December 31st, 2015,
 Issue 466


2015 in investments shaped by new jobs
“In 2015, PAIiIZ investment portfolio has been shifted by reinvestments, R&D and food sectors as well as by creation of new, good quality jobs”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman summing up the current year in investments.

3,800 new jobs will be created for highly qualified professionals in Poland within top five investment projects with the highest number of new jobs that were completed in 2015 by PAIiIZ. When speaking of the top sectors supported by the Agency, the biggest number of investments were completed in Research and Development sector, automotive industry, and Business Service Sector that also includes ICT. In terms of countries, PAIIIZ portfolio has been dominated by projects from the US (17 investments) and from Germany (8 completed investments).

In 2015, PAIiIZ has observed new trends in investments projects coming to Poland. There has been a significant shift in the list of countries that invest the most with PAIiIZ suport. Except US and Germany the third place regarding the number of FDI projects in the Agency portfolio is held ex aequo by South Korea and Poland. PAIiIZ has also recorded a return of Japanese investors to Poland as well as an increase of the interest in Poland by Italian companies that was influenced by successful presence of Poland during the recent EXPO2015 exhibition in Milan.

According to Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik head of Foreign Investment Department in PAIiIZ, one can also observe some new trends in location of investments in Poland. “Opolskie province is entering the game. This is a result of the last year’s VW investment near Poznań and an inflow of automotive suppliers to the neighbouring provinces”. Comparing to 2014, the present year has been shaped by smaller, however more “exclusive” investments of the automotive sector. Although, none of them had the similar value of VW’s, they delivered big group of new jobs mostly for highly skilled employees.

“We also see a significant increase of co-called brownfield investments, Chojnowska-Haponik added. Over 30% of investment completed in 2015 by PAIiIZ were located in Special Economic Zones. It is a proof that investors are increasingly interested in investment incentives. They are also look for production halls available in the zones.

PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman is optimistic when speaking of the nearest future of FDI in Poland. As he said, there should not be any declines in investments. “PAIiIZ consistent work on further improvement of the investment climate in Poland provides impressive and long-term effects, Majman added.

Currently, PAIiIZ supports 186 ongoing investment projects which jointly can generate 38,495 new jobs in the future. It is 21% more than in the same period last year. “Investors are very interested in doing business in Poland. But on the other hand their expectations and needs are growing. They look for more sophisticated and complex investment service in our country, said Mr Majman forecasting trends that will shape the investment landscape of Poland in 2016. (PAIiIZ)


Two investors in the Koszalin Subzone
Słupsk Special Economic Zone has completed 2015 year with two business permits for companies interested in operating in the Koszalin Subzone. Permits were given to RGB Technology and Q4 Glass ABJ Investors.

A Polish company RGB Technology is a provider of innovative technologies in the electronics industry. The investor purchased a plot with an area of 1.2884 hectares and plans to build a factory of LED lights. The total value of the project will reach about PLN 7 m. The company will employ 50 people and declares a systematic development of the number of employment.

On the other hand, Q4 Glass ABJ Investors is to implement large-size glass windows. The value of investment is over PLN 13 m. Currently, the company employs 119 people and is to create at least 11 new jobs. This is the third business permit for this investor in the Słupsk SEZ. (UM Koszalin)


Poland and China closer to each other
On 21 January, DAGO conference centre in Warsaw will hold the meeting entitled: ”The New Silk Road - Poland and China closer to each other”.

The meeting will gather economists, companies already present in China and other experts that will present the prospect of China development and its relations with the European Union.

The event is dedicated to business representatives interested in trading with China and other Asian countries.

More information: Beata Tomaszkiewicz, tel.: +48 22 333 9751, +48 603 503 663, e-mail: b.tomaszkiewicz@pb.pl. (PAIiIZ)


Zhuhai cooperates with the Pomeranian SEZ
Pomeranian Special Economic Zone signed the memorandum of understanding with the Chinese city of Zhuhai. Both sides are interested in - intensification of economic cooperation especially in trade and promotion of innovative projects. Also the inflow of direct investments in both regions is expected due to the collaboration.

The agreement is based on the existing strong synergy of industries, including electronic sector, energy, IT, biopharmaceutical, printing and yachts production. The agreement should lead to the increase of the trade between Poland and EU - China, due to the significant role of seaports in Pomerania and in Zhuhai (Port of Gaolan is a major sea port for the coastal areas of China).

Chinese consul in Gdansk Liu Yuanyuan, deputy mayor of Zhuhai City Long Guangyan, president of the Pomeranian SEZ Teresa Kamińska, chairman of the Pomeranian Branch of the The China-Poland Friendship Association Paweł Jajkowski

Among the Chinese companies interested in establishing close cooperation with the Pomeranian SEZ there are Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai, Singyes Solar, Yintong Energy, Hua Bo Tech. “For all of these companies this cooperation is a chance to enter the European markets” said president of Pomeranian Zone, Teresa Kamińska.

The agreement was signed 21 December in the Baltic port of New Technologies in Gdynia which belongs to the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. The contract is a continuation of the partnership agreement signed in 2011 in Zhuhai.

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