July 14th, 2011,
Issue 235




Poles again the winners in Imagine Cup competition

Winners of 9th annual Imagine Cup competition were announced on July 14th. Polish teams did not let us down - this year Poles again were among the champions.

Imagine Cup, organized by Microsoft, is the world’s premier student technology competition. For years Polish teams have been among the winners in different categories of this IT contest.

In the 2011 edition of Imagine Cup Poles won in the category of Web Game Design. The Cellardoor team from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań was awarded for the game "The Book of Elm" which makes users sensitive to green issues.

Cellardoor (fot. Microsoft)

Błażej Matuszyk from the Poznań University of Technology classified second in the IT Challenge category. The IT Challenge is a sort of practical exam, which checks the knowledge and skills in implementing and managing IT systems.

Another Polish team - DemosceneSpirit, from the Poznań University, classified third in the category Interoperatibility Challenge for the Trident project, which helps deal with problems related to floods. (Microsoft)

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PAIiIZ investment projects

July 8th, 2011: the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has been supporting 170 investment projects.

The overall value of the supported projects is EUR 6.39 billion. The projects are estimated to create 43841 jobs. The biggest number of investors come from the USA. The 39 American projects currently served by the Agency are jointly worth EUR 1.27 billion and are expected to generate 8392 jobs. The second most numerous group is formed by British investors (18 projects, EUR 346 mln, 6388 jobs), South Koreans (14 projects, EUR 295 mln, 1760 jobs) and the Chinese (12 projects, EUR 230.5 mln, 2771 jobs). Among the most active investors there are also Germans and the Japanese (10 projects per country).

As for the sectors, it is the BPO industry that attracts the greatest number of projects - 29 projects which may generate 9931 jobs and are jointly worth EUR 40.74 million. The automotive industry with 27 projects worth EUR 2 billion and the estimated number of 10,000 jobs, the machine industry - 15 projects, EUR 705 million and 3611 jobs, the ICT sector - 10 projects, the chemical industry - 9 projects and R&D - 8 projects.

In 2011 the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency closed 27 projects worth EUR 847.5 million. The projects will generate 6694 jobs. (PAIiIZ)

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Pittsburgh Glass Works Signs invests in Środa Śląska

The company signed EU Co-Financing Agreement for its new auto glass manufacturing facility in Poland.

Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW), a world leading supplier of automotive glass and services, signed a co-financing agreement in Warsaw under EU Measure 4.5.1 of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, for the new automotive glass manufacturing facility which is being built in Środa Śląska near Wrocław, Poland.

PGW will invest PLN 244,453,843 overall with PLN 204,494,640 being eligible for co-financing of PLN 61,348,392 at a level of 30%. The project start date was April 28, 2010 and will be completed by December 25, 2013. The implementing institution is the Ministry of Economy of Poland.

The new facility’s manufacturing focus will be on high-technology, high-content windshields with full surface control that meet the needs of the European premium vehicle market. This segment currently accounts for approximately 60 % of European auto production.

Project of the new PGW production facility

Groundbreaking for the new PGW facility was November 2010 and production is expected to begin in early 2012. When fully operational, the new manufacturing site will employ in excess of 160 people.
Products to be offered by the new plant will includeSungate® and Sungate EP® infrared reflective glass, Solextra® blue glass andSoundMaster® enhanced acoustic glass windshields.

The new PGW site in Środa Śląska, near the southwestern Poland city of Wrocław - a high-tech manufacturing center offering an educated workforce and easy access to transportation - will also allow for the future addition of additional windshield capacity and a tempering line for side windows and other products. The project was supported by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency

About Pittsburgh Glass Works

Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) supplies automotive OEM windshields, rear and side windows, sunroofs and assemblies for auto and truck manufacturers, and it supplies and distributes replacement automotive glass products for use in the aftermarket. It also provides insurance claims services through its LYNX Services subsidiary, glass management software and internet marketing services through its GTS subsidiary, and e-business solutions through its GLAXIS offering.

Automotive glass products are manufactured and fabricated in six North American plants located in: Berea, Ky.; Creighton, Meadville and Tipton, Pa.; Crestline Ohio; Evansville, Ind.; and a joint venture facility in Tepeji del Rio, Mexico. A new manufacturing site has recently been announced to be located in Elkin, North Carolina. In addition seven satellite parts assembly plants are located throughout North America and Europe, and two LYNX Services claims management call centers in Ft. Myers, Fla. and Paducah, Ky. For more information, visit, www.pgwglass.com.

For more information, contact:

William (Bill) Hall, +48 512 780 808, bhall@pgwglass.com. (PGW)

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New permissions issued by the Tarnobrzeg SEZ

BK Glass, which was granted the permission, will invest PLN 5 million and hire at least 15 people.

This is the company's first business activity permission in the SEZ. BK Glass will build its facility on a 2ha plot where the company will produce toughened curved and flat glass for the furniture, construction and energy industry.

Since the beginning of 2011 the Industrial Development Agency (ARP) which manages the SEZ has issued 9 business activity permissions to companies which will start business in the Tarnobrzeg SEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN. The companies will jointly invest over PLN 413.5 million and will create 396 jobs. Since the establishment of the EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN in 1997 entrepreneurs invested PLN 6.2 billion and generated 20 000 new jobs. (ARP)

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Gold and eco packages

Two new production facilities in the Kamianna Góra Special Economic Zone.

One of the latest business activity permissions issued by the SEZ was granted to Piotr Barański who will invest PLN 2 million in a chemical laboratory where the businessman wants to recover gold and prepare the precious metal for the jewellery industry. The metal will be brought from the whole of Europe.

President of the SEZ Iwona Krawczyk and Mayor of Kamienna Góra Krzysztof Świątek handed the permission to representatives of Kalibra

- The second company - Kalibra - which was granted one of the permissions, has already been present in the SEZ. Now the investor will construct a facility worth PLN 18 million with a modern technology line and a research laboratory - says the President of the Kamianna Góra SEZ, Ms Iwona Krawczyk.

Kalibra specialises in the production of plastic packages for the food industry. The company has been present in the SEZ since the zone’s establishment.

This year the SEZ issued three business activity permissions. Investors declared to develop projects jointly worth PLN 50 million which should create 200 jobs. At the moment there are 49 investors who run their business projects in the SEZ and who invested there over PLN 1.57 billion and hire 4,400 people. (Mo-Ja Multimedia)

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Central Statistical Office: inflation falls

The central Statistical Office informs that the price index of consumer goods and services for June 2011 decreased for the first time since August 2010.

The index decreased by 0.4% month-to-month. In June the biggest decrease concerned food prices (2.0%) and charges for communication (1.7%) and transport (0.3%). Increased prices of goods and services related to housing (0.2%).

In the second quarter of the year prices of consumer goods and services were higher by 1.5% when compared to the first quarter of 2011 (compared to the same period of 2010, by 4.6%). Increased prices concerned also clothing and footwear (3.7%), food (2.8%), as well as charges related to transport (2.7%). Communication related prices recorded decreases (1.3%).

The increase in prices of consumer goods and services in June (in the annual context) was lower than in May. (4.2% vs 5.0%). (the Central Statistical Office)

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EU funds usage in Poland as of June 10th, 2011

The Ministry of Regional Development informs that from the launch of the Operational Programmes till July 10th, 2011 the Ministry accepted 181.4 thousand subsidy applications to the amount of (both EU funds and national funds) PLN 404.3 billion.

During that period contracts were signed with 57 524 beneficiaries of grants. The contracts amounted to PLN 246.3 billion of eligible costs, including funding of the EU PLN 170.4 billion what represents 65% of the allocation for 2007-2013. (Ministry of Regional Development)

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  • Exchange rates (as of 14.07.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Eastern Poland on World BPO/ITO Forum in Jersey City, USA

Administration representatives and entrepreneurs active in the BPO and IT sectors in Eastern Poland took part in the fourth edition of the World BPO/ITO Forum, which took place on June 28-29 in Jersey City in the United States.

The two-day conference was devoted to issues connected with modern BPO/ITO business service centers, shared service centers (SSC) and the IT sector. The event was attended by experts representing world's largest companies operating in the BPO sector, U.S. companies interested in business services and investment and outsourcing agencies from other regions of the world - including Argentina, Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Eastern Poland was represented by 10 companies from the IT and BPO sector and two representatives of local government units.

The presence of Poland’s representatives on the global BPO Forum was noticeable and was repeatedly emphasized by numerous speakers and conference organizers. The Polish delegation had the opportunity to establish numerous business contacts and gain knowledge on trends and developments in foreign markets. The Forum’s guest of honor was the chief economic advisors to Barack Obama, Dr Lawrence Summers, who gave a speech about the development of the business services sector.

Finding your next outsourcing haven - a discussion panel organised during the Forum

The Polish delegation participated in the Forum thanks to the joint initiative of PAIiIZ and the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Consulate General of Poland in New York.

The stand of Eastern Poland gave the opportunity to present a number of companies from the microregion: Intratel from Białystok, Compugroup Medical, Spółka Inżynierów SIM, Dżaman D.Dżaman E.Dżaman S.C, Mikrobit, E-Studio, Software Nowakowska i Mędrek form Lublin, Teledirect, Saas&WEB technology from Kielce, IDEO from Rzeszów and representatives of the Kielce and Lublin City Councils.

The mission was organized by PAIiIZ in the framework of the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland, Operational Programme - Development of Eastern Poland, Measure I. 4 Promotion and Cooperation. (PAIiIZ)

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Polish lingerie on the MODE CITY 2011 in Paris

On July 9-11, 2011, manufacturers and distributors of underwear from Eastern Poland participated in one of the most prestigious events promoting the lingerie sector in the world - MODE CITY 2011 in Paris.

On July 9-11, 2011, manufacturers and distributors of underwear from Eastern Poland participated in one of the most prestigious events promoting the lingerie sector in the world - MODE CITY 2011 in Paris.

Eastern Poland on the Mode City fairs

In fact, the majority of leading lingerie producers in Poland is gathered in the Podlasie Lingerie Cluster -among others Axami, Embolos, Gracya, Kinga-Lingerie, Gorteks, Mat, Kontri, Gaia, Ava, Kostar and Vestiva.

Eastern Poland on the Mode City fairs

The stand organized by Eastern Poland generated great interest among visitors of the Mode City and other exhibitors. One of the stand’s major attractions were baroque dresses designed by Teresa Słonicz from Gracya.

Eastern Poland on the Mode City fairs

The mission was organised by PAIiIZ in the framework of the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland, Operational Programme - Development of Eastern Poland, Measure I. 4 Promotion and Cooperation. (PAIiIZ)

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Polish animated cartoon again the best

Danny Boy by Markek Skrobecki won the 62 International Film Festival in Montecatini in Tuscany.

The Polish-Swiss co-production directed by Mark Skrobecki has already won numerous awards. The film was awarded, among others, at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival 2010 in Switzerland, at the Ale Kino Festival in Poznań and at the International Festival of Animation ANIMANIMA in Čačak (Serbia).

A frame from Danny Boy (photo: Se-ma-for)

The 10-minute film was inspired by the popular song Danny Boy. It is a tale about the fragility and solitude of the individual. The protagonist is a young man wandering the streets of an anonymous city. His sense of loneliness is intense and reinforced by the fact that the protagonist clearly differs from the others. The action accelerates when the boy meets a girl.

A frame from Danny Boy (photo: Se-ma-for)

Marek Skrobecki directs animated and puppet movies. He was stage designer and codirector of the Oscar awarded film “Peter and the Wolf”. (Ministry of Culture and National Heritage)

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