July 17th, 2014,
 Issue 391


PAIiIZ hosts delegation from Guinea
“We have proved that we can become a leader in Europe. For 25 years of the country modernisation, we have had various governments, however, they all fallowed two principle: liberal economy and the idea of open door for foreign capital”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman during a meeting with officials from the Republic of Guinea that visited PAIiIZ on 16 July 2014.

The delegation from Guinea consisted of deputy minister of economy and finance Lancinet Condé, deputy minister of agriculture Mohamed Doumessy and Roda Fawaz, general consul of the Republic of Guinea in Casablanca.

“Poland went through the crisis in more elegant way than the rest of the Europeans”, said PAIiIZ president.

President Majman stressed that Poland attracts investors thanks to a strong position in the EU, the economic and financial stability, as well as due to the quality of human capital. “Over 50% of the investments that have been supported by PAIiIZ in 2013 are represented by high - tech industries”, said Sławomir Majman during the meeting. President Majman also argued that the structure of the Polish economy is tailored to the needs of African countries. However, to enter Republic of Guinea by Polish companies, a governmental support is essential.

The visit of the delegation form the Republic of Guinea to Poland will last until 19 July. (PAIiIZ)

Italy & Poland: Building Together 2014
In Poland there are more than 1,300 companies with Italian capital that have already invested €10 billion here. Those factors make Italy the fifth biggest foreign investor in Poland. Moreover, Poland is the first investment location for Italian investors among new EU Member States.

On 16 July, in the Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw, Polish and Italian entrepreneurs talked about the opportunities of cooperation in building the future of Europe. The discussion had two dimensions: literal, as the forum "Italy & Poland: Building Together 2014" brought together Polish and Italian companies representing the construction sector and metaphorical, as both sides discussed the issues of development of economic relations between Poland and Italy. PAIiIZ deputy president, Monika Piątkowska said that extension of SEZ programme until 2026 contributed to the increase of the investment attractiveness of Poland.

“The extension of SEZ, as well as introduction of flexible working are a reason to believe that Polish administration meet with needs of the business”, argued PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska

Italian companies are active in two types of investment projects in Poland: BSS and production including such sectors as: automotive, paper, food processing and construction. Due to Italian investments in household appliances sector, Poland became a leader in the production of this type of goods. “Now, we see the growing interest in investment cooperation in the opposite direction, form Poland to Italy, added Monika Piątkowska. Polish companies are interested in pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, biotechnology, trade and transport industries.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140718italy_poland_building_together_2014. (PAIiIZ)

Businessmen from UAE look for Polish counterparts
On 14 July, entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirates came to Poland, to establish business contacts with Polish companies representing construction and food sectors. The visit has been arranged by PAIiIZ.

The business mission started in PAIiIZ form the meeting with president Sławomir Majman and paying visit to the Ministry of Economy and talks with deputy minister Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik. The programme of the business mission also includes: visiting the Tarnobrzeg SEZ - Radom subdivision and Polish food and construction companies.

United Arab Emirates are an attractive business partner for Poland. Among perspective sectors of bilateral trade and economic cooperation there are: supplies of equipment and materials for the development of infrastructure, food processing and defence industry. The total value of Polish direct investment in the UAE is estimated at $150m. Last December as a part of the official visit of president Bronisław Komorowski do UAE, the Dubai Polish-Emirate Economic Forum was held. During the Forum, both sides signed the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation and the letter of intent on border guards training, were signed.

More information: http://www.paiz.gov.pl/20140714/businessmen_from_uae_look_for_polish_counterparts. (PAIiIZ)

Poland's Promotional Campaign in China
In mid-July 2014 PAIiIZ held meetings with representatives ofthe Chinese cities of Chengdu and Guyuan.

On 17 July 2014, PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman received representatives of Chengdu Municipal Committee of Economy and Informatization, headed by Xiu Zhongwen. Chengdu is China's western center of logistics, commerce, finance and technology, as well as a transportation and communication hub. Chengdu is becoming one of the favorite destinations for investment in western China. The number of companies opening new offices branches and subsidiaries there is constantly rising,

The symbolic exchange of gifts between Sławomir Majman and Mi Chao

On July 14 2014 the Agency hosted a delegation from Guyuan. The head of mission, Mi Chao announced the implementation of a campaign promoting Poland in Guyuan which aims to reduce disparities in bilateral trade. (PAIiIZ)


R&D for aviation industry
A new research and development unit has been opened by UTC Aerospace in Wrocław.


The company is a part of UTC Group - one of the biggest suppliers of highly engineered products for aerospace and defence sector.

The newest R&D unit will provide projects on designing and development of mechanical components and systems for aviation that will be used by NATO. UTCAS is planning to employ 1,600 people in its units in Wrocław, Krosno, Rzeszów and Kalisz. (PAIiIZ/Ministry of Economy)

Drezno rides Polish busses
Solaris has signed next contract for the supply of electric buses on the German market.

The 12 - meters - long, electric Solaris Urbino 12 bus will be operated by Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG in Dresden under the "Elektro-Buslinie 79" special project entitled ELEKTROMOBILITÄT VERBINDET provided by Bavaria and Saxony.

Düsseldorf, Hamburg i Brunszwik also bought Solaris hybrid bus, however Dresden was the first city in Germany, where in 2006 Solaris hybrid busses were operated. (Solaris)

17 new FDI projects
PAIiIZ acquired 17 new FDI projects that in the future can bring almost 4,000 new jobs.

Currently, the Agency supports 162 projects worth €3,098m, which in total can deliver over 34,000 new jobs.

The US, with 42 projects worth in total € 600m, are the leader in the number of FDI projects currently supported by PAIiIZ. Together, American investors declared the creation of 6,726 new jobs in Poland. In terms of sectors, BPO is the most popular among foreign investors (41 projects worth € 34.6m; 11,944 planed jobs). It is followed by automotive (31 projects worth €1,347 m; 7,757 planned new jobs), R&D, aviation and electronics sectors.

The Agency has completed already 24 FDI projects this year, with a total value of €1,640m. More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140714/17_new_fdi_projects. (PAIiIZ)

Investments in Pomeranian SEZ
In the first half of 2014, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone issued 35 new permits to conduct business.

Companies will jointly invest PLN 2,494.34m and create 1,035 new jobs. Business permits have been issued to: Steico, Indorama Ventures Poland, Soda Polska Ciech, Polskie Zakłady Zbożowe - first investor in InwestPark Pila, Maximus Trading and Tech-Homes. (WSEZ)

Wałbrzych SEZ - resume
Wałbrzych SEZ is the fourth biggest special economic zone in Europe. Its area includes four province: Dolnośląskie, Wielkopolskie, Opolskie and Lubuskie and 44 town and villages. 170 investors operate in WSEZ.

In the first half of 2014, 65 business permits has been issued by the zone. As a result, 5,000 new jobs will be created and PLN 5 billions will be invested there. (WSEZ)

Investments in the Warmia-Mazury SEZ
Eight companies plan to invest in the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone. The total amount of expenditures has been estimated at PLN 468.5m. Over 300 new jobs should be created there.

The list of the biggest business players in the zone who have received permit to conduct business there consist of: Polmlek, Mazurskie Mleko and Mlekpol dairy cooperative. In the Lidzbark Warminski subzone, Polmlek will spend PLN 150m to build new production hall, expand the existing facilities and purchase modern production lines. The company plans to hire 70 new employees. At the same time, Mazurskie Mleko, in Nidzica subzone, will build a plant and buy production lines. To do that, the investor will spend PLN 130m and employ 80 people. Mlekpol will invest PLN 130 m in the construction of production, warehouse and social facilities. Moreover, the company will create 90 new jobs.

Among companies what have also received permits by the zone there are: CSY (investment worth PLN11m; 15 new jobs), Promus (investment worth PLN 26.5m; 20 new jobs), Elstar (investment worth PLN 18m; 20 new jobs) Nutrimilk (investment worth PLN 3m; 7 new jobs), Stolarnia Mazurska Marcin Berkowski (investment worth 0.5 million zł; 3 new jobs).

In the first half of 2014, the WMSSE Board issued 16 permits to conduct business under the zone. The total value of all new projects has been estimated at PLN 849m.All new investors declared together to create 802 new jobs. (WM SSE)

First investors in the news Euro-Park Mielec sub-zone
Retail Service and X-KOM are the first two companies, which will launch business in the recently created sub-zone of the Euro-Park Mielec Special Economic Zone in Czestochowa.

Retail Service specialises in the trading of consumer electronics and IT equipment. For PLN 3m the company will create modern BPO centre offering IT, accounting and e-commerce services. 150 new jobs will be created there. On the other hand, X-KOM, a distributor of computer hardware, electronic equipment and software, will create modern logistic and storage service centre for IT, electronic and house appliances distributors. The investment is worth PLN 28 m and. 40 new jobs will be created there. (ARP)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Polish Game Evening
Polish Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Cologne invites video game industry in Poland to participate in the Polish Game Evening. The meeting will be held on 12 August.

The meeting has been arranged on the eve of Gamescom in Cologne (13-17.08.2014r.) - one of the world’s biggest video game event. The Polish Game Evening aims to present Polish companies to the global industry and to customers who visit trade fairs. Polish exhibitor will also have the opportunity to take part in panel discussion on the development of the industry as well as to participate in matchmaking meetings with German giant video game companies.

Confirmation of participation: karolina.kozlowska@trade.gov.pl. Participation is free of charge. (WPHI Kolonia)

Big 5 trade fair in Dubai
Under the promotion of Polish companies in United Arab Emirates programme, PAIiIZ invites companies to participate at the "Big 5" trade fairs in Dubai. The event will be held on 17-20 November 2014.

"Big 5" is the largest trade fair of construction and building industry in the region, that is visited by over 35,000 visitors each year. Polish companies will have the opportunity to present their advertising materials at trade stands and in informational folder prepared by PAIiIZ (English and Arabic version). The Agency will also help to arrange meetings with local business during the event.

Companies interested in participating in the project should fill in the form (in Polish only) available on: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141117/big_dubaj_zapraszamy_na_targiand send it to: katarzyna.rosinska@paiz.gov.pl until 18.08 2014.

PAIiIZ doesn’t cover costs of participation in the "Big 5".

More information: www.thebig5.ae/page.cfm/link=1. (PAIiIZ)


Polish Foreign Trade
According to preliminary data of Polish central statistical office (GUS), after 5 months of 2014, exports from Poland reached nearly €66.8 billion and was higher by 7% compared to the same period last year. On the other, hand imports amounted to €66.7 billion, growing by 4.8%.

The last year’s deficit that reached €1.2 billion was converted into €65-million surplus.

In January-May period, significantly better results were achieved in trade with developed markets, where exports rose by 9.5% to €56 billion while imports improved by 3.4% to €43.3 billion. As a result, the surplus of trade with this group of countries has increased by €3.4 billion to almost €12.8 billion. Exports to the UE 27 grew in the same period at the same rate as to developed markets. However, it was almost two times bigger in the euro zone area (11.1%) than in the rest of the EU (5.9%). Sales to non-EU developed markets increased by 9.4%. Among this group of countries exports went up to Canada (by 27%) and South Africa (by 12.9%), while it was definitely slower to the US. (by 3.3%) and Norway (by 4.4%). On the other hand, decreases shaped the trade with emerging markets and less developed countries, where exports went down by 4.3% and imports increased by 7.6%. Exports to CIS markets decreased by 10.5% (to € 5.2 billion), which was a result of its reduction of trade with Russia (by 9.4%) and Ukraine by even 25.1%).

The sale of goods to other emerging markets (except CIS) increased during this period by 2.4% (to almost €5.5 billion). Among them exports dynamically increased to Algeria (by 2.5 times), the United Arab Emirates (by 64.1%), Saudi Arabia (by 32.7%) and Serbia (by 14.9%). While trade went down to Turkey (by 13.1%), Singapore (by over 14%) and China (2.6%). (Ministry of Economy/CSO)

Euro zone: back to the path of growth
According to EY and Oxford Economics Institute forecasts, GDP growth in the euro zone in 2014 should reach 1.1% y/y, and next year it should accelerate to 1.5% y/y. The report also shows that the economic growth is supported by rising exports and increasing domestic demand, however, the situation in the Euro zone countries is varied.

After two years of decline in GDP this year, the economic activity in the euro area may reach 1.6% in subsequent years. As EY’s experts say, the euro zone is currently in much better shape than last year. Both factors, growing export and domestic demand, should push companies to global expansion. However, the scale of the improvement differs regarding different Member States. In Austria and Germany the unemployment rate is low and wages are rising. In countries that improve their competitiveness, such as Ireland, economic growth should be much higher than the euro zone average. Situation is totally different in Italy or France which have not reformed their economies, thus slower growth and lower improvement in the labour market is expected in these countries.


Falling inflation is becoming one of the biggest problems in the euro zone. In May it was only 0.5% in annual terms. Even in the German economy, which is in good shape, inflation reached of 1% y/y . (EY)

How to convince a manager in Poland to change a job
As the recent „Activity of Professionals and Managers in the Labour Market in Poland” report shows, 27% of professionals and managers are actively seeking jobs, 22% of middle and higher-level employees do not seek new jobs at all. The majority of respondents (96%) are willing to consider an employment offer presented directly by a recruiter.

According to the survey, the average representative of the professional and managerial group has changed jobs 4 times throughout their lifetime. It is most likely the result of their flatter development path. One in four individuals considered a higher salary as the main motivating factor, while 15% wanted a better work atmosphere. Over a half of respondents (51%) went through at least one work-related re-location. This result is an attest to the high mobility of professionals and managers. The vast majority of respondents would choose to relocate when presented with feasible financial incentives - a higher salary (27%) or being granted a financial relocation package (15%).

From the employers’, especially new investors, perspective it is also important to know which cities are considered desirable for relocation by professionals and managers. Wrocław remains the leader for the fourth time in a row, followed by Warsaw and Kraków. It is worth noting however, that if we look at Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) as a whole - it is this location that takes the lead with a result of 23%.

Over a half of professionals and managers plan to change their jobs within the upcoming months. (Antal International)


Business and science together in Pomerania
MOL Europe BV and Gdynia Maritime University signed the cooperation agreement. It allows students to participate in apprenticeship in MOL Europe BV.

MOL Europe BV has been present on the Polish market since 2007 and operates in Gdynia. Now the company decided to relocate its “mid and back office’ to Gdańsk. MOL Europe is a provider of one of the most developed transportation and distribution systems offering full logistic support. The company offers full logistic potential including road, rail and sea transport. (www.am.gdynia.pl)

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