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Vast forests, beautiful forests, clean rivers, a traditional countryside, together with historical sights and well known health resorts, make up the Kujawy-Pomorze voivodship. The region lays in the central part of Poland, astride of either side of the Vistula, Poland’s largest river. Agricultural production provides 30% of the region’s industrial output.

Kujawy-Pomorze is a voivodship that has two capitals. One of these, the City of Toruń, has a beautiful Old Town, which is entered under the UNESCO list for World Heritage Cities and is the birthplace of the famous astronomer Nicholas Copernicus. The second is Bydgoszcz, which also has a 600 year history; through which the XIX century Bydgoszcz Canal flows, creating a unique European water bound transport system, that used to carry 500 thousand tons of coal annually in steam ships.

Today the Kujawy-Pomorze voivodship is home to Sharp the Japanese electronics giant and its sub-contractors at Łysomice near Toruń, the Technology Transfer Centre and the Toruń Technology Park and the non-commercial internet broadband service in Bydgoszcz. The many higher education institutes have provided great hope for the young, who can follow the example of the pianist Rafał Blechacz, a pupil of the Bydgoszcz Academy of Music, the winning laureate of the XV International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition.

Kujawy-Pomorze is an agricultural region, the cultural heritage of our ancestors, a European musical centre which is geared to modernity.

Investment opportunities

  • Industrial traditions,
  • Large numbers of highly qualified engineering and technical personnel,
  • A large supply of personnel in research and development (many higher education institutes),
  • A leading role within Poland in the field of developing the IT structure,
  • A concentrated population: in the Bydgoszcz and Toruń urban areas and in other towns,
  • A highly developed agricultural economy including and a well developed food processing industry,
  • A clean environment supported by advanced projects from the sphere of environmental protection,
  • A strong and well developed social infrastructure (the country’s leading medical institutions, a broad range of health centres and sanatoriums, important cultural centres and cultural heritage and a good educational system),
  • A good climate for investments and their location.

The chemical industry

The voivodship has a long history of manufacturing in the chemicals sector. The development of the sector, innovative solutions, low production costs and above all the availability of a highly qualified workforce and the existing science and research base means that it continues to be attractive to investors.


The voivodship possesses a specialised environment for science and research and educational centres which guarantee a high potential in education. The large supply of qualified personnel means that the region has in recent years been perceived as being attractive for firms in the High-Tech sector.

In this region firms from the sectors of research and development, technology transfer and electronics manufacturers have been locating themselves.

Tax exemptions and investment sweeteners have been prepared by the region’s local government and development agencies. These have served to raising the regions attractiveness.

The mechanical industry

The voivodship has a well established traditions related to the mechanical industry. The investment opportunities for companies from this sector are increased by the large numbers of potential business partners and sub-contractors and also due to the existing entities within the sector those entities that receive supplies and services will benefit.

The research and development environment and the well trained workforce are very important factors for potential investors. The tax exemptions and investment sweeteners that have been prepared by the region’s local government and development agencies, have also served to raise the region’s attractiveness for investors.

Food processing

The voivodship has positive natural qualities and a long history that provides experience related to the agricultural sector and the food industry industry.

The region’s attractiveness in this field is supported by the significant research and development potential in the region, which helps to provide qualified workers and also enables research that stimulates innovation in food production. Two factors: the large number of enterprises in the food sector and the extensive food processing activities, means that a potential investor can find the appropriate location for an investment within this region.

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