February 3rd, 2011,
Issue 212




State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovation on a study tour in Poland

The visit took place between January 23-29, 2011.  11 representatives of the State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovation and people form Ukraininan local investment and development centres visited Poland.

Participants could get acquainted with the Polish system of attracting investments. A visit to the city of Łódź was an occasion to see the workings of local investment support and local development units. The group met with representatives of the Łódź Investor Assistance Centre, the Łódź City Council and the Łódź Special Economic Zone. Guests from Ukraine visited Kraków where they met representatives of the Kraków Technology Park, the Małopolska Regional Development Agency and visited Niepołomice.

Group from Ukraine with Jacek Piechota - Head of the Polish- Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Taras Tokarski - Advisor and Minister at the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland and Anna Polak-Kocińską - Vice Director at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency

The Ukrainian delegation attended a presentation prepared by the Support Instruments Department at the Ministry of Economy and had the chance to meet representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland as well as to talk to people form the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

The visit was organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency within the twinning programme “Ehancing performance of Invest Ukraine: the Ukrainian Centre for Foreign Investment Promotion in line with best European practices”. (PAIiIZ)

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“Poland Now” - 21st edition of the contest

Applications may be sent in till February 11th, 2011. The former 20 editions of the contest attracted 4 500 companies. Out of which 400 entrepreneurs and 33 communes were awarded.

Laureates confirm that the “Poland Now” award helps become more recognisable and successful on the market. The award is now the most widely recognised promotion mark in the country and for the majority of Poles it guarantees the highest quality of the awarded product. The "Poland Now” award is an emblem of trustworthiness and an instrument which effectively helps build company’s positive image. The contest is open for entrepreneurs and local administration entities.

To take part in the first stage of the contest participants have to send in a questionnaire and a verification application. During the verification process special attention will be paid to the quality of the application, its innovativeness and the general effectiveness of the company's activities.

In applications filed by communes experts will examine their investment policy, access to technical infrastructure, social policy, organisation and management of the office and activities connected with the commune’s promotion. The contest’s regulations and documents are available here: www.terazpolska.pl  (PAIiIZ)

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Investment in Biskupice Podgórne

The Chinese/Taiwan Chung Hong Electronics Poland operates in the electronic sector.

In the times of crisis the investing company did not reduce employment but even increased the number of hired people. The company meets all world-class production process requirements and is one of the majors suppliers of LG. The project is worth EUR10 million what will allow to create 150 new jobs. The company has been developing and there are plans to increase employment level. The realisation of the project was supported by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.  (PAIiIZ)

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NIFCO Korea invests in Żory

NIFCO Korea was established in 1985 and forms part of NIFCO CORPORATION headquartered in Japan.

NIFCO CORPORATION runs 20 branch offices in 13 countries, including Poland but the NIFCO Korea project in Poland is independent of the concern's activities run in the country by NIFCO Corp.

NIFCO Korea provides plastic products  which are mainly used in the car and electronic industry. The company’s major clients include Korean concerns Hyundai - Kia, Samsung Electronics and LG. The Żory-based facility will provide products for the concern’s major clients in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The project will cost EUR15 million and is estimated to create 200 workplaces.

NIFCO Korea has been realising the project in co-operation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ)

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Project form Kielce accepted by the European Commission

The project “Development of public communication system in the Kielce Metropolitan Area” was granted financial support by the European Commission.

The project is worth over PLN303 million and is the biggest from among the 12 projects which were listed as individual projects realised within the Programme Development of Eastern Poland. The project was granted support of over PLN233 million from the European Regional Development Fund. The initiative will effectively improve quality of road and public communication in the city.

The project envisages construction of roads and other elements vital for public communication. At the moment the city's residents have access to 13 new lines and new auto buses. In 2010 the city opened two new bus stations. (UMK)

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  • GDP growth in 3Q 2010 - 4.3%

    The Ministry of Economy estimates that domestic demand rose by 5.2% after it had risen by 4.2% in 3Q of the year. Individual consumer demand rose by 4.1% against the increase of 3.5% in 3Q.
    Investment rose by 0.9% as compared with 0.4% in the 3Q. (Ministry of Economy)

  • Exchange rates (as of 03.02.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Laurel of Skills and Competence

Politicians, economists, journalists, scientists, artists and culture managers were awarded f18Laurels of Skills and Competences.

This year’s Diamond Laurel of Skills and Competence was awarded to film director Krzysztof Zanussi, a former member of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and a co-owner of a private artistic higher education establishment.

Krzysztof Zanussi with the award

In the category Pro Publico Bono the Laur was awarded to Kamil Durczok, radio and tv presenter, editor in chief of FAKTY TVN and to Maria Pańczyk-Pozdziej, active promoter of the cultural heritage of Silesia and a Member of the Polish Sejm. Among the awarded was Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak, Head of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Jerzy Buzek and Krzysztof Zanussi

The Committee rewarded three companies for being socially responsible. I am happy with the fact that every year we have more and more laureates in the category - says PrezesHead of RIG in Katowice Tadeus Donocik.


This year the Committee granted 24 gold Laurels of Skills and Competences. The country has been developing economically and we have more and more successful entrepreneurs who perform successfully in the times of crisis - a thing which deserves to be seen and rewarded. (RIGwK)

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Best salaries in marketing

According to the salary report published by the Advisory Group TEST Human Resources which surveyed over 70 000 employees, the average salary in marketing departments is gross PLN 7 661.

The markting department is followed by the financial section with salaries of  PLN 471. The two best paid departments are followed by the development and IT sections where specialists earn over one thousand PLN less. (PLN6 375 and PLN6 270 respectively).  These departments are followed by the HR (PLN5 892) and saes (PLN5 750) sections.

The two worst paid departments are the client serves and production sections with salaries respectively of PLN 3 908 and PLN3 305. When analysing the data one has to remember that the salaries are an average of all salaries starting from directors to lower- rank employees. When it comes to an analysis by posts it is the management of financial sections that results to be the best paid one - an average of PLN18 000 for directors and PLN 10 000 for heads of smaller sections. Among freelancers IT specialist remain the best paid group with an average of PLN5 615. (Advisory Group)

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