October 20th, 2011,
Issue 249




16 new investment projects at PAIiIZ

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has currently been running 161 development projects. Within the last 3 weeks the Agency started 16 new projects.

The projects we have now been supporting are jointly worth EUR 6027.64 million. Investors declare to create 47,849 new jobs.

No changes were recorded in the group of investors who constitute the most numerous group interested in investing in Poland - still Americans top the ranking with 42 projects. The projects from the USA are jointly worth EUR 1.1 billion and are expected to generate 10,035 new jobs. The second most numerous group of projects run by PAIiIZ by country constitute projects from the UK (17 projects worth EUR 377.8 million and expected 6,252 jobs). The UK is followed by Germany (14 projects, EUR 481.8 million and possible jobs for 4,422 people), China (12 projects), South Korea (11) and Japan (10).

Copyright: nyul-Fotolia.com

The most popular sector to invest in is the automotive industry (31 projects worth EUR 2283 million and 15,132 jobs), BPO (29 projects worth over EUR 33 million and jobs for 9,372 people) and the machine industry (13 projects worth EUR 677.8 million, 3,496 jobs). Moreover, investors often choose Poland to locate here their projects in the electronic sector and in ICT (PAIiIZ runs 8 projects in each of the sectors).

In 2011 the Agency has already closed 45 investment projects worth a total of EUR 10642.2 million. Thanks to the projects there will be 8, 996 jobs created in the country.

Data published by the National Bank of Poland (NBP) shows that FDI inflow to Poland between January and August 2011 reached EUR 5.2 billion (EUR 5.229 million) what accounts for 128% of FDI inflow recorded in the same time of the previous year and 78% of the whole inflow of 2010. (PAIiIZ)

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PAIiZ starts cooperation with Piotrków Trybunalski

On October 17th, 2011 the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency signed a cooperation agreement with Piotrków Trybunalski.

The major aim of the agreement is to promote Piotrków Trybunalski and help the city attract more investment projects from abroad.

The parties committed themselves to undertake activities which will help the city actively seek investors and provide them with professional services. PAIiIZ will provide help in the process of investment offer preparation, in gathering and providing data concerning economic conditions of the region, in creation of data basis concerning the city's economic environment and in data management.

To date the Agency has signed similar agreements with Radomsko, Kielce, Lublin, Rzeszów, Białystok, Olsztyn. Budgoszcz, Koszalin, Krosno, Częstochowa, Zamość, Szczecinek and Piła. (PAIiIZ)

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Another project in the automotive industry

On October 14th, 2011 General Motors officially inaugurated production of the three-door Opel Astra IV in Gliwice

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. PAIiIZ President Sławomir Majman said that judging by the projects supported by PAIiIZ the automotive sector is the most popular among foreign investors in Poland - The Agency has now been running 31 such projects, which may in the coming years create over 15 thousand jobs. Their value exceeds EUR 2.28 billion - automotove projects are among those that involve the greatest resources. The majority of the investors plan to manufacture equipment for cars as well as spare parts and engines.

According to FDI Intelligence Polska, a magazine forming part of Financial Times, Poland occupies the 1st place in Europe and 3rd in the world in terms of the country’s attractiveness for the manufacturing sector. GM factory in Gliwice plans to produce 40,000 Opel cars every year. The Gliwice-based plant of the American company has been operating in Poland since 1997 and employs about 3,000 people. (PAIiIZ)

Opel Astra IV, Copyright: Opel

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BMS in Łódź

BMS Poland joined the group of investors who decided to develop IT projects in Łódź. On October 18th, 2011 the company officially opened a centre for software development in the GTC University Business Park.

The project was located in Poland thanks to efforts made by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ). Representatives of PAIiIZ met the company’s management board during PAIiIZ trade mission to the USA last year.

BMS (Bankruptcy Management Solutions) is an American company which provides software and develops services managing and increasing efficiency in insolvency management processes. The company was established 20 years ago and covers a majority of the US market in the sector.

- BMS’s decision to chose Łódź and to develop here their services centre a great example to benefit from the city’s potential - said president of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska. - Thank you for helping us construct a new Łódź - a centre of modern technologies and young, educated people.

Negotiations with the company started in October 2010. Investor started recruiting people in May 2011. At the moment the company hires 20 people, mainly Java programmers. (BMS)

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New investor in Euro-Park Mielec

Multivac will invest more than PPLN 7.5 million and will hire at least 20 people.

The company is a distributor of the world's largest manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines for the German company Multivac Sepp Hagenmueller GmbH & Co. KG. KG. Also in Poland the company is a leading supplier of packaging machinery and materials for vacuum packing.

Witin the MIelec SEZ the investing company will build a manufacturing facility of over 2,000 m2 and will equip the facility with new machinery and manufacturing equipment. Implementation of the project will make the company able to start production of printed film for use in automatic packaging machines. Completion of the investment is planned in 2013. (ARP)

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Japanese giant in the Kamienna Góra SEZ

The opening ceremony of TBAI Poland took place in Nowogrodziec - Wykroty.

The company has already been employing 455 people and has been producing 280,000 of frames and covers of car seats for new model of Toyota Yaris a year. TBAI Poland is the 79th project located in the Kamienna Góra zone. The project was completed ahead of schedule, the investment outlays exceeded the declared value of the investment and reached over PLN 109 million. Also the number of jobs created by the project was four times higher than it was expected and reached 455. The facility which consist of mills, paint shop, welding shop, cutting shop and sewing room was constructed on a 8ha plot.

TBAI Poland

TBAI produces frame and seat covers for assembly facilities which belong to the Toyota Boshoku Group in Europe. The Wykroty- based facility is the first in the EU. Another two facilities of the kind are located in China and one in Brazil. TBAI Poland was established in January 2009 as a result of cooperation of two companies: Toyota Boshoku Corporation and Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd. ("Mo-I" Multimedia)

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  • Poland spends most on defence in the region

    Frost&Sullivan: Polish and Ukrainian armament plans ensure stable otloook for the defence industry in the region.

    The global economic crisis slowed down the process of armament and defence equipment exchange in Central Europe. But with plans to modernize the Polish army and the Ukrainian program to build corvettes the region appears to be a stable market for the defence industry.

    In fact Poland is a leader in the region in terms of expenses for defence. Analytics from Frost&Sullivan expect the expenses to rise from USD 17.5 billion in 2011 to USD 17.9 billion in 2020. The Ministry of Defence plans to spend nearly USD 11 billion (PLN 30 billion) in 2018 to buy new equipment.

    As for Ukraine the country has a fairly advanced defence industry which is a kind of heritage from the soviet times when the region had a well-developed production base. One of the most promising points in the Ukraine cooperation in the field with Western Europe is the programme which involves the construction of corvettes for the Ukrainian navy. The programme envisages introduction of 4 new entities of an estimated value USD 2 billion by 2021. (Frost & Sullivan)

  • The R&D sector in Poland

    EUR 320 million from EU funds, PLN 727 million from government programmes, PLN 650 million within the framework of the InnoTech programme. These are only some of the sources from which Polish and foreign investors can get financial support to develop R&D activities in Poland.

    Besides the mentioned sources there are also numerous international initiatives which offer financial support for this kind of activities - e.g. the EUREKA programme, the new national InnoMed programme, tax exemptions available within special economic zones, tax incentives and technology credits.

    Entrepreneurs may get financial aid to create new and to expand the existing R&D centres from the Operational Programme - Innovative Economy and the Operational Programme - Development of Eastern Poland. In the Submeasure 4.5.2 of the Innovative Economy programme investors signed contracts worth EUR 1 billion i.e. 78.1% of the whole budget. There are still EUR 219 million available for use and further EUR 100 million in the Eastern Poland Development programme.

    One of the most important sources of financial aid in the field is the Program for the support of investments of considerable importance for Polish economy for the years 2011-2020 which has a budget of PLN 727 million. Also the current version of the InnoTech programme with a budget of PLN 650 million focuses on supporting entrepreneurs who plan to run R&D projects independently or in cooperation with the science sector.

    Moreover, entrepreneurs may benefit from regional operational programmes and the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for the years 2007-2013 which also offer support for R&D initiatives. The latter will soon be followed by a new programme called Horizon 2020 which with a budget of EUR 80 billion will provide support for research activities between 2014-2020.

    More information in the report which is available for download www.paiz.gov.pl/publications/paiiiz_partners_publications. (Accreo Taxand)

  • Exchange rates (as of 20.10.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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New subzone of the Mielec SEZ

The new subzone will be located in Lubartów.

The subzone covers 19.77 hectares. The Lubartów subzone which now offers fully developed and prepared plots has first interested investors who consider developing their project in the subzone. In fact, the newly included areas have been awarded by PAIiIZ in the Agency’s yearly competition for the best areas for investors.

More information on the new subzone in Lubartów is available at www.biznes.lubartow.pl. (UM Town Council)

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PAIiIZ and the Dolny Śląsk Investor Assistance Centre invite you to a seminar

The seminar took place on October 13th, 2011 and was geared towards representatives of local administration in the region of Dolny Śląsk.

The seminar “Support of promotional activities undertaken by towns and communes in Dolny Śląsk” focused on three major issues. The representative of the Ministry of Economy discussed the changes in the action 6.2.2 of the Operational Programme - Innovative Economy, which offers support in preparation in the preparation of investment areas. PAIiIZ representatives outlined the benefits resulting from business activity within a special economic zone. Expert from the Best Place Foundation - European Institute of Place Marketing gave a speech “Creation of unique features of a place - modern methods of promotion of cities and regions”.

The seminar met with great interest and attracted a number of representatives of the region's local government. Organizers expect that the seminar will increase interest in European funds, cause increased cooperation with the economic zones and inspire search for the unique brand of the region which will translate into an improvement of the region’s investment offer. (PAIiIZ)

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Hong Kong - Guangdong Business Conference in Warsaw 2011

The biggest business meeting in Middle Europe organised by Hong Kong and the Chinese Guangdong province will be held on October 27th, 2011 at the Hilton hotel in Warsaw.

The conference will be attended by over 300 delegates from China who represent Chinese business environment and government of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong and the province of Guangdong. The major aim of the conference is to boost economic cooperation between Poland, EU countries, Hong Kong and the Guangdong province. The event will help investors and entrepreneurs establish closer contacts with the fastest-developing regions in the world.

During the conference the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency will sign a cooperation agreement with the Foreign Trade and International Cooperation Department of the Guangdong province. The Agency will also hold a special investment seminar.

For more information please visit www.hkguangdong2011.com. Participation in the conference is free of charge. For more information please contact: Agnieszka Mężyńska-Nowakowska, Grzegorz Kosmal, tel.: 22 210 12 96 lub 22 210 12 99. (Weber Shandwick/PAIiIZ)

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Deadline for the best master thesis on "Poland’s Promotion Now" extended till the end of October

Students have three additional weeks during which they can send their theses.

Students who want to participate in the contest may file documents (CV, registration form, certificate which shows that they finished their studies and two CDs with their thesis) in the seat if the Fundacja Godła Polskiego or send it via traditional post.

This year authors of the best theses will jointly be awarded PLN 50,000. Thanks to the support from numerous ministries and the biggest Polish universities, the contest has become one of the most prestigious contests for university graduates in Poland. The aim of the contest is to make young people aware of the significance of professional promotion of their country as well as to support modern techniques of education in the field. (Fundacja Godła Promocyjnego)

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