November 6th, 2014,
 Issue 407


Go Angola
Angola is a Member-state of the African Union and one of the countries included in the Go Africa Programme. Between January - June 2014 Polish exports to Angola increased by 109%. To make the cooperation between the two countries more effective on 4 November, PAIiIZ arranged a business workshop.

S. Majman: "I’m sure there is a place for Polish business in Angola" (source: Leszek Szymański, PAP)

Walter Portela Cassul speaks about the economic potential of Angola (source: Leszek Szymański, PAP)

”Mining - the sector with such a long tradition in Poland is able to become Polish business specialty in Angola”, argued PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman while opening the workshop. Polish companies will get the support of the Poland - Angola Parliamentary Group establish in Polish parliament while entering not only to Angola but also to other African markets, added Polish MP Killion Munyama.

“Our country is open for investments”, said ambassador of Angola in Poland Domingos Culolo. Investors from the US, France, Brazil and Portugal are already there. Also the Polish business is active in Angola. For instance Navimor from Sopot is developing the Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research in a sea port in Namibe. It is the first and the biggest science institution in Sub-Saharan Africa. As it was marked by Sławomir Majman, now Angola needs to build roads, rail roads and develop agri-food sector. It is a perfect opportunity for Polish companies. “Angola is gifted with vast amounts of arable land, minerals, oil, hydroelectric sea power. Health care, finance, mining, food, real estate, infrastructure sectors, tourism and telecoms are waiting for investments, added Walter Portela Cassul head of economic Department in Embassy of Angola. During the second part of the meeting representatives of Navimor, Bank Millenium, Mota-Engil Central Europe and Gras Savoye talked about their experience in Angola.

Between 13 - 10 November PAIiIZ together with the Embassy of Angola arrange a business mission to Angola.

Więcej informacji: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141104/go_angola. (PAIiIZ)

AmCham looks for new investment opportunities

Anna Polak-Kocińska: “Foreign investors play a major role in economic development of Poland”

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (AmCham) arranged a meeting on new European Union 2014-2020 budget and planned changes in special economic zones. PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska attended the meeting that took place on 5 November in Wrocław.

“American companies are very important for us. They cooperate with Poland since the economic changes in our country. US investors delivered a know-how, in production as well as management as well as modern technologies to Poland”, argued Mrs Polak-Kocińska. Investment projects with American capital predominate among projects supported by PAIiIZ. Currently, there are 54 American investments, among all, 179 projects provided by the Agency. Poland is associated with great confidence trust among American companies. Reinvestments performed by investors from the US during the last decade confirm that. According to KPMG, more than 69% of American companies reinvested in Poland by opening next branch, factory, business or research and development centre.

More information:



Innovative Poland 2015 - scenarios and forecasts
“We need to establish law regulations that will encourage Polish companies to undertake a risk of innovation, instead of purchasing ready-made solutions”, said deputy PAIiIZ president Monika Piątkowska during the debate “Innovative Poland 2015 - scenarios and forecasts”.

Participants of the debate that took place on Tuesday, 4 November, at Warsaw Stock Exchange headquarters discussed challenges and obstacles that Polish innovators will have to face with in the next few years. Experts stated that law regulations on innovations have to be more flexible. Moreover, better mechanisms of cooperation between science, business and administration sectors should be established.

We need to establish law regulations that will encourage Polish companies to undertake a risk of innovation (source: Paweł Supernak, PAP)

According to Ms Piątkowska, the country should be involved in the support of development of domestic innovations. In her opinion, this is the only way for Poland to improve in this area. One of the most serious problems of Polish innovations - mentioned by deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Katarzyna Kacperczyk - is the lack of coordination and inconsistency of actions.

Deputy president of the National Bank of Poland, Ms Małgorzata Zaleska warned against focusing on innovations in one specified field. “There are examples of certain countries, in which financial sector is too developed. In consequence in the time of crisis, the stability of public finances was in danger. Ms Zaleska informed that in terms of innovations, Polish financial centres are among world leaders. “Poland has great scientists, great research centres however, still there is no fully efficient mechanisms that would provide technology transmission from research to business centres”, added Katarzyna Kacperczyk.

Participants of the Innovative Poland 2015 debate (source: Paweł Supernak, PAP)

The debate coincided with the being a part of campaign “Well-known female experts” which focuses on promotion of women - experts' presence in media and strategic economies conferences in Poland.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141105/innovative_poland_2015_scenarios_and_forecasts. (PAP/PAIiIZ)

Successful Indagra Food 2014
The biggest food expo in the South-Eastern Europe - Indagra Food 2014 was finished with great success. The number of this year's Indagra Food 2014 participants was higher by 30% comparing to the previous year.

18 companies from Eastern Poland Macroregion took part in the even for the first time. A big interest of customers in services and products offered by Poland was noticed. Polish stand was visited by Marek Sawicki, minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Polish businessmen attended a seminar on trade activity in Romania. Also cooperation offers of Polish site were presented to Romanian companies.

Romanian food market is one of the most absorptive in the European Union. According to the Eurostat, Romanian citizens spend 30% of their incomes on food, while in the UE spending on food doesn’t go higher than 15%.

The participation of Polish exhibition at the event was arranged by PAIiIZ under the “Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Project” .

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141031/successful_indagra_food_2014. (PAIiIZ)


Support for Polish Exports
On November 4, the Council of Ministers adopted a package of four regulations regarding the provision of de minimis aid for entrepreneurs to promote and support the Polish exports.

The first regulation consists of a package of de minimis aid to obtain the certificate required while entering foreign markets. The support will be provided as a grant only for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs who operate on the Polish territory. Also companies active in Polish market can benefit by gaining aid for supporting sector promotion programmes and other issues regarding exports or sale on the internal market of the EU as exhibitions, presentations, conferences, seminars or workshops.

The fourth regulation enables to acquire public aid to cover part of the cost of publishing and other printed advertising materials regarding the promotion of exports. It includes: purchase of paper, printing, graphic designing, the cost of translating or publishing as well as shipping the materials. (Ministry of Economy/KPMG)

Polish busses ride to Italy
15, eco-friendly busses InterUrbino designed and produced by Solaris were bough by the city of Biella in Italy. This is the next order that have come from Italy to this Polish company, recently. Busses will be delivered to the customer by the end of 2014.

Except the order for the city of Biella, Solaris has signed the contract with Ferrovie Appulo-Lucane S.r.l. from Bari for supplying the customer with 5 next InterUrbino busses.

Polish bus producer delivered about 350 busses (including 40 InterUrbino busses) and trolleybuses to such Italian cities as: Ancon, Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Genoa, Napoli, Parma and Rome. (Solaris)

Pasta factory in Opole
The European most modern factory of frozen lasagne has just been opened in Opole by the Pasta Food Company.

The factory is owned by a joint venture of two European companies operating in the ready made food sector - Stefano Toselli from France and Ter Beke originated in Belgium. The total, the value of investment reached €80m. The total production of the company will be distributed in the CEE market. Currently, the company employs 50 employees. (Pasta Food Company)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Trade mission to Sweden and Norway
PAIiIZ invites all parties interested in taking part in the medical tourism trade mission to Sweden and Norway. The mission will be arranged between 17-20 November.

Polish medical centres are looking for partners in Sweden and Norway. The B2B meetings with Scandinavian partners will be arranged in Stockholm on 18 November and in Oslo on 19 November. During meetings workshops and meeting with local medical agents will be arranged for Polish medical centres and all parties representing Polish medical sector.

The trade mission is held under the Promotion programme for medical tourism promotional provided together by European Centre for Enterprise, PAIIIZ and Ameds Centrum.

More information: iwona.lipska@paiz.gov.pl, tel: +48 22 334 98 49. (PAIiIZ)

Automotive CEE Day
PAIiIZ took the patronage over the Automotive CEE Day that will be held on 19 November in Best Western Hotel in Kraków.

This is an automotive event with an unique interactive format (its attendees can invite other attendees to B2B talks). B2B business talks between automotive companies in CEE countries which are interested in establishing cooperation in the area of production nationally and internationally is a main objective of the meeting. Among the attendees there are: OEMs (manufacturers of cars, delivery vehicles and lorries), manufacturing suppliers and non-manufacturing suppliers

More information: www.automotiveceeday.eu/en. (AutomotiveSuppliers)

20 years of SEZs in Poland
This year, Poland celebrates the 20th anniversary of the introduction of Special Economic Zone Programme to the country. On this occasion, on 20 November, Teatr Narodowy in Warsaw will hosts a “20 Years of SEZ in Poland” Gala.

During the Gala, companies and the most important achievements provided under Polish SEZs will be awarded.

There are 14 Special Economic Zones in Poland. Since the establishment of zone programme about PLN 95bn have been invested and 270,000 new jobs where created there.

More information: www.kpmg.com/pl/20latSSE. (KPMG)

Forum MotoSolutions
PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event entitled “Forum MotoSolutions-best practices”, that will be arranged between 20-21 November in Jawor.

During this year’s 5th edition of the Forum experts will focus on the current issues related to automotive sector in Poland and Europe as well as the impact of the biggest investments as Volkswagen’s or Polaris in Poland.

5th Forum MotoSolutions is a two - day - event addressed to CEO’s and managers of the automotive sector.

More information: www.motosolutions.pl. (MotoSolutions)

9th Conference on Independent Automotive Market
On 27 November at 9.00, Polish Ministry of Economy will hold 9th Conference on Independent automotive market. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The conference will gather together over 200 key decision makers from the sector. The programme includes the analysis of the Polish and European market situation, the presentation of the automotive-related regulations, the discussion on the expectations and forecasts, as well as potential threats for the sector. The participation is free of charge.

To register visit: http://moto-konferencja.pl/udzial-w-konferencji. (SDCM)

Second POLANDAFRICA Congress will be held on 27 - 28 November 2014 in Conference and Exhibition Centre EXPO Łódź.

The aim of meeting is to develop business relations between Poland and Africa, in particular with countries which participate in Go Africa Programme. The Congress will be attended by representatives of the Polish government and the governments of African states as well as national investment agencies, representatives of local government and business organizations and ambassadors of African countries. Entrepreneurs from Africa and Poland will participate in B2B and B2G meetings.

The event is arranged by Central Poland Chamber of Commerce-Łódź in cooperation with African Institute, Łódz Regional Development Agency and PAIiIZ.

Applications for participants at www.polandafrica.pl

For more information please visit www.polandafrica.pl/pl. (RIG/PAIiIZ)


Poland satisfied with life conditions
Poland reached 31st place among 141 courtiers in the "Legatum Prosperity Index 2014" that measures national prosperity based on such factors as democratic governance, entrepreneurial opportunity, and social cohesion.

According to the survey, the Poles fell safe in their country. Poland scored 24th place in “Safety and Security” sub-index. It is the best result of the country in the history of the survey. However, still the statistics of the corruption need to be improved in Poland, argue authors of the research. Among the best of the ranking there were: Norway, Switzerland and New Zeeland. It is worth noting that Russia has recorded the biggest decrease among all European countries in this year’s Legatum Prosperity Index.

More information about the survey: www.prosperity.com/#!/ranking.


PAIiIZ encourage all to join us in the action established by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ). On the occasion of the incoming Poland’s National Day on 11 November, MSZ invites all to take a “selfie” photo referring to Poland.

The photo can be taken in any place all over the world. There is one major condition regarding every photo: a selfie should include objects in Poland’s white-red national colours, a flag or should be associated with the history of Poland or the Poles. To take part in the project one should publish the photo on FB or Twitter with a hashtag #MyPolska.

Look how PAIiIZ is preparing to the Polish National Day! (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


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