July 10th, 2014,
 Issue 390


Polish - Japanese economic relations
On 3 June, Ministry of Economy held the „Japanese Day”. The meeting was opened by minister Janusz Piechociński, while the panel discussion on business opportunities for Japanese companies in Poland was moderated by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

“The years of crisis have been the year of our prosperity. It’s all thanks to domestic demand and foreign investments”, said Sławomir Majman starting a discussion.

Panel discussion on Japanese investments in Poland

As it was stated by Dave Deane of Fujitsu, the profile of his company has made a significant change since Fujitsu entered the Polish market. “We are not looking for cheap labor force in Poland. We have found well skilled professionals here”. The panelists agreed that what attract them the most to invest in Poland are the investment incentives, prolongation of SEZ until 2026 and high qualification of Polish employees.

According to the National Bank of Poland, Japanese companies are 19th in terms of FDI in Poland.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140703/polish-japanese_economic_relations. (PAIiIZ)

Investors from France glad to be in Poland
Over 60% of French companies operating in Poland surveyed by CCIFP and KPMG declare the will to open a new office or branch in Poland soon. The “20 years of French investments in Poland” report clearly shows that French companies are glad to be here.

According to the report, 87% of French companies in Poland are satisfied with the recent effects of their investment activity and 97% of them would recommend Poland as a good investment destination. When choosing a location for FDI, the size of the market and the perspectives of it’s grow play the most important role.

Almost all of French companies describe as good the location of Poland for investments (96%) and the perspectives of Polish market growth (90%). On the other hand, the French criticize the Polish public sector, infrastructure. 44% of them argue that the level of bureaucracy in Poland is too high. The problems are also the instability of tax system and lack of transparency in law regulations

“Investments in high-tech industry have over 60% of share in all FDI in Poland. This is a perfect area for French companies to invest in”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman

However, French companies seem to be glad to do business in Poland - 64% of them would like to increase their presence during the next three years. Moreover, every fourth company would like to open a new office or branch in Poland and to increase the employment in 2014, while 38% of them will maintain the number of jobs in their companies. It is worth to say that none of them plan to leave Poland.

France is the third foreign investor in Poland. France is one of Poland's most important trade partners.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140707/investors_from_france_glad_to_be_in_poland. (PAIiIZ/CCIFP/KPMG)

New areas of Polish - Chinese cooperation
Rebuilding the Silk Road as well as trends in solar and wind energy policy were discussed on 4 July during a meeting between PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman and president of the Development Research Center (DRC), minister Li Wei, who led the Chinese delegation visiting Poland.

Due to the plans for the reconstruction of the Silk Road by Chinese investors, the importance of CEE region has grown. This historical route will again be used in transportation of goods between China and the Western Europe. Chinese expect to increase their activity in the region over the next 20 years. Therefore investing in expansion and modernization of infrastructure is needed. Especially development of rail transportation that will play a key role in European - Chinese trade, is crucial. Mr Majman also reminded the audience that 40% of economic and demographic potential of the European side of the Europe - China cooperation programme called “16+1”, belongs to Poland.

Delegation meeting with Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President Olgierd Dziekoński and PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140704/new_areas_of_polish-chinese_cooperation. (PAIiIZ)


New investments in Kraków SEZ
Kraków SEZ has issued new business permissions. The total value of projects provided by 19 companies will reach PLN 597.4m and over 1000 new jobs will be created.

„Today’s ceremony is a proof that the extension of special economic zone in Poland was really good decision and that the company are satisfied with offer and support offered by Kraków Technology Park”, argued PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska.

In terms of value, the biggest investment is the construction of a new factory by Grupa Azoty SA. Under the PLN 203m - worth project, 34 new jobs will be created. Another investment is Valeo Autosystemy. Word leader in the production of automotive components and systems plans to expand production plant wiper and radiators. The cost of investment has been estimated at PLN 105m; 32 new jobs will be created.

„Today’s ceremony is a proof that extension of special economic zone in Poland was really good decision and that the company are satisfied with support offered by Kraków Technology Park”, deputy president Piątkowska said

Zakłady Chemiczne „Organika- Sarzyna” belonging to CIECH Chemical Group will develop its plant. This investment will cost over PLN 84m and 21 new jobs will be created.

Another business permissions have been granted to: Dragon Poland (PLN 20m, 30 new jobs), Fideltronik Poland (PLN 40m, 50 new jobs), LUBASOHN (PLN 20m, 30 new jobs), Grupa Azoty Compouding (PLN 53.5m, 38 new jobs), PAWBOL (PLN 8m, 5 new jobs), Capita Polska (PLN 0.5 m, 200 new jobs), ZINPLAST (PLN 8.5m, 5 new jobs), SOMIKA (PLN 4,8m, 10 new jobs), Syntaj (PLN 6 m, 5 new jobs), UBS Kraków (PLN 5m, 300 new jobs), HCL Poland (PLN 0.5m, 150 new jobs), Wytwórnia Napojów Chłodzących „SAHARA" (PLN 4m, 5 new jobs), HSBC Service Centre (Polska) (PLN 0.6m, 150 new jobs ), Meble Bugajski (PLN 20m, 30 new jobs), Krakowskie Zakłady Wyrobów Papierowych Trefl-Kraków (PLN 12m, 4new jobs), Dortech II Magdalena Jargas (PLN 2m, 4 new jobs).

Aforementioned companies can obtain as the last, public aid on old terms. Since 1 July 2014, small companies in Kraków SEZ can count on 55% of aid, medium companies on 45% and large companies on 35%. (PAIiIZ/KPT)

New investment in Łódź, Łęczyca and Sławna
Four companies have received business permission in Łódź Special Economic Zone. The total value of investments is PLN 188.3m.

HTL-STREFA has three projects in Subzone Łęczyca. The company is a producer of disposable blood sampling and needle which are used in diabetes treatment. First investment project is the increase in production capacity through the construction of a warehouse. The value of investment is over PLN 16,5m; the company will create 10 new jobs. Second investment project is the expansion of the product range and markets (value: PLN 6m, 15 new jobs will be created). Third investment project is the lunching of a new product (investment worth PLN 4.2m; 7 new jobs).

Barry Callebaut Manufacturing Polska will develop its existing plant, enlarge warehouse and factory hall, build new technological lines for production of desert and white chocolate. The company will invest PLN 95.7m and create 80 new jobs.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic company IMA Solution is to construct a new office, warehouse and production building in Łódź. The investment is worth PLN 45m, 250 new jobs will be created.

Nordkalk will invest PLN 20.9m in the development of the production plant in Subzone Sławno. The company will hire 30 people.

In the first half of 2014, Łódź SEZ have granted 36 business permissions. The companies will jointly invest PLN 1.1 billion and create 1968 new jobs. (ŁSSE)

Albatros Aluminium spreads its wings
Albatros Aluminium will invest PLN 60m in Słupsk Special Economic Zone and will create 70 new jobs.

Albatros Aluminium is a leader in the production of high-quality aluminum profiles. New investment aims to increase the production and introduce the new innovative products. (SSEZ)

Reinvestment in special economic zone
Autocam Poland will invest over PLN 12m in Kamiennogórska SEZ in the development of the plant.

As part of the reinvestment, facilities and machines will be modernised. The purchasing of new measuring devices will let the company to start production of fuel system components. Autocam Poland specialises in production of wiper drive shafts and steering parts. (Mo-Ja Multimedia)


  • Exchange rates (as of 10.07.2014):









Source: www.nbp.pl


Polish Game Evening
Polish Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Cologne invites video game industry in Poland to participate in the Polish Game Even. The meeting will be held on 12 August 2014.

The meeting has been arranged on the eve of Gamescom in Cologne (13-17.08.2014r.) - one of the world’s biggest video game event. The Polish Game Evening aims to present Polish companies to the global industry and to customers who visit trade fairs. Polish exhibitor will also have the opportunity to take part in panel discussion on the development of the industry as well as to participate in matchmaking meetings with German giant video game companies. Confirmation of participation: karolina.kozlowska@trade.gov.pl. Participation is free of charge. (WPHI Kolonia)

HR Business Service Centres
Between 16 and 17 October 2014, Kraków will host a conference addressed to managers and specialists representing business service sector and ICT. PAIiIZ took patronage over the event.

The programme of the meeting consists of presentation of case studies and debate on the most crucial topics of the HR in outsourcing industry. The main highlight of the meeting are trends and prospects of sector development in Poland.

Business service centres in Poland are specialising in vast range of services, including: accounting, finance, IT support, R&D, customer service, marketing, consulting and HR management.

More information: www.hrwcentrach.pl. (Advisory Group TEST Human Resources)

Big 5 trade fair in Dubai
Under the promotion of Polish companies in United Arab Emirates programme, PAIiIZ invites companies to participate at the "Big 5" trade fairs in Dubai. The event will be held on 17-20 November 2014.

The “Big 5” is the largest construction exhibition in the Middle East, visited by over 35,000 visitors each year.

Polish companies will have the opportunity to present their promotional materials at the trade stands and in informational folder prepared by PAIiIZ that will present the offer of Polish companies (English and Arabic version).

Companies interested in participating in the project should fill in the form (in Polish only) available on:

and send it to: katarzyna.rosinska@paiz.gov.pl until 18.08 2014.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141117/big_5_trade_fair_in_dubai. (PAIiIZ)


Every fifth Polish microenterprise plans the expansion
In 2016, one third of microenterprise will operate in more than one market. 21% of surveyed plan to continue or begin expansion within the next two years - results from the publication of Kronenberg Foundation for the Citi Handlowy.

Among the companies “after expansion”, 94% would decide to expand again and 96% plan further development. The majority want to develop on domestic market, while 36% plan the international expansion. In Poland, entrepreneurs develop mainly in mazowieckie (16%), śląskie (13%) and wielkopolskie (11%). For international expansion they choose Germany (34%).

While choosing the localization for development in the domestic market, the most important advantages were location (38%) and high demand for products and services (19%). For companies willing to operate in foreign markets the most important is the demand, development opportunities (17%) and business contacts (14%).

71% of microenterprises is planning to expand their business within the next two years including a new product or service. Over half of surveyed (55%) who plan the expansion expect the groth of their revenue. For the companies which are not focusing on the development the result is only 18%. (www.citihandlowy.pl)


Interizon-Pomeranian ICT Cluster
In June Interizon-Polish ICT Cluster signed Memorandum and effectively started international partnership within Business Roaming Agreement initiative founded by Clusterland Sweden cluster.

Initiative was made to connect ICT cluster members around the world. Interizon Cluster activity aime to build strong international bonds and allow cluster members network as well as stimulating export of polish products and services.

Cluster became key European Union cooperation form combining idea of collaboration and competition together to reach bilateral benefits.

More information: www.interizon.pl. (Interizon-Pomeranian ICT Cluster)


Polish stamp named most beautiful in world
A Polish stamp won the Grand Prix for the most beautiful stamp in the world of 2013 at the 44th International Philatelic Art Awards in Asiago, Italy.

The winning design was released by national postal services company Poczta Polska to mark the 455th anniversary of the foundation of the then Royal Post in Poland. The stamp shows a section of an oak trunk with growth rings marking the centuries of existence of the Polish postal service.

(Poczta Polska)

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