July 2nd, 2015,
 Issue 440


The Aviation Upland - the project already launched
In PAIiIZ headquarters, the letter of intent establishing Wyżyna Lotnicza (the Aviation Upland) was signed on 30 April. Soon, highly specialized military aviation cluster covering the area of Łódź, Radom and Dęblin will attract aerospace investors to create new jobs in the region.

According to the just signed letter of intent, the three cities: Dęblin, Łódź an Radom will join their powers regarding aircrafts production, servicing and R&D. “Wyżyna Lotnicza” is also supposed to be associated with highly specialized professional education centre of aeronautics and military pilots. It will offer training for both Polish and foreign pilots that are not able to be trained in their own country.

Wyżyna Lotnicza has been also created to deliver new technologies and develop vocational training regarding aviation and aircraft building. “Well prepared staff - including engineers - working there can lead to the fast development of such creative sectors as an aviation and aerospace industry. This is also a great opportunity for students from Łódź to start a career”, said major of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska. “Dęblin is the wings of Poland; the city deserves a fast developing aviation industry”, added major of Dęblin, Beata Siedlecka.

Press conference in PAIiIZ presenting the details of the Letter of Intent on establishing the Wyżyna Lotnicza

A tender for 50 multi-role helicopters for Polish army is the core of the “Wyżyna Lotnicza” project. Produced by Airbus Helicopters, H225M Caracas was invited as the only participant to the final stage of the tender. Thanks to the investment, at least 3,500 new jobs will be created in the Łódź - Radom - Dęblin region: 1,250 people will be hired directly in the production of helicopters and other 2,000 in the supplier companies. “The potential of the region can be used under the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) Also PAIiIZ instruments can be useful in looking for new investors”, said deputy minister of defence Czesław Mroczek. “Strong brands, already existing in the region will be a power engine of attracting other players there”, added PAIiIZ’s president Sławomir Majman.


Currently, PAIiIZ supports 14 investment projects that in total are worth €421,5m and can lead to the creation of over 1,800 new jobs. Two projects will be probably implemented in Wyżyna Lotnicza, while 7 in the Aviation Valley. “It will be a rush summer this year. We expect that in Autumn, PAIiIZ portfolio of aviation projects will grow to 20 investments”, commented deputy director of Foreign Investment Department in PAIiIZ, Marek Szostak.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150630/aviation_uplant_project_already_launched. (PAIiIZ)

3rd Poland - China Regional Forum: towards new dimension of cooperation
A trade office of Chinese city of Chengdu was opened in Łódź on 28 June. The opening ceremony was held under the 3rd Poland - China Regional Forum that this year has been dedicated to regional cooperation between the two countries.

Łódź is the third city, after Gdańsk and Canton (China), where the forum is held. The regional perspective is the new dimension of the cooperation between Poland and China and a key topic of this year’s forum.

The conference gathered 200 representatives of 12 Chinese provinces, and 300 representatives of the Polish site including minister of foreign affairs Grzegorz Schetyna, deputy minister of the Ministry of Economy Grażyna Henclewska and PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman. “Benefiting from the good political climate between Poland and China matters the most, now”, commented Mr Majman.

The 3rd Poland - China Regional Forum coincided with the establishing the trade office of the city of Chengdu in Łódź. This is the next step and the best example of strengthening the local cooperation between the two countries. In June 2015, during the recent visit of Polish minister of foreign affairs Grzegorz Schetyna to China, a Polish consulate was opened in Chengdu. It is the forth Polish consulate after Shanghai, Hong Kong and Canton in China.

The new office of Chengdu in Łódź of will support the economic cooperation between the two sides. It will also provide promotion activities regarding the rail road linking both cities since two years. Also this year, a cooperation agreement establishing join venture between Polish PKP Cargo and Zhengzhou International Hub (Henan province) was signed to develop new rail road between Poland and China.

Government representatives of Poland and China during the 3rd Poland - China Regional Forum (source: The City of Łódź)


Eastern Poland with contracts worth PLN 407.2m
970 contracts worth PLN 407.2m in total and 185 events promoting the Eastern Poland macro-region in the whole world - those are the results of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme implemented by PAIiIZ for the last five years.

Co-financed by the European Union, the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme has been created to increase the investment attractiveness and stimulate the economic development of five Polish voivodeships: Warmia-Mazury, Podlaskie, Podkarpacke, Świętokrzyskie and Lubelskie.

Since the beginning of the programme in 2010, entrepreneurs and representatives of local government units (LGUs) took part in 185 promotional events, including m.in: in 80 trade fairs, 66 foreign missions, 6 study visits for LGUs, 6 economic fairs and 8 conferences abroad.

A survey conducted by PAIiIZ in March 2015 among companies that have participated in the Programme shows, that entrepreneurs from the Eastern Europe signed 970 contracts with a total value of PLN 407 288 656.26. The contracts have resulted also in new investments on new production lines, worth jointly PLN 44.4 m, or in the construction of new plants, and above all in the creation of 432 new jobs, including 417 ones created in Eastern Poland region. During the five years, surveyed entrepreneurs also increased their exports by over 43%. At the same time, sell of their goods and services increased by 20%.

The highest value of contracts was noted in food industry (566 contracts for a total amount of PLN 196 million), aviation, machinery, furniture and yacht sectors.

The total budget of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme amounted to EUR 24m (PLN 100 million zł). (PAIiIZ)


Three investments in Poznań
A. Schulman, Capgemini and Ceber develop their activity in Poznań.

In the nearest future, Schulman plans to move its shared services centre serving the EMEA from Londerzeel in Belgium to Poznań. The new SSC will be open in October 2015. The company is currently recruiting finance, IT and HR specialists.

Capgemini, one of the leading suppliers of IT services, consulting and outsourcing in the world, will open its software development centre in Poznań at the end of the year. The company is to employ 300 people.

The Ciber company has opened a new office in mid-June. Ciber plans to increase employment from 180 people in 2015 to 320 in 2016. The company operates in the market for over 40 years providing services in IT, accounting and recruitment. (UM Poznań)

Kayser Automotive Systems invests in the Kłodzko Valley
More than 100 people will be hired in the Kayser Automotive Systems’ new factory in Kłodzk, "INVEST-PARK" Wałbrzych SEZ.

Kayser Automotive Systems GmbH is a German company producing car parts and components for such brands as Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and Porsche. In 1999, the company opened its first plant in Batorowo near Poznan.

In June this year, the investor bought a 3-hectar plot and the production hall from the Wałbrzych SEZ in Jaszkowa Dolna, in Kłodzko.

The company declared to invest almost PLNn11.5m and create at least 80 new jobs and after a while another 40 within the new investment. Kayser will produce vacuum hoses for the Volkswagen factory located in Września (Wałbrzych SEZ) and for other representatives of automotive industry. It is expected that the plant will be launched in the autumn. Currently, the company is recruiting logisticians, HR staff, quality department staff and workers.

The example of Kayser Automotive Systems shows that the pilot programme of offering new halls ready to be rent or bough is becoming popular among investors. Four halls are already developed, including those in Bolesławiec, Wałbrzych and Nowa Ruda. The zone plans to build more of such facilities. (Wałbrzych SEZ)

Chipita expands its plant in Łódź SEZ
Chipita Poland received the second business permit to operate in Łódź SEZ. The company will expand its plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki and plans to hire 50 new staff.

Packaged snacks’ producer, Chipita Poland Ltd operates in Poland since 1998. In 2005, the company began its investments in Tomaszów Mazowiecki in the Łódź SEZ. Chipita is to expand its plant in order to increase the production capacity and to diversify product offer.

The company intends to invest about PLN 64 m and hire at least 50 new employees maintaining the total employment in the Zone over three years at the level of 468 employees.

Since the beginning of 2015, five companies declared to invest PLN 221m in total and create 184 new jobs in Łódź Special Economic Zone. (Łódź SEZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


CIMA Global Business Challenge
Between 3 and 8 August, the CIMA Global Business Challenge will be held in Warsaw. The contest is dedicated to undergraduates. PAIiIZ is the patron of the event.

The CIMA Global Business Challenge is an international business competition designed to bring out the best in the young business leaders of tomorrow.

By working together as a team of four to present a business case study, it is a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent in business management, and learn how to become the business leaders of the future.

More information: www.cimaglobal.com/Events-and-cpd-courses/globalbusinesschallenge. (Linkleaders)


Where to do business in Poland - World Bank report
Bydgoszcz is the best place for small and medium size companies to operate in Poland. Olsztyn and Białystok were located just after the leader - this is the outcome of the recently published Doing Business in Poland 2015 report that surveys 18 Polish cities.

According to the report, Poznań is the easiest city to start a business, Bydgoszcz creates best environment to deal with construction permits, Białystok is the best to register a new property while Olsztyn is the place where enforcing contracts is the easiest in Poland.

This is the first report of World Bank focusing on Polish cities.

Read the whole report here: www.doingbusiness.org/reports/subnational-reports/poland. (World Bank)


Summer time at EXPO 2015 in Milan
The conference entitled “Bilateral and multimedia negotiations of the European Union vs. the future of farms in the EU - prospects and threats” held on 29 June at the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan opened the Dolnośląskie Province Promotion Week at the exhibition.

At the very beginning of summer holidays, every visitor of EXPO 2015 in Milan have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Dolnośląskie. The region is famous for its castles, palaces, great cuisine and many mysteries that haven’t been discovers yet. On 2 July, the business offer of Dolnośląskie region as the best location in Poland for Italian exporters will be presented. Also the case study of Legnica Special Economic Zone will be shown to prove that SEZ programme is the power engine of Polish economy.

The Dolnośląskie Week at EXPO 2015 will last until 5 July. (PAIiIZ)

S7 Road. Seven challenges & million chances
S7 Road. Seven challenges & million chances - was the official motto and the title of the conference that was held in Kielce. The meeting gathered representatives of five special economic zones and five provinces.

During the event marshals of five provinces: Małopolskie, Świętorzyskie, Mazowieckie,Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Pomorskie signed the agreement establishing programme promoting investment plots along the S7 speed road. (Starachowice SEZ)

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