February 13th, 2014,
 Issue 369


New Financial Framework 2014-2020
The new EU Operational Programmes: Infrastructure and Environment and Smart Development were presented on 10 February. At the meeting, the challenges and changes that the EU Financial Framework 2014-2020 can offer to companies were also discussed.

“According to the World Bank, over the past 13 years, Poland has made the biggest and the fastest progress. This directly coincides with the use of EU funds”, said PAIiIZ president S³awomir Majman while opening the meeting.

The previous EU Financial Framework was very successful. “Especially for large companies - they received more than 50% of all contracted funds”, said Patrycja Zeszutek, deputy director of the Department of Implementation of Operational Programmes in the Ministry of Economy.

Speakers during the meeting on Financial Framework 2014-2020

This time, the Financial Framework 2014-2020 focuses on R&D projects, support for SMEs and the creation of new, in-house R&D centres. A total of €10 billion will go to the Smart Development Operational Programme.

Entrepreneurs argue that the new way of obtaining EU funds - returnable incentives - introduced in the new EU budget are less attractive than the previous instalments. According to Ms Zeszutek, the changes don’t affect the popularity of EU subsidies.

The conference on Financial Framework 2014-2020 was organised by PAIiIZ in cooperation with Crido Taxand.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140210/financial_framework_2014_2020 (PAIiIZ)

Investing in Poland 2014
Polish real estate market overtakes other CEE markets of in terms of the space supply in all property sectors.

The latest report Investing in Poland 2014 was presented at a press conference on 10 February in PAIiIZ. It guides commercial investors through the opportunities in the Polish real estate market, providing them with information about Poland's largest cities.

A stable political situation and low investment risk made Poland a leader in CEE in terms of the amount of invested capital in the real estate market. “The investment transactions value amounted to €907m in mid-2013 and reached €3 billion by the end of the year. It is the best result since 2006 - stressed Del Chandler, managing director, CEE capital markets, at BNP Paribas Real Estates.

“Poland is still at the top of foreign investors’ interest” - explained Jeroen van der Toolen, managing director CEE at Ghelamco. “The Polish real estate market is no longer described as an emerging market,” he stressed. 

Maciej Górski Advisor to PAIiIZ Board invited pannelis at the meeting

“The fact that there's more foreign investment than domestic Polish capital is a positive indicator of the market’s condition”, said Monika Sitowicz, partner in Real Estate Department, Dentons. “The Polish real estate market is also stable in terms of legal issues,” she added.

“Investors who came to Poland, plan to tie up with the country for longer. Cultural similarities, good communication with western Europe or no appreciable difference in time zones, are important Polish advantages as an investment location,” said Anna Staniszewska, consulting & research director, CEE, at BNP Paribas Real Estate.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140211/Investing_in_poland_2014_report (PAIiIZ)

Africa. The continent of the future - promotional film
A new short film promoting the Polish government's GoAfrica programme has just been released. The continent, which has been ignored by business until recently, now becomes the economic lion.

In the two-minute-long film, Polish firms are encouraged to do business in Africa by deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński and by Polish entrepreneurs who are already there recommend the continent as a perfect destination for Polish investors.

“Everyone is already there: the Japanese, Chinese and Americans,” says Janusz Piechociński. “Investments in food and energy sector are crucial for Africa as they can let the continent to the economic independence from other countries”, explains Karol Zarajczyk, Ursus Board President.

Throughout the global recession, Africa remained a rapidly growing region, with an average annual growth rate of more than 7% over the past decade. Six out of ten world’s fastest developing countries are located in Africa.

The Go Africa programme aims to increase the number of Polish investments in Africa and to strengthen the trade relations.

Watch the film: http://www.paiz.gov.pl/20140212/Africa_promoting_spot (PAIiIZ)


Innovative GM engine will be produced in Tychy
General Motors Manufacturing Poland has announced the start of production of new-generation car engines in Tychy. GM has declared that it will invest over PLN 1.4m, having already spent €250m on the project.

The investment, supported by PAIiIZ since 2013, will facilitate production of a whole new generation of engines. Various innovative technologies will be applied to the project, developed by GM research teams from Germany and Poland. This technology has not been used in any GM factory anywhere in the world.

From the left: deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński and PAIiIZ president S³awomir Majman announcing the GM’S decision (source: Ministry of Economy)

The investment will contribute to the development of the automotive suppliers’ sector in Poland. It also act as a stimulus for interconnected investors. The GM plant in Tychy is one of the biggest foreign investments in Katowice Special Economic Zone.

GM will continue its cooperation with academic environment, especially with the Silesian University of Technology and BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute. The Investor is also considering the introduction of internship programmes for engineering students. (ME/PAIiIZ)

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140211/innovativeGM_engine_tychy

Amazon starts building in Bielany Wroc³awskie
The construction of Amazon’s first of three fulfilment centres in Poland officially got under way on 6 February in Bielany Wroc³awskie. PAIiIZ president S³awomir Majman took part in the ceremony.

Two of the three Amazon’s fulfilment centres in Poland are planned to be opened in the second half of this year. The third one, near Poznań, will be launched in 2015 during the 20th anniversary of Amazon’s presence in the market.

In its three fulfilment centres, the company will create 6,000 full-time jobs, with a further 9,000 seasonal jobs planned for the holiday season. Poland’s central location in Europe, close connection to key markets as well as the access to a great employment base were key reasons behind Amazon’s decision to open the business there.

The Polish fulfilment centres will be integrated into Amazon’s European fulfilment network. They will serve customers from all of Amazon’s European market.

The decision to operate in Poland was officially announced by Amazon in October 2014. (PAIiIZ)

FIRN EU in Technopark £ód¼
A pharmaceutical plant producing antiviral drugs is to be built in Technopark £ód¼.

FIRN EU, a company with Russian capital, produces of drugs and other pharmaceutical products. Specialists, recruited from local universities, will find jobs in the company's newest facility in Technopark £ód¼.

Project of FIRN EU’s plant (source: Technopark £ód¼)

In cooperation with the Medical University of £ód¼ and the Technopark, the investor plans to conduct research on new antiviral drugs and innovative production technologies. (Technopark £ód¼)

Solaris in numbers
For Solaris - Poland's leading city bus producer - 2013 was a record year both on Polish and foreign markets.

Last year, the number of buses, trolleybuses and trams sold by the company totalled 1,302. The record sales over the past year were driven by deliveries to domestic customers as well impressive export sales.

The largest number of foreign market was Germany, where Solaris sold 210 urban buses. The company was ranked third in the German market in terms of the supply of city buses. And for the first time in the history, a Polish company delivered trams to Germany. A significant share of last year export sales went to Serbia, with a contract for 200 articulated buses for Belgrade. Solaris also entered Israel, where it delivered 116 city buses and intercity buses.

Last year Solaris has also introduced several new products, including buses that meet Euro 6 pollution standards, and an electric bus with an innovative battery charging system.

This year, the company plans to present a new Solaris bus. It will be an innovative model featuring lighter construction and dynamic design. The bus will be presented during this year's autumn IAA in Hanover. (Solaris)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Business Mission to Turkey
Ministry of Economy, Polish Chamber of Commerce and PAIiIZ in cooperation with the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Deloitte and Dentons invite Polish companies to participate in the Polish-Turkish Business Forum in Istanbul. The event will take place on 6 March.

The Business Forum in Istanbul is one of the highlights of the Polish president Bronis³aw Komorowski's official visit to Turkey that takes place on 5-6 March. The event will be attended by government officials and entrepreneurs from both countries.

Registration of companies interested in taking part in the event by e-mail: anna.pochwala@ mg.gov.pl until 24 February.

More information will be given during the registration.

The organisers do not cover the costs of accommodation in Turkey. (ME/PAIiIZ)

2014 Tourism Forum
The British Polish Chamber of Commerce and Polish Embassy in London invite Polish companies to take part in the 2014 Tourism Forum. The event will take place on 20 February in the Polish Embassy in London. PAIiIZ is patron of this event.

A steady growth in the number of UK tourists visiting Poland is anticipated. According to BPCC data, the average British tourist spent around $400 in Poland in 2012.

Medical tourism is also increasing its importance. It has been estimated that about 600,000 tourists arrived in Poland in 2012 for medical reasons. The majority of them were British.

According to the report Private healthcare market in Poland 2012 - development forecasts for 2012-2014, between 2012 and 2014, the medical services industry in Poland will grow by 5% per year. At the same time, the traditional tourism market in Europe will increase only by 3.4%.

Registration by e-mail: natalia.swiderska@bpcc.org.pl, tel: +48 604 432 556

Limited number of places - participants will be admitted on the first come first served basis and in accordance with BPCC membership.

More information: http://www.bpcc.org.pl/en/event/2014-tourism-forum[8005760].html (BPCC/PAIiIZ)

Expo Sweet 2014

The Expo Sweet International Trade Fair will be on 18-20 February at the MT Polska Center in Warsaw.

Expo Sweet is an exhibition of confectionery and ice-cream industry. The fair has been set up by the most important companies in the industry. During the event, a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment for pastry shops, ice cream parlours, cafés and bakeries will be presented. Among the exhibitors there are domestic and foreign manufacturers. The trade show is mostly visited by the Polish owners of confectionery business as well as representatives from from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.

More information: www.exposweet.pl (Expo Sweet)


Exports goes up
According to provisional data from Poland's Central Statistic Office, GUS, the value of Polish exports has risen by 6.5% in last December, to €152.8 billion. The value of imports was slightly higher than last year (by 0.7%), at €155.1 billion.

In 2013, the value of exports to emerging markets rose noticeably (by 11.4%, to €28 billion), while exports to developed markets grew by 5.5% to €124.7 billion. On the other hand, the value of imports from the developed markets has increased by 2.2% to the level of €101.7 billion.  The imports form emerging markets decreased by 2,1% (€53.4 billion). According to GUS, Germany is Poland’s biggest trade partner. Exports of goods to Germany increased by 5.9%. Among the country’s main exports markets in EU where there was rapid export growth: Spain (by 19.2%), Belgium (by 12.4%), Hungary (by 11.6%), Sweden (by 8.9%), Slovakia (by 7.9%), and Czech Republic (growth by 4%). The value of Poland's imports from the UK grew by 7.1%, faster than from any other major trading partner.

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The largest increase of exported goods has been noticed in agricultural and food products sector (by 11.5% to almost €20 billion). Higher growth of exports was also noticeable in the electromechanical sector (by 6.9% to the level of €59.8 billion), and chemical industry products (by 8.2% to over €21.7 billion) (GUS/Ministry of Economy)

Real Estate Assets Investment Trend Indicator 2014
The eurozone rebounded from the longest recession in its history. Real estate investments are becoming increasingly attractive again. Investors from the biggest European countries expect that the space supply in the real estate market will grow this year. Those are the outcomes from EY’s European Real Estate Assets Investment Trend Indicator 2014.

For the first time in two years, the majority of respondents in all European countries believe that their real estate market is an attractive investment destination. Spain and Italy - two of the countries hardest hit by the eurozone debt crisis, now are the most optimistic in terms of the development of local real estate markets. The growing confidence of foreign investors towards those countries translates into a higher value of the transaction.

According to the forecasts for 2014, investors agree that all European markets will be considered as attractive in terms of commercial real estate business. Respondents are especially optimistic as far as Poland. No one described Polish market as 'unattractive'. Moreover, 67% found the country attractive and 33% described it as 'very attractive'.

The authors of the research say that real estate prices in markets that were most strongly affected by the eurozone crisis will increase the most. However, Poland is expected to maintain the prices of all types of properties including residential ones at the same level as today.

The report also indicates a new trend among investors. They are more likely to use the internet and social media while searching for investment opportunities. It appears that the e-commerce trade more significantly impacts on the commercial real estate market. In 2014, with banks under growing pressure to contain lending, and with deleveraging continuing across private and public sectors, demand is likely to rise for mezzanine financing and other alternative sources of capital. (EY)

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