April 10th, 2014,
 Issue 377


Polish government announces strengthening the cooperation with Africa
Nearly 40 representatives of Polish business are taking part in the business mission to Senegal and Ghana prepared by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and PAIiIZ.

“This mission stresses the importance of Polish presence in Africa,” said Katarzyna Kacperczyk, under-secretary of state at the foreign ministry, who leads the Polish delegation to Africa that consists of the representatives of Polish foreign and economy ministries, PAIiIZ and 40 Polish entrepreneurs from the chemicals, energy, agricultural machinery, IT and consulting sectors.

"Senegal is a crucial point on the economic map of Africa", argued PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska

The Poland-Senegal Economic Forum was the first highlight of the visit to Africa. “Currently, PAIiIZ, together with our Senegalese counterpart, APIX, is preparing the content of the cooperation agreement between the two parties. We plan to sign it this year”, announced PAIiIZ deputy president, Monika Piątkowska, welcoming the Forum guests.

Senegal plans to invest in logistics infrastructure, energy sector and trade. The list of other promoted industries in Senegal consists of: medical services and ICT sector. Senegal has recently introduced a law supporting private-public partnerships, which aims to attract foreign investments. Additionally, the country is implementing a large range of investment incentives as part of its programme to create special economic zones, offering the best possible infrastructure for foreign investors.

Speakers of the Poland - Senegal Economic Forum

The “gateway to the Western Africa” is rich in mineral resources. In 2013, Polish mining company Azoty Group acquired 55% stake of African Investment Group. This is the first, foreign investment in mineral raw materials of the Polish chemical industry.

From 10 April, the Polish delegation is visiting Ghana, where it meets the representatives of Ministry of Finance and takes part in the economic seminar. The Polish-Ghana Economic Forum will be held on 11 April. (PAIiIZ)


IBM officially opened in Katowice
In the presence of the mayor of Katowice Piotr Uszok and MEP Jerzy Buzek , IBM's Delivery Centre in Katowice was officially opened on 3 April. The total number of new employees in the new centre will reach 2,500. The project has been supported by the Ministry of Economy and PAIiIZ.

Last June, IBM announced the expansion of its presence in Poland by investing in Katowice. The company’s newest Delivery Centre has joined the network of strategic IBM delivery centres that provide a wide range of IT services, including managing the server operating systems, the security and safety systems or maintaining and monitoring clients’ IT hardware and software systems.

IBM has been operating in Poland for over 20 years. The company cooperates with academic centres located across the Silesia region, such as the Silesian University of Technology, University of Silesia, University of Economics in Katowice and the Katowice School of Economics, giving students the opportunity to participate in the development of most advanced IT programmes such as cloud computing.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140403/ibm_officially_opened_in_katowice. (PAIiIZ/IBM)

Kamienna SEZ Góra gets bigger
The Council of Ministers approved a draft regulation extending the area of Kamienna Góra SEZ in Lower Silesia by 46 hectares on 8 April.

New areas in Jawor, Bolków, Mirsk, as well as in Lubań will be included to Kamienna Góra SEZ. The new Imka wet-wipes factory will be built in this area. The investor also plans to start production of creams and disinfectants. The PLN 60m investment will create 150 new jobs. The process of extending Kamienna Góra SEZ creates a great opportunity for the new investment inflow, especially innovative ones which can influence the development of the Lower Silesia region the most. (Ministry of Economy)

Solar panels produced in Suwałki SEZ
High Tech Projekt from Warsaw is planning to launch a new plant producing solar panels in Suwałki SEZ. The PLN 195m project will lead to the creation of more than 70 people.

High Tech Projekt specialises in the production, sale and distribution of photovoltaic panels for institutions and consumers. The solar panels convert energy from sunlight into renewable energy. (SSEZ)

New permits in WSEZ
Companies which received permits to conduct business in Wałbrzych SEZ will invest PLN 42m there. Together, the businesses will provide 80 new jobs.

Tristone Flowtech Poland will expand a machine park at its Wałbrzych plant. The company will spend nearly PLN 4.5m and employ five more people. The second investor - Schilsner Industry Group - operating in the furniture sector, will build production and warehouse facilities and install an innovative production line. Capital expenditures of the company will reach nearly PLN 20m. The entrepreneur will hire 30 new employees. Having received a second permit, XS, another company already in the WSEZ, has declared its intention to invest PLN 0.5m. The company will increase employment by a further five employees and maintain 65 jobs.

Electrolux, which has already received a fourth business permit in WSEZ, will invest PLN 11m and hire 30 new employees there. The company’s project will include the expansion of the existing plant and machinery purchase. Meanwhile, Sacher, a company with Polish capital, is planning to invest PLN 3m by extending its complex in Bolesławiec and to purchase new metalworking machinery. And Finnish company Walki will start an additional production line for advanced food-packing laminates. The project will cost PLN 2.8 m and will lead to the creation of 10 new jobs. (WSSE „Invest-Park”)

Starachowice SEZ issues a permist
Goset Duo, a company with Polish capital, received permit to conduct business in the Starachowice SEZ. The business will invest nearly PLN 1.2m and hire five new employees.

The project entails expansion of the existing business and roll-out of new technologies and products and is expected to be completed by December 2019. (Starachowice SEZ)

Taiwanese investments in Poland
Two Taiwanese firms have decided to invest in production plants in Poland. It will impact on the increase of the industry development and increase of the number of new jobs in Poland.

The acquisition of Toshiba Television Central Europe near Wrocław plant will help Compal Electronics extend its business and enable the development of faster growth. The total value of the investment has been estimated at $25m. The company also plans to create nearly 700 new jobs. Another Taiwanese investment in Poland is from Epsiar Corporation, which specialises in manufacturing LED lighting. In July last year, the company took over Ledolux in Głogów, Małopolska, to strengthen its position in Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, nearly 300 new jobs will be created. (PAIiIZ)

Austrian investor in Gdańsk
Competence Call Centre, operating in the BPO sector, has opened an office in Gdańsk where 200 people will be hired. The centre in Gdansk will provide services for Scandinavian and German clients.

Apart from the office in Gdańsk, Competence Call Centre also operates in Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia and Turkey. The company has chosen Gdańsk due to its location, high qualifications and language skills of local workforce. CCC's investment in Poland has been supported by Invest in Pomerania, in particular the Pomerania Development Agency and InvestGDA. (CCC)


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Zhejiang-Poland Matchmaking Forum
On 27 May, Warsaw's Regent Hotel will host the Zhejiang-Poland Matchmaking Forum. The Zhejiang Provincial Governor and the Polish Ministry of Economy are patrons of the event.

The Forum's programme includes sessions of individual business meetings between Polish and Chinese entrepreneurs from Zhejiang.

Companies interested in participating should register by 14 April: www.gochina.gov.pl/Zhejiang_forum.

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), PAIiIZ and the Embassy of China are the organisers of the Forum.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140527/zhejiang_poland_matchmaking_forum. (PAIiIZ)

Radom - New business opportunities for Warsaw
On 15 April, a business meeting entitled “Power Breakfest” will be held at Willa Foksal in Warsaw. During the meeting, mayor of Radom and representatives of local business will present investment opportunities in Radom’s BPO sector. The meeting starts at 8:30.

Radom is located in central Poland, at the crossroads connecting east and west with north and south. Thanks to a well-developed road infrastructure, the city is very well-communicated with Warsaw, a mere 60 miles away. In addition, Radom has a large HR potential. Good location and the availability of educated workforce make the city an attractive BPO hub - especially for Warsaw.

The event is organised by Poland Today magazine and will be held under the patronage of PAIiIZ.

More information: www.prospectsinpoland.com/intro41.html. (Poland-Today)

Meeting with Chinese business
On 5 May at 14:00, PAIiIZ will held a meeting with a Chinese delegation from the city of Qingdao. The event is organised by the Poland-China Economic Cooperation Centre in PAIiIZ.

The programme consists of the B2B talks between Polish entrepreneurs and Chinese companies. The guests will represent the following sectors: construction, real estate, electronics, refrigeration equipment, logistics, warehousing, processing and production of steel, decoration, energy, IT, wood, non-ferrous metals, automotive parts, textiles, footwear, biotechnology, health products, health food, cosmetics, electromagnetic devices.

Registration is available online by www.gochina.gov.pl/Qingdao.

Poland's potential as a country for locating corporate R&D
On 24 April, the Polish Embassy in London and on 28 April, PAIiIZ's Warsaw HQ will host conferences on Poland's potential as a country for locating corporate R&D.

The London event will focus on the attractiveness of Poland as a location, looking at the tax aspects, the incentives (Special Economic Zones, EU funds) and case studies. The Warsaw event will showcase UK best practice in commercialising universities' research work, creating science parks and R&D-based clusters.

The seminars are co-organised by the BPCC, PAIiIZ and the Polish Embassy in London. PwC and Astra Zeneca are partners of the events. The event will be held in English. Participation is free of charge.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140424/polands_potential_as_a_country_for_locating_corporate_RD. (PAIiIZ/BPCC)

6th European Economic Congress in Katowice
On 7-9 May Katowice will host one of the most important economic events in Poland. The city will hold the 6th European Economic Congress in Katowice (EEC). PAIiIZ is the official partner of the conference.

The European Economic Congress in Katowice is a three-day series of debates and meetings attended by European Commissioners, prime ministers and representatives of governments of European states, chairmen of big business, scientists and decision-makers who exert a real influence on economic and social life.

The major subjects of this year’s congress include: Europe in view of challenges of global competition; the EU's new budget perspective - smart investments; the industrial and energy policy; migration and the HR & labour market in Europe; the USA, China and Africa - partners and competitors.

More information: www.eecpoland.eu. (PTWP Group)


Poland most attractive for foreign investors in CEE
Poland again outclassed all countries in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of investment attractiveness. Scoring 4.76 out of 6 points, Poland overtook the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is the main outcome of 9th Economic Survey of Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland).

EU membership is still considered as the greatest asset of Poland. Additionally, the majority of respondents highly appreciate the Polish employees - their skills, productivity and motivation. 91% of surveyed companies expect that the economic situation in Poland during the next years will not get worse. Moreover, almost 75% of respondents plan to increase the investment expenditures in Poland or level them unchanged.

“It is clear, that the Poland's economic predominance in the region has recently increased”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman. Last year alone, German investors supported by PAIiIZ have declared the will to create 1,170 new jobs in Poland. “Thanks to the positive approach of German companies towards Poland, I’m sure that we can expect much more from them,” he said.

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The investment attractiveness of the country has grown the most in terms of infrastructure (transportation, communication, IT, energy), jumping from 18th place to 10th place this year. Aspects that need to be changed remained the same as last year. Those are: fiscal system and its institutions, public administration and the transparency of the public procurement system.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140407/poland_most_attractive_for_foreign_investors_in_cee. (PAIiIZ/AHK)

Good GDP forecast for Poland
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that economic growth in Poland will increase. GDP growth in Poland is forecast to accelerate in 2014 to 3.1% from 1.6% in 2013, reaching 3.3% in 2015.

According to the IMF, the acceleration is being driven by a pick-up in domestic demand, supported by monetary easing, improvements in the labour market, and higher EU funds, which are expected to boost public investment. (IMF)


Enterprising Wyszków
For two years, the Wyszków municipality north-east of Warsaw together with local entrepreneurs has been implementing a cooperation project called Enterprising Wyszków. As a result, a newest website of the Wyszków has just been launched.

Due to this joint venture between the local authorities and local companies, Wyszków is developing an economic promotion programme for the munipality. One of the key aspects of the programme is providing support for entrepreneurs in Wyszków.

More information: www.wyszkow.pl. (UM Wyszków)

PESA won Financial Times’ prize
PESA, a manufacturer of trains and trams based in Bydgoszcz, received the Financial Times’ Boldness in Business Award. As the first Polish company and the only one from the CEE region, PESA was awarded in entrepreneurship category.

It is the 6th Boldness in Business Awards. The contest covers Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific areas. The winners are selected by a panel of experts, which this year was chaired by Lionel Barber, editor in chief of the Financial Times. PESA overtook such prestigious competitors as Twitter, Uber or Airbnb. (www.pesa.pl)

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