October 15th, 2015,
 Issue 455


Equal system of incentives for all investors
PAIiIZ observes a trend towards modernization of the investment incentive system in Central Eastern Europe. Every country of the region makes some changes in it” - said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman during the press meeting dedicated to the newest PAIiIZ report on investment incentives in the CCE region.

Access to investment incentives in Poland is equal for both Polish and foreign investors, says jointly PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman and deputy director Marek Szostak

Comparing to the CEE neighbours, Poland has an attractive and transparent system of investment incentives. In some parts of Poland - for instance in the Eastern Poland - entrepreneurs can expect even 50% of co-financing of investment from public budget. Poland offers a vast range of public aid for investors: grants for employment, grants for new investments, income tax exemption or exemption from property tax. He also mentioned Special Economic Zone programme in Poland. “213,000 people in Poland earn a living in SEZ, said Majman stressing the importance of the SEZs programme in Poland.

“It is a false thesis that the public aid in Poland is offered only for foreign investors. The access to the system of public grants is exactly the same for both Polish and foreign companies”, explained deputy director of Foreign Investment Department in PAIiIZ. PAIiIZ is also a guide for Polish companies through the investment system offered abroad. Polish companies planning foreign expansion are offered a vast range of programmes supporting the internationalization. For instance, French IT incubator: IT Paris &Co offers free office space for the first three months. In Great Britain, high-tech investors are offered a system of incentives called “R&D tax credits” while Star UPNY is one of the most popular programme supporting foreign hi-tech companies in the US.

Maximum level of public aid in Polish regions

In 1 July 2014, a new map of regional aid was introduced. For instance, in Warsaw, the maximum level of public aid reaches 15%. In 2018, it will decrease to 10%.

                           Source: PAIiIZ

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151013/equal_system_of_incentives_for_all_investors. (PAIiIZ)

The Eastern Poland: today and tomorrow
„970 contracts worth about PLN 440m signed by Polish companies from 5 provinces of the Eastern Poland, and 185 events promoting the this macro-region in the world - those are the results of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme implemented by PAIiIZ for the last five years”, listed PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman during the congress dedicated to the future and development of the Eastern Poland. The meeting was held between 14 -15 October in Kielce.

Konferencja „Polska Wschodnia dzi¶ i jutro”

”Since 2010, when PAIiIZ started to implement the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, 21,000 new jobs has been created in the region”, Majman said at the conference. He also reminded the results of the survey conducted by PAIiIZ in participated in the Programme. It shows that not only did the companies from the Eastern Poland singe 970 contracts after taking part in the business missions arranged by PAIiIZ, but the contracts resulted in new investments in production lines and new plants. During the five years, entrepreneurs also increased their exports by over 43%. At the same time, sell of their goods and services increased by 20%.

Co-financed by the European Union, the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme has been created to increase the investment attractiveness and stimulate the economic development of five Polish voivodeships: Warmia-Mazury, Podlaskie, Podkarpacke, ¦więtokrzyskie and Lubelskie.

Participants of the conference "The Eastern Poland: today and tomorrow"

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151014/eastern_poland_today_and_tomorrow. (PAIiIZ)

Design and high-tech promote Poland at EXPO2015
Poland presentation at EXPO 2015 increases its popularity - especially in the final days of the exhibition. Last weekend, the Polish Pavilion broke another record: 1.4m visitors have already entered the venue.

Poland attracts not only tourists and residents of Milan, but also politicians and business representatives from around the world. In recent days, the commissioner general Sławomir Majman hosted representatives of JETRO investment agency at EXPO. The Polish Pavilion was also visited by prime minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevicius who talk with Sławomir Majman about investment cooperation and exports of food products.

Polish design presented between 12-18 October in EXPO 2015 in Milan

During last days of the EXPO 2015, Poland focuses on promotion of the most promising economic sectors - design and ITC and high-tech industries. On 12 October, the Designed in Poland exhibition dedicated to food celebration was opened. Design is one of the fastest developing export sectors in Poland and a real ambassador of ‘made in Poland’ products in the world. According to Young European Designers report prepared by MyBaze.com, 4,000 young designers operate in Poland and the sector in now worth $1bn, and it is constantly growing. At the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015, one can admire collection of cutlery made by young generation of designers as: Chillout Studio, Modus Design or OdRzeczy. At the same the exhibition presents products of the most renowned manufacturers as Ćmielów, Gerlach or Krosno. The “Designed in Poland” has been opened with the fashion show of Michał Staros.

Polish design presented between 12-18 October in EXPO 2015 in Milan

The exhibition of Polish design coincides with the Week of Polish ICT sector in Polish Pavilion in Milan. One can learn there about the Polish startups and high-tech industry. The most cutting-edge innovations made in Poland will be presented there including the robot called EuGenius. According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization, in 2020 Polish ICT sector will generate 15% of Polish GDP.

Polish ICT Week at EXPO 2015

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151012/desing_and_high_tech_promote_poland_at_expo2015. (PAIiIZ/PARP)

PAIiIZ focuses on SME sector
The increase of support for small and medium-sized enterprises was announced jointly by minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński and PAIiIZ new deputy president Michał D±browski, during the 5th European Congress of Small and Medium Enterprises in Katowice.

This year, the congress attracted more than 6,000 visitors from nearly 50 countries. Also new member of PAIiIZ Board responsible for the strategy, Michał D±browski, attended the event. He took part in expert discussions on the importance of innovations for small and medium-sized enterprises as well on global supply chain in this sector.

As deputy president D±browski argued, in the times of increasing competition stimulated by emerging markets, a popular business model based on competition on pricing is no longer functional. Now, he argued, Polish SME sector should make a shift towards a model of high added value product that means competing by quality. Deputy president of PAIiIZ quoted the examples of leading Polish exporters and investors from high-tech sector that have been building their image on foreign markets on good reputation. The crucial element of their strategy is creating new products and services by investing in research and development, he commented. Mr D±browski argued that Poland should support particularly those companies with potential for international development that also need an impulse to go outside the local environment.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151013/paiiiz_focuses_on_sme_sector. (PAIiIZ)


Polar explorer Marek Kaminski invests in Słupsk SEZ
Invena Ltd, a company founded by the famous Polish polar explorer Marek Kamiński, is to invest in the Słupsk Special Economic Zone. The construction of the modern logistic centre has started on 8 October in Koszalin subzone.

The logistics centre will operate in the close area of the currently built S6 expressway Gdańsk-Szczecin. The project includes the construction of warehouse based on modern WMS - Warehouse Management System and office spaces with a total area of app. 8,000 sq.m.

Explorer Marek Kaminski during the ceremonial start of construction of a new logistics centre (source: PARR S.A.)

Completion of construction works is planned for spring 2016. The value of the project id PLN 14 million. (koszalin.pl)

Lubań with investments of PLN 90 m
The group of investors operating in Lubań subzone of Kamienna Góra SEZ gets bigger due to two companies: Kosikowski & Kresky and Kermaan. Already, in Lubań subzone 9 companies have invested jointly PLN 90 m and created 900 jobs.

Kosikowski & Kresky specializes in the production of machinery used in the production of TV and radio sets, monitors and laptops. The company has invested PLN 6m and employs 45 people. Over 90% of its products are exported.

Kermaan, a Polish company, is to invest PLN 3,25m in production of ventilation hoods and kitchen equipment. The company also plans to develop R&D activity. 70% of the production is expected to go to foreign markets.

Companies that run their business activity in Kamienna Góra SEZ have already invested over PLN 2.2 bn and created 7,000 jobs there. (SSEZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Towards Eastern Africa
On 21 October, PAIiIZ invites all to Regent Hotel in Warsaw for seminary dedicated to the opportunities of doing business in the Eastern Africa. The event will be held under Go Africa Programme.

The seminar will focus on the current business situation in the Eastern Africa. The case study of Rwanda as economic hub of the region will be presented. Participants will be provided with information about business opportunities in Ethiopia as the mission to this country will be arranged soon.

Access to the meeting is free. To take part please register by 19 October by: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?East_Africa&lang=en. (PAIiIZ)

2nd E(x)plory Congress
On 2 December 2015 in the University of Warsaw’s Centre of New Technologies The 2nd E(x)plory Congress will held. The event gathers young innovators and start-ups with investors and business.

II Kongres E(x)plory

The event will be focused on the optimal conditions for innovation development, necessary legislation changes and new support instruments for innovators. The congress will begin with Arnon Barnes’s ‘Speed of success’ lecture on how to visualize and name our life goals. Arnon Barnes, is an international motivational speaker, mentor and business coach. He will also explain how positive thinking impacts on success.

Participation in the event is free of charge. Limited number of places available.

The programme and registration are available on www.kongres.explory.pl.

For more information, please contact:

The Basque Country - innovation and technology
Innovation and technology as the most promising areas of business cooperation between Poland and the Basque Country will be discussed by experts on 27 October in Rezydencja Belweder (Sala Konferencyjna, ul. Flory 2, Warsaw). The meeting starts at 11.00.

The Basque Country is the one of the largest manufacturing region in Spain. Due to good location, leading industrial policy focused on innovation makes the country attractive destinations for foreign investors in such industrial sectors as: energy, automotive, aviation, machinery, IT and biotechnology.

Registration is available until 26 October by: www3.paiz.gov.pl/konferencje/?Basque_Country&lang=en. (PAIiIZ/SPRI)

Export without borders
Klub Eksportera Rzeczpospolitej invites all to join the debate on “Export without borders” and how to maintain the growth rate in foreign exchange. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The meeting aims to create an expert group of exporters gathered in Klubu Eksportera Rzeczpospolitej to share experience on foreign expansion. During the meeting, the awards will be given for the leader of exports; the most dynamic premiere on foreign markets; the most innovative exporter. Also the special award will be given.

The debate will be held on 22 October at 15:00 in Villa Foksal (Foksal 3/5, Warszawa).

Participation in the event in free after registration.

More information:  www.rp.pl/klubeksportera2015. (rp.pl)


Great success of Polish zones in Global Free Zones of the Year 2015
Financial Times fDi's Magazine has just published the Global Free Zones of the Year 2015 report. In 2015 Poland is the real star of the report, mostly due to Katowice SEZ that is one of the best in the world.

This year, Poland is represented in almost every category of the Financial Times fDi's Magazine report. It shows a strong and constantly growing position of Polish Special Economic Zones in the world. The biggest number of awards went to Katowice SEZ that was also described by the authors of Global Free Zones of the Year 2015 as the highly recommended global runner-up and highly recommended future winner, after the global leader - DMCC Free Zone in UAE.

This impressive position of Katowice Special Economic Zone is due to the fact that has been named as the best zone in Europe. It also took the first prize as regional leader of Central Eastern Europe and was one of the best European location for large tenants and SME. In terms of the best environment for small and medium-sized companies ŁódĽ SEZ occurred to be the number one in Europe. ŁódĽ Special Economic Zone was also awarded for developing cooperation with China.

Also for Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone 2015 occurred to be a year of successes as it became a vice-lead of SEZ in Europe and was commended for facilities upgrades.

The authors of the report also awarded Starachowice Special Economic Zone for the development of vocational training within the zone and creating an Education Cluster there. The same prize went to Katowice SEZ. (Times fDi's Magazine)

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