February 27th, 2014,
 Issue 371


Doing business in Ukraine
On Monday, 24 February, the Ministry of Economy held a meeting on the situation of Polish enterprises in Ukraine. The meeting was attended by representatives of ministries and governmental agencies including PAIiIZ. Sławomir Majman also joined the appointment.

“Ministry of Economy constantly analyses the situation in Ukraine in terms of threats to the interests of Polish companies operating in the country. If necessary, we are ready to provide all kind of support” - said deputy prime minister Piechociński. He stressed, that the current changes in political and economic situation of Ukraine may cause macroeconomic problems such as: balance of payments crisis or even the collapse of the banking sector.

The meeting was a continuation of last Friday’s talks between the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the biggest exporters, investors and organizations representing Polish companies in Ukraine. “Despite the reduction of the trade, the devaluation of Hryvna seems to be the biggest threats in business relations between both sides. Few years ago, the devaluation caused a lot of tension between the partners on both sides. Many payment transactions had not been completed”, said the prime minister Piechociński.

Ukraine is the 8 th most important export partner of Poland. Moreover, it is the 21st major supplier of goods to Poland.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140224/doing_business_in_ukraine. (PAIiIZ/ME)

Armenian Ministry of Economy visited Poland
On PAIiIZ invitation, between 17 to 20 February, representatives of Armenian Ministry of Economy visited Poland, under the European Commission Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Programme (TAIEX).

The main aim of the meeting lead by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman was to introduce the Armenian partners with the Polish system of Special Economic Zones as well as to present local instruments of support for investments. Guests were also looking at the PAIiIZ activities. They discussed the possibilities of cooperation between both institutions. Mr. Majman presented the specifics of Polish and EU economies and the governmental instruments of SME’s support. Armenian delegation also visited Kraków, where it met representatives of regional techno-parks: Kraków Technology Park, LifeScience cluster and Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140220/armenian_ministry_of_economy_visited_poland. (PAIiIZ)

Experiences of Poland’s transformation
Experiences of Poland in terms of this year’s anniversaries of Polish political transformation, joining NATO, entering European Union, as well as changes of the country image were the main highlights of the meeting with delegation from Belarusian investment agency Bieleximgarant.

Both sides looked at Polish investments abroad. Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa have become the latest destinations of Polish companies. Promotional programs as GoChina and GoAfrica dedicated for Polish business has been designed as a platform of support in foreign markets. Companies such as PESA, Oknoplast, InPost, Inglot or KGHM, which operate in 50 countries, are the most impressive examples of Polish business’s expansion.

According to GUS (Polish central statistic office), in 2012, the revenues of all companies with foreign capital in Poland increased by 72% year on year. Moreover, 72% of such companies that employ more than 10 people, shipped goods abroad.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140220/experiences_of_polands_transformation. (PAIiIZ)

Polish aviation companies welcome to Angola
Angola - one of the fastest developing African countries - encourages Polish companies to take part in the aviation investment projects. By 2016, Angolan government plans to spend over €1,6m on that purpose.

Currently, Angola is carrying a huge project of civil aviation infrastructure development. Ultimately, 30 airports, including 16 completely new ones, will operate throughout the country. The construction of the international airport in Luanda - the capital city of Angola - is expected to be finished by 2016. It will be the most modern airport in this part of Africa that will provide services for 15 million passengers every year. Additionally, the government has begun the process of modernization of the 4 already existing international airports: Aeroporto 4 de Fevereiro in Luanda, Nova Lisboa in Huambo, Aerpoporto da Catumbela in Benguela and Welwitschia Miriabilis in Namibe. The project is managed by state-owned corporation ENANA.

Ambassador Domingos Culolo during Aiport 2014 conference (source: Skrzydlata Polska)

Implementation of the new investments requires the development of new express roads in the country. Over the next three years, Angola is going to build lay about 10,000 km of such roads. According to Domingos Culolo, Angola’s ambassador to Poland, this is an additional opportunity for Polish companies. Their have already proven (in Iraq for instance) that they are advanced in building good, durable roads for tropical climate. “Therefore, all companies interested in participation in Angolan investments, should contact Polish Embassy in Luanda”, said ambassador Culolo during the conference “Airport 2014”,that was arranged under PAIiIZ patronage. (Altair/Skrzydlata Polska)


Amazon's second logistic centre
On 18 February in Sady, Tarnowo Podgórne near Poznań, the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the second Amazon’s fulfillment centre was held.

American company Amazon has officially announced its decision of investing in Poland at the beginning of October 2013. On 6 February, Amazon arranged the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the first Amazon fulfillment centre located in in Bielany Wrocławskie.

Visualisation of the new Amazon Centre (source: Panattoni)

In the three fulfilment centres, the company will create 6,000 full-time jobs, with a further 9,000 seasonal jobs planned for the holiday season. (PAIiIZ/SGIPW)

New investments in the Kraków SEZ
Kraków SEZ has issued three new permits to conduct business there. They were received by Can-Pack Food and Industrial Packaging, Can-Pack Metal Closures and SGL Lindner. Together, all companies plan to invest PLN 112.5m and create 132 new jobs.

Can-Pack Food, Industrial Packaging as well as Can-Pack Metal Closures operate under Can-Pack Group, the company producing metal packaging from over 20 years. Can-Pack Metal Closures plans to implement the production of crown crocks and the easy-open ends called "CP-CAP ". Moreover, the company will invest in the process of automating, receiving, packaging and storage of finished products.

SGL Lindner is a joint venture company of Lindner and SGL Carbon. Under the new projects, both companies have been cooperated with the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Kraków. SGL Lindner plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Nowy Sącz where production of expanded graphite for cooling and heating systems will be implemented. The value of investment has been estimated at the level of PLN 40m. Investor plans to hire at least 70 new employers. (KSEZ)

Norwegian investor in Gdańsk
Norwegian investor Powel AS has opened the office in Poland that will support the development of software for Powel’s growing customer base. It is the first office of Powel AS in Poland.

Powel AS operates in ITC sector and provides services for local authorities and companies representing energy and engineering sectors. The new office is located in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, which is an important ICT hub in the region.

The software solutions and related services created by Powel AS in Gdansk will be used to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality.

Powel AS has the offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey and Poland. (Invest in Pomerania)

Comarch goes to Latin America
Market dynamics and economic potential of Latin America were the main factors that stand behind the opening of a subsidiary of the Polish Comarch Capital Group in Santiago de Chile.

Comarch’s new Chilean office will be responsible for the local sales of CRM & marketing solutions for enterprises, as well as IT systems for telecommunication.

Comarch has been successfully developing its presence in the region for many years, resulting in contracts with customers that include Brazilian Azul Airlines, Dominican Banco Popular, as well as telecoms and cable operators, such as Belize Telemedia Limited, Cable Onda in Panama and Mexican CableCom.

Comarch is also currently implementing a loyalty management program for one of the largest financial groups in Chile. (Comarch)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Plans of employers - the employment goes up
PAIiIZ and Randstad invite you to participate in a press conference on prognosis of the job market in 2014. The event will be held on 4 March at PAIiIZ Information Centre, Bagatela 12. Representatives of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy with Randstad and PaIiIZ experts will take part in the event.

Speakers will try to answer the question of what are employers’ expectations in the first six months of 2014. The results of Randstad and Institute of Research and TNS latest survey conducted in February among the Polish employers will be presented at the conference.

Attendance confirmation and media accreditation under e-mail beata.jez@paiz.gov.pl utill 3 March, by 12:00 pm. (PAIiIZ)

Investment climate in Poland
The results of the Investment Climate in Poland survey as well as the outcomes of the report on services provided by PAIiIZ will be presented on 3 March at the conference in PAIiIZ.

During the event, representatives of bilateral chambers and foreign investors will look at the position of Poland as an attractive destination for capital investment. They will also discuss the investment incentives offered in Poland in attracting foreign investors.

Polish - English translation will be provided.

The registration is available until 3 March, 9 am online at www.paiz.gov.pl/klimat2014. (PAIiIZ)

Poland-South Africa Economic Forum
Ministry of Economy, PAIiIZ and Trade & Investment South Africa invite you to participate in the Poland - South Africa Economic Forum. The meeting will be held on 14 March at 2 pm, in Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw.

Poland - South Africa Economic Forum coincides with the official visit of the vice-president of South Africa to Poland, Mr. Kgalema Motlanthe. After the official part of the meeting, B2B talks for Polish and South African companies will be arranged.

The application is available at www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-RPA by 12 March until 12.00 pm. (PAIiIZ)


Winter economic forecast
According to European Commission, Poland's GDP in 2014 will reach 2.9%. In 2015 it is expected to grow to 3.1%.

In European Commission's autumn forecast 2013, Polish GDP growth in 2014 was projected at the level of 2.5% and 2.9% for 2015. However, in winter economic forecasts, the European Commission estimates that the gross domestic product in the EU will increase by 1.5% in 2014 and by 1.2% in the eurozone. In 2015, economic growth will accelerate to 2% and 1.8%, respectively. (www.europa.eu)


Starachowice SEZ is getting bigger
Starachowice SEZ grew by 31hectars. On 25 February, the government issued regulation which changes the SEZ borders. Due to the increase of SSEZ and acquiring new investments, over 1,000 new jobs may be created. The expected value of the incoming investments has been estimated at the level of PLN 233m.

Starachowice Subzone (source: Starachowice SSE)

New plots incorporated to Starachowice SEZ include areas of Końskie and Puławy and municipalities of Kielce and Połaniec. The incoming investments in the expanded zone not only should help to create new jobs in the SEZ area, but also will increase employment in zone’s surroundings. The governmental regulation has been implemented to increase the capabilities of SEZ in terms of investment development as well as to strengthen the competitiveness of Polish economy and the employment policy.

Kamiennogórska SEZ publishes its own journal
“PIK”, this is the name of a new quarterly journal published by Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Small Business. The journal has been established for companies operated in KGSEZ that covers two Polish provinces: Lower Silesia and the Małopolska.

The journal will publish information on new permits, business activity of companies located in KGSEZ. Changes of legal regulations acquisition, case studies, news and presentation of cities’ and villages’ offer will be also discussed by “PIK” journal. The first issue covers the main events of the 2013 year. PAIiIZ recommend reading the “PIK” quarterly. (SSEMP)


Tram trip to Poland
Colourful trams, covered with fairy tale-style layouts have appeared on the streets of Rome and Milan. They promote Poland under the campaign entitled "Polska.com and find your story".

The Polish campaign in Italy started at a turn of January and February. It promotes selected tourist products and the country’s brand image in the context of Volleyball World Championship that will be held in the autumn in Poland. The promotion project has been launched with outdoor campaign, which will continue on TV.

Source: Polish Tourist Organisation

Italy with 60 million inhabitants is the significant group of potential tourists interested in visiting Poland. In 2012, our country was visited by 295.000 of tourists from Italy. (POT)

Polish "foxtrots" on Russian streets
In March, first low-floor "foxtrots" trams, made PESA, will go to Moscow. The agreement to deliver Polish trams to Russia was signed in June 2013.

Moscow is the second, after Kaliningrad, Russian city where PESA trams are operating. The first part of the delivery has been arranged for March 2014. Polish trams will appear on Moscow streets this summer.

PESA increasingly enters foreign markets. Rail vehicles made by this company are already present in the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Germany, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. (PESA)

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