June 23rd, 2017,
 Issue 542-543


PAIH and Polish Automotive Group will promote automotive business abroad
Polish Investment and Trade Agency has established a cooperation with the Polish Automotive Group (PGM) that gathers domestic manufacturers of automotive accessories and components. Under the agreement, both parties will initiate various projects addressed to the international audience and will jointly promote automotive companies with Polish capital.

Automotive industry is one of the twelve strategic sectors of the Polish economy listed on the governmental Responsible Development Plan. The production of parts and accessories is the driving-force of the automotive business in the country. It is responsible for 57% of the industry’s production and generates over 40% of the exports of the entire sector. This market segment is also dominated by companies with Polish capital.

“There are hundreds of companies with Polish capital, employing talented constructors, engineers or mechanics. Those people have a significant impact on the global success of the Polish automotive industry. They have been building a strong and well-known brand of the automotive industry, attracting leading foreign investors to Poland”, comments PAIH President Tomasz Pisula. “Together with the Polish Automotive Group, we will do our best to make greater use of the international boom for the Polish automotive components”, he added.

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The agreement sets the fast path of reaching foreign contractors of the Polish automotive industry. Among the business targets defined by the agreement, there are investors supported by PAIH on daily basis, but there is also various representatives of the business environment from around the world, with whom the Agency cooperates within its Foreign Trade Offices. Connecting the right business partners and taking care of the quality of the Polish automotive offer is a fundamental matter for PAIH and PGM. „We know the specifics of companies with Polish capital affiliated to the Polish Automotive Group. PGM frequently organizes study visits at its members' sites” - says Adam Sikorski, President of the Polish Automotive Group. The Group is working on the establishment of compulsory certification of parts and accessories that should lead to the constant improvement of the quality of automotive products offered in Poland.


Mercedes builds engine factory in Jawor
The German concern Daimler, started construction works of its first Polish plant where four-cylinder engines for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars will be produced. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 19 June in Jawor (Dolny Śląsk). The value of the investment will amount to almost € 0.5 bn. 500 people will be hired there. The site will be ready to produce at the begin in 2019.

The ground-breaking ceremony gathered key economic decision-makers of Poland, including Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Finance Mateusz Morawiecki and PAIH Executive Vice President, Krzysztof Senger.

"Engines made in Poland not only will power new Mercedes cars but will also speed the Polish economy," stressed Mateusz Morawiecki during an ceremony, in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone - "Invest Park". Thanks to the project, dozens of new jobs will be created in the automotive sector throughout Poland”, added Krzysztof Senger refereeing to the new jobs in the sub-contractors that the investment will generate.

The beginning of the Mercedes’s factory construction process coincides with the opening of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone’s branch of in Jawor. The office is located near the Lower Silesian Economic Activity Zone where the Mercedes-Benz engine factory is to be built. (PAIH/Ministry of Economic Development)

Swarovski opens global service centre in Gdańsk
PAIH supports the development of Swarovski global service centre in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. Currently, 70 people are working there. The company’s new offices will be able to accommodate over 300 employees.

Swarovski's global service centre delivers processes to all company’s branches. The investor has chosen Poland because of the country’s investment environment, access to human resources and location assets. "Swarovski's investment involves creation of high-quality new - jobs. IT meets the quality criteria defined in the Strategy for Responsible Development, perfectly" stressed Deputy Minister of Development, Tadeusz Kościński, who attended the opening ceremony of the Swarovski new BSS centre. Currently, the company is looking for employees. (ARP)

Marine Harvest opens a BSS centre
Marine Harvest, an Atlantic salmon producer and supplier of fish and seafood products, opens a business support centre in Gdańsk. The Norwegian investor plans to employ 100 people, there.

The new centre will provide accounting processes and IT support and will also include offices for sales team responsible for Polish and German markets. In the first phase of the centre’s development, 30-40 people will be hired. The company plans to employ about 100 more people in the future. "We will are looking for talents with diverse competencies. On one hand, we focus on experienced employees who will lead our teams, but we also look for career beginners," says Piotr Kapinos, Marine Harvest Financial Director.

Marine Harvest ASA started its operations in Poland a few years ago. Currently, the company has three locations in the Pomeranian province, in: Duninów near Ustka, Strzelin and Lebork. (ARP)

Button-up investment in Koszalin sub-zone
The button factory Mucha invests in the Słupsk Special Economic Zone. This is the next production plant in the Koszalin Subzone that is said to be one of the most dynamically developing areas of the Słupsk SEZ.

Mucha company will build a production facility in Koszalin where it will also develop a warehouse and office facilities. New machines will be purchased to increase the productivity of the production process of the company as well as to delivery vaster range of products for Mucha’s customers. The value of the investment is PLN 1.5 m. The company plans to employ at least 15 people, there.

Koszalin Subzone

Mucha specializes in the production of discs and polyester buttons. It is a sub-contractor to such brands as: Bytom, Diverse, Monnari, Orsay, Pako Lorente, Reserved, Simple, Solar and Vistula. (SSEZ)


Poland-Azerbaijan Business Forum
PAIH, Azpromo and Ministry of Economic Development in Poland invites companies and media to the Poland - Azerbaijan Business Forum that will be arranged on 27 June at 14:00 in Sheraton Hotel (Warsaw). The event coincides with the official visit of the President of Azerbaijan, Mr Ilham Aliyev.

The Forum will be attended by presidents of both counties as well as Azerbaijani companies which accompany Mr Aliyev in his official visit to Poland. The business delegation from Azerbaijan will consist of companies representing such sectors as: agree-food, transport, logistics, infrastructure, IT, pharmaceutical and various areas of industry. After the official part of the even, B2B sessions will be arranged.

To attend the Forum, please fill in the compulsory on-line form. The registration in open by 26 June. There is a limited number of sits.

Registration for business: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?Polska-Azerbejdzan

Media accreditation: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?Polska-Azerbejdzan_media

Registration does not guarantee participation in the Forum. A confirmation email will be sent to you in a separate email.

JETRO’s mission to BioJapan2017 show
JETRO invites biotechnology companies to join the business mission to Japan on 8-14 October. One of the highlights of the mission is a visit to BioJapan 2017 in Yokohama - the biggest biotechnology show in Asia.

During the five-day mission, companies from Poland will have the opportunity to take part in business seminars, study visits and networking session with representatives of Japanese bio-tech industry. Taking part in BioJapan 2017 has been also set up. This year, the event is expected to attract 900 business parties from 30 countries.

To apply to the mission, please contact JETRO, by: pow-info@jetro.go.jp.

International conference and exhibition Oil-Gas-Chemistry
Every year Oil-Gas-Chemistry conference focuses of issues related to energy policy, energy security and the development of oil and gas sector in Poland.

The event is a unique opportunity to meet top-class specialists of the energy sector as well as to exchange views and experiences regarding the crucial problems and challenges of the sector. Every year, among participants of the event, there are representatives of Polish Ministries, Polish offices and institutions, as well as Polish and foreign politicians and experts, companies, R&D institutes and media.

More information: www.naftaigaz.ztw.pl


ABSL: Quarter of million people employed by BSS in Poland
BSS is the fastest developing area of the Polish economy. The recent „Business Service Sector in Poland” report by ABSL shows that the scale of employment and consistent growth in the number of jobs and the broadening of the scope of business of companies with BPO, SSC, IT and R&D centres in Poland help strengthen the country’s position among major business services destinations worldwide.

According to ABLS exports, having a presence in Poland offers a competitive advantage and boosts companies’ growth potential.

In the past 12 months (Q1 2016 - Q1 2017), the number of jobs in the business services sector in Poland increased by 32,000 (15%), ¾ of which were created by foreign centres. Thus, 748 business services centres owned by 524 foreign companies now employ as many as 198,000 people in Poland. In Q1 2017, Poland was home to a total of 1,078 business services centres with Polish and foreign origins. They jointly have employed 244,000 people. Out of the 724 companies with business services centres in Poland, 80 are investors featured on the Fortune Global 500 (2016) list, with 67,000 employees at 134 business services centres (27% of the jobs in the industry). Given the industry’s growth in recent years, it may be assumed that by 2020, business services centres will be employing more than 300,000 people. (ABSL)

More information: http://absl.pl/publications


Central Office of Measures goes to Kielce
The Central Laboratory of the Central Office of Measures in Poland is to be set up in Kielce. The plot for the investment has been funded by the Kielce City Hall.

„We had analysed dozens of locations. Kielce’s assets have prevailed”, said Włodzimierz Lewandowski, president of the Central Office of Measures. „The city has unusual geographical characteristics. There are small tectonic movements in Kielce. It is also located in the centre of Poland. Moreover, we have established excellent cooperation with the local authorities. The last factor determined our choice” - he stressed.

Conference of Central Office of Measures

Central Office of Measures will move half of its laboratories to Kielce, while the rest will be held in Warsaw. Worth nearly PLN 200m, the project that is supported by the Kielce Technology Park, is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. (KTP)


Distant and exotic directions give the biggest business opportunities for Polish cosmetics
Over the past five years, the list of major receivers of cosmetics from Poland has changed, significantly. If domestic companies properly interpret and exploit the business potential existing in distant parts of the world, then further shifts in the list of major importers of Polish cosmetics will be made - explains of Polityka Insight and BZWBK in their report about the cosmetic industry in Poland.

The authors argue that the most interesting opportunities for the Polish produces of cosmetics and beauty products have been recently created by China, India, South East Asia as well as African and Latin American countries that are rapidly developing, now.

In 2012, Russia was the biggest receivers of Polish cosmetics, while among the top 15 there were such countries of the Eastern Poland as Ukraine (4th place) and Kazachstan (13th place). Now, everything has been changed. Russia is currently occupying the 3th position, Ukraine is 10th, whereas Kazachstan has almost vanished from the list, the report shows.

However, on the horizon, there is a growing trend for cosmetic demand in the Asian markets. The experts argue that China with its rapidly increasing middle class might be an attractive target for such products from Poland. The India market will get more importance for the sector due to constant improvement of the economic condition of the country. Indonesia is also said to be one of the most promises countries, so are the most developed states of Africa, including Morocco, Tanzania and the South Africa.

The reports also focuses on the US and the UK, event despite the Brexit.

More information: https://static3.bzwbk.pl/asset/S/e/k/Sektory-BZ-WBK_Branza-kosmetyczna_RAPORT_78675.PDF. (BZ WBK)

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