May 21st, 2015,
 Issue 434


Africa teaches us patience
Africa is a continent of spectacular economic growth, reaching 5-7% per annum. It is also the market of a rapidly growing middle class that is currently estimated for nearly 300 million people. In a short time, this group will need the access to new goods and services. This may be considered as a business opportunity by Polish business. Challenges and expectations of Africa were discussed during the Polish-African Economic Forum. The meeting took place on 19 May in the Polish Parliament.

One of the most effective tools supporting Polish business in Africa is “Go Africa” programme, argued PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman during the Forum. This programme is a consequence of a globalisation of Polish foreign policy, he added. Under “Go Africa”, 38 events were organised, for instance to Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Senegal and Ghana. Majority of them were headed by president of Poland, Polish prime minister and ministers.

Poland - Africa Economic Forum 2015, participants of the pannel discussion
"How to support Polish business in Africa"

However, to succeed in Africa, one needs to learn the rules of this market. "Africa teaches us patience. We need to learn about the perception of time in Africa", said Mr Majman, describing cultural differences in doing business there. According to deputy minister Andrzej Dycha, high entry costs or legal barriers pose serious challenges in business relations with Africa - especially for SMEs. "We would like to lower the taxes and costs of certificates while entering Africa by Polish companies” - underlined Dycha. Currently, Poland is negotiating economic agreements with Nigeria and South Africa. They will allow to arrange meetings at governmental level", he added. In addition, the deputy minister of foreign affairs Katarzyna Kacperczyk talked about the development of a diplomatic network in Africa. Soon a Polish diplomatic office will be opened in Dakar - the capital city of Senegal.

Sławomir Majman: "We need to learn about the perception of time in Africa"

At the end of African Day in the Polish Parliament, PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman received the Przyjaciel Afryki (Friend of Africa) Award in the Business category. The award was given to him by the Polish Parliamentary Group and Instytut Afrykański for exceptional achievements in strengthening cooperation between Poland and Africa.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150519/africa_teaches_us_patience.

Ukrainian Business Days in Warsaw
"We wish the trade turnover between Poland and Ukraine will increase, so will investments of the Ukrainian business in Poland and the Polish in Ukraine”, said deputy minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine, Yulia Klymenko during the Ukrainian business’ days. 2nd International Forum - that was held from 14 to 15 May 2015 in the Polish Ministry of Economy in Warsaw.

Representatives of Ukrainian and Polish governments discussing economic cooperation

"Poland has been supported the development of our neighbour and still will do that. We hope Ukraine will finally became a country with a stable position; the country where common Polish and Ukrainian effort will lead to the creation of the welfare state based on strong economy”, said Polish deputy minister of economy Andrzej Dycha at the Forum. Polish Ministry of Finance granted Ukraine a loan for modernization of border crossings and the construction of transport infrastructure. The project will be implemented by Polish contractors.

PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska speaking on Ukrainian investments in Poland

Under the Forum, the International Investment Project Contest (Międzynarodowy Konkurs Projektów Inwestycyjnych) promoting Ukrainian investment initiatives in Poland was held. This years the awards went to 6 Ukrainian companies: SenVGroup Sp.zo.o, Budsol Sp.zo.o, Trailmech, StudioPak and Ukrekopak. (PAIiIZ)

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150515/ukrainian_business_days_in_warsaw.


Mielec SEZ celebrates 20 birthdays
Exactly twenty years ago, in 1995, the first Economic Zone in Poland - Euro Park-Mielec - was established. Today, Euro Park-Mielec is one of the most diversified zones in Poland regarding sectors.

Real results of the zone regarding job creation and value of invested capital are much higher than it was expected at the beginning, in the zone development plan. Euro Park-Mielec has already hosted investment projects with the total value reaching PLN 7bn. Until recently, 30,000 new job were created there. The zone has already issued 300 business permits. The very first one went to Agmar-Telecom in 1996.

Many companies that have gowned in the zone now are also active on international markets. (ARP/Euro Park-Mielec SEZ)

The Polish Aviation Upland: Łódź-Dęblin-Radom
On 15 May deputy prime minister and minister of national defence Tomasz Siemoniak together with PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman paid a visit to WZL No 1 in Łódź to talk about establishing the project of Wojskowa Wyżyna Lotnicza (the Military Aviation Upland).

Press meeting on "Wojskowa Wyżyna Lotnicza" project with minister Siemoniak (source: DKS MON)

Wojskowa Wyżyna Lotnicza is expected to cover three Polish cities: Łódź, Dęblin and Radom. According to PAIiIZ president, it is an important moment for the economic development of Poland as the project should play a role of a engine of development of at least few regions of the country. The first meeting of parties interested in the implementation of Wojskowa Wyżyna Lotnicza: Łódź-Dęblin-Radom has been planned for the beginning of June 2015. (PAIiIZ)

S8 motorway - Inwestycje Nam po Drodze project
Inwestycje Nam po Drodze - this is a common project of Łódź, Wałbrzych, Warmia-Mazury and Suwalska SEZs and five provinces in Poland.

The project focuses on the establishment of a coherent investment policy regarding the investment area around S8 motorway in Poland that links such cities as Wrocław, Łódź, Warsaw and Białystok.

Mean while, Kamienna Góra SEZ opened a new office in Żmigród that will provide investment assistance mostly for Polish companies that are planning to invest around S8 motorway. (Invest-Park)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


China Investment Forum in May
How to import safely and with a profit from China? What are the most convenient ways to transport goods from the Far East? How to effectively negotiate with Chinese partners? Experts will answer on these and other questions during China-Poland Matchmaking and Investment Forum, held on 27-29 may 2015 in Poznań. Forum is a side event of China Homelife Show fair, under the patronage of PAIiIZ.

We invite you to take part in the meeting and register for the event by a form available at: http://paiz.szef.co/formularze/akredytacja.

Language used on a meeting: English.

For more information see: http://chinahomelife.org. (China Homelife Show)

Innovativeness made in Poland
On 28 Maj at 10:00, DAGO conference centre (Rondo 1 in Warsaw) will hold the conference arranged by PAIiIZ and Credo Taxand entitled "Innowacyjność po polsku - szanse i zagrożenia dla firm w nowej perspektywie UE 2014-2020” (Innovativeness made in Poland).

During the event, representatives of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) and science sector together with innovative companies will talk about barriers in the development of Polish innovations. Participants will learn how to finance, protect and tax the innovative activities to achieve the best business results.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. The meeting starts at 10:00.

Registration of participants and media accreditation under the link: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?new_EU_perspective. (PAIiIZ)

About Scandinavian investments in North Poland
Białogard Investment Park invites for the 2nd International Conference entitled "Scandinavian Businesses in the North Poland". The event is held under the patronage of PAIiIZ.

During the conference ongoing and planned investments provided by Denmark, Finland, Norway in Northern of Poland will be presented.

The ceremony awarding the most outstanding Scandinavian investments in Poland will be also held then. The winners will receive awards from Janusz Piechociński, deputy prime minister and minister of economy.

The conference will be held on 1 June in Technology Incubator in Białogard.

More information www.investparkbialogard.pl. (BPI)

PRoAfrica - welcome to the conference
PAIiIZ took the patronage over the ProArica conference that will be arranged under the Angola Days in Poznań by Polish-African Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Angola in Poland. The meeting will be held on 28 May at 10:00 in Sala Niebieska, at Poznań International Fairs.

The conference is dedicated to developing closer cooperation of Poland and Africa regarding business and culture.

The access to the meeting is free. Limited seats available.

Registration by: 618 468 011 or by e-mail: biuro@apih.pl. (APIH)

Go Global, Go China
On 29 May at 10:00 Pałacyk Przeździeckich will be the venue of the Go Global Go China event dedicated to the Chinese market. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

Among discussed topics: future and business opportunities offered by China. The details of the economic mission to China headed by minister of foreign affairs Grzegorz Schetyna that will be held between 16 and 19 June will be presented.

More information http://konferencje.rp.pl/wydarzenie/program/2449,go-global-go-china-2015.html. (RP)

R&D opportunities for UK business in Poland
On 9 June at 17:00, Polish Embassy in London will hold the meeting dedicated to providing British R&D projects in Poland.

This seminar, aimed at UK business, is intended to showcase the breadth and depth of Polish R&D capabilities and innovative technologies across many sectors. Poland's national centre for R&D (NCB+R) and PAIiIZ will be on hand to explain the various incentives on offer for UK businesses and investors choosing to set up R&D activities in Poland.

The access to the meeting is free.

The registration is available by: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?poland_innovation_showcase. (BPCC/ PAIiIZ)

Forum Regionów Polska - Chiny
Between 28 and 29 June, hotel Andel’s in Łódź will host 3rd Forum Regionów Polska - Chiny. The city of Łódź is the official Host of the event while PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

Participants of the Forum will discuss issues related to: transportation, modern city management, business and tourism promotion and education. The establishment of the New Silk Road "One belt. One Road” will be also the highlight of the event.

More information: www.polskachiny.lodzkie.pl.


Cooperation with Lubuskie Province
”Zielona Góra is an attractive investment zone covering 120 hectares in one piece. Your success is just a matter of time, argued PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska on 18 May in Zielona Góra, during the ceremony of signing the cooperation agreement between PAIiIZ and Zielona Góra - the major city of Lubuskie Province.

Under the agreement, both sides will cooperate to prepare region for providing professional service for foreign investors through increasing the attractiveness of investment offers, improving collection and sharing business information and creating and managing databases of the city's business activity.

Signing the cooperation agreement between PAIiIZ and Zielona Góra (photo by: Filip Czernicki)

Lubuskie province has developed an attractive investor offer. It has well-prepared investment sites of investment. On the other, it’s a great capacity to develop human capital. 12 universities are operating where over 26,000 students is studying, 19,2% of young people study in technical secondary schools while, 19,2% in vocational schools. (PAIiIZ/Urząd Miasta Zielona Góra)

Poland - perfect base for home appliance sector
On May 20 in Pabianice, representatives of manufacturers, distributors and experts of home appliances met at 3rd International Forum of Home Appliance Manufacturers. This annual conference is dedicated to the future of the sector in and outside Poland. PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska participated in the discussion on the global economic situation and its impact on home appliance industry.

"Poland is a perfect place for home appliance producers to grow”, said Mrs Polak-Kocińska. "We do have knowledge, experience and a broad network of suppliers and cooperators”, she added. In her opinion the presence of the biggest companies and easy access to the UE and Eastern Europe markets are Poland’s biggest advantages. Moreover, Poland has a receptive internal market with over 12 million of households. It is also a country with an attractive system of support, for both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, underlined Mrs Polak-Kocińska Łódź Special Economic Zone, is considered as the hub of home appliances in Poland. "For our producers the best ground to grow have been created there”, said LSEZ president, Tomasz Sadzyński.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150520/poland_perfect_base_for_home_appliance_sector. (PAIiIZ)

Spring salary survey
The results of Salary Surveys by Advisory Group TEST Human Resources has just been publishes.

508 companies operating in Poland took part in the survey. The results of the survey are available on: http://raportplacowy.pl/en/start.html. (Advisory Group TEST Human Resources)


The longest Bike Route in Poland
In the Eastern Poland, the longest bike route is being constructed. It will be one of the flagship tourist investments in the Macro-region.

The bicycle route will be situated along cultural and natural tourist attractions including 5 National Parks and even 15 Landscape Parks. Through the development of tourism, the project should contribute to the social and economic development of the region and lead to the local economic growth. Along the bike route, hotel and leisure sector and small business sector will be developed.

More information: http://greenvelo.pl. (Greenvelo)

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