June 4th 2009,
Number 125-126




Dear Readers,

We kindly invite you to participate in a PAIiIZ conference on the condition of the Polish construction sector in the time of crisis. For details go to the News section.

In the today’s issue you can find the account of the PAIiIZ and KPMG conference, which was devoted to the presentation of a report on the Polish attractiveness as a location for new investments in service centres. This week, both GUS and Eurostat published data on GDP growth in Poland. The results are very good and show that despite the slowdown, our country is one of the most developing countries in Europe. We recommend the information on cooperation of two international IT companies with Polish scientists and students as well as the article about the launch of the new foreign investment in the Cracow SEZ.

Pleasant reading!

PAIiIZ’s editorial team

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Shared Services Centres in Poland - the PAIiIZ and KPMG conference

The conference took place on May 29th at the PAIiIZ Information Centre. The aim of the conference was to present a guide prepared by KPMG with cooperation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency entitled „Poland as the destination for Shared Services Centres”.

The publication provides investors with detailed information about attractive investment destinations for the SSC sector in Poland and about the Polish incentive system. The report presents also examples of the centres successfully operating in Poland.

Jerzy Kalinowski, KPMG Partner, who heads the advisory firm’s Information, Communications and Entertainment practice, said that in the context of the CEE region, the main advantage of Poland for locating SSCs is the high quality of available resources resulting from the strength of the educational system, combined with the desire of Poles to improve their education. We are the leader in Europe for continuing education. He noted that surprisingly, the global crisis and the devaluation of the Polish currency can be appealing to potential investors who are looking for ways to reduce costs.

Conference speakers: Kiejstut Żagun - KPMG, Adam Roś - Samsung, Irmina Bubałło-Wojciechowska - TP SA, Jerzy Kalinowski - KPMG, Robert Seges - PAIiIZ (Source: PAIiIZ)

Robert Seges, Team Head Services, PAIiIZ, said that in accordance to FDI Intelligence Unit data from January 2003 to April 2009 Poland was the 6th most important target market in the world in terms of the number of greenfield BPO projects (78 projects) and the number of workplaces (24 425). In the ranking, among European countries only United Kingdom is ahead of Poland. Given the capital invested in greenfield BPO projects only China and India were better than Poland. During this period foreign direct investments in this sector in Poland amounted to 2,1 billion USD. In 2009, in FDI Intelligence Unit’s database there were 4 BPO projects, in 2008 - 13 projects, in 2007 - 17 projects. It should be stressed that in the world scale the number of greenfield projects in BPO sector was considerably higher than a year before. It proves the attractiveness of this sector in the time of  crisis.

The full version of the report is available on the web site www.paiz.gov.pl in the News section.
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PAIiIZ Conference on the construction sector

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency invites to a conference “Investment climate for construction sector in Poland in the time of economic crisis”, which is to take place on June 18th at the PAIiIZ Information Centre, 12 Bagatela Str. between 11 a.m. and 12.30.

Is the construction industry affected by crisis? What are the reasons, symptoms and the expected impact of a possible slowdown in the Polish construction sector? Entrepreneurs are divided on this question more than ever. The conference is an excellent opportunity to acquire and exchange the most up to date of information and experiences. Organizing a conference we invited many leading experts from building and construction sector.

Admission is free. Conference in English. We provide simultaneous translation into English. To confirm your participation please contact Katarzyna Rosińska: katarzyna.rosinska@paiz.gov.pl.

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Woodward Governor project officially begins in Cracow SEZ

From the left: Stanisław Kracik - Mayor of Niepołomice, PhD. Adam Wyszyński - the chief architect, Gerhard Laufer - deputy CEO in Electrical Power Systems - company from Woodward Governor Group (Source: KPT)
In the previous Wednesday an official opening of the construction of the Woodward Governor factory took place, in the Krakow Special Economic Zone.

Woodward Governor will build the engineered facility and manufacturing and R&D centre for the entire corporation. The symbolic opening was made by Gerhard Lauffer - President of the company and Stanisław Kracik - Mayor of Niepołomice.

The ceremony also was attended by Eric Agnello - CEO, RD BUD Sp. z oo, PhD Adam Wyszyński - the chief architect in architectural bureau BW Art III, Grzegorz Woda - construction supervision inspector - DEKRA, and Krystyna Sadowska - director of marketing and promotion division of the Cracow Technology Park managing  Special Economic Zone.

In September 2008 Woodward Governer Poland Sp. z o. o. received a business activity permission issued by Cracow SEZ. The new factory in Niepołomice is to employ up to150 people.

Woodward Governor Company (WGC) manages mainly the designing, producing and solution servicing in the field of controlling and energy usage optimising in aircraft engine, industrial turbines and electrical and energetic equipment. (Cracow Technology Park)

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Cooperation between IBM and Polish scientists

IBM and Wrocław’s Research Centre EIT+ (RC EIT+) signed a letter of intent on cooperation in water reserve management, transport system steering and moves designed to lower energy consumption in technological process.

The letter was signed at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the presence of Science Minister Barbara Kudrycka and Marshal of Dolnośląskie Voivodship Marek Łapiński.

IBM i RC EIT+ will cooperate in the implementation of projects in the area of nano- and biotechnology and the development and application of intelligent technology.

The aim of these projects are long-terms measurable business benefits. Scientists from IBM Research will support the RC EIT + through trainings and consultations for research staff, including the management of research projects, research infrastructure and R&D works.

- From the very beginning the support of co-operation between economy and science was a priority for this government. We are fully aware this is the essential part of civilisation progress. We are counting on the real synergy result of the interaction of these areas which contribute to the development of the Polish science and economy - said prof. Barbara Kudrycka.

- Poland has scientific achievements and experience. As a result of our agreement signed today, we intend to cooperate with Poland’s leading scientists and technology experts to create new solutions, which are also priorities for the Polish government - said Kenneth Keating, Director of Strategy Development, IBM Research.

The intention of IBM and RC EIT + is also to gain partners for further cooperation. They interview the representatives of academics and innovative companies operating in Poland.

IBM Research focuses on basic and applied research implemented by more than 3000 scientists in 8 R&D centres all over the world. The scientific success of these institutions is the result of the commercialization of their knowledge through its practical application in a number of products and services.

RC EIT+ was founded to to integrate Wrocław’s and Dolny Śląsk region’s science, technology and innovation environment and to transfer the research results to business.

The goal of the RC EIT+ is to support government, business and industrial investments. (Ministry of Science and Higher Education)

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  • Economic growth: Poland still on the rise

    According to the preliminary results published by the Central Statistic Office (GUS), Polish gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2009 rose in real terms by 0,8% compared to the same period in 2008 and grew by 0,4% compared with the previous quarter.

    It’s the domestic demand which was the most responsible for the GDP growth compared to the same period in the previous year.

    Individual consumption contributed to GDP growth by 0,7 points percent. Investment demand has not changed - the share of changes in GDP amounted to 0,0 points percent. The positive news is a slight decline in net exports, its impact on the change in GDP was - 0,1 points percent.

    In turn, the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) informed that the Polish GDP in the first quarter of 2009 increased by 1,9% year to year and was the highest in the European Union. (ISB, GUS, PAP)

  • Foreign investors bought Polish treasury securities worth 63.4 billion PLN

    At the end of April the value of foreign investment in Polish treasury securities has reached 63,4 billion PLN. A month earlier it was 59,9 billion PLN. In April the value of Polish bonds held by foreign investors amounted to 60.2 billion PLN and treasury bills - 3.2 billion PLN. (PAP)

  • Exchange rates (as of 04.06.2009):










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Google will train students of Wrocław University of Technology

American IT company Google, will train students form Wroclaw University of Technology. The company itself emerges participants: it will be a group of 30 people from the Department of Information Technology and Management of Wrocław University of Technology.

Recruitment was just launched on June 2nd. A condition of participation is a good knowledge of English. Experts from Google will share with students operational details of the AdWords programme. It helps advertisers to effectively use the advertising budget, increase return on investment and measure the results of the campaign.

AdWords is used by local and international advertise companies. After six-month training, which begins in winter semester 2009/2010, students the students will acquire the ability to effectively manage online advertising campaigns and to generate and analyze reports as independent experts of the AdWords program. In addition, they will get the preparation and the ability to gain free approach to the whole world recognized the Google Advertising Professional Exam.

Google is the American company from IT and Internet sector. It’s most known product is a search engine and its declared mission is to catalogue the world’s information resources and make it universally accessible and useful. Google was founded in 1998 by two Stanford University doctoral students. Now the company employs more than 20,000 people in dozen or so countries, and gains revenues at 10 billion dollars and profits around 3 billion dollars a year. (PAP, Wrocław University of Technology)

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IPSOS: consumer’s moods improved

May was the second consecutive month to witness a distinct improvement in consumer moods on the previous month's situation - Ipsos announced. Poles are more frequently rating today as a good time for buying durables, the worries about prices rising remained at a low level.

The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) measured by Ipsos rose from April by as many as 10 points to reach a level of 83.3. The CCI has a range from 0 to 200.

Ratings have improved the most over the last month for the economic climate, a component of the CCI covering consumers' assessment of the country's current economic situation and changes they expect in it - Ipsos reported. The index for the economic climate jumped 13 points to 66.8. The index for willingness to buy has risen by 8 points to 94.3. Thus following three weak months from February to April this year, May once again saw Poles more frequently rating today as a good time for buying durables. In May, when asked to assess their own material situation in the future, the percentage of optimists and pessimists was similar.

According to Ipsos, the expectations are improving in particular for how the economic situation may develop. Poles are also less worried now about the situation on the job market.

The economic climate was the CCI component with the greatest influence on the decline in moods among Poles in the first months of 2009. In the latest survey, when consumers were asked for their assessment of Poland's economic situation, there were only slightly more pessimists than optimists. As in the April survey, worries about prices rising remained at a low level in May.

Currently consumers expect a fall in inflation over the next 12 months (23% of Poles) more often than a rise in inflation (15%).

The survey was conducted between 7th and 14th of April among a randomly selected, representative sample of 1009 Poles above 16 years of age. (PAP)

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The construction of an eco-village has started

Even this year, the construction of an ecological village with full infrastructure, shops and single-family and multi-family housing will start in śląskie voivodeship, on a site of about 120 ha on the Przeczycko-Siewierski Lake. The project will be carried out by Chmielowskie, a company owned by investment firm TUP.

The plans call for the future village to be an ecological garden city, comprised of low-rise townhouses. It will include business, residential and recreational sections. Lakeside features will include a marina and a sailing club for children. The centre of the village will be anchored by a market square, adjacent to a church.

Realization of the entire project is scheduled to last 25 years. The first stage of the investment, to be completed by 2012, will involve construction of 1,500 to 1,800 housing units (apartments and houses with a total area of some 100,000 sq m), a motel and a hotel with the largest conference centre in Silesia, a market square and a marina, all on a site of about 44 ha. About 60,000 sq m of the usable area will be devoted to offices and services.

Investor will apply for EU funds from Operational Programme - Infrastructure and Environment (IaE OP) in the field of ecological solutions such as: solar panels for heating water in the buildings, photovoltaic modules supplying the engines of gateways and windows, flue gas desulphurization systems, dust extraction equipments an industrial wastewater treatment plant, waste management projects with the production of biomass.

The project assumes the realization of the new town as a self-sufficient and ecological city. The construction of its own source of water and the water treatment station are anticipated. Two water circuits will be established: one from the deep well, the second from the recycled rain water for the irrigation of gardens and for sanitation purposes as well as from the recycled water from the natural water purification plant.

Also the flow of pollutants into surface water will be eliminated and a negative impact on groundwater will be limited. The green zone on the coast will protect a water body from the pollution.

The concept for the village at Siewierz, executed by Chmielowskie, is similar to projects that have been successfully implemented in the United Sates and in Western Europe. Examples include the towns of Seaside, Florida, and the village of Poundbury, Dorset, UK. (Wnp.pl)

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