the well developed telecommunications system and numerous incentives for investors.


The appropriate scientific and technical background, the availability of qualified personnel, a well developed transport infrastructure, with numerous grants and other incentives for investors, has led to the rapid development of the High-Tech sector in ¦l±sk.

Automotive industry

A long tradition, the relevant scientific and technical background, the availability of qualified staff, access to the transport infrastructure and many various incentives for investors, has meant that the lively motor industry sector in ¦l±sk has in recent years developed very rapidly.


There are favourable and varied natural conditions: mountains, chalk cliffs, caves, woodlands and unique flora and fauna. Varied tourist attractions: historical buildings and landmarks, trails for hiking and cycling, speleology and mountaineering, horse riding and agro-tourism, that are without doubt very interesting tourist attractions and also providing the possibility for many interesting and innovative investment opportunities.

The conduct of a common trans-national tourist policy with the Czech Rep. and Slovakia, together with the appropriate approach from the regional authorities, provide the assurance of the future success of investors’ projects in the sphere of tourism.

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