The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (formerly: The Polish Information and Investment Agency) presents “The investment potential catalogue of Polish cities - The Polish Investment and Trade Agency partners”.

The Agency prepared the catalogue in order to support the cities in business promotion and in attracting foreign investors. The publication includes information on 31 cities that signed a partnership agreement with the Agency till the end of March 2013.

The publication, which was prepared by the Agency together with the cities and the Wroc³aw Agglomeration Development Agency, is geared towards foreign investors that plan to set up their business in Poland. It describes economic situation of each of these cities and provides an overview of their investment opportunities.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency helps investors gain easy access to information on well-prepared locations and increases their chances to attract new investments.

1.The investment potential catalogue of Polish cities, Warszawa 2013
The investment potential catalogue of Polish cities - partners of PAIiIZ
size: 6314.85 KBnumber of downloads: 6703date of adding: 08-11-2013[download]


The Baltic Development Forum has prepared the Investor's Guide 2012-2013. Other versions of publication and more information about it is available here:

1.Investor's Guide 2012-2013
Baltic Development Forum publication
size: 16098.89 KBnumber of downloads: 2061date of adding: 13-09-2012[download]


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