March 10th, 2017,
 Issue 526


Latin America open for cooperation
In April, we are opening the Trade Office in Mexico. It is a very useful information for Polish companies planning to business there, said Tomasz Pisula, president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency during the meeting dedicated to investment opportunities in Latin America.

The number of Polish companies looking at Latin America with interest is growing. Since recently, this region has been almost neglected by many distant counties. Now, Russia, China and the European Union are increasingly active there.

J. Sanchez: Latin America consists of 19 consumers. This is a huge market of over 626 million consumers for Polish products and services

FDI in Latin America accounts for 11% of the total share of global FDI. „Most foreign investors chooses Mexico and Brazil”, said Javier Sanchez, ELANBiz LATAm expert. As he predicts, in the incoming five years, the total value of FDI that will come to the Latin America should reach $ 161m. Money will enter mostly to transport, logistic and gas sectors, he added. (PAIH)

Understanding the food market in China
Go China
“Today’s China has changed, the market of imported food is rapidly growing due to the popularity of foreign products among Chinese consumers”, said President of Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Tomasz Pisula while opening the training on the food market in China, on 7 March at the Agency.

Overtaking the US in 2011, China remains the largest food and beverages market. The Chinese appreciate products of the highest quality as well as the convenience of purchasing them. Nutritional habits in this Asian country differ from those of Europe. Moreover, there are significant differences among specific regions of China regarding food preferences. “Although China has a completely different food culture, the citizens of large cities are familiarised with western food, so we can offer our products there” said Michael Bielewicz of ForCap Co. Ltd

Tomasz Pisula: The market of imported food is rapidly growing in China

The food imports to China from the European Union accounts for 20% of total imports from the EU. The main European exporters of food products to China are France, Denmark and the Netherlands while Poland is the ninth. “One of our first foreign trade offices has been established in Shanghai. It has already developed relations with Chinese business and will support numerous companies”, said President Pisula. “We develop the network of foreign offices of the Agency in about 70 locations around the world. This year, we plan to open 14 offices”, Pisula added.


Selena is developing R&D centre
Selena Labs builds new Central R&D Laboratory in Dzierżoniów. The company is a part of Selena Group, one of the Polish biggest manufacturers and exporters of chemicals for the industry.

Laboratory in Dzierżoniów is the next research centre of Selena Labs, where the company develops the innovative products of the whole Group. Selena Labs was founded in 2010 to coordinate researches for Selana’s manufacturing sites in Poland, China, Spain and Turkey.

Selena Group has five production plants: in Dolny ¦l±sk region, in Nowa Ruda, Siechnice, Lubin, and in Dzierżoniów, where the investment will be carried out. Selena also owns factories in sixteen other countries.

Selena Group is a member of the "Polish Champion" programme supporting the development of Polish companies abroad. The project is implemented by the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW) in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development, Polish Investment and Trade Agency as well as PwC. (ARAW)

Mobica in Poznań
Mobica, the software services company, opens a new development centre in Poznan. The company is to hire 100 people.

The centre in Poznań will be 11th site of Mobica in the world. It will have a strong technology focus on C++/C, iOS, Android, embedded systems programming and Test Automation, working on hi-tech projects for global customers specifically in the Automotive, Mobile and Finance industries.

Eric Ljungberg, CEO Mobica says “Poland has proved to offer the perfect balance of the high-quality of software developers in exactly the right place providing a cornerstone for the high quality development services that our customers demand.” (Mobica)

New investment in Niepołomice
Kraków Technology Park has a new investor. Sarel Poland is to invest more than PLN 17m there.

Sarel Poland received the tax exemption within the zone to set up an innovative plant manufacturing components with epoxy resin. Due to purchasing ECO Design production line, the factory will also produce the medium voltage devices. The investor is to create at least 10 new jobs.

This is the third permit issued by KPT this year and 239th since the establishment of the zone. (KPT)


Global Industry Summit 2017
Global Industry Summit is a meeting of the representatives of automotive and aviation sectors, business environment institutions and public administration. The event is held under the patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Global Industry Summit 2017

Participants of the two-day conference will discuss issues related to economic policy, exports support, education, industry 4.0, robotics, high-tech solutions for Industry, the labour market, electromobility, quality management and Lean Manufacturing.

Among the participants of the forum there are numerous representatives of global businesses: General Motors, Brembo, Pininfarina Deutschland, Gedia Poland, Pilknigton Automotive, MAHLE, Eldisy, WABCO, NGK Ceramics, Nexteer Automotive, Invenio, Kongsberg Automotive, Kirchhoff Automotive and Ferrostaal. The conference creates the opportunity to hold discussions with the business environment institutions, including representatives of the European Commission.

The meeting will be held from 20 to 21 March, in Katowice.

More information: www.kellyso.pl

6th conference on logistics in Gliwice

On 30 March in Gliwice, representatives of local authorities, investors, developers and logistic companies will gather to talk about the latest trends and future of the logistic sector in Gliwice and the whole ¦l±sk province.

The participants of the meeting will discuss how to attract foreign companies to invest in ¦l±sk and what kind of expectations do the investor have regarding the warehouse facilities in the province.

More information: http://bluevine.pl/konferencja/logistyka-inwestycje-przyszlosc

1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit
Polish Investment and Trade Agency took the patronage over the 1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit that will be hold on 28 June 2017, New York.

Central Eastern Europe continues to attract American interested in substantial cost savings and world-class talents. Indeed 50% of the global investment in the SSC sector in CEE is from American companies. We believe that the CEE region is a compelling proposition for US “mid-market” firms not yet present in the region.

At this inaugural USA-Europe SSC Awards Gala, we expect nearly 150 guests with more than 40 being American firms interested in setting up or expanding their existing business services centres in central Europe. The Awards Gala will be preceded by a Summit of discussion panels covering the shared services and IT outsourcing sector in CEE.

The one-day Summit and Awards Gala is a very efficient way for US “mid-market” firms to explore the possibilities and meet a large number of existing American companies active in the CEE region.

For more information please contact:
Maria Ponomareva maria@biznespolska.pl

The 4th Automotive CEE Day
The fourth purchasing meeting Automotive CEE Day will take place on 23-24 March 2017 in Opole (Poland). The objective of the meeting is the opportunity to establish first contact between purchasing departments of car manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers and other potential suppliers.

Such companies as FCA Purchasing, Volkswagen Poznań, MAN Bus, Polaris Poland, Coroplast, DY Auto, Eldisy Poland, GEDIA Poland, KIRCHHOFF, Kongsberg Automotive, Magna Car Top Systems Poland, Nexteer, Nidec Motors & Actuators, Mando Corp., Sanden Manufacturing Poland, Sitech, Toyota Boshoku, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland, Valeo, wezi-tec and Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia have already confirmed their presence during the Automotive CEE Day 2017.

Detailed information is available on www.automotiveceeday.eu

Automotive CEE Day will be held under the patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

This event is organized by AutomotiveSuppliers.pl.


Automotive industry is optimistic however lacking new employees
68% of representatives of the automotive industry in Poland surveyed by Exact System are expecting the increase of production and employment in the business in the first half of 2017. According to MotoBarometr 2016 survey, the same trend has been reported among Poland’s southern and eastern neighbours.

Polish automotive sector is the most optimistic in the CEE region, regarding the production increase, the report shows. Almost the same attitude towards the rise of the production has been reported in Slovakia, while in the Czech Republic and Russia the half of the automotive business shares the same opinion. In contrast, in Germany, only 1/3 of the sector speaks of the incoming production growth. The rest predict no changes in this area. As the authors of the MotoBarometr 2016 survey argue, the optimist of producers from the CEE region is due to the high expectation that new orders from current foreign partners will grow (36%). Companies also predict bigger number of orders from the domestic market (41%). They also speak of the factors stimulating the development of the entire industry. The sector should be powered mostly by the production of new models of cars, say 28% of surveyed companies.

The growing number of orders implicates the rising demand for new workforce. It might be the biggest challenge for the industry as it complains for the lack of people on the market, especially those with proper qualifications. When asked how to solve that problem, representatives of automotive companies argue that the business should be more involved in the development of vocational education in Poland. (Exact Systems)


From Poznań to Leipzig
Solaris, the Polish bus producer has completed the new order for the next foreign partner. This time, Polish buses went to Leipzig.

Source: Solaris

18 Urbino buses of the famous brand from Poznań are already in Leipzig, Germany. Among the new partners of Solaris there is also Finnish city of Tempera, to which the Polish producer sold four electric buses (Solaris 12 Electric). This type of vehicles has been recognised by the German automotive experts as the best bus of the year 2017. (Solaris)


The first Doing Business in Poland Guide for UK business has been issued
The British Polish Chamber of Commerce together with the Department for International Trade (DIT) and PWC published the first guide about doing business in Poland for British exporters and investors. The publication proves that Great Britain have long lasting and strong economic ties with Poland.

The main objective of Doing Business in Poland Guide is to provide the British reader with basic knowledge about Poland overviewing its economy, business culture, potential opportunities and identifying the main issues associated with initial research, market entry, risk management and culture and language.

The Guide shows reasons why investing in Poland makes sense. As the authors argue, benefits for UK businesses exporting to Poland include huge domestic market with over 38 million consumers and at the same time a gateway to emerging markets of Eastern Europe. The country where English is increasingly spoken (10th place globally in EF’s Global English Proficiency Index) has strong, dynamic economy. Moreover, British business gets the access to €105.8 billion of EU funds as well as to vast range of public incentives in Poland.

Download the Doing Business in Poland Guide:

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