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The region is located centrally to the west of Poland, and characterised by a balanced economic development in various directions, a significant level of investment, a high level of technology and openness for external markets. Of particular importance for development of the voivodship are the Poznań International Fairs, organised over the last 80 years, which promote Poznań’s name as a centre for administration and the competition for the title of “Poland’s trading capital”. The Wielkopolska voivodship is marked by the significant presence of foreign investors, who place the availability of trained personnel as the greatest incentive for investments. To date, approximately 4.5 thousand businesses have been set up with shares of foreign capital and among these investments German capital predominates. Poznań’s educational institutions are ranked among the best academies in the country. Wielkopolska is also the most important agricultural region in the country with large amounts of farmland, where the standard of the economy is on a par with European levels. In terms of its geographic location - Wielkopolska provides a bridgehead between Eastern and Western Europe. Across the voivodship’s terrain runs the A2 motorway and a rail route that is compatible with the European transport system of quick travel and deliveries. The Wielkopolska voivodship cooperates on a basis of partnership agreements with many other regions and app. 300 towns and gminas (local authorities), mainly those in Europe, whose target is above all the mutual cooperation in the economic sphere. Poznań, Wielkopolska’s capital and other towns and cities within the voivodship are renowned far beyond the country’s borders, due to the many cultural events held there, e.g. the Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition. Wielkopolska also has beautiful architecture, two different zoos, various botanical gardens, a palm house, a nature reserve and many parks. Within Poznań itself there lie four natural lakes.

The Wielkopolska voivodship is a region that’s very active and well balanced economically.

Investment opportunities

  • located on the East-West transit route,
  • great investment activities from the gminas (local authorities), related to grants, or to their self-financing of development,
  • a high level of income,
  • high rate of industrial productivity,
  • balanced economic structure,
  • large ratio of private sector involvement in the region’s economy,
  • well developed business support institutions,
  • the largest area of agricultural land in any voivodship and a high quality of regional agricultural produce.


The above average investments in BPO projects in Wielkopolska, together with a high level of the voivodship’s investment activity in carrying out the programme “Wielkopolska Innovation”, is already providing its first tangible effects. An excellent location, large number of higher education entities, the availability of well trained staff, the development of a large web of business support institutions and also the support for innovation from the Poznań Science and Technology Park are factors guaranteeing the rapid expansion of the BPO sector in the region.


The favourable location for transport connections with other regions in the country and abroad, the wide selection of sites for investment and the great need for logistics services in the region should provide a guarantee of success for future investors in the sector.

The automotive industry

A great tradition, a trained workforce, relatively low work costs for high levels of ability have resulted in the presence in the region of large investors from the motor industry.

The active involvement of the voivodship, favourable communication links and the rates of productivity from existing manufacturers also raise the attractiveness of this sector.

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