November 10th, 2017, Issue 562


PAIH joins hands with Association of Polish Chambers of Commerce Abroad
Cooperation with chambers of commerce, hence more intensive activities of Foreign Trade Offices have been established throughout a partnership agreement between PAIH and the Association of Polish Chambers of Commerce Abroad. - Our objectives are similar - improvement of national enterprises’ competitiveness and making them stronger abroad. That is why, I am sure that closer relations between us, the PAIH trade offices as well as Polish chambers of commerce all around the world will benefit the Polish business a lot - PAIH vice-president Wojciech Fedko said.

On November 6th PAIH was the host of „Polish business organizations in the world: How to exploit potential of the existing structures for the support of national entrepreneurs in their expansion” conference. During the event representatives of Polish chambers of commerce and business organizations abroad presented a new business project which will help Polish companies to operate on foreign markets.

The newly established organisation is to be a platform of cooperation and exchange of experience, knowledge and contacts for Polish entrepreneurs operating in the whole world, as well as building a positive image of Poland in the international arena. - Our strength is hidden in the synergy of knowledge and unique experience. We will be even more effective together. Moreover, in the framework of the revised economic diplomacy we could be a partner for the Polish government and base our strategy on the Responsible Development Strategy - President of the Association Hanna Stypułkowska-Goutierre argued.

-  Looking at the British and German chambers of commerce, their effectiveness and the strength in the local markets confirm our belief that this kind of support is needed by the Polish business. The idea of setting up the association had been born from this conclusion - Joanna Schuhholz, Executive Director at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands said. - There is a necessity of cooperation with organisations, that have at their disposal particular knowledge and a local network in the ecosystem of supporting the expansion of Polish companies - W. Fedko added.

There is some 40 Polish business organisations worldwide. They seek to achieve a common goal: supporting Polish companies abroad and promoting economic relations between Poland and the country they operate in. By now, the Polish chambers of commerce located abroad have not been in touch actually. Establishing the Association is to be the first step towards closer cooperation.

The conference was attended by representatives of 18 chambers of commerce from Norway, Sweden, Austria, the US (New York, Florida and California), Israel, France, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Serbia, among others. All of them support starting of the Association.

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Budapest Beauty Forum 2017 - will Polish cosmetics find their way in Hungary?
Poland was promoted to the six European cosmetic leaders. There is a growing demand for Polish cosmetics mainly in Asia. But the market with great potential is also much closer - in Hungary. Foreign Trade Office of Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Budapest invited Polish companies for the biggest cosmetic fair in Hungary, Beauty Forum Budapest 2017, which took place on 3-4 November 2017 in the capital of Hungary. -Very first contracts can be signed literally in days - said the head of the PAIH's Budapest office.

Polish beauty products are visible all over the world. Unlike in previous years, the situation in Eastern European markets such as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan has been less dynamic, and the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, which is currently one of the most promising markets, is on the rise. As a fact, Middle Eastern regions - United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are very demanding but also extremely absorbent, as demonstrated by the great success of Inglot, Dr. Irena Eris, Oceanic, Delia or Joanna Hair Care Line. Interesting opportunities are now in developed African countries (Morocco, South Africa) and part of Latin American countries, but the largest potential growth of the cosmetics market in the coming years will be in Asia.

As the latest Hungarian example shows, the closer European markets still have a lot to offer. - They are naturally beating the rest of the world, with logistics and cultural similarities - claims Marcin Karaskiewicz, PAIH Trade Office chief in Budapest.
Arkana Cosmetics, Secret Soap, Euphora Grzegorz Wnęk (Paese brand), Alilla and Salco au Naturel went to Budapest to fight for the Hungarian consumer at the Beauty Forum Budapest 2017. Karaskiewicz mentioned, that it was possible not only a personal participation of polish companies on the stand during fair, but also handing over the promotional materials to PAIH office, as Naturmedicin, manufacturer of Swederm brand did.
In the November edition of the fair, 70 international exhibitors from the beauty industry presented several hundred brands, and the event was visited by several thousand people, including distributors, retailers, beauty salon and spa owners.
- Beauty Forum Budapest 2017 is the most recognizable event for cosmetics companies in Hungary. As our experience shows, the possibility of presenting the offer at the Budapest Fair is an effective way to find a Hungarian partner and introduce products to the Hungarian market. This is especially crucial for small and medium-sized companies already operating on the Polish market - concluded Karaskiewicz 

According to Karaskiewicz, due to the high level of interest from Hungarian distributors as well as the good recognition of Polish brands in Hungary, Beauty Forum Budapest 2017 should quickly bring business results to Polish producers.
Polish manufacturers can take part in new Promotion Program of the cosmetic industry, based on Polish brands. The requirement to participate in the Program is the producer’s obligation to choose at least one of the non-EU markets for foreign expansion, including: UAE, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Indonesia, China / Honkong, South Korea.

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Not only Polish apples - participation of Polish food sector in World Food India 2017
- Poland has the status of a European leader in food production, we have high processing and refrigeration technologies, so I believe we can offer a lot to our Indian partners - said Tomasz Pisula, President of the Polis Investment and Trade Agency at the Poland-India Business Forum. The Forum was held under the Polish Agri-Food Business Mission to India on 1-7 November, co-organized by PAIH. The government-business delegation was chaired by Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Development, Witold Słowik.

World Food India Fairs are dedicated to food and processing companies in fruit and vegetable processing, juice and beverage production, milk processing, dairy, meat and poultry production, as well as refrigeration, storage and transport. During World Food India, Polish business presented its potential at the national stand of 200m2 size. It was also a place to make business contacts paving the way for the Indian consumer. Within only three days, New Delhi event gathered thousands of visitors.

- India with its monumental consumer market is our priority target for expansion in Asia. We want the synergy of trade between Poland and India to benefit both countries so that we can complement one another in priority areas of the economy. The first step is to overcome the cultural barriers - added in his presentation PAIH President. Manufacturers participating in the delegation took part in the World Food India 2017 Fair, which takes place annually at the government exhibition center Vigyan Bhavan.

India is one of the fastest-growing, large-scale economies in the world. According to data from 2014, agriculture stands for 18.1% GDP of this country. However, obstacles of obtaining optimal crops are difficult due to weather conditions, especially the need to face long periods of drought. There is also a lack of advanced food processing and refrigeration machinery, which results in fact, that Indian nutrition in 90% is based on simple unprocessed products. This gap can be filled by the Polish business - not only by supplying fruits such as raspberries, apples or strawberries, but also through providing production lines, technologically advanced machines and processed food (such as dairy products). An interesting achievement of Polish export in recent years is the sale of a technological line for the production of traditional Indian cheese called paneer by the company OBRAM with headquarter in Olsztyn.
- The Polish agri-food sector has impressive production capacities. Hence, the natural element of the marketing strategy of many manufacturers is to seek new markets. With the help of PAIH entrepreneurs can boldly explore the potential of countries as distant as India. We will use all our tools to support them in this process - said Pisula.


He reminded that since 2010, Polish food export increased by 19%. Currently the share of world exports is 2.5%. In India we sell chocolate products, pastry, flour and jams. The export of apples to India, which is a Polish specialty, increased by 250% in the years 2015-2016 and poultry meat by 648%. - These numbers speak for themselves and are a litmus paper of the intensity of our mutual trade - Pisula concluded.
One of the important points of this mission was the participation of Polish delegation in the Business Forum Poland - India, which was also dominated by the topic of cooperation in the agri-food sector. As highlighted by the participants of the Forum, there are many niches on the Indian market that Polish companies should use for their business extension. Especially as food from Europe is very popular in India. The Indian market for frozen products is growing at a rate of 20% yoy, and the local demand for processed products and ready meals is not decreasing. The analyzes also show that with the progress and dynamics of the pace of life, Indian society will shift its eating habits towards more processed products.


During the Forum the Polish and Indian entrepreneurs met in the formula of B2B conversations. - We sincerely hope that the relations established during the economic mission will soon be awarded by long-term contracts and it will reinforce the economic relations between our countries - said PAIH President Tomasz Pisula. (PAIH)

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Green Technologies mission to India
Join the business mission to India (New Delhi) that will be arranged jointly by PAIH, the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 22-28 November.


The invitation is addressed to the following sectors:

  • machine and coal mining;
  • green technologies;
  • IT/ICT, start-ups and new technologies.

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Mission to Greece
On the occasion of the official visit of President Andrzej Duda to Greece - PAIH, Enterprise Greece as well as the Polish Embassy in Athens and the Ministry of Economic Development have an honour to invite companies to a green technologies business mission to Greece that will be held between 20-22 November.

One of the highlight of the mission is a Greek - Polish Forum of Green Technologies in Athens. During the event B2B talks between two parties will take place.

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21st Poland - Belarus DOBROSˇSIEDZTWO 2017 Economic Forum
We invite you to join the DOBROSˇSIEDZTWO 2017 Economic Forum that will be held between 14-15 November in Lublin (Centrum Targów Konferencyjnych, Dworcowa 11).

DOBROSˇSIEDZTWO is the annual debate focusing on Polish - Belarusian economic cooperation. This year, the event coincides with the Energetics Trade Show.

Therefore it will be dedicated to transports, logistic and construction sector.

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FDI Poland Investor Awards Gala
Take part in the FDI Poland Investor Awards Gala. The event will be arranged on 9 November 2017, Intercontinental Warsaw.

This year, we continue with our focus on both Inward and Outgoing Investment, further embracing the international engagement and expansion of Poland. The time period is January 2016 - August 2017, so your New Investment or Expansion Investment must have been announced or made during that period of time. We have more than 20 categories for investors and 5 new categories for top exporters. Watch last year's video HERE.

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Life science sector specializes in R & D & I projects
According to Crido Taxand nearly 1.600 Polish innovative projects were granted almost PLN 9 bn of the EU funding. However, the 2015-2016 financial envelope available for the national business has been used in 2/3. Companies representing life science sector are the best in obtaining the funds.

Consulting firm Crido Taxand developed “Support for R & D & I activity in Poland. Analysis of the results of competitions for entrepreneurs conducted in the years 2015-2016” report, which shows the state of implementation of EU funds in Poland in the field of supporting of the development of entrepreneurship innovativeness. According to the publication, Polish companies received PLN 8.96 bn for R & D & I projects, which means the use of the budget for 2015-2016 stands at only 66%. When it comes to the budget of 2014-2020, this indicator amounts to 38%.

In line with Crido Taxand 1589 Polish innovative projects received funds within the 2015-2016 budget. The most popular way of application was the so-called fast track for SMEs (47% of all applications), which proved to be the most difficult - only about 20% of applications were successful. 

The most successful companies in the sector (the average success rate was about 70%), and the most active sectors were life science, engineering, automotive, chemical and construction, the report reads. On the other hand, the least active industries were packaging, electronics and IT / ICT.

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Polish music to conquer the world
Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAiKS) has grown annoyed by the low level of Polish music exports, therefore it outlined the plan of increasing its volume. Music export Office is to help to implement the plan.

Polish music market totals PLN 680m, but estimated value of the exports amounts to only PLN 20m, what accounts for less than 3 percent of the entire market. Artists representing such genres as death metal, jazz or classical music have been becoming world-famous. However, the ones operating in the mainstream have been way behind their colleagues from the UK or Sweden. The British and the Swedish counterparts of ZAiKS have noted much bigger international distribution revenues than the Polish society. Some of Poland’s musicians’ flaws are poor English language skills and reluctance towards internalisation of its artistic activity.

The situation is to be improved by the Music Exports Office (MExP). When setting the new office up ZAiKS wants to look up to the Swedish organisation, which managed to successfully promote such legendary bands as ABBA or Ace of Base. ZAiKS hopes to record first positive results of the new agency’s work in 3-5 years. (Puls Biznesu)

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