March 26th, 2015,
 Issue 426


Mission to Turkey: Old friends and new leaders
Business talks, government meetings and Polish-Turkish Economic Forum in Ankara were the main highlights of the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs Grzegorz Schetyna and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Marek Sawicki in Turkey. Official delegation was accompanied by a group of over 100 Polish companies representing 11 sectors, headed by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

Promotion of the Polish economy, Polish exporters, investors and the development of the strategic areas of expansion of Polish companies in the Turkey was the main aim of the government delegation. Moreover, the culminating moment of the visit was Polish-Turkish Economic Forum "Poland-Turkey: Shared goals and challenges - new opportunities of Cooperation", on 25 March in Ankara.

Moderators of the Forum in Ancara

“We came to Turkey to share our success”, said Sławomir Majman, who moderated the forum. During the meeting Mr Schetyna talked about similar experiences of Poland and Turkey. “Our markets went through similar changes in energy security, infrastructure development, innovation and industry”, he said. “We come with Polish companies with a specific offer of cooperation - modernization of farms and of machinery for the food sector” - added minister Marek Sawicki. Among the potential areas of cooperation, he mentioned processing and storage of agricultural products.

Forum ended with B2B talks between Polish and Turkish companies representing such sectors as: energy & green technologies, financial capital, agri-food, medical, transportation, construction and R&D. PAIiIZ organised the Forum.

Minister Grzegorz Schetyna: “Our markets went through similar changes in energy security, infrastructure development, innovation and industry”

Minister Sawicki: "We came to Turkey to share our success with you"

The Turkish market has been defined by the Polish government as one of the most strategic exports destination.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150325/mission_to_turkey_old_friends_and_new_leaders. (PAIiIZ)


First quarter with 8 completed investments
MTU Aero Engines investment is the eight and the latest successfully completed projects with PAIiIZ support. The company will spend €13,8 m and create 50 new jobs.

The majority of completed projects in first quarter of 2015 are represented by BBS, R&D, ICT, automotive, aerospace, electronics and home appliances sectors. The total value of 8 projects reached €153.14m. Due to them, even 2,637 new jobs can be created.

Among 170 ongoing investments supported by the Agency, BPO and automotive sectors predominates. Each of the sectors runs 32 projects. Next are: R&D with 19 projects, aviation with 13 projects and food sector with 12 projects. The total value of ongoing projects reaches €3065.45m. Those investments may create even 30,061 new jobs in the future.

auris - Fotolia.com

The US (48 projects worth €938.41m; 6,610 new jobs planned) is the country with the biggest number of investments provided with Agency’s support. The second is Germany (29 investments (€429.65 m; 4,751 new jobs). The following positions are occupied by: France (11 projects), Italy (10 projects) and Japan (9 projects).

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150323/first_quarter_with_8_completed_investments. (PAIiIZ)

Polish capital in Starachowice SEZ
Starachowice SEZ issued the business permit to Poland-based company DAFI PRO.

The company will build a plant producing filter systems, heaters and fans. The total spending for investment has been estimated at PLN 10,2m. 40 new jobs will be created there. (Starachowice SEZ)

Companies get bigger within Euro-Park Mielec
Industrial Development Agency has issued business permits to Colfarm and Spiroflex. They both operate in “Euro-Park Mielec”.

Colfarm specializes in the production of drugs, dietary supplements and vitamins. Now, the company plans to extend the R&D section and due to that to purchase laboratory equipment. The value of investment will reach PLN 7m.

Meanwhile, the third business permit has been given to Spiroflex. The company produces ventilation systems and plans to spend about PLN 5m for new investment and creation of 10 new jobs. (ARP)

The opening of the Nifco hall
Japan-based Nifco opened a new production hall in Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

The investment not only consists of building a new production hall but also of establishing modern technologies to produce new range of products. The company will also develop technological department. The total cost of the new investment is PLN 140m. 450 new employees will be hired there.

Nifco is producer of plastic car components for such brands as: Ford, Suzuki, Skoda, Porsche, Hyundai, Toyota. In Poland, the company operates since 2006 in Wałbrzych SEZ. During nine years the company received five business permits. (WSEZ "Invest-Park")


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Source: www.nbp.pl


CEEC EXPO 2015 in Ningbo - join the international fair
Under the GoChina programme PAIiIZ invites Polish companies to participate to business mission in Ningbo in China. The key point of the mission is CEEC EXPO. The events will be held between 7-12 June.


There is a limited number of places. Companies interesting in participating in the fair, should fill the online form until 3 April on: www.gochina.gov.pl/Ningbo_2015.

The mission to Ningbo is co-organized together by PAIiIZ and Trade and Investment Promotion Section of Polish Embassy in Shanghai. (PAIiIZ)

Call for companies from Eastern Poland to mission to Vietnam-Indonesia-Malaysia
PAIiIZ invites companies from food, machinery and cosmetics sectors to join the business mission to Vietnam-Indonesia-Malaysia. The mission headed by Polish deputy minister of Economy Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik will be arranged between 12-22 April 2015.

According to status of the Mission, participation in the Mission is available only for companies that provide business in 5 provinces of the Eastern Poland Macroregion (Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie) for at least 18 months.

There is limited number of participants in the Mission: 10.

All documents should be submitted by 1 April.

The status, fill-in forms and other regulations of the Mission are available on:

The Mission will be arranged by PAIiIZ S.A. under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme”.

Read more: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150412/business_mission_to_vietnam_indonesia_malaysia. (PAIiIZ)

European Economic Congress - Katowice
Between 20 and 22 April, for the seventh time Katowice will host one of the most important business event - The European Economic Congress (EEC). During EEC, PAIiIZ co-organises the following session: “The 4th Europe - China Economic Forum (21.04), “Globalisation of the Polish foreign policy - Polish initiatives outside Europe” (21.04) and “Economic meetings. Poland - South Korea: Strategic Partnership” (22.04).

The leading subjects and highlights of the seventh EEC include: discussion on the programme of 300 billion euros for a new Europe - a large investment programme by the European Union and debates devoted to the role of the state in the economy. Participants will also discuss the innovative Europe, challenges to the global economy, new markets and new trends. Many opportunities to exchange views and experiences on industry and climate as well as CSR is waiting to all who join the forum.

Discussion will be divided in few Panels as: 3rd Africa-Central Europe Economic Cooperation Forum, 4th Europe-China Economic Forum, Poland-Japan economic meetings as well as the Annual Poland-Czech Republic Economic Meeting.

More information on the European Economic Congress - www.eecpoland.eu. (PTWP)

The First Industrial Investment Forum
On 15 April, The First Industrial Investment Forum arranged by Tereny Inwestycyjne will be held. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

During the forum, the most important aspects of modern industrial investments will be presented. The meeting will be divided in two discussions panel: “The best time for Investments in Eastern Poland” and “Green Industry - the news standards”.

To attend, please visit: www.terenyinwestycyjne.info/index.php/konferencje-i-targi/konferencje-terenow-inwestycyjnych-info/item/8421-i-ogolnopolskie-forum-inwestycji-przemyslowych#rejestracja.

More information: www.TerenyInwestycyjne.info. (Tereny Inwestycyjne)

Automotive CEE Day
PAIiIZ took the patronage over the second edition of purchasing meeting - Automotive CEE Day. The event will be held on 28 and 29 April in Kraków.

Business talks between automotive companies in CEE countries which are interested in establishing cooperation in the area of production, both in national and international scale are the main highlight of the meeting.

The event is organised by AutomotiveSuppliers.pl. More information is available on www.automotiveceeday.eu. (Automotive Suppliers)


Where in the World - the world’s top outsourcing destinations
According to Cushman&Wakefield „Where in the World? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Shared Service Location Index” report, Poland has been listed as 18 in the world’s top outsourcing destinations.

The report assesses factors likely to affect the successful operation of BPO functions around the world. Costs, risks and operating conditions has been analysed to provide insight into which markets are particularly attractive in the current global environment.

Despite the fact that Poland’s position is slightly lower this year, the country maintains the image of very attractive place to locate outsourcing business. Moreover, Poland still holds the position of CEE leader in terms of employment in the sector. This underperformance was due to the current geopolitical situation rather than a change in perceptions of Poland’s economic potential by investors. Poland is perceived as a mature market by a growing number of investors. The access to skilled labour and cost competitiveness of the workforce are still the key factors in the BPO sector’s further growth. (Cushman&Wakefield)

Manpower - the prospects of employment
Seven out of ten surveyed sectors by Manpower in Poland expects the increase of employment in the second quarter of 2015. The same trend is observed in all regions of the country. The best opportunities of finding new job are reported in construction, transportation & logistics as well as industrial production sectors.

Among 750 surveyed employers in Poland, 73% plan to maintain the number of staff at the current level, 16% expect the increase of employment while 7% plan to reduce the number of employees.

In terms of the regions, there is a trend of increasing the employment in five out of six regions. The most significant improvement of employment policy was recorded in Northern West (by 5 FVC) as well as in the East (by 4 FVC) of the country. (ManpowerGroup)


„Gryf Gospodarczy 2015”
The government of Pomerania province invites companies from Pomerania to join the contest promoting enterprise and business activity of companies from the region.

The contest is divided into four categories regarding the size of companies: micro, small, medium and large companies registered in Pomerania.

More information is available on: http://gryfgospodarczy.pl. (The Pomerania Province)

From Lublin to Shanghai
Polish startup iWisher won the “Ready to Go” contest receiving an award: a study visit to Shanghai to accelerate business there. “Ready to Go” supports the most innovative Polish projects in their global expansion.

iWisher is an app for co-financing gifts. If a person wishes to get something, his or her friends can finance the gift by sharing the costs among each other. Moreover, iWisher app allows them to spend as less as possible for the gift.

For iWisher creators, a study visit to Shanghai is a chance to find new investors and new business partners on international market as Shanghai is considered as one of the global hubs of innovation. (Business Link Lublin)

Logistics investment in the future
For the fourth time in a roll, Gliwice turned into a centre of the national logistics as the conference entitled “Logistics Investment in Future” was held.

This year’s debates covered recent geopolitical situation in Poland, how it should be tackled. Participants focused on challenges the industry is now facing with. They also talked about the rising position of logistic market in Upper Silesia, including the city of Gliwice. Today, the logistic real estate market of Upper Silesia is considered as matured, stable and comparable to France or Germany. According to Wojciech Dachniewski from Cushman & Wakefield Upper Silesia holds 1.7million m2 of the warehouse area, whereas Warsaw and the adjacent territories - more than 2 million m2 and Tricity, as an emerging market 250 000m2. (Bluevine Consulting)

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