March 3rd, 2017,
 Issue 525


Indykpol and Isorok reinvest in WMSEZ
Two companies have just decided to expand their business in Warmia-Mazury SEZ. Those are Indykpol and Isorok. Both of them plan to increase their production capacity, due to investments.

The biggest producer of poultry in Poland, Indykpol, will invest PLN 105m in the innovative technology of processing meat that has never been used in Poland before. The company also plans to create 105 new jobs in its production site in Olsztyn. Due to the project, the production capacity of the company will increase by 74%.

Indykpol’s reinvestment (source: Indykpol)

On the other hand. Isoroc has a plan to increase its production of mineral wool by 130% as a result of establishing new production line in Niedzica factory where additional 80 people will be employed. (WMSEZ)

Isoroc's reinvestment (source: Isoroc)

4 business permits and 25 planned
Four new investors of Katowice SEZ bought investment plots and gained the business permit to operate within the zone. In total they will spend 90 m for building new production facilities. In the incoming weeks the zone is also expecting to issue 5 next permits. By the end of 2017, the zone plans to issue 25 permits for companies in total.

Producer of storage system for the industry, originated in Germany, Bito Technika Magazynowa bought a site in Ujazd where it will invest PLN 47m. It will also hire 14 new people. Belgian Pomaraze will build a site in Bytom to develop a production facility there, spending PLN 39m and employing 8 people. Polish producer of plastic, PMS4i will spend PLN 3,7m to establish an investment in Częstochowa, while Promatek - that published book for children - will invest 2,5m.

Regional Investment Park of KSEZ in Ujazd

Katowice SEZ is also equipping investment sites that have been joined to the zone at the end of 2016. In total, the new area reached 269 hectares of which 241 hectares are stated-owned plots, while the rest is already occupied by investors. (KSEZ)


ELANBiz - new business opportunities in Latin America: Brazil, Mexico and...
Polish Investment and Trade Agency, European Latin American Business Services and ICE - Italian Trade Promotion Agency invite to the conference “ELANBiz - new business opportunities in Latin America: Brazil, Mexico and…”.

The event will be held 9 March from 9 am at the Information Centre of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Warsaw ul. Bagatela 12.

The goal of the conference is the presentation of business opportunities in Latin America, particularly in automotive, maritime and agriculture industry in Brazil and Mexico. After the official part of the event, hosted by president Tomasz Pisula, the B2B talk will be held.

Registration: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?new_markets_in_Latin_America&lang=en

Participation free of charge. The conference will be held in Polish and English.

More information: agnieszka.schutte@paiz.gov.pl

Global Industry Summit 2017
Global Industry Summit 2017
Global Industry Summit is a meeting of the representatives of automotive and aviation sectors, business environment institutions and public administration. The event is held under the patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Participants of the two-day conference will discuss issues related to economic policy, exports support, education, industry 4.0, robotics, high-tech solutions for Industry, the labour market, electromobility, quality management and Lean Manufacturing.

Among the participants of the forum there are numerous representatives of global businesses: General Motors, Brembo, Pininfarina Deutschland, Gedia Poland, Pilknigton Automotive, MAHLE, Eldisy, WABCO, NGK Ceramics, Nexteer Automotive, Invenio, Kongsberg Automotive, Kirchhoff Automotive and Ferrostaal. The conference creates also the opportunity to hold discussions with the business environment institutions, among them with the representative of the European Commission.

The meeting will be held from 20 to 21 March, in Katowice.

More information: www.kellyso.pl

3rd Forum of Innovative Manufacturing
Technological development has brought many innovative solutions in various areas of the business. One of them is industrial production. During the third Innovative Manufacturing Forum, which will be held on 5 - 6 April 2017 in the Westin Warsaw Hotel, we will talk about changes in the industry and new solutions that will optimize manufacturing processes.

The main objective of the Forum is a discussion of new solutions, which will support construction and development of innovative industry in Poland. The Forum is a platform for knowledge exchange, opinions and experiences between boards representatives of largest companies, representatives of central administration and experts in production and new technologies.

More information about the event can be found on www.forumprodukcji.pl

6th conference on logistics in Gliwice

On 30 March in Gliwice, representatives of local authorities, investors, developers and logistic companies will gather to talk about the latest trends and future of the logistic sector in Gliwice and the whole ¦l±sk province.

The participants of the meeting discuss how to attract foreign companies to invest in ¦l±sk and what kind of expectations do the investor have regarding the warehouse facilities in the province.

More information: http://bluevine.pl/konferencja/logistyka-inwestycje-przyszlosc

1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit
Polish Investment and Trade Agency took the patronage over the 1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit that will be hold on 28 June 2017, New York.

Central Eastern Europe continues to attract American interested in substantial cost savings and world-class talents. Indeed 50% of the global investment in the SSC sector in CEE is from American companies. We believe that the CEE region is a compelling proposition for US “mid-market” firms not yet present in the region.

At this inaugural USA-Europe SSC Awards Gala, we expect nearly 150 guests with more than 40 being American firms interested in setting up or expanding their existing business services centres in central Europe. The Awards Gala will be preceded by a Summit of discussion panels covering the shared services and IT outsourcing sector in CEE.

The one-day Summit and Awards Gala is a very efficient way for US “mid-market” firms to explore the possibilities and meet a large number of existing American companies active in the CEE region.

For more information please contact:

Maria Ponomareva maria@biznespolska.pl


Poland as safe haven for FDI
According to the report of Polityka Insight, The total value of FDI that came to Poland in the last 25 years reached PL 712 bn. On average, Poland recorded a PLN 26bn inflow of foreign direct investment per year.

Due to the inflow of FDI to Poland, Polish companies joined the global value chains. The investment also impacted on the economic growth in Poland, increasing in by 0.7% every year. As the authors of the report estimate, thanks to foreign capital and activity of international companies in our country, the level of GDP in 2015 was higher by 15.6% than in the scenario without foreign investments. (Polityka Insight)

Record year for Polish furniture industry
The total value of Polish furniture production went by 8% y/y, reaching the record level of PLN 42,45bn in 2016. According to the Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, Poland in now 6th global producer of furniture.

Furniture is the fourth biggest group of products exported from Poland and at the same time, the biggest group in terms of the balance of foreign trade which amounted to +PLN 34.6 bn in 2016. According to Eurostat, exports of furniture from Polish in 2015 increased by 10 points percent and amounted to €8.812bn. As the estimates shows, in 2016, the value of furniture exports should break the record and reaching €9.56bn. The Polish top furniture bestsellers are accessories, including furniture for self-assembly (29.25% share in exports), next is upholstered furniture and pieces of furniture to dining room, living room and bedroom.

Hidden Sofa by Iker (designer: Tomasz Rygalik)

In Poland, there are 25,000 furniture manufacturers. The vast majority of them are micro-enterprises (over 22,000), there are also 330 medium-sized companies and 89 large companies. In 2016, the sector has employed 151,000 people throughout the country. (Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers)


Silesian University of Technology and Katowice SEZ with lab 4.0
Silesian University of Technology together with Katowice SEZ are to open a research centre. This is the next project of both institutions, after launching a dual studies at the School of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology.

Both parties will establish a laboratory dedicated to develop 4.0 technologies in the industry (cyber-physical systems, IoT, Big Data Processing in Cloud Environments).

The inauguration of lab 4.0 has been scheduled on March 2017. (KSEZ)

Cooperation with Chinese medical cluster
Pomeranian SEZ has signed a cooperation agreement with China Medical City on science and business collaboration.

Both parties will develop technologies and trade in health care sectors.

China Medical City is a special economic zone located in Taizhou (Jiangsu province). There are 500 medical companies, a university and R&D centre operating there.

The similar cluster has been established in Poland in 2014 thanks to the activity of the city of Lublin and Medical University of Lublin. Klaster Lubelska Medycyna (Lublin medical cluster) cooperates with local academic and companies specialising in health care and medical tourism. (PSEZ/KUM)


To conquer the U.S. market
The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is the patron of the "Polish - American innovation bridge - I Innovation Plus", project of the Allerhand Institute. The initiative will be implemented up to the end of Apri, 2019. During this time, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the economic expansion in the United States.

The project is designed for innovative entrepreneurs from the SME sector in Małopolska. The representatives of the 30 best companies will have the opportunity to participate in the economic missions to the United States, take part in special workshops and present their inventions at the most important innovation fairs INPEX in Pittsburgh. Also a number of other events will be organised, such as conferences and seminars.

The recruitment for the project is open up to 7 April 2017. More information on the website: http://innowacjaplus.com.pl

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