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Labour market in Polish regions

The Podkarpackie voivodship lies in the south-eastern corner of Poland. There are great differences in the levels of the land across the region and rare types of flora and fauna which are uncommon in other regions, can be found here. Due to its uniqueness, Podkarpacie is one of the most attractive voivodships for tourism. The Sandomierz Basin, the Lower Beskidy and the Bieszczady – are three geographical districts of Podkarpacie, in which well located agro-tourist and tourist centres attract people to come and stay throughout the year. The Podkarpacie region is renowned for its rich mining and mineral deposits: i.e. sulphur, crude oil, natural gas, gypsum, sandstone and lime, extracted daily from modern mines. Apart from the natural development of industrial sectors based on the region’s natural deposits: the food industry, pharmaceuticals, aviation and IT are all well developed.

The Podkarpackie voivodship is a Polish region that is dynamically expanding its industry and tourism.

Investment opportunities

  • The close proximity of the developing markets of central and eastern Europe
  • Eastern EU border,
  • Special Economic Zones, Technology Parks – areas favourable to business,
  • A great tradition and technical potential in the engineering and electro-mechanical sectors and in the chemical industry supported by the large academic sphere,
  • A very dynamic aviation sector – an active Group Association for the Aviation Industry “Aviation Valley”,
  • The structure and age of the population are favourable to economic development,
  • A well developed network of non-government organisations supportive to regional development,
  • Well trained workers and relatively low labour costs,
  • Competitive prices for industrial land,
  • A well developed communications network (road and rail links, aviation),
  • A clean natural environment, beautiful scenery, areas for recreation, cultural attractions and historical sights.

The aviation industry

A long tradition in the aviation sector, a large concentration of Polish aviation firms, a favourable location, low labour costs, investment incentives, a well developed network of sub-contractors and institutions supporting the industry, all mean that the Podkarpackie voivodship is a leader in the aviation industry in Poland. The regional authorities’ appropriate policies have meant that the growing aviation cluster still has many opportunities for innovative solutions and investments.

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

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